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this was a fascinating read, the plot was fun and I enjoyed getting to know this world. I hadn't read the first four books but I still really enjoyed reading this book.
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Sadly my phone which I was using to read this book screen had broken and so sadly I couldn't finish the book because it was past the archive date and I couldn't download it onto a different device. I only got a chapter or so read but the storyline was hooking, I really wished I could of finished this book.
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On this blog, I've definitely already established myself as a fan of this series. 

Thanks to a series like the Supernatural Consultant, I've found myself trying some books outside of my usual genres. Eight's books just work so well for me. There is magic, there are dragons, but the heart of every one of these stories is the characters and their relationships. Whether it's Mercury and Dane, and now another couple, as romantic mates, or the kits as a group, or Mercury and Dane as the kits' dads, these books are full of love, which makes them full of joy. 

I need books like these, that make me feel happy, that are full of humor, and where the good guys (and good dragons) save the day and stay together.
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A great continuation of Nickel and Platinum’s story which began in Dragon Detective. I love seeing Dane and Mercury's kits growing up, I really enjoy these characters and I hope that there will be many more visits to the fascinating world of the Supernatural Consultant series.

*I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book provided by NetGalley*
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Dane and Mercury’s little family isn’t so little any more. They’ve not only gained a few more members in the years that they’ve been together, their kits are growing up. Even the oldest of the kits need some guidance and boundaries though and as responsible as Nickel is, he still has a few lessons to learn.

Since this is a continuation of Nickel and Platinum’s story, Dragon Soldier picks up where Dragon Detective left off, with Nickel recovering and Platinum keeping watch over him. Nickel’s not the only one who has some recovering to do though. Although Platinum is no free, he is still feeling the effects of his captivity. With the help of Dane, Mercury and a few good family friends, both kits are steadily getting stronger. Nickel’s an impatient patient though and he’s anxious to get back to the battle he had to abandon. He’s also working on gaining the trust he’s feared he’s lost from Dane and Mercury.

This was another great installment in the Supernatural Consultant series and I’m enjoying the new perspectives. The kits are just as fun as always and there was still plenty of action and a touch of sweet new romance. Everything that’s made me fall in love with this series.
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This is the fifth story in a series, and best enjoyed when read in series.

Dane, a demigod, and his husband Mercury, a precious dragon shifter, have been diligently assisting dragons in need for the past ten years, while also raising their clutch of mis-matched and genetically-modified (by evil human scientists!!) kits.

Nickel is an 18 year old Dragon, being raised by Dane and Mercury. As a kit, Nickel escaped a laboratory where he was being cruelly tortured by human scientists trying to steal his water magic. When rescued by Mercury, and later Dane, Nickel wanted revenge, and they allowed him to wield his magic to take down his tormentors. Since that time, Nickel's grown up, done his schooling and is training to be a private investigator. HE has helped Dane in his supernatural consulting business for years, while also tracking down the rogue pods of humans still experimenting on dragons. He recently helped save Platinum, the male air dragon who had been in captivity and testing for most of his 18 year old life. 

Platinum is the egg twin of Chrome, Nickel's adopted sister, but Platinum's air magic has been mutated by the scientists and his emotional state can induce changes in the local weather. Having been raised in captivity, Platinum is shy of being in the company of people, and some of Nickel's adopted siblings are a little too much for him. Platinum struggles with nightmares, but he's trying to build his skills in both magic and his education--learning to read and write for the first time. It is through the love of Dane and Mercury that Platinum finally has a home.     

In the rescue of Platinum, Nickel's magic was dangerously drained. He's having a hard time regaining his strength and this is really frustrating. He's taken years to build his magic up, and now he's barely able to walk to the bathroom. But, he and Platinum are sharing a room, and that makes it easy to lean on one another. Not that it takes Nickel long to realize that Platinum is his mate. 

The casual way they connect is sweet and tender. I loved how Dane helped both Platinum and Nickel with (sometimes) secret plans to take care of one another. Platinum's skills in magic are growing by the day, and Platinum delights in helping outfit their new office to accommodate Nickel better. Meanwhile, Nickel has big plans to make a life for him and Platinum--in a much quieter little cottage they can call home. Ultimately, they won't feel safe if they can't track down the last of the scientists who'd gotten away from Nickel. But they are both necessary to the investigation, giving Platinum the agency he's needed to help him cope with his trauma. And, there's a wholesome family vibe to this story where each of the dragons is essential to the security of dragons, at home and abroad. 

I've loved this series and would recommend it for people who are fans of light romances and heavy paranormal.
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