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This story follows the lives of Gayle, an extremely successful business woman who is also Mother of two sisters, Samantha is a very and Ella. Samantha is also very successful in the business world, and had her own company planning Christmas breaks for the very wealthy of the world. Ella is a doting Mum to Tab and wife to Michael. Her world revolves around this little family unit and she took a step back from the world of teaching to concentrate on her family.
After being brought up by Gayle teaching them skills to survive in the “real world”, Samantha and Ella feel they lacked in so much from Gayle. Not having their Father around to help bring them up, added to Gayle becoming distant to her daughter's and always had her guard up to emotional attachment. An accident that occurred with Gayle forced her to make contact with her daughter’s after a long time in not talking to each other and before you Know it, Gayle was to join them in the Scottish highlands for Christmas, a trip that is planned so Samantha can visit a potential new property to offer to her clients. This is run by Brodie and his Mother Mary and sister Kirstie. They are grieving the loss of Mary’s husband. Will Gayle, Samantha and Ella be able to fix what is broken within the family and enjoy Christmas together as a family for the first time ever?

I loved that all the characters in this book where easy to get to know and relate to. I loved Samantha and the fact she was an independent woman who could take on the world. I found Gayle extremely hard faced at first but as the story unfolded, i really did want to grab her and give her the biggest hug. I loved all the beautiful dishes Mary would cook up in the kitchen and really did wish i was sat at the table with the others. Brodie sounds like the absolute perfect gentleman and really does have family at the heart of all he does. 

I really did immerse  myself Into this book. Its the most perfect book to snuggle up with and get into the Christmas spirit. I loved how the chapters were broken up into each character and found this a wonderful way in getting to know the characters better.

A book that i was really sad to finish. Totally loved every minute of it and will definitely recommend to anyone.
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I read this novel in one day - it was a lovely heartwarming read. An accident forces Gayle Mitchell to reevaluate her life and her choices - she is led to reach out to her two daughters in order to repair their relationship after no contact for 5 years. Christmas together in Scotland is her way to remake their relationship and learn to be a grandmother. This time away also allows the girls to learn more about their mother’s past and face their own issues.

An enjoyable read for this festive season.
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Another fantastic book by Sarah Morgan, I loved this story so much and had trouble putting it down!
The book features Ella and Samantha, sisters who have done everything together for the past five years after an argument with their career oriented mother. When their mother has a accident and an epiphany they find themselves in Scotland, forced to spend Christmas as a family. But first Ella must come clean that she has secretly married, has a child and does not have the career that her mother thought she did.
Throw in a Scottish romance and this was the perfect festive read!
Five stars - thanks for allowing me to read!
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An emotional Christmas story, that had me gripped very early on! I loved the bond between the two sisters, and the way they have embraced Christmas.
I loved the little twists and turns throughout the story, it certainly kept me turning the pages. 
Definitely a feel good book, and I adored the setting and the family becoming reunited.
Definitely felt very festive after reading this gorgeous book 📖🎄
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November Christmas Reads

The Christmas Party - Karen Swan
⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

One More For Christmas - Sarah Morgan
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So after this crazy year, I think we all need some Christmas cheer, I certainly do, so I decided to start on the Christmas reads early! Mid November and I have already finished 2 and the Christmas spirit is spreading as I’ve also put my Christmas Tree up mega early!!! It’s 2020 so the rules are out of the window!!

First up was The Christmas Party by Karen Swan. To be honest I have no idea when I even downloaded this, it was just the first Christmas book I came across on my kindle so I dived straight in! The premise was that the last living knight in Ireland dies suddenly and leaves his castle and its mounting debts, to his youngest daughter. Understandably his wife and older kids are shocked and confused and the story is based around finding out exactly why he left it to his youngest daughter and what will she do with it now.

I really liked this book, I quickly got into the story and found myself warming to the characters. There were lots of sub stories going on which I really liked too, with each of the three sisters stories being told side by side. Although it wasn’t necessarily super Christmassy, there was enough sparkle to kick off my festive reading!

Next off I tried One More For Christmas by Sarah Morgan and I loved it! Ella & Samantha have a troublesome relationship with their super career orientated mother, but when she has an accident they end up spending Christmas with her in a remote Scottish castle. Another story another castle right?! This one was super festive and homely and I just wanted to curl up in my own castle with a hunky guy!!! Although you kinda knew they would end up fixing their relationship the story still held my attention all the way through and I was disappointed when it ended. The sign of a great read!
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When I got this book I thought it would be just a family Christmas with a few funny bits and a few hiccups along the way but there was a lot more to this story. It has emotions running high between Elle, Samantha and Gayle. Untold pasts, crossed wires and worries of hurting others feelings.
There is lots of christmas magic thrown in, friendships and love. Perfect recipe for a Christmas book. 
Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers and the author for the privilege to read this book for my honest opinion
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I read this for a blog tour. 

Sarah Morgan's Christmas books are like a lovely hug, warm and friendly and they make you toasty inside. This is no different.

Families are complicated, difficult and Christmas can exacerbate all the things we hate about ourselves and our relatives.

