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The Spiritual Poems of Rumi

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I found a lot of these Rumi poems beautiful and striking! And the design of each of the pages with light graphic embellishments added much to the text. Overally, I really enjoyed this title. The major flaw in this collection was that it got repetitive in its ideas, being that it was narrowly focused on Rumi's spiritual poetry. Another small complaint before press-time: some of the books were not formatted correctly for e-reader and flipped in incorrect directions. This is the first Rumi collection I have ever finished, and that alone makes the book an achievement for the casual fan.
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The Spiritual Poems of Rumi was a wonderful collection of poetry. I enjoy poetry, but I find a connect with older, classical poems. Rumi proves that yet again. 

His poems are so insightful, beautiful, and interesting. 

The illustrations that accompany the poems are colourful, geometric, and so pleasant to stare at and admire. 

I also appreciated the short bio about Rumi at the beginning. 

I would easily read more of his poetry, and I know Quarto Publishing has a few collections of his work. I cannot wait to read all of them. I will have to add these to my poetry collection. 

I received an eARC from Quarto Publishing and Wellfleet Press through NetGalley. All opinions are 100% my own.
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A book full of powerful messages, capable of making you see things from another point of view and better understand what it's about to be connected with your spirituality, your inner being, and with the universe. Silence was a key theme in many poems, each exploring different facets of it. I just wish the layout had been better, because the design is beautiful like the rest of this trilogy, but there were poems that could have easily fit on the same page, or that could have shared space.
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Seriously in love with everything Rumi writes. They can do absolutely no wrong. Beautiful insightful page turning. Highly recommend. I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.
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Not knowing anyone who doesn't love Rumi, there was no thinking twice when I saw this title. We could all use reminders now and again that life doesn't have to be so rough and if it is, there are ways to look at it so that it doesn't seem so overwhelming. 
I take Rumi wisdom to heart and couldn't put this one down! 
Thank you for the ARC
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I really really wanted to read this and the other book by Rumi titled love poems but both books would not open . I got approved to read both of them but the only option to download was protected pdf . Well without a password I can not read it because it is protected so I was very disappointed and was unable to find help on who to contact about this .. sorry , I know both books would of been great
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A friend of mine introduced me to Rumi after I was already out of college, and I was stumped then (as I am now) as to why I had never read any of his poems in school. This collection of poems (some previously unpublished) is a wonderful translation. There are so many great poems in this, and I really enjoyed how they were organized. so that they almost felt grouped by a theme. The most amazing part of Rumi's poems is that despite being written in the 1200s, they feel incredibly timely and current. If you just handed someone these poems without telling them who they were by, I think people would be shocked that they were written centuries ago! This collection is also a quick and easy read so it might feel more accessible to folks who aren't huge poetry fans. This book was a great reminder for me to recommend Rumi's works to other people, so that they're not kept in the dark about this amazing poet like I was!
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This is a beautifully translated collection of Rumi's' Spiritual poetry.  The words of Rumi are deeply moving and spiritual and touch deep in the heart and soul.  The poems are well spaced with lovely colourful patterned pages allowing you to mull and take your time over each page.  The perfect book to dip into and meditate on.  And definitely a book to return to time after time.
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The Spiritual Poems of Rumi contains soul-centred poems to enlighten and enchant readers, helping to forge a closer relationship to spirit. 

Unfortunately, I did not resonate with any poems in this collection. I preferred the love poems collection more because they really spoke to my heart.
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I've been a fan of Rumi for a while, and this collection of poems didn't disappoint. I will definitely be buying a hard copy for my shelf as well!
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What a beautiful collection of poetry by the incomparable Rumi. Thank you Quarto Publishing-Wellfleet Press and NetGalley for a digital copy. It is obvious by the digital edition that the print version will be absolutely gorgeous! This collection, translated by Nader Khalili, centers around spirituality, but contains many poems that would apply to a variety of life issues. Reading these poems provided me a much needed sense of peace with everything going on in the world.  

I'd recommend this to those looking for an uplifting book of poetry that can be read in one sitting or through bits and pieces here and there. It would also be a wonderful gift to brighten someone's day. As with most poetry collections, every single poem might not resonate with everyone but this collection contained many that I know personally I will return to again and again.
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'The Spiritual Poems of Rumi' is a collection of poems composed by the Persian mystic poet and Sufi master Rumi, gathered from the translations by Nader Khalili, a famous Iranian-American author, architect, teacher and most importantly, an ardent follower of Rumi.

