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Mary and Jim fell in love and lived happily together for six years until Jim disappeared without a trace. Mary could never get over the heartbreak and has stood at Ealing station every night for the past 7 years with a sign that says ‘come home Jim’. 
The book takes us back to when Mary & Jim first met and over the course of their relationship.
This book was not what I expected, it tells a story of love & loss and highlights mental health issues and abandonment. 
I really felt for Mary, she could never let go of what she thought she had with Jim and wouldn’t allow herself to move on after such a long time.
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I found this a difficult read as I didn't warm to the characters at all. I didn't really want Mary to find Jim as he sounded pretty awful. And the reveal at the end left me extremely irritated.
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We meet Mary as she stands at the exit to a train station with a sign saying “Come Home Jim”, something that she has done every day for the past seven years. After a chance comment makes her an internet sensation, local journalist Alice – badly in need of a front-page story – befriends Mary and attempts to find out what happened to Jim, and where is he now?

We follow the story of Mary and Jim in flashbacks, as well as the interaction of Mary, Alice, and some of Mary’s colleagues at a local helpline in the present. Both timelines are successful, and deal with really difficult themes like loss, bereavement, abandonment and mental ill health with a lightness of touch and with genuine warmth. There is a gentle humour that runs throughout, which makes the characters really relatable. Although this is an emotional story, the hope and friendships of the characters is lovely to read. The pacing is good, and I liked that the ending wasn’t what I was expecting.

My thanks to the author, NetGalley, and the publisher for the arc to review.
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This book had some great characters- I really felt for Mary and Alice. I really appreciated how it touched upon men’s mental health, an important subject that is slowly become more accepted to talk about
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This is a heart wrenching tale about the effect the sudden disappearance of someone you love has on your life and how difficult it is to move on. This is predominantly the story of Mary who is still waiting for Jim seven years since he abruptly disappeared and how her love for him has carved a routine in her life to show him she will be there when he is ready to return. A fleeting moment of frustration brings her story to the attention of Alice who has ulterior motives when she decides to investigate what happened to Jim. Both Mary and Alice are brilliant characters with a lot of depth, I personally preferred Alice perhaps because Mary was quite introverted in Jim’s absence. The storyline is very strong and relevant and concluded well, it’s a sad but incredibly thoughtful original story.
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With thanks to Netgalley and Random House uk

The ends of the earth is a beautiful book that deals with mental health and how it can and does affect man. it also tells the story of friendship too, 

I'm sure this will become a best seller.
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This kind of reminded me of that Script song. A lovely story of Mary looking for Jim, how far we will go for love and how love shapes our lives. Beautifully written, I read this in just 3 days and really enjoyed it. A bit of escapism.
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A very poignant, real story. It is both heartbreaking and hopeful showing how relationships have the capacity to influence our lives 
Mary has a journey of discovery throughout and I enjoyed the introduction of the other characters. 
This is a moving story and the exploration of mental health brilliantly written. 
Thank you for this copy to read and review.
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I really enjoyed this book and the story and will be looking for more work by the author
with thanks to Netgalley & the publisher for the arc of this book in exchange for my review
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The Ends of the Earth by @abbiegreavesauthor
Publication date: 29/04/2021
Mary has spent every evening holding up her sign outside the station. “Come home, Jim”. But when a phone call arrives at the support line where Mary volunteers it prompts new friend and journalist, Alice, to look for Jim and try to locate Mary’s true love. The book is told across a split of then and now with the two timelines seamlessly revealing what really happened to Jim. Cleverly written with relatable characters.
Thank you to Netgalley for this ARC
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As I begin to set out my thoughts in this review I read the blurb for the book first, as I never like to give anything more away than what is already told in the book description. I see it mentions for fans of JoJo Moyes and though I have only read two of Moyes’ books I know exactly what they mean.  It did remind me of Me Before You even though it follows a completely different story line.