Samantha and Ella have essentially no relationship to their work focused mother Gayle, but an accident brings them back together and soon they're off to Scotland to spend Christmas in a remote manor house with the owners, a possible new experience for Samantha's bespoke holiday company.

There's a lot the three women need to talk about and a lot they need to deal with if they're to rebuild their relationship, and being stuck in the snowy Highlands is perfect for long talks by the fire and healing.

This is a delightful book, enlivened by the presence of four year old Tab, reindeer and a spot of romance. Plus some delicious home cooked meals.

It really does have a cheering effect and makes the grey and miserable day melt away and leaves you feeling all cosy inside.
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A beautifully written story of family coming together over Christmas. Perfect read to curl upon the sofa with
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Another triumph from Sarah Morgan with this heart-warming tale of families resolving issues in a glorious Scottish setting.  In addition to family strife, and of course resolution, there is romance.  Many of Sarah Morgan's books have a Christmas theme, and this is no exception.  Luckily this is the time of year to be reading this, especially in 2020.  The setting and characters are brought to life, and the situations are realistic if sometimes slightly predictable.   Recommended.

Thanks to Net Galley and the publishers for the opportunity to review this ebook.
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This is a wonderful Romance / Family story.
Although wound around Christmas time it is more about Family getting together and forgiving differences with a bit of romance thrown in.
Thouroughly enjoyable.
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Gayle, a highly successful woman, is made to evaluate her life. Following an accident at work her estranged daughters visit her in hospital. Gayle realises she needs to make amends. Her daughters Samantha and Ella always felt like that never measured to Gayle’s expectations.  

Gayle invites herself to join her daughters for Christmas in a beautiful Scottish Highlands. Samantha and Ella are afraid that Gayle will ruin the magical time of Christmas for them, but Gayle is determined to make it work. 

As the three women embark on their first family Christmas together in years, they discover their inner selfies. Will thick Christmas allow them to heal and move forward?

A joyful and filled with love novel about choices and change.
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I've just finished this wonderful Christmas feel good book. Full of different characters all with their own story to tell. All the characters are likeable and I was routing for them all from the start to end. Told in a way that transports you to feel like you are there with them a Christmas in Scotland sounds very appealing! Very well written and enjoyable as always.
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Thank you to Netgalley for allowing the opportunity to review this book.

One more for Christmas is a heart warming story about a high flying business Woman and Mother (Gayle) who is estranged from her two daughters, Samantha and Ella. Following an accident she attempts to reconnect with her two daughters, and her granddaughter Tab, who she has only just found out about. What better way to attempt to reconnect, than to spend Christmas, a holiday which Gayle hates, and her daughters love, together in Scotland at a remote Highlands Estate. 

You can't help but become fully immersed in this book, it is well written, the characters are really likeable, even Gayle, who at the beginning of the book is very cold and business like. The fact that Gayle was so cold at the beginning of the book, and really opened up at the end made me like her even more. I even shed a few tears towards the end of the book when she struggles to control Tab, who then tells her she hates her. 

This wonderful story is about second chances, love and healing broken bonds.
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Gayle Mitchell is a highly successful business woman, others look to her as an inspiration and her self motivation books are bestsellers. When Gayle has an accident she suddenly realises that maybe work isn’t the be all and end all. Not having seen her daughters Samantha and Ella  for 5 years Gayle reaches out to them but it’s not going to be easy to mend the broken relationship she has with them.
The girls are distrustful of her feeling that she always put work first and that their upbringing suffered as a result. 
A family Christmas in a remote lodge in the Scottish highlands initially sounds like the worst idea ever but can the beautiful scenery and the homely atmosphere created by the McIntyres work their Christmas magic on the three women and bring the family back together.
Great characters, beautiful scenery, what’s not to love.
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A festive romp that is a perfect cozy read in the run-up to Christmas. 

Dealing with families and all the stresses they sometimes bring, and a glorious snowy Scottish setting, I raced through the feelgood story. Sarah Morgan writes such good characters and gives chick lit a modern (and sometimes raunchy) twist.

Hope there’s a sequel in the works!
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I’m not sure I have the words for how MAGNIFICENT this story is.

Sarah Morgan is the absolute best at writing about the nuances in relationships, whether that’s familial, friendships or romantic. Her settings are amazing too. And One More For Christmas is her best yet (I say that every time don’t I … but it’s true!).

I always feel emotionally connected to her characters and find it easy to relate to them, no matter age or male/female.

Although Gayle comes across as obnoxious and uncaring, that’s the mask she wears to protect herself. Toppling off the chair is her epiphany. My heart ached for her. I loved watching her transformation! Ella is the giving sister – I couldn’t wait for her to find her voice. Husband Michael and daughter Tab arriving at the hospital was a corker of a scene. Samantha is practical and taken on the mothering role, always quick to criticise and accuse. Afraid to get close, she holds everyone at arm’s length. The phone call mix up had me laughing so much. Soooo funny. I loved her travel company. Brodie and Kristie (brother and sister) are close, one pessimistic and the other optimistic, they balanced each other beautifully. Just as Ellen and Michael do.

