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Coming Home to Penvennan Cove

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Loved this book, and the characters that played their parts so well.  You can't beat a good novel about a Cornish village .  Very well written and very enjoyable, didn't want to put this down once I had started it. 5 stars from me and I recommend everyone read and enjoy this .

Thanks to Netgalley and publisher for the ARC.
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An absolutely delightful read about returning home and recognising the true values in life.  This is such a heartwarming read that I loved from the start, I loved getting to know the characters and this community, a great uplifting read.

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion
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Thanks author Linn B. Halton and NetGalley for giving me a free E-book ARC of this book in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 
I have recently become obsessed with British books/ authors. There is just something so wholesome and cozy in regards to their character development, relationships, and plot. This book hit the spot I was looking for when it comes to a good coming home story. I loved Kera as a character. She was strong and successful, but yet felt the pull back home. I like how even though, Kera came back home, she was not dependent on her friends and family to financial support her, but was willing to jump right in to help improve her family and friends businesses with her experience. Many of the characters within this book were going through different life changes. Such as her dad trying to figure out his former wife's dog kennel business and her friends trying to make her cleaning business a success without her husband. While there is a romance woven throughout the story, it is not the central plot point. The main point of this book centers around relationships of all kinds and the concept of finding your "home." The story moves along at an easy pace with the inter thoughts and quips of Kera sprinkled in. The author did a wonderful job of capturing the small village atmosphere. Overall, I really enjoyed this book. It is the perfect read for those rainy weekends. I look forward to reading more by this author.
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Thank you NetGalley, Aria & Aries and Linn B. Halton for gifting me an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review! 
	Are you in the mood for a light, feel good women’s fiction with a twist of romance and a whole lot of good feelings? I always love a romance with that Hallmark feeling! 
	When Kerra left her small Cornish village for the big city of London, she had one goal. Be a success. Now years later she’s done just that, and has sold her business and is ready to leave London. Her father asks her to return home, worried about her after her mother’s passing, and she agrees. Now that she’s back home, she’s realizing that small village where everyone knows everyone isn’t so bad after all.
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Beautiful story, my first by this author and it certainly won’t be my last. I loved following Kerra’s story as she returned to her hometown of Penvennan Cove. The supporting characters were all so likeable and the book had a lovely lighthearted feel to it. There were just the right amount of twists and turns in the plot to keep me hooked and I was sad when the story ended. It was so lovely to see Kerra come into her own and build her dream life in Cornwall.
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Kerra is back home in Penvennan Cove after selling up her business in london. With the help of neighbour Drew, she is renovating the cottage left to her by her grndmother. The builder is Ross, her crush from her school days  - do they have a chance together now?
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This is a story of family, friendship and second chances. Kerra is returning to the small cornish village she grew up after moving to London to start her own business which she has now sold for a 7 figure sum of money. Her mum has passed away and she feels her dad needs her help and support.
Along the way however she meets lots of people from her past, ones pleased to see her and others not so. The story gradually introduces lots of different characters but they are easy to connect with and remember who they are.
I found this book enjoyable, although the storyline was pretty basic and predictable, but this would not stop me from reading the next part of the trilogy when it comes out. An easy romantic read.
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Really enjoyed this book, thank you NetGalley for the opportunity to read it.
Kerra has returned to her home town of Penvennan from her life in London. She soon settles into her new life, I loved the setting & getting to know the characters in her hometown.
A lovely, warm, uplifting story
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What a lovely book this was great storyline, great characters,  read it in one day as was hooked to it x
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This is such a heartwarming and uplifting read that I loved from beginning to end.
I loved getting to know all of the characters within Penvennan Cove and thought they all contributed parts to the story. 
The setting within the Cornish town sounds so idyllic and the perfect place for a spot of romance too. 
I enjoyed getting to know Kerra and it was great to see her get so involved back in the town she grew up in and rebuild the relationships she had in the past.  
This s the perfect book to cosy up with this autumn.
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I do enjoy a good homecoming story and this was definitely a good one.

