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Oh, my Goodness! For someone who is not fond of children, I have been reading quite a few books involving them, but I must say this one is very special. So special that it sparked a big conversation in the house! I love it when books make you feel but also think, really think, and you discover opinions can vary to the extreme. More on this later…

The book begins with quite a regular scene: a mother and two daughters ending their holiday with a trip to the village shop. The familiar setting was perfect to enable me to discover Lizzie, a woman for whom motherhood is everything (no, don’t worry, she never overdoes it!), and her very different girls: Becca and Portia. This opening was perfect to lure me into a sense of security. The narrative was precise and intriguing, even when describing the most mundane tasks.

Soon, however, all sense of safety left the pages. On their way back home, on a dark and empty road, Lizzie is blinded by lights, and the next seconds change her life forever.

I have no words strong enough to convey how immersive the author’s writing style is. I was in the car with Lizzie and the girls. I was in the lake. I was trapped by the water. I remember feeling panicky and anxious while reading, my knuckles white as my hands gripped the Kindle. Car crashes are terrible but imagine ending your trip in a lake! The shock, the cold, and… the terrible truth dawning on you. There is not enough time. Three went in, only two can get out.

To say I was shaken would be an understatement. If I thought I was diving into a nice thriller as I know them, I was wrong. The standard of the psychological exploration in Mother is outstanding. From that point on, the pages felt real: sometimes raw as papercuts, sometimes heart-wrenching, always, always putting words on feelings with such power, handling subjects such as grief with sensitivity.

What do you do when faced with an impossible choice? Lizzie can only save one of her children. But how do you choose which child deserves to live? The unfairness of the situation broke my heart and the desperation overwhelmed me. I was struck by it that I put the book down, went to my family, and asked them the question. How would you choose? How can you?! Answers were… direct, sincere, and we disagreed on a few things, such as the apparently evident solution: ‘choose the youngest!’ Thank you! I am the oldest child! You would let me die?! Jokes apart, it was thought-provoking and eye-opening to read about it and then share my thoughts on it with others. This was a brilliant surprise. I am a dog mama, not a kid mama, but I did my best to understand each point of view, and thanks to the amazing talent of Laura Jarratt, I was able to feel what a mother would feel.

The family is thrown into tragedy and there is no easy way out of it. Grief is a character in itself and it morphs into different shapes, hitting each character in a different way. Guilt is also around, hovering over the house like a dark cloud. What happened on this road? Why can’t Lizzie remember? Is the truth too much to bear? While the psychological element is present at all times, mystery suddenly blends in and adds another layer to Mother.

By the time this happened, I was already absolutely unable to tear myself away from the book and had formed different relationships with each protagonist. The threat pushing the family to its breaking point had my crime-lover brain run wild trying to figure out the who and why. Yet, the more I read, the clearer I saw that this thriller string of the plot was not just a tool to give chills to the story, but rather a magnificent way to take you on a terrible and yet somehow beautiful journey… I know, this is vague, but Mother is rich, so rich and it gives so much in terms of emotions and intrigue, that I prefer to keep some things quiet and let you experience it yourself.

Compulsive and fascinating, Mother is an astounding example of what’s best in psychological thrillers.
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Lizzie is driving her two daughters home from a holiday break late at night when she has an accident and the car plummets off the road and into a deep like. She is then faced with a terrible choice- the car is sinking fast, all three of them are on the verge of drowning and she realises she only has the chance to save one of her children. Afterwards she is haunted by guilt, grief and self doubt, finding it hard to connect with her surviving daughter and her husband, who are both also traumatised and in mourning. Then the police start to question her- was she driving dangerously, possibly asleep at the wheel? Or were more sinister forces at work?
This is a deeply moving novel which examines a lot of big issues- personal responsibility, forgiveness, bereavement and particularly, what it means to be a mother. The mystery about what happened that night is gripping, but what is most striking is the portrayal of family love, in all its complexity, and how devastating loss can change everything you thought you knew, about yourself and your nearest and dearest.
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Lizzie and her daughters are traveling back from their holiday. She's married but he stayed at home. She decided to travel late so he would be in bed by the time they got home so she wouldn't have to see him. On the journey home Lizzie has time to think about her home life. When she sees something in the road she swerves to avoid it and ends up in deep water. She can only save one of her daughters. 

I really enjoyed reading this book. Full of emotions as she struggles to work out what happened. It makes you think what you would do in those circumstances.
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The premise of Mother by Laura Jarratt, is a thought that would send a chill through any, and every Mother. There is an accident involving you and your two children, you only have time to save one. Lizzie understands, very quickly, she can either save Portia or Becca. What would you do? Who would you save? Why? This is the impossible and devastating predicament that Lizzie faces. 

