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A Conspiracy of Silence

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I received this one as part of a tour.

At the very beginning it's feels a little complicated since the information is scarce while the detectives are digging around.

The plot begins to feel better by the middle when you have a little more info and have a more detailed information about some things that clearly need to be addressed.

By the end the plot gives you a feeling of closure in a way and even when it's a little open at that point it doesn't fell incomplete and it has an interesting emotion between the fun parts and the delicate ones throughout the book.

Overall I liked the book and would recommend it to any thriller lover out there.

Something to really expect from it is the characters, it so fun reading some of them out, specially Marsh and Webber so fun.
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After reading this book if you had the money and the inclination to send your son to a public boarding school, you would think twice about it. The story based on the aged old theme of secret societies within these institutions. D I Marsh and the team dogged investigation finally brings the right culprit to justice.
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