The themes running through are of loss, abandonment, depression, especially depression in men. We are all aware now, that men are so much more reluctant to talk of their hidden emotions and feelings of despair. This book highlights so well, and with such heartfelt compassion the effects of keeping feelings buried not just for the sufferer but for their loved ones too.

The narrative slips back and forth in time. Starting out with Mary standing at the station with her placard of “Jim Come Home” she waits there every evening after work, where she has waited for the last 7 years, eternally hopeful that one day Jim will see it and return. She just needs to know he is safe.

Gradually through the chapters that slip back to when Mary and James (Jim) first met, to those early years of the love and passion they both felt for each other, we get to learn what happened with their relationship. Meantime, in the present, we meet Alice. Alice in her early twenties has always wanted to be a journalist, so far she works for the local paper covering trivial stories. After a chance encounter with Mary at the station, Alice wants to know Mary’s story, but there’s more to it than just getting a scoop to try to save her job at the local rag, she recognises that desperate sense of loss in Mary that Alice knows only too well herself.

In spite of the great sadness that pervades the story, there are so many light hearted moments too. Without going into the story too much, Kit, a young city banker is also one of the main characters throughout the book and it is his relationship with Alice that brings a lightness and humour to the narrative.

They are all fantastic characters, each with their own life story to tell. It’s a very emotive book which has caused me to shed a tear or two on more than one occasion whilst reading. I really enjoyed it, and with such a beautiful ending too.
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Having read and loved the Silent Treatment by Abbie Greaves I was so excited for this book especially having read the brief description which I found really intriguing. This is such a moving book that explores mental illness, and the effect this has on men in particular. The characters were so well written and the book had me guessing till the end.

Thank you Netgalley, Random House and Abbie for the chance to read and review this amazing book.
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I really loved this book - Abbie Greaves is such a brilliant writer, I have so enjoyed getting to know every key character in this book, and ended it feeling like I really KNEW them. The story was thorough; so observational, honest and told with sensitivity - but with such understanding, and there is a focus on life trials, including the undercurrent of mental health and how that intertwines through so many peoples lives.
Mary has spent every evening for the last 7 years standing at Ealing tube station, holding a sign that says 'Jim Come Home' - we follow Mary's journey from the very beginning when she met Jim, the relationship that followed, and the events that led to Jim disappearing from Mary's life.
I liked how the story flipped regularly between the time frames - from the relationship starting, to the current day where Mary is trying to come to terms with how she is having to live her life without Jim in it.
I will definitely be recommending to this to all!
Huge thanks to Penguin Random House & Abbie Greaves for sending me an advanced copy of the book to read, I am not obligated to review or recommend as a result of receiving this gift, but let me tell you - you won't regret getting your hands on a copy when it is released in April 2021.
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Well, what can I say about this one? I was DESPERATE to read this after loving 'The Silent Treatment' when I read it in November and was thrilled to be accepted to read the ARC of @abbiegreavesauthor's upcoming novel 'The Ends of the Earth'. It was a poignant read and like Abbie's debut novel, one where characterisation was so strong these characters become living, breathing entities you root for and most importantly, empathise with. 

The protagonist of the novel is Belfast-born Mary O'Connor and mysteriously she has kept vigil at Ealing Station, on the bustling platform holding the sign saying 'Come Home Jim' for seven years. And thus, the mystery of Mary and Jim begins. The novel shifts between the beginning of Mary and Jim's relationship at the Stormont in Belfast, the whirlwind meetings in London and on the Antrim Coast through to the present day and Mary's situation as a shop worker in London, desperately emotionally still so connected to Jim that she wants him home with her. 

We have another narrative thread running through the novel, tying both stories together with the introduction of journalist Alice, who wants to (despite Mary's insistence not to involve herself) find the elusive Jim. Alice is emotionally troubled by her past too, making these unlikely friends, bonded through their experiences with significant males. 

