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Prose (Story): A lushly-illustrated children's picture book, perfect for bedtime reading, about a young girl - Ellie - and the horse she loves, dotes on, and cares for - Norman - and what happens when, one evening, Norman becomes curious enough about where Ellie goes and what she does at night, he works his way out of his stall to find out.

Don's (Review): This is a very simple, no-frills, straightforward story, perfect to read little kids before bedtime, that should elicit conversations about what our pets do at night when we sleep. In this case, Norman the horse actually works his way into Ellie's house, and the shenanigans he gets up to once there should bring smiles to the faces of readers young and old, all while emphasizing the bond of a little girl and the horse she obviously and deeply cares for. Romi Caron's bold and vibrant illustrations are both comical and packed with color, and while for adults the story might be a little too basic/simplified, kids should eat up this sweet-natured, uplighting tale of pets and their young owners who love them. 3/5 stars

NOTE: I received a free ARC of this title from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.
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Night, Night Norman by Marie Dimitrova is the story of a horse and a girl, Norman, and Ellie. Every night Ellie visits Norman in his stall, feeds him oats and hay, brushes his mane, and gives a big juicy apple. She wishes Norman goodnight and goes away. Ellie comes again the next day. Norman wonders where Ellie goes away in the night. Norman decides to find out. He escapes from his barn and goes in search of Ellie. What an adventure Norman has!

This story was funny in a few places. The big horse gets stuck in narrow situations. This delightful story can be a good night book for toddler bookworms who like horses. The illustrations by Romi Caron also add depth to the story and make it a pleasure able read.
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Norman the horse is cared for by Ellie.  During the day he is fed, brushed and given treats.  However, at night Ellie goes into the house next door to the barn.  Norman wonders what Ellie does in the house.  One night he explores Ellie's house and finds some wonderful things, such as apple pie, couches and a piano.

Night, Night Norman in a fun bedtime story perfect for curious learners.  Norman's antics will have children laughing as well as wondering what their own pets or other animals are up to at night.  The whimsical, colorful illustrations add to the enchantment of the story.  Night, Night Norman is perfect to read aloud to children aged 2-5. 

This book was received for free in return for an honest review.
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The concept of a friendship between a horse and a child is very endearing and sweet but sadly this book, in my opinion, did not do justice to it. I didn't understand the message of the story and at the end I was left with more questions that I would have liked. I did appreciate how at the end there was instructions for how to draw Norman, the horse.
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I received a free copy of Night Night, Norman, from Greenleaf Book Group, in exchange for an honest review. When she was a child, author Marie Dimitrova always wondered what her beloved horse, Norman, did at night when she was asleep. She has written this adorable book, beautifully illustrated by Romi Caron.

Elle has a horse named Norman, and each night she hugs him goodnight. She, too, wonders what he does at night. Actually, Norman has some adventures while Elle is sleeping. Norman is quite the curious horse, and the story of those  little adventures will entertain your little one with funny bedtime reading.

This charming book will make a wonderful gift for small children. Get your copy in time for the coming holidays or a special birthday. It even includes a page on how to draw a horse. I think I will give it a try.

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Night night, Norman is a nice quick bedtime read for any young horse lover and kids alike. It has the silly aspect that young children enjoy. Definitely a story I will be picking up for my niece.
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Cute story about wondering where Ellie goes when she leaves the eyesight of Norman, the horse. The illustrations are cute and flow well with the words. The story is easily understood and liked by young kids. 
Thank you NetGalley for the opportunity to review this book for my honest review.
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I did not have the illustrations on my ARC so my review is based on what I actually was able to gleam from it. The wording was also difficult to read. White letters against a white background. However, all is not lost. Ellie loves her horse Norman. She takes care of him each night before she goes to sleep. Norman loves Ellie and wonders where she goes. Norman is off to find out. Somewhat like the 3 little bears, he creates a havoc to know be near his Ellie.

A special thank you to Greenleaf Book Group and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review
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I read this with my 5 year old daughter and we both enjoyed it. With her love for animals, my daughter was quick to turn the pages to experience Norman’s adventure as he busies himself trying to find Ellie. The book provides point of views from both Ellie and Norman. The book is cute and kept my daughter entertained.

Thank you to Netgalley and Greenleaf Book Group for the opportunity to read a copy.
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Oh man, this was such a sweet book! It's a simple picture book that is both lighthearted and uplifting that can inspire children's imaginations. At its essence, it's about a girl and her love for her horse and all the things she does to take care of him. But it's also about the love he has for her and about each one wondering what the other one does at night. The illustrations are very sweet and I love that this can end up with conversations between kids and their parents about what their pets do at night while they're asleep. Or wondering if their pets wonder what THEY are doing when they're asleep. This is the perfect book to read with your kids at bedtime and I am only sad that my kids are older now. But I know they would have enjoyed this book when they were young and I can think of other children in my life who would enjoy this book. I laughed at some of the scenes when Norman tries to find Ellie and it made me think of my neighbor's blue great Dane and watching him run around the house--thankfully they had a big house. I think this book would be a great addition to any bedtime routine, especially if the children are animal/horse lovers.