Mother is a character driven study of a family suffering grief. Grief affects everyone differently, at different times, and it’s outward symptoms vary hugely. This family is no different. Their grief is compounded and further complicated, by questions over the cause of the crash. As the situation develops, the pressures and stresses build. 

In the acknowledgements, there are some reading group questions. The last of which is: 
How big a part do you think guilt plays in Mother? 
Personally I’ve always felt that a feeling of guilt, and Motherhood go hand in hand. I think many Mothers will be able to relate to wondering should they have done something differently or better; sooner or later, a conversation had more firmly or gently. Lizzie’s guilt is amplified by the accident, and her “choice”. 

I really enjoyed this 4* book, and the journey that the family are forced upon. I look forward to reading other books by the author.
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A new author for me, and one I would happily read from again! Enjoyed the book, realistic characters and an intriguing plotline, and what a totally unexpected twist. Would definitely recommend it to friends.
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Such an emotional and chilling book. I really enjoyed it, although I found it uncomfortable to read at times when Lizzies grief was so raw. I really liked the twist and did not see it coming.
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What an emotional book from start to finish.  How one moment and one decision can change your world forever.

Lizzie is travelling home with her two girls when their car is involved in an accident.  Unable to save both of her daughters Lizzie must make the decision which no mother wants to make .......... which girl to save.

After recovering from her injuries Lizzie is suffering from amnesia but the police believe this is a cover story and Lizzie actually fell asleep at the wheel.  The whole family are trying to cope with the repercussions of the accident  but suddenly things become a whole lot worse.

Can Lizzie remember what happened that night before it’s too late ? What did actually cause the accident ? Was it an accident ?

This is a great emotional thriller that will keep you hooked throughout.  I absolutely loved Lizzie and her daughter, and loved  seeing how their relationship changed throughout.  Be prepared for an emotional time whilst reading this !!

Thank you to Orion Publishing Group and NetGalley for a digital copy of this book.
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A mother is driving herself and her two daughters home from a holiday. Their father has stayed at home due to work pressures. On the way in the dark and driving rain there appear to be very bright lights which then seem straight in front of the windscreen. Lizzie swerves to avoid whatever it is but the car veers off the road, through the trees and into water- deep water. Lizzie comes to and realises she has one chance to save one daughter, not both. What a choice. Months later the police are trying to charge her for falling asleep at the wheel- something she vehemently denies- however she really can't remember what did happen. Is it someone from Dan’s past work- he is a criminal defence lawyer and has had a few threats in the past? Did Lizzie fall asleep? What is going on and why? I really enjoyed this-there is a wonderful air of tension to keep you within the pages and wanting to turn faster and faster. A breakthrough and then another dead end or twist- brilliantly written. A twist and a wonderful ending, I loved the last part between mother and daughter. A wonderful, highly enjoyable read.
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Thanks to Netgalley and Publisher for this e-ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Lizzie is travelling back from a vacation with her two daughters when she faced an accident and is unable to save both girls. She had to choose one. After the accident she is drowning in guilt and facing amnesia, she can't remember what was the reason behind the accident. Police think Lizzie slept while driving and the whole amnesia is just coverup. Lizzie's whole family is shattered and struggling in a different way. This book is about how one accident can break all the relations. 

After reading synopsis my expectations were so high but this book wasn't that good. Personally, I didn't like the story though I felt for characters the story was just meh for me. The pace of the story was slow and twists weren't enough to make me like it.
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I started reading this after a night shift and I could not go to sleep until I found out which daughter died. It was intense!

This really is a story that has you questioning what you would do in that situation. It is a raw and unfiltered take on loss and grief and unlike anything I've read before. 

I did feel that, at some parts, the dialogue was a bit repetitive. But actually, grief IS repetitive. You go through the motions thinking and feeling the same things, day in, day out. 

This book has reignited my love of thrillers and I urge any thriller fans to read this. 
4/5 stars
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“Everything is do is for my daughters. Everything.” Lizzie Fulton’s words begin Mother, an unputdownable story of loss, grief and the courage to go on.

While driving on a dark country road after a vacation, Lizzie’s car is run off the road. She careens into a pond and the vehicle sinks rapidly. Her two daughters are asleep in the back seat. As water fills the car, she only has time to save one girl. Who does she pick and why?

After she and her daughter recover, Lizzie and her husband Dan have understandable difficulty   returning to their normal routines. Complicating this is the involvement of the police who have suspicions about the cause of the accident. Both Lizzie and Dan are lawyers. Could something or someone from their past be involved in this tragedy?

Mother is a raw, emotional read. Lizzie’s grief is palpable while Dan’s eats away at him. Both struggle with their relationship to each other and their surviving daughter. Mother is simply haunting. 5 stars.