The portrayal of characters was stunning: the strong matriarch, Mrs O'Connor, the budget spaghetti-slurping Kit, with his sofa littered with crumbs, the vague "quiet little wisp of a  woman" Juliette Whitnell and tortured Ted, carrying on with his wife's legacy in the face of his own depression. 

Very importantly, depression is a key motif linking many of the characters and this needs writing large as a subject that Abbie has not shied away from. It is brave, confident and altogether necessary for more writers to broach and really unpack mental health. 

This is another one I will recommend to EVERYONE. Pre-order now for release on 29.4. Thank you to @abbiegreavesauthor, @netgalley and Random House Cornerstone for the advance copy in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinions.
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The Ends of the Earth is a beautiful book, tugging at heartstrings in one breath, and enticing you want to sit some of the characters down with more than a cup of tea in others.The characters weave in and out together beautifully. At first I was sceptical of the motives of some of them. Those characters won me around by the end of the book. I wonder if they'll do this to you too?
There is no time like the times that we are currently living in, to fully appreciate the struggles we can all experience at times, of mental health issues. 
Mary, with her own struggles, is not the only one with issues in this beautiful book. Many of the characters have their own mental health challenges - whether they demonstrate this openly or keep it hidden (again like many do in real life). You might think that this is a depressing book and will take you to dark places but I argue that it is in fact the opposite. Teaching us to get help when we need it. To share with others and to embrace honesty.
A lovely book - if you get chance, give it a go.
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Thoroughly enjoyed this book.

I love reading about people and their relationships and this book is an excellent example. The characters are so well developed and I enjoyed hearing about different stages of the relationships.

The book is warm and relatable and emotional due to the subject matter.
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This story was beautifully written dealing with what happens when someone disappears without warning. Mary O’Connor meets the love of her life as she works and moves very quickly from Belfast to Jim’s London where he practices as an ENT Consultant. The romantic story then changes to Mary holding a vigil every night for 7 years at Ealing Broadway Station with a sign asking Jim to come back. Two incidents change this when she is filmed when she is caught in a crowd and she gets a phone call to the Charity where she volunteers. Into her life come Kit and Alice who are determined to help Mary move on in her life. So beautifully and poignantly written,
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Mary’s husband Jim disappeared seven years ago, they had a very loving and happy marriage and his disappearance has greatly affected Mary who has not given up hope that he will return.

Every day for the last seven years Mary goes to Ealing Train Station and stands on the bustling platform with a sign that says “Come Home Jim” hoping he will see it! 

We go back to when Jim and Mary meet and had a whirlwind romance, with Mary leaving Wales to be with Jim in London, we trace her path to the present day.

I really felt for Mary who never gave up hope, even when others doubted her. I loved how the  past and present timelines emerge together so effortlessly.

A very moving story that covers loss but also incorporates  hope and friendship where you would least expect it.

Thank you to Netgalley for my copy in exchange for a review.
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The premise of this book was very interesting and I felt it had real potential. The story is of loss, loss of love, a person and a reason to go forward. There were elements which were really interesting, however, for me, it really needed to be edited further. It was long and at times I lost interest in it and found myself skimming through sections to get on with the story.

Mary is looking for Jim, waiting for him to return and in limbo waiting. She doesn't know where he is or why he left her. I liked Mary's character but at times wanted for her to just get on with things. The other characters are interesting but they wasn't any real depth to them and I never felt a great connection with them.

I really wanted to know what happened to Jim and what would happen to Mary.. There was so much potential in this story but sadly, it just didn't quite hit the mark for me.
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I couldn't put this down, I needed to know what happened to Jim. In the end it wasn't just about him though, it was about all the characters and their lives, their secrets and their pain.
On the surface its about a woman holding a vigil for a man she hopes will return. What it's really digging into though is the longing for someone who has gone. Mary, Alice and Ted are all missing people. It also explores men's mental health and themes of friendship.
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