Special thanks to the author and publisher, and to NetGalley for this advance review copy in exchange for my honest review.
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The illustrations in this book are so pretty and incredibly sweet! I loved the relationship between Norman and Ellie. The story is perfect for early readers and if you've got a kid that loves horses, I fail to see how they wouldn't enjoy this funny tale of Norman the horse discovering where Ellie goes after she says goodnight!
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This was a very cute little story I'm sure every horse loving kid will enjoy.

Ellie takes care of Norman during the day and then hugs him good night, leaving Norman wondering where she goes. One evening he decides to find out and comes across all sorts of things while looking for her.

It's a light-hearted read meant to make the little ones laugh, which it definitely achieves. And I think the last page showing how to draw a horse step by step is a very nice addition.

A big thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for a digital review copy in exchange of an honest and voluntary review.
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This is a sweet and engaging story with absolutely charming and, at times, amusing illustrations. Young horse lovers will truly enjoy it as will the adult who reads the story to them.

What happens to Norman after Ellie says good night to him? How will he spend his time until the morning? Young children will delight in finding out as they share in his adventures.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title. All opinions are my own.
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Norman lives in the barn and his friend Ellie takes care of him. Every night, Ellie brushes his mane, gives him an apple, and wishes him goodnight. One night, Norman wonders where Ellie goes after she leaves the barn. He decides to explore and try to find Ellie. 

He comes across a house and thinks Ellie might be inside. He squeezes in and starts to explore. Norman gets into all kinds of trouble eating a pie, messing up the couch, and playing with the piano. As fun as the night is, he doesn’t find Ellie. Ellie awakes the next morning to a disheveled home and wonders what could have happened. Could it have been Norman? No way!!

This was a really cute children’s book. The illustrations were beautiful and engaging. I think this book will provide a lot of fun conversations with kids about what our pets do when we go to sleep and what kind of trouble they might get into. I also really liked how there was an activity at the end of the book that helps teach kids how to draw a horse.  

I definitely recommend this book. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Greenleaf Book Group for a copy of this wonderful book.
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'Night,Night Norman' is an adorable story about the friendship between Norman, the horse, and his owner Ellie. Every night Ellie comes and says goodnight to norman. One day Norman starts to wonder where Ellie goes once she leaves the stable. He's determined to find out and goes on a nighttime adventure. I thought this story was so cute, and I enjoyed Norman's antics during his adventure. This a laugh out loud story for children and adults.
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I received an advance reader copy of this book to read in exchange for an honest review via netgalley and the publishers.

Night night, normal is a delightful children's book about a little girl and her horse Norman. Every night Ellie has the same routine with Norman where she settles him in his stall for the night. But one night, Norman becomes curious about where Ellie goes and decides to follow her. 
Norman discovers many new things on his night adventure that he's curious about. 

This book is a great bedtime read for children and my little one really enjoyed it.
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A very cute story about a girl named Ellie and her horse, Norman.  Ellie has a nightly routine with Norman.  It is the same routine every night.  Until one night Norman, curious of what Ellie does when she leaves the barn, decides to follow her.  Norman is thrilled to discover a whole new world outside of his barn.

With cute illustrations and a story to match, Night Night, Norman is sure to tickle a child's fancy.  However, I might add that the ending is open ended.  But, that ending can always lead to discussions on different outcomes so that a new story evolves with each reading.

Four stars.  I really liked it.  I received a digital ARC from Greenleaf Book Group through NetGalley.  The review herein is completely my own and contains my honest thoughts and opinions.
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I love this story but the ending was a little abrupt. And I am not sure why there is a tutorial at the back on how to draw a horse? But other than that its a lovely little bedtime store for a toddler or so.

Thank you to Netgalley for this digital ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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This is a story about daring to explore and try new things. A dear horse named Norman wishes to go and find out where does his friend Ella go at night after wishing him good night. 

A story of discovery and love . 

Such a delightful read.
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Sad to say I didn't get to see the pictures in this picture story book. 

It wasn't visible or just blank I would say there in the ARC soft copy.

Otherwise the lines are few out of which from what I could take was that Norman, the horse, is well loved by a little girl called Ellie. 

However, he keeps worrying when he doesn't see her. Well, I could say it ends well with a chaotic house. I wish I could see it. 

Thanks NetGalley for the ARC.
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