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The Ends of the Earth is a poignant love story.
Jim disappears one day and his girlfriend - Mary waits every night at the train station with a cardboard sign saying 'Come home Jim.'
One night Mary becomes an internet sensation and this starts the ball rolling - comehomeJim begins to trend and it catches the eye of Alice who is fighting for her journalism job. 
The story begins to unravel and side by side we hear of how Alice's father left home and never to returned and the impact this has had on Alice.
Abbie Greaves' characters are believable and her writing flows well.
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Mary sits at Ealing Station everyday, for seven years. She holds a sign: "Come home Jim". Where is he and why he left?

Well written novel about love, sadness, depression, friendship and journey to find self.

Delicate and beautiful.
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A woman stands outside Ealing Station bearing a sign which says, 'Come home, Jim'. She has been doing it every evening for seven years. When she breaks down one evening and shouts at the crowd of commuters to give her some space to breathe, it is captured on a phone and goes viral. A young woman, Alice befriends her and vows to find JIm.. Alice has her own issues to deal with. This is a story about depression and loss and coming to terms with it. It should have been highly emotional because of the subject matter but somehow the characters didn't come to life for me and I was left largely unmoved by their predicaments. I also didn't find the main characters, Mary and Alice all that appealing. It does deal sensitively with the issues of depression and missing persons but there are other books which do so much better. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC.
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Having read and enjoyed The Silent Treatment, I was excited to read The Ends of the Earth. I actually think this is the better book - it was an enticing plot with wonderful characters, and although emotional, it was extremely charming. Thanks for the ARC!
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Also known as 'Anywhere for you'.

The reviews are true - this is a heart-wrenching, heart-breaking book. It's terribly sad from the very beginning. Poor Mary has spent the last seven years at Ealing Broadway station holding a sign up that says 'Come home, Jim'. 

She barely exists. She works in a supermarket by day and volunteers at a helpline at night, spending the time in-between at the station.

But Mary is well-liked by those at the helpline and after she goes social-media-viral one day (shouting at people at the station when it's overcrowded), a journalist and her fellow volunteers start looking into where Jim might be. What happened when he went missing? Where might he have gone?

They don't have a lot to go on, because Mary has never revealed a lot of the details, but they have hope...

For me, this book was on the verge of too heartbreaking. I was so sad for Mary and her wasted years. I was angry at Jim. It does end on a hopeful note. It does have important messages about kindness and helping our fellow humans, about not judging people for the unknown battles they are fighting.

But... but... but... when I ended up crying at the end, it was sad and angry tears more than cathartic ones. I don't know that the story gave me much hope. I just got annoyed with fictional people!

I think this has the potential to go big. It's written well, the characters are lovely and all come to life and it hits hard in the emotions.
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This is a good story, and tackles a difficult topic in an intelligent way, but I just couldn't get involved in the characters, who never really seemed convincing.  I enjoyed reading it, however, and I thought that the ending was great.  I would recommend it, but with reservations.
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This is a difficult book for me to review through no fault of its own.
It is very emotional and deals with a difficult subject, depression in men, a subject that I can certainly relate to. It is not something to read if you prefer fast paced stories, rather it is a slow, sensitive insight into the effect of depression on men and especially those around them. The details are gradually revealed with flashbacks to the start and continuation of Mary's and Jim's relationship with the associated highs and lows. Alice and Kit's story interweaves in the main theme of finding out what actually happened to Jim and also opens up to their own particular back stories.
A book to read and to think about and how it could apply to those that you know. 
I received an advance copy of this book from the publisher through Netgalley, however this did not influence my review of the book.
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Mary and Jim have a whirlwind romance that seems straight out of a Hallmark movie but all is not as it seems. Jim is dealing with mental health demons and just what toll does that have on them both? 

And then just like that Jim is gone. Mary is devastated but determined that he will come home. 

The story goes between the time when Mary and Jim met, the present day, when their relationship started to fragment and a few more years between. 

