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I think anyone who has attended antenatal classes or baby & toddler groups will be able to relate to this book. It certainly brought back memories of the diverse variety of parents-to-be in the classes I attended back in the day and the sense of everyone assessing/judging each others circumstances and relationships was portrayed very well by the author.
The story is mainly told from mum to be Aisha's perspective and she relates her worries about just about everything from how good a mum she will be to how invested her husband is in the antenatal group classes. She seems to click straightaway with one of the other mums, Lucy but the other woman seems to run hot and cold with Aisha, one minute she's wanting to be best mates then others she's hard to get in touch with. As a whole the group gels really well and there are some great comedy moments which I'm sure are very relatable to anyone who has experienced these type of groups. 
One by one the women have their babies and distance creeps in as the parents' lives get taken over with colic, nappies and cracked nipple dramas. But there's something else, something Aisha can't pin down which is making her feel like something isn't quite right. I really enjoyed this book because the characters are so real and credible. The later chapters were rather daunting and my heart went out to Aisha whilst I wanted to throttle both Lucy and Jason for their part in Aisha's traumas. On the other side of the story, I hadn't expected to like Oscar as much as I did by the end of the book.  The other peripheral characters in the group add depth to the story and make it an enjoyable novel despite the main plotline not being too pleasant for Aisha.
This would make a great book club read as there are plenty of contentious issues and moral dilemmas to discuss.
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A fabulous feel good book about mums to be who meet at an ante natal class and the bonds and secrets that come out.....loved the characters and love the story.
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Just Between Friends' follows the trajectory of a group of impending new parents as they meet in their ante-natal class, following them up to and beyond the births of their first children. Like the film version of 'What to Expect when You're Expecting', each milestone or moment during this time is weaved into the story like a teaching moment disguised as fiction, and then layered on top is the conflict at the heart of the story: the friendship between Aisha and Lucy. Unfortunately, that friendship and its conflict feels like an afterthought to accompany the author's account of birth classes, as opposed to the birth classes acting as the backdrop to the core plot. It's an easy and entertaining read, but very light on story.
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Just Between Friends - Rosie Nixon
After being accepted on Netgalley in exchange for an honest review I was excited to get started with this one. A more relaxed paced type of suspense book, and even though I guessed the storyline pretty early on, I still really enjoyed the book as we move through the lives of Lucy of Aisha. Two new mothers who we follow through pregnancy, to birth to newborns and toddlers, with a huge secret hanging over their new friendship.
I found the descriptions of the early days of motherhood accurate and leaving me chuckling at the thought of tackling my own poo-nami's, colicky babies and sleepless nights wandering aimlessly around the house. 
Not only is this a wonderfully told story of parenthood & discovering your new identity as a first time mum but Rosie manages to capture the overwhelming newborn days alongside themes of friendship, betrayal, loss of identity, romance  and a huge secret that can rock the foundations of even the most stable relationships.
Told from the two narratives of Lucy and Aisha as they start attending a baby group towards the end of their pregnancies they quickly become friends, but Aisha senses something off about her new friend. But Aisha has enough on her plate with her baby due to arrive any day and worrying whether her husband Jason is up to fatherhood.
I was initially worried about some parenting styles being mocked as certain things are usually mocked and deemed abnormal, but I persevered as I was enjoying her writing style & thankfully Rosie captured many different parenting styles quite well. For example, same sex couples, surrogacy, IVF pregnancy, different ways of feeding a baby and the struggles that come with each of them. It is the perfect cosy book you want to read curled up under a blanket over the winter months. 
Thank you Netgalley HQstories and Rosie Nixon for allowing me to read a copy of this book.
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I've wanted to read Rosie Nixon's previous books, and while this one seems to be different in tone, having recently become a mother myself, this clearly piqued my interest, and I knew I had to read it asap.
This book was incredibly easy to get into, it is told by both Aisha and Lucy who quickly become friends, after meeting at antenatal classes. We hear from both women separately and they are both great to get to know, and boohoo quite distinctive personalities.
Lucy is very determined and focused. She wants something, she works as hard as possible to get that. I can picture her exactly in my mind. I think between her and Aisha, Lucy came across as the less warm of the two, but I loved seeing their friendship blossom.
Aisha was more emotional, you felt everything she felt, her natural nervousness at becoming a mother for the first time, her frustration at trying to get Jason on board with fatherhood.
The supporting cast certainly were an eclectic bunch, and I loved all of them.
The books pace didn't linger, but definitely gave you enough detail to lose yourself into their world.
This book has definitely got me excited to read future books by Rosie and to delve into my bookshelves and read her previous books too.
Bonus Point because I don't think it was uttered once in the whole book that morning
sickness doesn't only happen in the morning, which pretty much every book I've ever read with a pregnant character has mentioned to date. THANK YOU, I KNOW, THE PREVIOUS 563 BOOKS TOLD ME!!!
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The fact I have a 15 month old drew my attention to this book about two friends at antenatal classes with a secret. I thought I could relate to the characters but it was such a dull book. The author has written for a lot of well known woman’s magazines and her quality of writing shows but the plot was just nothing, I literally was waiting for something to happen and it was page after page of boring pregnancy related issues. The secret is predictable and ends up being nothing when each character’s  partner end up being doormats that conveniently make it all nice and happy for the ending. I just can’t recommend unless you like a light bit of fluff for a novel.
Thank you for NetGalley and HQ for the free copy.
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A superb story about a group of new mums who meet at a baby group. Each has their own secret, some darker than others. I enjoyed the storyline and there a number of relatable characters. The big ‘reveal’ was predictable and at times some themes were dragged out. It’s the perfect book to relive their first early baby days. Other readers may not find this thrilling but a definite pick for me.
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An easy going read with no great shocks or surprises. I imagine most readers will have worked out the secrets before the reveal but then it’s not aimed at thrilling. 
My childbirth years were before the times of pre- baby groups and so the description of Maggie’s words of wisdom amused me greatly. I am not sorry to have missed the opportunity to go to such a class though
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I originally thought this was a psychological thriller when I applied to read this, but it's more of a gentle suspense story.

