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Finally!...An author who genuinely understands the range of emotions women feel, the beauty and struggles of pregnancy, and the depth of a mother’s love! Rosie Nixon gives new meaning to the phrase keep your friends close and your enemies closer, and Just Between Friends will keep you spellbound as Nixon expertly disguises the identity of the enemy. Just Between Friends is a mind blowing emotional roller coaster ride full of sensational twists, memorable characters, and a wickedly wonderful plot! Events from the past wreck havoc when they collide with the present, and Rosie Nixon creatively delves into how the unexpected results can be positive or negative,...or both. 

Just Between Friends is beyond 5 stars! It is a poignant portrayal of the raw emotions that women and mothers everywhere can relate to. Rosie Nixon masterfully twists the fine lines between love, hate, admiration, friendship, loyalty and betrayal. Just Between Friends is a stunning masterpiece that will grab your attention from the beginning and keep you enthralled until the very last page. It was easy to get caught up in Aisha’s and Lucy’s lives, and there has never been a more accurate reflection of the diverse members, personalities, and experiences of a Baby Group than what Rosie Nixon describes. Wildly engrossing and addictive, Just Between Friends is impossible to put down! The powerful curiosity of wondering what’s going to happen next is captivating and will leave readers shocked beyond belief! Rosie Nixon brilliantly gives readers small pieces of the puzzle, and the more you find out, the more desperate you’ll become to see how the pieces fit together. Anticipation of finding out what happens next, and especially the twists that surround the outcome, will leave you breathless and wide-eyed with disbelief!

After years of patiently waiting, Aisha is overjoyed when she discovers she is pregnant. Jason had been adamant that they wait until they were financially stable to start a family, so despite being a little older than most first time mothers, Aisha is blissfully anticipating holding her newborn son or daughter. Being a little older doesn’t diminish her excitement at all, but the closer she gets to her due date, the more she starts to worry. The romance she and Jason naturally shared for several years has been unnaturally strained, so her pregnancy hasn’t been as carefree as she had hoped it would be. There are so many questions she wishes she could ask her own mother, but she passed away when she was younger. Aisha’s best friend is really the only person she can open up to, so joining The Baby Group was a sensible and logical thing to do. It would help prepare her for motherhood, and maybe give her the opportunity to make a few friends.

Lucy desperately wanted a baby. When she found out she was pregnant after only one round of IVF, she was ecstatic! She was thrilled at Oscar’s eagerness too because she’d always had reason to doubt whether he’d truly be happy or not. Feeling somewhat isolated, Lucy decides to join The Baby Group. Older than other first time moms, she’s also hoping to make friends. Lucy appears to have it all, and carries herself with a graceful ease. Determined to make a good first impression, she spent hours on the salad she was taking to the group. She carefully selected the perfect outfits and shoes for meetings, and looked so perfectly put together that she was even able to pull off wearing bright red lipstick. Despite her exquisite exterior though, Lucy was somewhat lonely. 

Since Jason conveniently has work related issues that come up whenever there’s a group meeting and Oscar travels frequently for work, neither of them are able to attend as many meetings as Aisha and Lucy would’ve liked. Since both women seem to be the only ones who are regularly attending meetings without their significant others, they are paired up for an activity during one meeting. Their shared laughter over the hilarious conversations and activities at the meetings easily turns into an easy friendship. Is it really a friendship though when one person is determined to keep secrets from the other?

Thank you Rosie Nixon, HQ, and Netgalley for allowing me the honor of reading Just Between Friends. My feedback is voluntary and expresses my honest review.
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Sadly I have mixed feelings.  The humour surrounding preparing for the birth of a child was amusing (the 70's video description was a hoot) the story switches views between two main characters Lucy and Aisha.  Both are pregnant, both are excited for the future but their respective partners are not.  They become firm friends, discussing their issues and worries until it becomes obvious that they are connected by more than the baby group they are attending.
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This was a fast-paced engaging read about members of a parent group, two of whom are unknowingly connected. 
It didn't take me long to suss the connection but it was an enjoyable plot nonetheless, I just wish the ending wasn't tied up so seamlessly, I felt this was unrealistic with one character getting off Scottfree in my eyes!
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Just Between Friends drew me in with its super cosy, coffee shop cover and I went into this with little to no idea of the plot/premise, I think I was having a slightly click-happy half an hour on Netgalley.

When Aisha and Lucy first meet at a baby group for expectant first time moms they soon bond over the fact that they were both left to attend their first meetings alone, as their partners Jason and Oscar are both unable to get away from work. We hear from both Aisha and Lucy throughout the book and I enjoyed reading both their narrations, which is not always the case in dual perspective books.