Thank you to NetGalley, Orion Publishing Group and Laura Jarratt for this ARC.
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A really enjoyable and at time emotional read! 

This is a story about grief and loss. How does a relationship or marriage survive the loss of a child? We all deal with trauma in different ways and it can either pull people together or break them apart. 

It's the story of Lizz whos car goes down a bank and crashes into a river. Her two daughters are with her but there's only time to save one of them. What a horrible choice to have to make and in a split second! How do you live with this guilt?
Then there's the question about how the accident happened? She cant remember. Did she fall asleep behind the wheel or did something more sinister happen? Will they be able to get closure and survive as a family or will the guilt destroy them?
Although I caught on to the clue left early on in the book by the author I still thoroughly enjoyed this read. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Orion Publishing Group for the ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.
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*Disclaimer, I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review the NetGalley service*

What would you do when faced with an impossible decision, that meant on one of your two daughters would survive the horrific car accident, how would you pick who to save?

That is not a decision I would ever want to make but unfortunately it is a situation that Lizzie the main character has to make. 

The book predominately deals with the aftermath of the crash. Where they are trying to work out what happened and who caused the accident.

The book was so well written I definitely enjoyed it and read it in a day as I wanted to know what was going to happen and I definitely loved the twist and I can't believe how underhand some people can be or how long they are prepared to wait to get there revenge.

Would definitely recommend this book and this author.
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Thanks to Orion Publishing and Netgalley for a review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

I went into this book knowing there is a car accident and the mum has to choose who to save. As you can see by the cover, this is a big part of the book right? No. That part is all done by the 10% mark. So less than 50 pages in you find out the choice and the reasons for it. So really, this is book is about the aftermath of a choice. 
It was wrapped up so quickly I thought maybe we would see how it would unravel if the choice was reversed as well.
I think overall I expected more of the choice part, or the reveal to not come quite so quickly. 
Really I just wanted more.
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I liked the sound of this book and I wasn't disappointed .What a dichotomy to find your self faced with. No matter what you do you will have doubts and beat yourself up. Not saying anymore, I want other readers to read the book with an open mind as I did, and enjoy the process.
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When Lizzie is involved in a car accident driving home from holiday with her two daughters, she faces an unthinkable decision. 
The book looks at the aftermath of her decision and how her and her family try to move on. 
I book hooked me straight away but if I’m honest I didn’t particularly warm to any of the characters. The book was uncomfortable to read at times due to the fact I am a mother myself and it did get you wondering what you’d do if you were ever in Lizzie’s unenviable position. 

Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher and of course the author for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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When Lizzie's car crashes with her two daughters inside, she faces a terrible choice.When she recovers from her injuries, she has to deal with the impact of that tragedy and the police investigation into it. As Lizzie and her family struggle to come to terms with the events of that night, things take on an even darker turn. Just what did happen on that remote country lane?

After crashing her car, Lizzie, the mother, has to chose which of her two daughters whe will save. What a decision she has to make. We follow Lizzie and her family after the crash, trying to come to terms with what had happened. To carry the reaponsibility for yoyr daughter's deathmust be unbearable. The paceis fast in this quick read that's filled with twists. My only complaint is there was a lot of repetitive dialogue. It was like it was repeated just to bulk the story out. I found the ending to be good but a little emotional.

I would like to thank #NetGalley, #OrionPublishingGroup and the author #LauraJarratt for my ARC #Moher in exchange for an honest review
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A new to me author and one I would happily read more from.
Mother was a good read with a really different narrative and I really liked the twist.
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This is more than I expected from a thriller, and I am happy about that. It's hard to be surprised in today's world, where there is such an abundance of writers and thrillers, and especially when you feel like nobody will be able to come up with anything original anymore. But this was a pleasant surprise!

Great, unexpected twists all throughout the story, so it tells me that the author took their time to make this as unpredictable as possible.

If you love thrillers that are fused with a lot of emotions and intense feelings, you'll really enjoy this one. It's not just about the mystery and thrills and anxiousness, but about the decisions that we make, the things that haunt us, the realisation that we cannot trust anyone, including ourselves.

It's a very enjoyable read, and even though it can be charged with emotional tension at times, it ends on a very promising note.
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A mother has to choose which daughter to save after she crashed her car..... how can she choose and what would be the outcome for this?! 

This story tells us what happens afterwards and how a family has to deal with this ....... but was it an accident ??

I really enjoyed this book, quite edgy and kept me reading.  I liked the characters but my only thing was the ending ..... I’m still deciding what to make of it. Just my view. Good book though.  

Thanks  #netgalley  #laurajarratt  #orion  #racy #thriller  #mother
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