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So I read this as a standalone and haven't read the 3 previous books which I didn't feel like I missed anything, that being said I will be going back and reading the previous books as I loved this one and the side characters are a big part and would love to read their stories. 

This is Shot & Presley's story and is told in duel POV (which is my favourite way)

Shot & Presley are complete opposites in more ways than one... she was the medical examiner before she left (thanks to her stalker best friend) and he is the president of the mc. 
shot becomes very protective of Presley even when she doesn't want any help then they work together to draw out her ex best friend/stalker.  
The stalker aspect kept me intrigued and made it really hard to put down also the chemistry between shot and presley you could feel off the page and they both grew as characters which is always great

overall I really enjoyed this book and will be reading more from this author
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I've not read anything from Jay Crown over but it's definitely not going to be the last. This was such a fab read. It had everything I was looking for. 

Presley and Palmer 'Shot' were just the BEST.EVER!!! I loved them both and the storyline was brilliant xx
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This was  a good read. Love the characters. Love the theme of the book, and the writing is soo good. 
This was a 3.5 stars for me.
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In Blacklisted we return to Loveless, Texas for the final book in the series, and it definitely goes out with a bang.

Dr Presley Baskin used to have a normal, boring life. Then her mother dies, she discovers a new family in the Lawton siblings and her best friend is out to destroy her life. And into the midst of this all this upheaval walks Shot Caldwell, the President of the local motorcycle gang, who brings with him an entirely new sort of chaos.

I honestly love Crownover’s heroes. They are such protective, strong men who turn into absolute putty around their heroines. Out of all them though Shot is by far my favourite. From the moment he arrived he stole the show and I’ve been wondering since he was first introduced if he were going to get his book–and I am so glad we did!

It’s honestly quite hard to classify this book in terms of tropes. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a cowboy romance, even though it is set in Texas and there are definitely Stetsons and cowboy boots present. I also wouldn’t call it an MC, because although there are some outlaw-ish things going on, they never take over even though Shot is the president of a motorcycle gang. I actually wished there’d been more because I was so interested in the Sons of Sorrow and wanted to know more about them.

I loved the way that Crownover made these two fit. They are total opposites, just like the previous couples before them and at the beginning I had no idea how their romance was going to work. But somehow they do and they’re absolutely perfect together. Their love story is steamy, and the sex is hot, yet at the same time Shot is a perfect gentleman towards Presley, especially in her more vulnerable times. It made me appreciate him all the more as a hero.

There is a lot of intense action in this book, more than in the others I would say. There is someone lurking on the edges out to destroy Presley’s life and you can feel that menace and suspense throughout. It’s a lot to take in but I felt Crownover balanced the action and the romance quite nicely.

If you’re a fan of romantic suspense, or have the previous books in the series I highly urge you to read this one. And if you’ve not visited Loveless yet what are you waiting for? You’re in for a hell of a ride with the Lawton siblings!
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Why is it that every book I read by Jay Crownover is better than the last one?  I have no clue as to the answer, but it’s a fact.  They get impossibly better.  Palmer ‘Shot’ Caldwell lives by his own rules, but Dr Presley Baskin is about to enter his world and turn it upside down, not on purpose I might add.  It’s all about being in the wrong place at the right time.  I’ve been impatiently waiting for Shot and Presley’s story.  Miss goody two shoes and the bad biker.  Opposites definitely attract in this action romance which sees the new Lawton sibling getting more than her fair share of bad luck.  Awesome chemistry, brilliant story, and of course, perfect writing.  What an explosive end to this truly wonderful series.  I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley.  This is my honest review.
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The last in the Loveless, Texas series (or so I assume... unless we get a Sons of Sorrow book) this is the story of Shot and Presley... who were introduced in the last book.

While he is in an MC, as the author mentioned at the end of the book, it is not the main theme... that is more opposites and how that one person can be your home

It was a fitting end to an interesting series, packed with a variety of characters
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This is the third book in the Loveless series by Jay Crownover. If you haven’t read any of the others , you can read this as a standalone because the author does let the reader know what has happened previously and all the characters are introduced in a way that you won’t feel you have missed out on too much. However, I think you will get so caught up in the family dynamics that you will want to go and read everyones’s back stories and learn how the couples all came to be.

I felt Blacklisted was quite a combination of romantic genres and tropes to keep any reader happy.  It starts as an opposite attracts romantic story with family drama, protective alphas and a motorcycle club thrown into the mix.Then the suspense element arrives with the tension gradually building to a climatic ending. It is also a thriller because although the danger was established in the previous books, the twists and shocks the author gives us in this story are so clever and all is explained by the end.  

I found the author’s description of the book really sums it up - the core of this book is about two people who are on the outside of life, families, society ... each really finding their niche and place where they thrive , and finding the person who completes them without forcing them to change.  