Kerra was brought up in a quiet Cornish town – the Penvannan Cove in the title – but left for London where she set up an extremely successful business. With her business now sold, there are no more ties in London other than her good friend, Sy, and the time has come to return home and be around for her dad who she suspects has been struggling more than he’ll admit it since Kerra’s mum died.

Life back in Penvannan Cove is so different to life in London. With speculation running rife as to why she’s returned home after all of these years and trying to adjust to a small cottage that simply isn’t her, she’s struggling to settle. When her neighbour, Drew, shares plans to extend his cottage, she sees a way to turn her adjoining cottage into the home of her dreams. She’s excited when work gets underway but is not prepared for the builder, Ross, to be a blast from the past; the one who got away.

This is a lovely story of returning home and recognising the value of friends and family, new and old. There are some fabulous characters in the community and I particularly adored the star-turn from Drew’s cat, Ripley, who clearly identifies more as dog than cat!

There is a lovely romance thread but I’d say this book is more about Kerra and her journey in starting over and finding herself. I loved how she’s actually a really strong, successful businesswoman rather than someone fleeing from a negative experience. This gave her a very different character arc to what we might typically see in a homecoming tale. There’s also an intriguing mystery that adds a sense of danger and, again, something a little different.

This is a warm hug of a book that draws you into a beautiful setting and friendly community. I’m delighted to see it’s the first part of a series and look forward to returning to Penvannan Cove and catching up with Kerra and her friends – including those of the animal variety.
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I thoroughly enjoyed this lovely book. I’ve always liked this author’s books, and this one is especially good.

Kerra is a character that I warmed to straight away. She’s been very successful in her life and made lots of money with the sale of her business, but she’s ready now to return home, and to support her dad, who I also really liked.

There’s a lovely sense of community in Penvennan Cove and Kerra reconnects with old friends again.

This book is so well written, with a gently flowing plot, beautiful scene setting, and characters that will draw you in and really connect with you. It’s a wonderful piece of escapism, a treat to return to at the end of day, just what we all need at the moment. Highly recommended.
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Kerra has made it in London, and now with the sale of her business, she’s returning to her childhood home to live in the small cottage left to her by her grandmother and to start her next chapter.  Her best friend Sy isn’t thrilled, but he’s gotten a big promotion and will be staying in London, at least until he can buy some wellies and come for a visit in ‘the back of beyond”.   

Arriving in Penvennan Cove, the talk is rampant, as Kerra knew it would be  Fueled by her cousin Alice, and her father’s rather ‘hands off’ approach, she’s floundering a bit with the changes, but connecting with old friends and meeting her new neighbor, and agreeing to a refit of their cottages becomes her focus. Until the builder turns out to be her first “crush” and longtime subject of fantasy.  

Ross has made a name for himself with quality work, and the opportunity to restructure and renovate the two cottages is right up his alley – and no one is mor surprised to find Kerra than he, even as he’s still trying to ‘stay out of the limelight’ when it comes to town gossips.   

Throughout the story, we meet Kerra’s childhood friends, see relationships evolve and develop, and with Sy arriving to stay with her father and help him to refit and re-organize the kennels that her mother had started so long ago, the story is a collection of interwoven moments, bits, some mystery and plenty of heart. From the village coming together to support her best friend (and her father) to finally finding her ‘new direction” and some closure and understanding of her rather thoughtless and cavalier cousin Alice, Ross and Kerra find a way to define their relationship and make a start with the help of time, friends and one very chatty and opinionated cat.  A lovely read that feels very “village centric’ even as the characters are doing their level best to stay out of the headlines on the town grapevine.  Grab this for a bit of relief and entertainment – you won’t be disappointed.  

I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my responsibility.  