The book is told from two different viewpoints - Aisha and Lucy.  They are both at the latter stages of pregnancy and join a baby group to learn more about what to expect and perhaps to meet new friends.  For the first few meetings, neither of their partners turn up so they are partnered together for the demonstration exercises.  This starts off their friendship, where they meet for coffee, shopping and conversation.  It becomes evident early on that Lucy is hiding a secret from Aisha.

At first I had a theory that was quickly proven to be completely wrong but my second theory was correct and as the book went on I learned, through some flashback thoughts from them both, more details. 

Both the women are very likeable, and I really wanted everything to work out for them both.  Although it wasn't a massively fast paced book, and I almost felt when I was half way through that nothing had actually happened yet, it was an enjoyable and interesting read.  Maybe because it all felt completely believable. 

I did like the ending, although at the same time I did finish feeling a little disappointed somehow.  I can't quite put my finger on why, perhaps it just seemed a little underwhelming when the rest of the story had been so addictive? 

I did however enjoy it and would recommend it, it was well written, the chapters were a good length and (most) of the characters were likeable.

Thank you to netgalley for the ARC of this book. #netgalley #rosienixon #justbetweenfriends

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'Just Between Friends' follows Aisha and Lucy who have joined the same baby group. Both ladies are in the later stages of pregnancy and the chapters are told in each of their points of view.

Their relationships are very different. Jason, Aisha's husband, is working a lot of overtime in preparation for the baby and she feels that he is stressing out about being a father.

Oscar got together with Lucy after she had IVF to conceive her baby, saying he would be there for the two of them.

It soon becomes clear that there is a secret that connects these two women, but what is it?

I had guessed pretty early on what the connection was so I was eager to read on to see if I was right. The story itself is well-written and full of humour. If you are a parent, you will definitely be able to relate to a lot of the stories in this book.

I loved all of the supporting characters and the different family dynamics/circumstances, touching on relatable subjects such as both vaginal and caesarean section births, colic, poo-splosions - it brought it all back to me!
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I read this for a blog tour. 

At first this seems like a rather traditional cosy slice of fiction, but then it develops into something a little darker, a little less cuddly.

When Aisha joins the local group for expectant mothers, she hopes to make a friend or two in the same boat as her. She and her husband have recently moved back from Hong Kong and she's a bit adrift.

Lucy seems glamorous and funny, rolling her eyes at the over the top group leader, and bringing delicious salads for the group lunches. Aisha bonds quickly with her, and is thrilled to have a new friend.

But Lucy is keeping secrets, and they could destroy Aisha's happiness. As the women's pregnancies continue, the secrets start to trouble Lucy more and more.

