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Summary: a government agent accepts an emergency call one night in the White House that sets him on a race to prevent an event happening six days later.
This is the second book I have read by the author, and can honestly say I’m impressed.  Very much in the same vein as David Baldacci early thrillers set in Washington, easy to read, and also difficult to put down. Simply put, if you like conspiracy style thrillers then then this is the book for you.
I know I’m going to be keeping an eye out for future releases by this author to go on my must read list.
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The Night Agent
By Matthew Quirk

4 Stars

An engaging and thrilling read, that hooks the reader in from the first page.

When night agent, FBI Agent Peter Sutherland answers a call in the White House Situation Room, he is dragged into a compelling fight for survival. A terrified young woman says two people have been murdered and the killer might still be in the house with her. One of the victims gave her this phone number with urgent instructions: 'Tell them OSPREY was right. It's happening...'

The call thrusts Peter into the heart of a conspiracy years in the making. There's a Russian mole in the U.S. government and Peter must uncover who it is. The nation's at stake and innocent lives are in his hands.

A thrilling read, that balances life and death on the wits of a young hero with his own past. 

The book draws the reader in to discover what is beyond the next page. 

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Not since Len Deighton retired in 1996 has there been a spy thriller as good as this one.
Is the Cold War truly over? Or are the USA and Russia heading for a new, deadly confrontation?
Matthew Quirk's fabulous plot opens with corruption in the White House. Surely you can't get much more credible than that today!
The whole book is a rollercoaster ride filled with characters as real as any I've ever read in a work of fiction.
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This is a great political crime thriller. 
Peter works nights at The White House and his main job is to man the desk with a phone that will only ring if it’s a matter of national security. 
One night it rings and he’s given the code words so follows instructions and lets his boss know. 
The woman who calls was staying with her aunt and uncle and they were attacked and told her to run, but gave her the code words to say. 
Peter is worried about Rose so goes to the crime scene but is turned away. 
He meets her at the funeral and tells her to contact him if she needs help. 
Peter isn’t meant to get involved as his role is simply to pass on the message from the phone, but in this case he gets in deeper and deeper until he’s in a whole heap of trouble. 
There’s lots going on in this book and it’s certainly hard to know who to trust. 
I really enjoyed this book as it reminded me of the tv show 24. 
Thanks to Aria and Aries and NetGalley fir the opportunity to read this book.
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A bit of ‘24’, a dash of ‘Designated Survivor’ and a dollop of ‘West Wing’ all expertly made into 1 superb, tense thriller
Peter mans the ‘secret phone line’ in the Whitehouse operations room ( the one we see in the films where when there is a crisis they all sit round and scary looking people appear on video screens ) waiting for a call from anyone who has the secret access codes and needs immediate help, he waits, and waits and ( of course ) one night it rings, and when it does it sets of a game of cat and mouse that he, against everyone’s advice, get’s himself involved with
Friends become enemies, allies turn to traitors, folk cross, double and even triple cross and soon he is facing a deception so big it will, if comes out, shock the world
The story continues as he fights against this with Rose, also dragged into this not for want but for an event she witnessed and its no exaggeration to say it doesn’t let up right until the last word
Simply put it was brilliant 
5 Stars
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Peter Sutherland sits by the phone at night waiting for a call but not just any call as when the phone rings it is a National emergency 

The Night Agent is a fast moving conspiracy chase thriller by Matthew Quirk that kept me turning the pages as the twists and turns never stopped. 

The pace of the book is fairly relentless but with the characters well sketched out they help drive the storyline. 

Definitely recommended
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I am lucky to have a second book by this author on my “to read” shelf because one book was definitely not enough.  I didn’t really understand some of the technicalities of American government systems but it didn’t matter.  It’s a genuine thriller with the right balance of politics and mystery.
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As a reader from ‘across the pond’I firstly found this book to be a tad confusing. I was confronted by acronyms, descriptions of various facets of security, FBI, Homeland etc, and locations, of which, the only one I was familiar with, was The West Wing, thanks to the titular television series, which seemed to consist of people walking very quickly down endless corridors going to very tense situation room! The other items,Ranks, buildings and the general geography of the environment left me playing a game of catch up.
Once I concentrated upon the story, and the spy aspect, it became a good mix of implicit and direct violence, good nerve wracking chases, likeable characters and some genuinely taut situations, and it turned into a most enjoyable read. Who is OSPREY?. Every time I suspected someone, they became exonerated, and the denouement was truly surprising to me at least!.
I liked Peter Sutherland, the titular Night Agent. His job was to wait for a phone call, that may never happen, but had the potential to be the cause of unseen damage and of National importance. It rapidly becomes clear there is a Russian mole working in the heart of US Government, but how high and far does their influence go? 
I found this to be a fast paced and exciting read, with some genuinely taut moments, the sort of novel you want to read slowly to savour the story, and you then find out you are only a few pages short of finishing it!! It’s very twisty, full of red herrings and I really had a great time reviewing this book. I hope this will be the start of a successful series, it shows great potential.
I rated this as a four star read, it dropped a star as I had so much extra reading to do to familiarise myself with locations and other details that a native reader would know. I will leave a review on Goodreads and Amazon as soon as possible. Thank you for my advance copy.
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Terrific twists, gripping chases and moral dilemma. I haven't read Matthew Quirk before but this has put him firmly on my must read list. Genuinely a book you do not want to start unless you think you can finish it that day. The pace keeps ratcheting up, the characters grow on you and there are lots of misdirects and false trails to keep you off balance and worried about the eventual fate of Peter, Rose and the USA. The perfect escapist book for a beach or a pandemic. Thankyou to Head of Zeus and Netgalley for a really enjoyable read.
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Don’t take this book to bed to read. It is a real page turner. You will say maybe one more chapter. Then maybe one more chapter – maybe one more chapter. Before you know it, half the night is over. It turns out to be a very quick read! There are more twists and turns than trying to get through a maze. The plots are easy to follow and are realistic. Each character is relatable and engaging. This would be in the top 5% of the best spy/murder books I've read. Loved it. Make sure you put this one on your TBR.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this book.
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