Seven long years have passed and Mary keeps on her nightly vigil at the train station holding her sign and hoping that Jim will come home. 

And then she receives strange calls to the charity helpline she volunteers at. Could it be Jim reaching out after all these years?

An unlikely dynamic duo team up to track down Jim to find some answers to Mary and end up on a journey the pair didn’t expect. 

Will Alice betray Mary and run her expose story to save her bacon at the newspaper?

Is Jim still Alice? Where has he been for seven years? 

Will Jim ever come home?

Will Mary ever forgive Ted?

And will anyone get any closure?

A really enjoyable read that I devoured in just two days.
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Oh wow, what a wonderful book.
Mary fell in love with Jim and thought it would be forever. 
But then one day, Jim just disappears and Mary spends the next 7 years standing outside Ealing station, with a sign saying ‘Come Home Jim’.
As the story unravels from the present to when she first met Jim and the 6 years leading up to his disappearance, you realise their love wasn’t quite as perfect as Mary wants to remember.
Abbie Greaves makes you fall in love with Mary and her friends, Ted, Kit and Alice, who are all dealing with their own secret demons.
A story of mental illness, friendship, love heartbreak and acceptance, this book had it all.
And don’t get me started on the letter at the end - I ugly cried! 
So beautifully written, thank you to NetGalley and Random House UK, Cornerstone for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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A wonderful, heart-warming novel that gracefully touches on some very sensitive subjects. I loved this book and was intrigued from the start about where Jim was and why he left. The cast of characters were expertly written and Kit was my favourite!
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This book is so emotive, I was desperate to find out why Jim left, would he return and what would become of Mary. It’s so desperately heartbreaking and incredibly well written.
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Mary O’Connor has been keeping a vigil for Jim Whitney for seven years and she’ll go to the ends of the earth to find him and bring him home. The story goes backwards and forwards from 2005 to their meeting in Belfast to London, especially Ealing in 2018. 

This is a heartbreaking story of love, acceptance but wrapped in a mystery that evolves and unfolds well. Mary is a lovely character, you feel her love, her desperation and sadness and her need for self preservation and it tears at your heartstrings. This is a thoughtful novel that covers some relevant issues, it’s well written with a good premise and a well executed plot line. I like the friendship angle and how that can be a very powerful thing which can help give you a second chance. Through her friends, especially Alice, Mary reassesses the truth of her relationship with Jim which becomes a very positive thing. The story ends on an optimistic note which I like. 

Overall, this is an enjoyable read which makes you think. I definitely want to read more by Abbie Greaves. 

With thanks to NetGalley and Random House UK/Cornerstone for the arc for an honest review.
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This is a beautifully written, delicate book which reminded me a lot of "Elinor Oliphant is Absolutely Fine" although with a more gentle feel as befits the subject matter. It is a thoughtful portrayal of life lived with severe depression and the long term impact this has on others whilst also looking at the subject matter of moving on from past issues. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it to others.
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I don’t know how to describe this book beyond the fact that I found it utterly heartbreaking. Why would Mary sit at Ealing station every day for SEVEN years, holding a sign saying ‘come home Jim’? Why did Jim just disappear one day after being in a loving, six year, relationship with Mary? How do you recover from that? Where has Jim gone? Does he want to be found. 
Abbie Greaves has written a heartbreaking mystery story about love, depression, missing persons, friendships and the search for the truth. Mary is supported by a group of friends who are equally well written; Ted, the manager of a helpline, Olive, one of the call handlers, Kit, a young banker and Alice, a journalist who is looking for a scoop to save her job. They pull together to try and find out the truth about Jim’s disappearance and in the process, have a journey of self discovery. 
A truly fabulous read - you won’t be disappointed. I will be looking out for other books by this author - she’s a new favourite! Keep the tissues handy.
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I received an advance copy of, The Ends of the Earth, by Abbie Greaves. This is a really good but emotional read.  Mary Oconnor is waiting for her Jim.  Will he come back,and  why did he leave?  What happens to Mary?  Such a great cast of characters.
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