Building up to something that could be truly awful, but none of these people are truly monstrous, they're just people, who are fallible and make stupid mistakes.

This is a clever, almost thriller, that doesn't quite take the turns you expect but is instead something much more enjoyable and realistic.
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Aisha and Lucy are first time mums who meet at a baby group and become friends.  Lucy however has a big secret that could end the friendship.  The story is told from both perspectives in separate chapters.  You can guess pretty early on what the secret it is but it I don't think that it detracts from the story and it's written well enough that it keeps your interest.  

The two protaganists and their relative partners are relatable and I like how the book doesn't sugar coat the early stages of motherhood.

A nice read but not a WOW book.

Thanks to Netgalley and HQ for the ARC.
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I read an I corrected proof copy for review. This book started out as a light hearted, romantic lifestyle novel but ended predictably and disappointingly. I found the characters twee and stereotypical, with little depth or personality. Having spent some time around Clapham and ‘Nappy Valley’ I thought I’d feel at home in this story but I felt alienated and put out. 
About a third of the way through I correctly predicted what would happen which made the rest of the story dull. I read on hoping I’d be wrong. 
There were a few inconsistencies that annoyed me: the characters went into ‘town’ to go to Boots but really they were in Clapham. In one chapter a baby was described as a three month old and then a few paragraphs later as a five month old. One baby was eating solid food at 3 months but WHO guidelines say around 6 months which isn’t very responsible writing. And the concluding chapters were set a year later in 2022, which means the babies were born in 2021, and the main event in September 2020. I know this is fiction but no mention of COVID added a level of fantasy that didn’t sit well. 
A disappointing read.
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I found this novel very relatable to my own life being a first time mum myself. I very much liked how it showcased the good and bad sides to having a newborn baby, but also how seeing other mums go through the same thing as you it's comforting. 

The book was well written, and I liked how it flicked between the characters show their point of view. It really gave the book depth and it helped to understand how each character was feeling. 

The only thing I personally didn't not like was the predictability of the storyline. I was able to guess very early on that Lucy and Jason knew each other more than they were letting on.
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I really enjoyed this book. Any woman who has been through pregnancy and child birth will relate to many of the situations both Aisha, Lucy and the rest of the baby group find themselves in. Although the storyline was predictable I did enjoy it. It was humorous, heart wrenching and relatable. 

Thank you for the opportunity to read an advanced copy by Netgalley and HQ Stories in return for my honest review.
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Aisha and Lucy both pregnant with their first children become friends at Maggie's parenting group. The group are very diverse and at times entertaining. As their friendship grows they begin to confide in each other. A secret so big is going to change their world more than a new baby. Intriguing and addictive.
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Just Between Friends starts with a pregnancy group but we soon learn that there's so much more to it than learning about the birth process.  I really connected with Lucy - I fell  in love when I was 20 but we broke up and found each other again over 10 years later when we were both married to other people!  The story shows us just how important it is for ladies who opt for a medical termination to get some help with coming to terms with their loss,  at the time and for it to not be brushed under the carpet.  Aisha showed that she could be strong and learn from her husband's mistakes.  I lost myself so much in the story that I cried! Awesome read
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I really enjoyed Nixon’s writing style, her characters were well written and liked watching their journeys unfold. Reading about their pregnancies and experiences as new mothers bought back happy memories of my own children, attending baby groups and getting through the hard first few months. At times the story was predictable and I had already guess the twist early on in the book, however I did still enjoy the story and will look for others by Nixon. 
Thank you to the author, publishers and netgalley for gifting me this arc in exchange fo an honest unbiased review.
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I was fortunate to receive a copy of this ARC from NetGalley.

This was an enjoyable read, focusing on two women who meet at a baby group. They both have secrets, from each other and from their partners.

My favourite quote:
"But it was just a whisper of what love had to say. Just a tea cup out of the ocean."

I found this quite a predicable read but the ending was neat.
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Aisha and Lucy are both expecting their first baby and like many of us they join their local baby group to learn about birth and bringing up baby. The group is quite diverse about how they want to bring up their baby but Aisha and Lucy become friends as they wait for their babies' births. 
But things are not as they seem. Someone in the group has a secret. Who is it and how will Aisha and Lucy cope with it getting out?
Definitely one to read.
Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC for an honest review
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