The first half of this book drew me into its cosiness, the baby group are made up of a hilarious group of different expectant parents and rather eccentric leader - I would have quite happily continued to read just more of that for the rest of the book. However part way through small hints started being dropped that something wasn't quite as innocent and cosy as it first seemed

The plot really ramps up when we learn that the new friends have more in common than  Aisha has been led to believe.

I loved how this book played with my perception of the plot and switched from a cosy, funny, light-hearted read to emotion filled drama in the space of a couple of chapters.
My highlight of this were the group of side characters making up the baby group, while they didn't make up a massive amount of the book it felt like the kind of random group of people a baby group would throw together into the inevitable group WhatsApp. 

Overall an enjoyable read that pulled me in and really made me care about the characters, would recommend for a cosy weekend read.
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I started reading this book yesterday and couldn’t put it down.  The story centres around the lives and loves of a group of pregnant women and their journey through pregnancy, birth and the aftermath.  It was a great story that took me back many years to the “baby groups” I was in (although they were not as exciting). The story bends into an intriguing thriller type novel of paternity tests and friendship. I loved this book from the first chapter. And couldn’t put it down.
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A new author for me, and one I would happily read from again! Enjoyed the book, realistic characters and an intriguing plot line. I would recommend it to friends. The author managed to achieve a balance of tone and ensured that I looked forward to picking up the book and becoming absorbed in the next chapter- sometime I find my interest is lost if I have to read it in stages due to life taking over, this was not the case here! Thank you.
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This has been a very interesting and well-written read. The book has had moments which have made me laugh out loud but also portrays that not everything always goes go plan.
This book is definitely a thought provoking read which I haven't been able to put down. This is completely unique to anything I've read previously and I've loved it.
This is a definite enjoyable read and I have loved the mix of characters present within the pages of this one.
This is a definite five star read. I have loved it.
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I’m not going to lie – I had a horrifically traumatic birth with my (only!) son who is now 17, and the thought of a book purely about pregnancy, childbirth and babies filled me with dread, it was a time and a place that I never wanted to go back to…however…I absolutely loved this book! It’s not a story of gory birth details, it’s a tale of new friendships, new beginnings and new life and I must admit that while I was reading it, I had so many lovely flashback memories of holding my son for the first time, and those special shared moments of just the two of us during night feeds. 

The characters were believable, although reading what some of the men did during pregnancy and afterwards drove me to distraction on occasions…are there men out there who really treat women that way? Thank god I’ve never met them!!

I would have liked Lucy to be a little more sinister – it felt to me like the book toyed with the idea of being a psychological thriller, but then almost scared itself so went back to be a lovely nice story.

Would really recommend this to all my friends though – I loved it.
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I really enjoyed this book. Aisha and Lucy are both 8 months pregnant. When they meet at an ante natal group, they become friends. However, Lucy is keeping a secret she really doesn't want Aisha to find out. I really loved the characters in this book, especially the other parents in the group, and the crazy woman who runs it! It's a good story which will keep you guessing, even if it's a little far fetched. Thanks to NetGalley for a preview copy.
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A really good read. This book tells the story of two pregnant women who meet up at a pre natal baby group and form a friendship. They have a lot more in common than is apparent at the beginning. The story is told by each woman in turn and the ups and downs of pregnancy and the early days of having a new born are well portrayed.
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This book follows the story of Aisha and Lucy who meet at a baby group and quickly becoming friends over their shared bonds of becoming first time parents in their late thirties. Both have different worries about motherhood and their partners and it doesn’t take them long to realise they have a lot of common ground. However one of them is hiding a secret that will shake up their relationship.

This book is fine, it’s ok, it’s nice. It is neither terrible nor amazing. The secret is easy to guess and not particularly well revealed. The characters are bland and seem to blur into one. There are a lot of superfluous characters which get a lot of unnecessary page time and there is a lot about babies. It was billed on NetGalley as being a ‘Lianne Moriarty’ style family thriller drama but it’s far from it.  There is nothing particularly thrilling about it. It’s much more of a plod and there are far too many chapters dedicated to the ins and outs of an antenatal class.
There is nothing to particularly dislike about it either. For me this is a definite 3 star review.
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A gem of a story, unputdownable thoroughly enjoyed it. 2 ladies pregnant meet in ordinary circumstances but the background connection is unbelievable. Read it in one sitting it was so good. Definitely 5 stars
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After a few detective style reads, I wanted to read something that was in a different theme and this hit the spot.