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I fell in love with the cover and then I fell in love with the story.
It's uplifting, heartwarming and thoroughly enjoyable.
I love the descriptions of the great setting, the well thought characters and the plot that kept me hooked.
It's the perfect book to smile and travel to great places in these bleak times.
It's recommended.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine.
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This is a lovely story with Kerra returning to her Cornish hometown after successfully developing a London based company which she has sold for a seven figure sum. She’s still worried about her employees, especially her friend and supporter, Sy, but knows it is time to return to keep an eye on her Dad and face her past. She never really felt she fit in the Cornish community, but she’s really missed it all and her Mother’s untimely death has awakened her to the need to return. She’s moving into the cottage that used to belong to her Grandmother, now that the tenant has moved out. However, she has no plans on letting the locals know just how successful she was, wanting to be accepted for who she is rather than her bank balance. Will she settle back into this small community? What will she do next? How will the locals react to her? All will be revealed as the story develops, but you need to read it for yourself to discover!

This is a fabulous story, showing how family and friends react to someone returning home. Kerra’s cousin is something of a nightmare . . . . her Dad is fiercely independent and offers to help Kerra financially if she’s struggling . . . . there’s also Drew, her neighbour, who is an architect with plans . . . . a school best friend who is need of help . . . . and the boy who was her schoolgirl crush is now an attractive man. With dogs, an independent cat, mysterious strangers and a variety of romances, this is a gorgeous story, delightful to escape into and a fabulous read. There are plenty of surprises as the story progresses and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

Many thanks to Aria and NetGalley for my copy of this book which I have voluntarily read and honestly reviewed.
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Linn B Halton is back with a dreamy new Cornish set romance that is simply perfect for losing yourself in: Coming Home to Penvannen Cove.

When Kerra had left her life at Penvannen Cove behind for London, she thought that she had been bidding Cornwall farewell for good. She had been determined to unshackle herself from the memories of the past and forge a new path for herself in the big city. But when her mother dies, Kerra realises that she needs to return to Cornwall. The time has come to face her past and vanquish old ghosts and with her father needing her more than ever, perhaps now is the right time to make that journey back home – especially as she also needs her dad at the moment. But what will life be like in Penvannen Cove? Will she be welcomed with open arms? Or will she be treated with suspicion by old faces with long memories who still remember her leaving for London?

Life in Penvannen Cove clearly never changes as Kerra soon finds herself taking centre stage in the rumour stakes with everybody gossiping about her, but she refuses to pay them any heed. She has a home renovation to occupy her mind and hasn’t got time to listen to silly gossip. With her father to look after as well, Kerra certainly has her hands full so romance is the last thing on her mind – especially with a boy from her past who still makes her heart skip a beat, Ross. But Kerra wants to leave the past firmly in the past and she knows that a future with Ross is completely and utterly out of the question – even if she cannot seem to stop herself from constantly thinking about him!

With fate pushing them together at every opportunity, will it be second time lucky for Kerra and Ross? Or is there too much water under the bridge for the two of them to ever have a future together?

Linn B Halton is on sparkling form with Coming Home to Penvannen Cove. Warm-hearted, emotional, witty and captivating, this Cornish-set romance is a tale of renewal, healing and starting afresh full of characters that leap off the pages and straight into your heart, beautiful descriptions of Cornwall that really bring this beautiful part of the world alive on the page and plenty of drama, humour and pathos to keep readers engrossed from beginning to end.

Like a catch-up with your best friend, Coming Home to Penvannen Cove is a wonderfully uplifting and inspirational read that will touch your heart and keep you entertained and engrossed throughout.

A fun read by a very talented writer, Coming Home to Penvannen Cove is another winner by Linn B Halton!
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Coming Home to Penvennan Cove is a lovely novel about friendship, and love. Kerra has been through a tough time losing her mother so decides to sell up her business and leave her busy London life and go home. Return back to Cornwall to her dad.

