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The Ends of the Earth

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Heartwarming and very sad at times. But I found it a rather long drawn out plot, and a disappointing ending. Thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for allowing me to read this book.
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Unfortunately never managed to read before the time was up because of family circumstances. 
The cover and synopsis did look interesting. It’s a shame I didn’t get enough time
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Mary has been waiting for Jim at the train station. For 7 years. He was the love of her life but disappeared from her life. But still she waits, every night with her sign, "Come Home Jim". Commuters barely notice her. But then one night a call from the blue pushes Mary to the edge. It's time for her to find out what really happened and where Jim is now.

Touching and poignant, but this isn't a love story. It's a story about love, acceptance and letting go. Not just for Mary but also the great cast of characters that surround and help her. It's also very timely in it's approach to male depression, something that staggeringly still seems to be taboo. This isn't fast paced at all. If you can't invest in a story that takes its time to be told this isn't for you. But if you love good characters and a story that unfurls beautifully but in its own sweet time give this a try. You won't regret it.
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Mary stands at the station bearing a placard asking Jim to come home. A vigil she has kept for seven years. She volunteers at an organisation called 'nightline' which provides a listening ear to those who need it. When a video or Mary at the station goes viral, it attracts the attention of a young journalist, Alice, who makes it her mission to help Mary find her Jim.

I liked the premise and although it didn't give me the excitement of needing to read one more chapter, I needed to stick with it to find out if Jim was found. Alternating the chapters between the past and present worked well and allowed the reader to see what had let to Jim disappearing. 

This was a nice easy read. Thanks indeed to Netgalley and the publisher for the ARC.
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This book had me hooked from the very first page. 

A heartbreaking story of love and acceptance, but one that turns the idea of searching for a long lost love on its head. You can feel Mary's emotions leaping off the page and it's impossible not to feel connected with her story.
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A slow burner of a book. I enjoyed it but it didn't really excite me or keep me fully engaged. A sweet story.
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First in a new series
A good enjoyable read
Loveable characters
A book to get lost in 
Thanks NetGalley
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The set up of this book ticks so many of my boxes - a love story, yes, but wrapped in a mystery. Abbie is an genius at laying bare her characters’ interior, emotional selves while also keeping us reading via a cracking plot.
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I enjoyed this book. I found the characters believable and the book bought out lots of emotions. Thank you to Netgalley and the author and publishers for the privilege of reading this book for my honest opinion
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I found it quite hard to get into at first. I think this is a book you have to be in the right frame of mind to read as it discusses depression quite alot but in general its good. Very emotional at the end so have tissues ready.
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I would like to extend my gratitude to NetGalley for giving me this advanced readers’ copy in exchange for an honest and frank review.

This book was an easy read. It was a happy story following Abbie in her quest for love. It was funny in places too. I can’t really have much to say about it as it was just ok.
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A sweet story but I couldn't get on with the main character so this wasn't for me but I'm not surprised so many people have enjoyed it!
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I was given a copy of The Ends of the Earth by Abbie Greaves by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Mary visits Ealing Station at the same time everyday hoping a sign up for her partner Jim who disappeared 7 years ago. When a video goes viral of her, Alice, a reporter, picks up the story. I really enjoyed the book, with a difficult subject of men's depression. A very well written book.
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Really nice relaxing read, great for the summer holidays. 

Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for letting me access an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest feedback.
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This isn’t just a love story albeit beautifully told but a foray into men’s mental health, again sympathetically portrayed.  I liked the different time lines with the mix of 13 years previously when Mary met Jim and the current situation of how she is living without him for the past seven years.  The other characters in the book, Ted, Alice and Kit creep up on you and find a way into your heart.  This book was an easy read with a well balanced pace.
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All in ome, both heartbreaking and heartwarming this is a beautiful story of love, friendships, compassion and relationships. A portrayal of life lived with severe depression, the interaction of others and yourself and what some need to do in order to protect others while at the same time looking at those left behind and their love and inability to accept some situations. 

Mary O’Connor has been keeping a vigil for her first love for the past seven years.

Every evening without fail, Mary arrives at Ealing Broadway station and sets herself up among the commuters. In her hands, Mary holds a sign which bears the words: ‘Come Home Jim.’

A search for the truth of 'missing person' Jim, where is he and what happened to I'm? Mary meets some new friends who join her quest but the end is not all that it seems, though wasn't what I had expected either.

This is really well written, it has great, strong characters who are relatable and who I felt I knew well. I really enjoyed the whole book, which also has a great ending.
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I love the premise of this story- who was Jim? Why did he disappear? Will he come back to Mary?
The start of the book really hooked me in, I liked Mary straight away and could visualise her life so vividly and felt her pain of longing for Jim.
The timeline of the start of their relationship was necessary, but I soon got frustrated and wanted to read about Mary's current predicament more. The addition of Alice the journalist was a great medium to tell their story and I wished there was more of her to keep me interested.
The ending will definitely divide readers, and while I feel it needs to be discussed, I am undecided whether I think it was the correct one. Don't want to say any more in case of spoilers!
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Quite a slow start, pace improved as novel progressed.
Enjoyed it in a gentle way, still not convinced that Mary would stand outside a station holding notice for seven years..
Mary has had a tough life helping to support her family and with a failed relationship in her past. She is swept off her feet by Jim, a successful surgeon and they set up home together in London, blissfully in love. Jim is supportive of Mary in her career but she is never fully acccepted by his friends and family. When Jim starts to be secretive they have a confrontation after which Jim disappears. Mary struggles through a difficult situation and becomes a volunteer with nightline.
What really happened to jim? Her new friend Alice is determined to find out.
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This book was not what I was expecting, it was a tough read at times, with themes of loss and mental health issues. It was very slow, and I struggled to get into it. 
This may have been more to do with my own mood at the time of reading, having struggled with endless lockdowns.  Not a good choice for me, I’m sorry to say.
My thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for my advance copy of this title.
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An absorbing and very moving tale of love, loss and relationships. This is an emotional page turner which I couldn't put down as I was so vested in the main characters. It keeps you guessing until the very end about what's going to happen.
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