Set in a small town which just happens to have the clubhouse of an MC on its outskirts. We have the Lawton family from the previous books still coming to terms with having Presley as their new step sister. She is a medical examiner with quite a past which she ends up bringing with her to Loveless . She is smart, not good with people or social interactions. Kody is accepting her better than the brothers Case and Crew, which is why she calls Presley for help at her bar one night. 
We first meet Shot when he literally has been shot! Presley attends to him and finds out he is the president of the Sons of Sorrow MC. In normal circumstances they’d never meet but the love story starts as she saves his life.  
“ When you save a life, you’re responsible for that life until the favour is returned.”
It is a lovely slow burn because neither had a normal relationship before so they are both learning the basics. They do appreciate their differences and somehow find a balance even though both resistant at first to romance and a relationship. There’s a simmering chemistry and magnetic pull between the two which over time becomes impossible for either of them to ignore.
‘When I’m around you , I can’t decide if I’m the safest I’ve ever been , or in more danger than ever.”

Presley changes with Shot’s help and becomes bolder and more confident in something other than her work. The level of respect they have for each other is poignant and powerful. He works hard at getting her to rely on him and accept her new family. He truly gives her some insightful advice during the book which you wouldn’t expect for a badass biker. 
“We were made to stand out. I was a pro at being blacklisted by polite society”
Shot devious and clever - he has to be to stay out of jail , keep alive and protect his club. He broke free of his dad ‘Torch’ , set up his own chapter and tried to be a better man. It is no surprise then that Case Lawton likes to remind Shot that there is a man behind the motorcycle club president and Presley sees it to. 
“I’m surprised at how kind you can be , Shot. When you’re kind, you’re even scarier than when you’re being all fierce and biker-like.”

While you enjoy reading about these two struggling with their feelings so much more is happening. Presley has a stalker who needs stopping, the rest of the Lawton family are coping with all sorts of problems and the Sons Of Sorrow are dealing with everything associated with their business. There is so much going on you won’t want to put the book down. 
If you haven’t already met Kody then you will enjoy this feisty young lady. I was intrigued by Top the VP of the club and feel there is more we could learn about him. 
The ending is traumatic and emotional and at one point I really didn’t know which way the author would take it. I liked how Presley deals with the betrayal and upset but the hero of the story is Shot. If you are a fan of this author then this book won’t disappoint. If you haven’t read her for a while then I totally recommend Blacklisted and the residents of Loveless.
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Presley has been through a lot lately, her mother died, she found out she has 3 half siblings, her once best friend Ashby has gone of the deep end and has tried to frame Presley to stop her getting a promotion. Along with that Presley suspects that her mothers death could have something to do with Ashby. 

Shot is the president of the local MC who Presley takes care of after he gets shot because of her helping keep him alive the MC owe her a debt. Shot keeps an eye out for her and realises unlike her half siblings that she is more than capable of keeping herself safe. Though that doesn't stop him being intrigued by the good doctor.
Sparks begin to fly but will they fully ignite?

I hadn't read the other book in the series but I don't think it stopped me understanding what has happened. Though I will be reading the other 3 books about the Lawtons to see how other events played out in full. 
This book was the perfect mix of romance, family, MC, suspense and mystery.
The characters are well developed and I liked the fact that you could slowly see Presley letting her walls done for her new family and Shot.

4.5 stars

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher/author for a copy to review.
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So many times I declared myself a huge fun of Jay's love stories and I like to shout-out loud when an author is so fabulous. She is never disappointing her readers and she is coming up with all this characters I get to love straight away. None of her characters are perfect, they're all perfectly imperfect and is so hard do not emphasize with each of them. 

Blacklisted is another love story where Jay Crownover is laying out her great writing talent: to create chemistry between two completely different people, to show how well the opposites attract, how unique and special is each person's life journey.     

Shot is an ex military, currently MC president and Presley is a medical examiner. I met both of them in previous books of this series and couldn't wait to get to know them better because something clicked when they first interacted. 

So, Shot is not a good guy, his club operates outside the law but he is not involved in hard stuff like drugs or prostitution. Underneath all the tough and dangerous facade there is a vulnerable side showed only to the right people. 

Presley's life was quiet and predictable till everything turn up side down and she discovered the people she trusted most weren't honest or well-disposed. In previous books of the series she discovered she had a family she did not know about. It was emotional to read how the Lawton brothers accepted her and welcome her to the family; I enjoyed so much reading about the bond they created around them. 

Shot and Presley are an interesting couple with different personalities and different lifestyle but there are two things they have in common: chemistry and attraction for each other. 

Overall, Blacklisted is a well balanced instant love story with suspense, bikers, real friendship, family bonds and a HEA 

Thank you NetGalley for the advanced copy of this book!
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