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An innocent baby group, a chance to make friends with other new parents. This book brought back so many memories, right back to the nervousness and need to make a good impression - and being terrified of that precious new baby. Then throw in an exciting storyline of colourful characters intertwined in more ways than you would expect. A thrilling read.
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Aisha and Lucy are expectant mothers who join a baby group in Clapham. The two quickly become friends but are unaware they share more things in common than being new mothers... 

Well, I enjoyed the book. The book opened my eyes to the journey new mothers experience when expecting. Nixon mentioned all the highs and lows which was a very nice touch. She did a great job of having diverse parents join the baby group too and strange but hilarious happenings during some of the meetings (Mooooo!). I did enjoy Aisha and Lucy's budding friendship but I felt the book dragged before reaching the plot twist. I was so close to DNFing due to this.

However, once we reached the plot twist, I did want to know more! Nixon really left me in suspense as I had to keep reading to find out the results! But then the book was wrapped up swiftly. I didnt feel satisfied by the ending. Just Between Friends did give me all the warm feels about motherhood, pregnancy and what follows when the baby arrives. The highs of motherhood for Aisha was overshadowed by the secret Lucy had, so I felt sorry for her. For some reason, I connected more with Aisha than Lucy. Overall, I honestly didn't know what to expect with this novel but I did enjoy it.

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Aisha is having her first baby and decided to join a baby group for expectant mums, there she meets Lucy def the pair become friends, sharing secrets and worries about the upcoming arrival of their unborn babies. 

A good book with a few twists and turns. I enjoyed the book.
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I’ll admit that I went into this book expecting something of a psychological thriller but it actually ended up being more of a domestic/friendship drama. However, it was still a fun, quick read that had me thoroughly gripped.

Aisha is about to give birth to her first child with her husband Jason but Jason doesn’t seem to be quite on board with the reality yet. She joins a local Baby Group to try to learn the things she needs to know and to connect with other expectant mums. That’s where she meet Lucy, who is also expecting her first baby, although in less than ideal circumstances. The two women become fast friends but there is a secret that Lucy is keeping and she can’t quite bring herself to come clean to Aisha.

There is a lot of discussion about all the little things that circle the heads of expectant mothers. Aisha is a natural people-pleaser and she just wants everyone in the group to like her. She is very careful not to step on anyone’s toes but is often worried that she will. Aisha thinks and acts very much how I would imagine a real first-time mum to think and act. I guessed that Jason had been unfaithful quite early on in the narrative but she didn’t really seem to suspect it at all, so I really wanted to protect Aisha from it.

Lucy is a glamorous PR girl with a deep secret in her past. Although, she could be typically seen as a semi-villanous character in the book, she has a lot of vulnerability that you can’t help but warm to. I figured out her story reasonably quickly and I spent a lot of time willing her to do the right thing and bring Aisha into the light on what had happened.

Lucy struggles to bond with her newborn son and I did wonder whether the story was going to swerve down the path of post natal depression. Although I think this would have added a whole other fascinating dimension and depth to the book, it would have needed to be handled and researched in a very careful fashion, so perhaps it was a deliberate decision on the author’s part not to do this. The set-up was there though, so it could have made for some powerful, honest representation of a condition that a lot of women could relate to.

Just Between Friends is a fast-paced, intricate exploration of a new female friendship littered with secrets, during a time where the women involved both need infinite emotional support. Nixon did a great job of including a variety of families within the Baby Group and I did feel that I got to know all of them. I would have perhaps enjoyed a little more from some of the minor characters but as they weren’t part of the central plot, I understand why I didn’t get that. Give it a read if you love women’s fiction with drama and brilliant, truthful characterisations.
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Just between friends - Rosie Nixon

We follow a group of soon to be parents at a baby group, where new friendships blossom and then unfold. I thought this was a very well written book, it was so easy to read and a good page turner. I did think that it was a little obvious what was going to occur however I did not feel that this took anything away from the story for me. I really enjoyed it and was super pleased with the ending as I felt it ended unlike most books of this type.

I look forward to reading more from this author in the future.

Many thanks to NetGalley and HQ for allowing me the chance to read and review this book!
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Although you could guess from the outset who was involved in Lucy's story, there was enough of an element of doubt to keep you reading, and enough of the book left following the revelation to feel involved in how it all worked out. A mish mash of people coming together in a Baby Club, for first time parents. Aisha and Lucy hit it off, as the two whose partners manage to avoid the meetings. As they all move on and have their babies, we see lives intertwining and just know there is going to be an explosive revelation - but what effect will this have on the individuals, the group and their relationships. Intriguing. #netgalley #JustBetweenFriends
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A story centered on meeting at a antenatal group, the fears and worries of becoming first time parents, told from the perspective of two mothers, Aisha and Lucy, who strike up a close friendship. However, there is one secret Lucy hasn't told Aisha.