Aisha and Lucy meet at a baby group, both pregnant with their first baby and both nervous about motherhood.

Aisha is happily married to Jason but picking up on vibes that he might not be as excited about the baby as she is.

Lucy is in a complicated relationship with Oscar and is prepared to do motherhood on her own if he doesn't want to commit, her priority is to have a baby, she's never quite got over the abortion she had at age 19.

Although you can tell straight away that things are afoot and Jason has some secrets, I thought I knew where it was going, I was only partly right!

This is a great read, I flew through the pages and whilst it was quite emotional at times, there were other times when it made me smile as I remembered my lovely friend  and the memories from baby group 19 years ago - fortunately, less drama in our baby group.

Thanks to Netgalley for the opportunity to review this book, this is my honest opinion.
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Thank you for the opportunity to read this book.
I enjoyed the fact that the author had thought carefully about different pregnancy experiences - each of the group members had different back stories, different birth experiences and different feelings about early motherhood. It reminded me a bit of 'The Letdown' on Netflix, especially with the larger than life group leader and flashes of humour - for example in the birthing video.
Early on, I guessed the 'twist' - although I did keep reading to see if I was right. 
I didn't especially warm to the characters, and I felt the story could have had more pace. 
Overall a fairly enjoyable read.
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Rosie Nixon 

I looked forward to reading this one, the plot drawing me in as someone who had been part of a Baby Group in the not so distant past...

However, this book most definitely lacked any real substance. And i must say, I need much more in a read than JUST BETWEEN FRIENDS delivered to me.

The story sort of just plodded on whilst I awaited something to happen and by the 60% mark I knew the 'something' was on its way. The thing is though - The 'something' was in no way shape or form a 'Surprise Something' it was more or less a known fact pretty much all along. 

The run up to the end was a bore and the actual end a relief really, to be totally honest.
And I do have to be honest in my reviews. I hate to be harsh when someone has poured their time and effort into writing but at the same time a book of fiction such as this is for entertainment and this one didn't entertain I'm very sorry to say.

Thank you to #netgalley for a chance to read in exchange for my opinion 
JUST BETWEEN FRIENDS is out on NOVEMBER 12th by #hq 

Pick this one up if you need a book that's easy to read and you don't have to think about too much.
Nixon also does quite a good job of touching upon the difficulties being a new parent brings, making this book relatable for some.
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This book was well written in the sense that it explained the difficulties of pregnancy, parenthood and relationships. But I was expecting slightly more. I thought it would be story with a twist, but that didn't really come. The main characters were Aisha and Lucy and their respective other halves. Nothing really happened until the end and then it was nothing much. BUT it was a nice read
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This is an easy read and it’s a book that I devoured in one sitting. 
The story itself is disappointingly predicable and a little slow at points. However, I still enjoyed it and was drawn into the characters even though it was very obvious what the ending would be.
Overall, it’s a worthy 4 star read.
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Essentially this book follows a group of young women, all pregnant, who attend a baby group. They become friends and their lives are linked in this way. But with friendship, also comes lies and deception.

On the surface, this book seems to be primarily concerned with two young women expecting children and the worries alongside their relationships too.

I loved the dual narrative as you really got to experience the suspicions and tension building between the two main characters, Lucy and Aisha. I loved the twist and it was something that I hadn't really seen coming which is always a plus!

Overall, a page-turning and compelling read that keeps you reading on throughout. A thoroughly enjoyable story!
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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for giving me an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Lucy & Aisha meet at antenatal classes as they both prepare for the births of their first baby. But Lucy is hiding something and if the secret comes out, it could destroy this new friendship.

This book had some strong female characters but I felt the plot lacked substance; the secret was fairly obvious early on. I liked the antenatal class setting, their WhatsApp group reminded me of my time at NCT classes, but I felt the lesbian / vegan / earth mother was a cliché.

This book was an easy read but not a page-turner for me. I would try other books by the same author but I couldn't wholeheartedly recommend this one.
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I knew this was a new direction for author Rosie Nixon but not how different. One of the main characters Lucy acknowledges that before falling pregnant, she "found it difficult to engage with other people's pregnancies and births." Same for me. I mean I knew it was a story about new mums but I guess I thought there would be more to it than that ie the promised secret. But, the (fairly obvious) secret isn't revealed until the latter part of the book, with the first half of really about the strain of parenthood on relationships from the decision to have children and get pregnant through to caring for said baby. That said, Nixon has created an enjoyable, eclectric mix of characters in the baby group. But, sadly this just wasn't my thing whereas Nixon's previous #TheStylist books definitely are.
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