Kinleven Lodge is the most perfect setting for Christmas. Sarah Morgan’s writing draws you in so you experience the sights, sounds and smells. I enjoyed being in the kitchen and LOVED the scenes at Brodie’s office.

I finished reading at the end of October and I’m still living off the buzz of feeling good. I’m still melting inside.

This is a story of a mother’s love for her children and the decisions made to protect them. And how that continues with their own relationships. It’s a time of healing and realisations. A time of three steps forward and two steps back. A time of hope. A time of love.

Highly recommended.
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Samantha and Ella haven’t spoken to their mother Gayle for five years but when they receive a call from their mother’s assistant saying that Gayle is in hospital after an accident, the sisters rush to her bedside. Could this be the catalyst for secret spilling, understanding being reached and a family finally reuniting?

Gayle is a writer and businesswoman whose books have inspired millions of women to live their lives independently. However, the life she has chosen to lead hasn’t been without its sacrifices and sadly, one of these is her relationship with her daughters. She struggles with emotion and believes that one should be prepared for all the ills of the world by throwing up a steely-cold shield. Naturally, this approach to life has rubbed off on her daughters and although they’re grown women, the effects each display themselves in different ways. 

I really struggled to like Gayle throughout the book, sadly. Even when her full story was revealed, I just couldn’t get past the notion that she could have dealt with her terrible lot in life in a much healthier way and cultivated an unbreakable bond with her girls. I just felt that she’d consciously made too many bad decisions for me to really warm to her.

Samantha is a high-flying CEO of a Christmas travel company. Christmas is her passion and she wants to treat her clients to the magical experience that she never got to experience as a child. However, she has spent her life bouncing between unfulfilling romantic relationships and she just wants something that vaguely resembles those in her beloved Regency romance novels. 

Of course, this emotional distance is no doubt something that she has inherited from Gayle and I was willing her to shake it off. As soon as the opportunity to take the whole family to the beautiful Scottish Highlands for Christmas came up, I suspected that this would be Sam’s chance to finally find the love she’d been looking for. Her hilarious initial conversation with the handsome, nerdy Brodie McIntyre set the tone for their entire relationship and I was so excited about watching their romance blossom.

Sam’s sister Ella is a young married mother of almost five-year-old Tabitha. Ella has no problems expressing her emotions and creating a cosy, happy family life for her daughter but she has an acute fear of disappointing her mother. So much so that she didn’t even tell Gayle about her marriage, pregnancy or Tab’s existence. This is definitely something that I think everyone can relate to. I, for one, have always just wanted to please my parents and I get terrified about ‘confessing’ to anything that I don’t think they’d approve of. 

Tab is a typical, curious, no-filter, almost five-year-old and her joy at pretty much everything at Kinleven was so beautiful to watch. Everything is either so new or so simple and she reminded me of how easy life can be, if you just follow your instincts and do the first right thing that comes into your head. I know that children can sometimes inadvertently be the smartest people in the room but Tab quite often seemed to be the voice of reason amongst the group of adults and I wonder how much of a resolution would have been reached without her influence.

The setting of Kinleven, the sprawling estate in the Highlands, is truly breathtaking. Morgan’s writing is so immersive and I had the most magical time wandering through the lodge’s corridors, basking in the aromas of cookies from the kitchen and getting my feet dusty with snow, trudging through the hills with the reindeer. It’s the perfect venue for a cosy family Christmas and I knew that its soothing aura would be the ideal location for this family to sort out their issues and finally start to understand each other.

Oh, I did fall madly in love with Brodie! I tend to have a thing for awkward, country boys anyway but he was so lovely, even by rom-com standards. He inspires Sam to unite her inner and outer selves and simply be who she really is. Their romance is so slow-burning and realistic that it was so easy to root for. He is exactly what Sam needed and although, I’m not sure that she brings quite as much to him as he does to her, I was a big fan of them getting together from the second he picked them up from the airport.

Yes, this book is a romantic escape but it’s also a story of a broken family, lifting the lid of secrets that should have come to light years before and coming together, at last. Christmas is a time for increased kindness and understanding and although I had deep reservations about whether Sam and Ella should have let Gayle back into their lives, I totally understand why they did.

One More For Christmas is a cute, heartwarming novel about accepting the choices of others, learning to be our true selves and taking a joyful leap out of the comfort zone every now and then. The romance, setting and characterisations are spellbinding and it was exactly the comfort blanket I needed.
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Typical Christmas feel good book. Full of different characters all with their own story to tell. Told in a way that transports you to feel like you are there with them. Very well written and enjoyable as always.
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I absolutely loved this Christmas themed story and throughly enjoyed it, it was everything and more that I wanted in a book. 

This was a new author for me and have to say it won’t be the last, I really enjoyed the writing style and how the story is told and also loved everything about the book. 

I can’t wait to read more from this author.
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When Gayle has an accident at work it gives her a wake up call and she tries to receonnect with her daughters Samantha and Ella.

It is five years since she has seen them and she has missed out on a lot. 

As the family head off to Scotland for Christmas, she is forced to face what happened in her past and share with things with her daugheters. Will they give her a second chance?

I liked how it is told from each of their points of view.
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