Cleverly written, i felt close to all the new parents but particularly Aisha and Lucy. Everything from the ante natal group, those last days of pregnancy and childbirth were very relatable and funny at times. I was transported back to those early days of motherhood, and all the emotions it can entail. An enjoyable read, i kept expecting something else. 

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Although I enjoyed this book on the whole the story was a little predictable especially as I guessed about Lucy and Jason very early on in the story. I found some of the book drawn out and I found my mind wandering and thinking just get on with it!!!
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One of those books which seems like a nice gentle story but there's a bit more to it than that!

Aisha is thrilled to be pregnant, but why does she feel that her husband hasn't quite got on board with it? Lucy is also pregnant; her boyfriend, Oscar, seems fine with it. Both women join the same baby group and before long there is a tentative friendship springing up - but one of them doesn't know what the other is hiding . . .

This is a well written book which draws the reader in. There is a wonderful mix of eclectic characters in the baby group providing much entertainment, and misdirecting the reader from where the heart of the story lies. Flowing beautifully, this is a very easy read but I had it all worked out before it was revealed. Perhaps the synopsis gave away just a little too much? Even with that knowledge, there were things to learn at the end of the book which I hadn't expected and it all adds up to a good read. An engaging book, worth four stars.

My thanks to the publisher for my copy via NetGalley' this is - as always - my honest, original and unbiased review.
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What I enjoyed most about reading this book, is the memories that resurfaced about my own pregnancy and early motherhood. Nixon has captured this perfectly and I think any mother will experience the same recollections when they read this book. However, from a thriller perspective, it did just fall a little flat and I found the ending prolonged.

With Aisha and Lucy joining a baby group, the sessions that Nixon details are ones that I am sure most parents can relate to. There is humour here and I could not help chuckle at Aisha and Lucy’s experiences before, during and after the birth of their babies. It was a pleasant read from this perspective, because it brought back memories that I had forgotten for a while. For me, it is this that made the book so enjoyable because I relished in my own trips down memory lane.

From the thriller angle, I was quite disappointed. It was too clear, too early on, what Lucy’s secret was. As such, I just wanted the writer to “get on with it” and have the “big reveal”. When that happened, I was still surprised at the number of chapters still remaining. Unfortunately, I found that I was losing interest as the conclusion still seemed too far away from my liking. I started to feel frustrated and I think this was because the story had moved away from the parenting aspect and was focusing on the thriller genre.

This book covers all aspects of parenting that you would expect. Birth, relationships and early weeks of motherhood. I think this makes the book most enjoyable, but is quite weak as a thriller. I did not sympathise with Lucy and her situation. Indeed, the other character she becomes involved with did not share my sympathies either: I felt they were both rather selfish and not appreciative of their current circumstances.

I can’t say that I had a favourite character in this book but I do applaud Nixon for the diversity of parents. It is refreshing to see and it reinforced how different everyone’s journey to parenthood really is. Based on this, I found the story quite different and unexpected to what I had anticipated. But, the mystery did not excite me as much as the baby memories!

This is an ok read that sadly did not fulfil my expectations. Reading about motherhood was really pleasant because of my own memories but, I think other readers may find the thrilling element as equally frustrating as myself.

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I was provided with a digital ARC by the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This started off as a really promising book. I was reading it waiting for a big twist that never came. The ‘twist’ was really obvious from so early on.  Such a disappointment when you’re waiting for something to come from left field and grab you.

I wanted to love it but in the end it was just OK..
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This is about Aisha and Lucy, two expectant mothers, and their friendship after meeting at a baby group held in the back room of a local church. Told via dual narration in alternating chapters.

Aisha is married to Jason and Lucy is with Oscar but is fully prepared to be a single mum if he doesn’t commit.

I think this is best read knowing very little, just go with the flow and enjoy getting to know everyone in the group. The twist I saw coming and was a little bit predictable but putting that aside it wasn’t really important. The characters more than made up for it, especially the crazy doula who runs the group.

I’m not sure which genre this is being marketed as but in my opinion it is women’s fiction with a hint of suspense. What this book definitely is, is a wickedly sharp look at pregnancy, relationships, friendship and motherhood.