Like most small towns, everyone knows everyone’s business and gossip is rife. This is something Kerra has to get used to. Kerra moves into a quaint cottage inherited from her grandma and just opposite her dad. Her next-door neighbour Drew wants to renovate his cottage and gets Kerra on board to do hers at the same time. When builder Ross comes on the scene, sparks begin to fly between the two. This isn’t for a little while into the story though.

I love the way this book builds the characters. Kerra reconnects with her old childhood friend and builds new relationships. There is a huge sense of community spirit in the cove. I live in a village with a community just like this. Everyone is always ready to give a hand!

The author tells us this story from Kerra’s point of view, so it took me a little while to get into as I don’t read a huge amount of stories in the first person. But you do get into how she’s feeling and know what she thinks! It flows along nicely as a story and one to read on a wet Cornish afternoon!
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An author I haven’t had the pleasure of reading before so I was very keen to read this.

Following the death of her mother, Kerra returns to her hometown of Penvennan from the hustle and bustle of London.

Neighbour, Drew, wants to develop his cottage so they decide to save money and do them both matching. A former crush comes back into her life to help with the renovations, but is her crush completely behind her?

A charming read, that builds slowly. It is full of friendship and the relationships, a stunning location full of charm and charming characters that you get to know. Kerra is used to being anonymous in the city so life back in this community is a bit of a contrast, especially with the gossip and past comes round.

I really enjoyed this read, its heart warming and a feel-good read for a bit of escapism. I’ll definitely read more by this author in future.
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Favorite Quotes:

You never get over the first one, do you? All those fantasy ‘what if?’ daydreams, although in my case it was more if only… I was way too shy, in those days, to let my feelings be known. 

That’s another thing about village life. There are circles. And some you don’t want to join. Others, well, you need an invite. Me, I’m going to create my own little circle because I’ve suddenly remembered one of the reasons why I left in the first place. Square peg, round hole.

It’s funny how life can begin to feel more like a treadmill than a path, and we don’t even notice it happening.

Love is the thing that grows over time, lust is the thing that tempts you to hang around long enough to find out if it has a chance of going anywhere.’

I want a cat’s life, I decide. Sleep, eat, have people fawn over you, put the world to rights in cat talk and pretend you can’t understand when anyone talks back. Sounds like heaven to me.

My Review:

This was an enjoyable, gentle, and slowly evolving character-driven story with real-life issues and concerns.  I took pleasure in the author’s relaxed pace, easy to follow, and tender and warm style. The story was written in the first person POV of Kerra, a successful and intelligent young businesswoman who had more than achieved her business dreams at age twenty-nine and felt at loose ends, exhausted, and disengaged.  Returning to her small village in Cornwall to assist her recently widowed father became Kerra’s new agenda.  

As the story unfolded, I noticed all the characters primary and secondary appeared to be experiencing upheaval and significant transitions.  I enjoyed Kerra’s inner narratives, personal epiphanies, and insightful observations of her neighbors, adopted cat, friends, family, and small village life.  The storylines flowed at a leisurely pace and were filled with a large cast of knowable and engaging characters to care for and about.
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The main character in this novel is easy to like and relatable. You get to find out quite a bit about Kerra as the story enfolds and you can see that the girl she was when she lived at Penvennan Cove moulded the woman she has become. She has a firm hold on what she now wants to do and what is important in life to her. She is quite determined not to let anyone into her life who cannot be trusted. She is also shown to be fiercely loyal to those she trusts and a great sense of looking out for her family and friends.

I found Ross to be much harder to get to know. He seems to be quite guarded and self contained but through his actions, you come to realise his good points. This is very much a 'starting again' novel with the message that it is never too late for a second chance. The setting is gorgeous and I must say Kerra's vision for her cottage sounds amazing. As the community comes together and more than one person gets a second chance to shine, the story blossoms like an endearing, feelgood friend.

In short: It's never too late...
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