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A fast-paced story and a nice entry point for romantic suspense. I rarely read menage, so that was a welcome change for me. The author handles it well and creates wholly realized characters.
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This follows Jennifer, Sean and Maria - jewel thieves who are also in a loving, poly relationship. On one mission, things go a bit awry when Jennifer gets taken by the FBI for investigation, leaving Sean and Maria to get her back. I think this is one of the first books I've read with a poly romance and it's left me wanting to get my hands on more! This was really fast paced and action packed and I really enjoyed Sean and Maria having to adapt to new and unexpected situations to try and get Jennifer back. I also really like Jennifer's intelligence and strong personality. Overall, I think this is a really fun novella if you're looking for something fast paced and quick, but I do wish that it was slightly longer so we really got to know the characters a bit better and feel connected to them. Regardless, this was very enjoyable and I'll definitely be looking out for more from C.C. Bridges in the future!
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Going into Stealing Jennifer I thought this was going to be a full feature romance. It is actually a novella and I probably would have read it either way since the synopsis seemed interesting.

After I finished reading this story, I felt that enough detail was given about the 3 mains to give a glimpse of who each person is and what they brought to the table. I liked the premise of the story and the little surprises that was given throughout the read. Do i think this would have been better as a full length romance, not sure. Normally I tend to read FF romances even if they have mystery. This is a FFM mystery romance so I might not have enjoyed it as a full length. Anyway, I liked this one all the same since it didn't focus a ton on sex since a male character was part of the mains.

3.75 stars

This arc was provided by the publisher for an honest review.
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Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to review this book. 

Overall the story was pretty good. Held my interest for the most part. So that’s good. I felt like we could have learned more about the characters. Especially Jennifer. 

I know this is an ARC and there are editing issues with almost all ARCs but this one had a name mix up that still nags me. Was the rich woman they stole from Van Hilt or Van Pelt? Both names were used in a single paragraph.
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4.5 stars.

I loved this novella and wish it were a full-length book! I didn't realize it was so short, and thus was expecting more conflict. There were so many more avenues that could be explored, though I am satisfied with the ending. There was a potential romance hinted at that abruptly didn't go anywhere. The ending was very slick, but it had to be for a novella, and I didn't feel shortchanged at all.

As noted in other reviews, this isn't very smutty, but it was so sweet I didn't care. I loved this jewelry thieving triad and want to know more about them!
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Fantastic short thriller with a mix of romantic themes and crime drama moments as the reader follows the intense story of how the main characters rescue their girlfriend Jennifer from law enforcement.
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Stealing Jennifer was a fun, fast read. I'm always a sucker for a good heist novel, and while this wasn't quite what this was, it was close enough that I knew I had to check it out.

Stealing Jennifer follows Jennifer, Sean and Maria, a jewel thieving trio who love a good heist as much as they love each other. When a robbery goes wrong, Jennifer ends up getting arrested by the FBI, leaving her two lovers - who don't usually make the plans - to rescue her.

Considering this was a novella, I felt like all three of the main characters were pretty well developed for the amount of backstory and screen time each one of them had. I think Sean was probably my favorite out of the trio, just for his sense of humor and love of good Italian food lol. I did find the FBI agent, Matt Connor, a little... odd because of how he was written, but I'm assuming it's because Bridges is setting things up for either a sequel or spin-off of this.

While I would have preferred to have this as a full length novel, Stealing Jennifer is a fun, crime based romance novella. If there's a sequel or spin-off novella or full length novel, I'd definitely be willing to read it!
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Jennifer, Maria and Sean are the three main characters. They are jewel thieves that have been working together for five years with grace and flawless plans. They excel in their capers until a night that something goes wrong and Jennifer is picked up by the FBI. Sean and Maria develop new plan(s) to get Jennifer free again.

The other dimension of this book is the relationship with Jennifer, Maria and Sean. Sean and Jennifer were partnered only with each other until they met Maria who joined them in their heists and changed their dynamics drastically. The past is interwoven with the present, showing the love that developed between all three, leading them to a three-partner relationship, aka: throuple.

What I liked: This was a really quick read. The pace is great and stays steady all throughout. The number of characters is perfect for a book this length.  The story is well written and kept my interest all the way through. The caper and heists were fun to read and well thought out by the author. This is definitely light-hearted and easy fare which was perfect for a Friday night after a long work week. The characters were distinctive and the dialogue moved the story along nicely.

What I didn’t like: the jumping around in the timeline was frequent. It went from present day to some time ago. The present day was the constant and the looking back was the variable, I had a hard time keeping track of the chapters about the past because there was a lot of jumping from distant past to recent past and then back again. It would have helped me to had other indicators for passage of time rather than “Then” and “Now”.  It wasn’t so confusing that I didn’t enjoy it. It just tripped me up some and I found myself flipping back a couple of pages for clarity. 

Overall, it’s a fun and easy read.
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Thank you, NetGalley and the publisher for the chance to read this book!

Rating: 3.5 stars
Rep: FFM polyam relationship, bisexual MCs. 

As soon as I read the synopsis for this, I instantly hit the request button. A trio of lovers and jewel thieves? Sign me up! For the most part, I really enjoyed reading this. The writing style was fast-paced and gripping, the plot engaging. 

I also loved that this features an established relationship and I really liked the main charcaters together! I would've liked a little more on the romance side of things but the flashbacks helped with that (though hindered in other ways as this is super short as it is and the flashbacks were a little jarring). 

Overall, while I had a few issues, I ended up really enjoying this one! The concept is so cool and it worked really well. Highly recommend if you like heists, queer characters and action-packed novellas.
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I received a copy of this book from NetGalley and am providing an honest review.

I didn't realize this was a short story going into it or I probably would not have requested it. It felt more like the middle or end of a book. There just wasn't enough time for me to bond with the characters and Maria felt like the only one with any kind of depth.

Due to its length, many things were told to us instead of being shown through rich dialogue and complex scenes, including [a quickly wrapped rescue/escape from the FBI (hide spoiler)].

I think a longer book could have given us time to get to know Jennifer and why she was so cocky before getting arrested. We also would have gotten to know who they were as romantic partners better and why Sean and Maria were so invested in rescuing Jennifer. I think the flashbacks were meant to fill that gap, but they just weren't meaty enough for me.

I think this has potential -- if we were to get a full-length novel -- to be a good story.
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This is a solid romance/mild smut novella. I couldn't give it more than 3 stars purely for the lack of smut. There's one smut scene about 85% into the book that lasted a couple of pages, and I like much more smut than that in my adult romance novellas

Apart from that the characters were super interesting and quite layered for a novella, especially Jennifer. But I wanted more from them, their back stories and their relationship. I read this because of the mff relationship aspect but I was just left wanting more

If the author writes more novellas or a longer (more smut filled) novel featuring these characters I'd definitely check it out
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