The humour was the stand out for me and anyone who has had children will be smirking at the highly relatable moments, although I’ve never accidentally fake tanned either of my babies.
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Aisha is pregnant with her first child with Jason.  Nearing the end of the pregnancy she joins an antenatal group.  Jason isn't interested and Aisha finds herself increasingly alone.  At the group she meets Lucy ,  The pair strike up a friendship.  However, just before the birth Lucy begins to distance herself.  Aisha is at a loss to understand why.  
However, it is not long before the group become parents and their babies the centre of the world.  Its also when secrets come out and peoples lives change.
This was an enjoyable read.  It brought back memories of my antenatal group.  However, mine wasn't as diverse.  At times a little slow for me but nether the less an easy read with a cuppa
Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for the opportunity to read this ARC
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Love lost and love found but consequences arise.  I enjoyed this story.  It starts with a happily married couple. lisha and Jason. Aisha is pregnant with their first child and decides to join a baby group which she expects Jason to attend.  Jason is working very hard to financially set them up and one day sees a lost love.  Aisha gets involved in the baby group and becomes friendly with a lady called Lucy.  Lucy seems very put together which makes Aisha feel fat and unloved as the pregnancy gets further along.  The story twists and turns and dips in and out of the group’s family dynamics.  Aisha feels something is not right with Jason other than he works so hard and she endeavours to find out the problem and then she finds out a truth which she did not want to hear. Eventually all babies are born but once Jason admits the secret life is not as it should be.  The story is about families staying together through problems and sorting them out in a way that can only be done by regret, compassion and forgiveness.  A lovely book
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This is a good quick read and a welcome mixture of thriller and chic lit, surrounding a baby group, formed of strangers who become close as they approach the birth of their first child
The story is well written and the characters are well rounded and either likeable or hateable, which is a great mix. The main characters are mums Aisha and Lucy, who arrive at the first of the group sessions without their partners and form an immediate bind despite the differences in their personal lives.
The twist here is easy to guess, although the author has crafted the tale so well that it keeps your interest, adding in extra twists to the central plot to keep the reader engaged.
I would happily recommend this book and look forward to reading others by the author.
Thank you to Netgalley, the publisher and the author for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.
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The story is told from both Aisha and Lucy’s point of view, with each chapter alternating between them.

For those who have had children will instantly relate to this, especially the baby group and all the things they discuss. It definitely brought back memories for me. It also follows the women after they have had their babies and again I think the author did a great job of conveying the difficulties and emotions that all new mums experience. It was handled beautifully and really showed how hard it can be and how you’re constantly comparing yourself to other parents.

Throughout the beginning of the book the author drops little hints that something isn’t quite right and that Lucy may have a secret. Unfortunately I did guess what it was straight away….I don’t think it’s that hard to guess, especially with some of the hints given. However, despite knowing what the secret was I was still intrigued as to how it was going to play out between them all.

As we learn about what happened there are flashbacks which further explain the secret and how the characters got to where they are now. My only criticism would be that it was probably a couple of chapters too long, there were a few near the end where I thought this is the end but then it carried on. Although I did enjoy the last chapter which did tie everything up nicely.

Overall this isn’t a fast paced action packed book. Instead you go on a journey with these women as they navigate life changing moments of having a baby and dealing with their relationships.
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I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would and despite being a little predictable it was different to many books I've read of late.  I liked the characters and felt I'd met most of them at some point in my life.  The baby group scenario reminded me of an NCT group I joined many years ago even if the book's characters were more diverse and certainly the leader, Maggie, was particularly entertaining.  Overall a worthwhile read unless you are adverse to pregnancy and babies.
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This was such an enjoyable read! I found real comfort and escapism in reading this.
I loved all the characters we met and how they developed as the book progressed.

I think this is a book to go into knowing very little about. It keeps you guessing throughout, but opens so many possibilities, you just have no idea how the story will progress.

There are some twists in this book that I didn't see coming and some that I did but I didn't feel like it took anything away from my enjoyment of the book.

I really appreciated how everything was wrapped up for each character at the end, I felt a real sense of closure.

So I gave this 4 stars, I really loved it.
Just Between Friends is released on the 12th of November!

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This is a real page turner that I just couldn't put down!

The characters and baby group are very intriguing and I loved how the story developed with a few twists and turns to keep you guessing. The baby group is full of diverse and different characters. 
I was drawn by the cover and blub and it didn't disappoint. Rosie describes new motherhood so perfectly with all the worries and raw emotions it brings! 
Highly recommend!
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I found this an enjoyable easy going read! Following the two expectant mothers making their way into parenthood was lovely. It had some really funny moments and it really did bring back memories from when my son was little! The secrets and twists were written in well and I really enjoyed it!
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