The book is divided into three parts; Pearls from the Deep, Fountains of Fire and Dancing the Flame; and is a quest towards understanding one's own inner self. The poems are highly spiritual, but at some points, I felt as if Khalili has done a word to word translation ignoring the inner meaning. Still, the poems are exceptionally motivational and are excellent pieces of self- help.
Not only the cover page, but all the pages in the book are beautified with charming patterns in vibrant colours and the book as a whole is a sight to behold.
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This is my first solid exposure to Rumi. Some of the poems I found so beautiful while others were very loose in their abstraction. I'd definitely want to have a copy in the future, but this read wasn't so overwhelmingly emotional for me.
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There is not much to review about Rumi's poetry, its endurance against time and impact it has had miles away where his poems were written are proof. So I want to focus on the translation instead.

Unlike some looser translation, this one feels faithful to Rumi's language save for a few choices I thought to be modernizations and the reader can find the culture, religion and philosophy that belonged to Rumi as much as Rumi belonged to them. 

And I consider this a big plus for translated works, especially one belonging to Rumi, a poet whose poetry have been commodified to appeal to American senses before.

So it is a translation I can reread and recommend to friends.
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The first thing which grabbed my attention towards this book was the poet itself. I am a big fan of Rumi. I loved aesthetic cover as well as the beautiful illustrations throughout the pages of the book. The illustrations resembles the pattern of Mughal art, which kind of does justice for the poet. The illustrations reflect the feelings in the poems of Rumi. I found the poetries delightful as well as spiritual. Each poem is beautiful and totally mesmerizes the mind of the readers. Rumi is one of the best poets I have ever read. He has a completely unique and amazing way with his words. The translator has done amazing job of capturing the poet's sentiment in in this book.
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What can I say about Rumi that has not already been said? Beautiful. Simple. Lyrical. Spiritual. Iconic. I loved reading through these verses. His lines are shining gems, and I think everyone should own at least one copy of his work.
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Spiritual Poems of Rumi - Translated by Nader Khalil

The birds are free from the cage
Cage is empty from the birds
Where have you flown from
To be so happy
I can smell eternity
In your songs.

 Let me confess, this is my first foray into reading poetry of Rumi, the acclaimed 13th century poet and sufi mystic. And before delving into anything else, let me tell you, this is a beautifully illustrated book, I would have loved to leaf through a hard bound copy of this.

This collection contains the non literal translations of Rumi, done by Nadir Khalil. There are 3 parts,  Pearls from deep, Fountains of fire and Dancing the flames. The first part contains unpublished excerpts while second and third part contains poems previously published in books of same name 

I have always wondered how difficult it would be to translate Poetry. Reading through the poems in this collection makes me regret the fact that I will never read them in original Persian, a language long renowned as  poetic and musical.

Wikipedia tells me Nader Khalil is a renowned American Iranian Architect whose cites Rumi as an inspiration for his architectural endeavors. I cannot comment about the quality of translation, but I found the poems in the collection a bit uneven. Poems in second and third parts are pretty good while I thought those in the first part wasa drag. Still, this is a book I would like to have on my bookshelf and leaf through every once in a while, when the mood strikes. 

And did I tell you, the illustration is awesome.
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I cannot recommend this book enough! 

I have read Rumi here and there, mostly on the internet, this is his first poem book that reaches me.
If this book seems appealing, have in mind that these are spiritual poems, most of them have a strong connection to and there are many, many mentions of  God (the Source, the Divine, however you would like to call it). 

There is so much beauty in these simple and so meaningful verses. It's a charming translation, easily to be understood by anyone, with simple concepts, beautiful metaphors and yet timeless, perfect for our times. There is no sense of an old, traditional language, it flows beautifully modern. 

This is a perfect book to keep close on your nightstand, inside your backpack and to offer it as a gift, it is very inspiring for struggling times but also for one's deepest questions and even in times of creative hiatus (this last one  I can attest :)

I am grateful to have received a free copy of this in exchange for my honest opinion. It was a wonderful chance to discover Nader Khalili who turned Rumi's teachings into (arhitectural!) form and his life's philosophy. Talk about inspiration!
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Beautiful poems with deep spiritual meeting. Great for every age. Beleivier or not believer. Lessons of life and living given here. 
The only thing I would comment on negatively is the fact that this book is not available in kindle format.
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As always, I find Rumi’s words enlightening, inspiring and uplifting. This is one beautiful gathering of beautiful words.
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