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What a fun romp through the English countryside with Pauline, Barb and Bisto. I loved the description used the sisters are like 'chalk and cheese.' This was a lighthearted, uplifting, pleasurable read.
I have a book blog geared toward sassy seniors so, this book was right up my alley. It was a hilarious reminder that as we 'age' we are still vibrant, and full of a new age spirit that comes with the unpolished edges that are earned with time.
Barb and Pauline are depicted as polar apposites, but the Author does an excellent job using humor as a way to demonstarte as we age we can be a little feisty but, it is also a gentle reminder that we have limted time left and its time to make lemonade out of lemons. 
It was an easy read that flowed, and I looked forward to the next page. The ending tied the relationships together in a amusing, that is heart warming and memorable.

Thank you NetGalley and Booldwood Books for the opportunity to bring these lovable characters to life.

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Judy Leigh is a master at creating characters to fall in love with. She moulds them perfectly, so that we want to be involved in their lives and want to find out more about them. This is how I felt about the residents of Maggot, ooops I mean Margot Lane 😊. As soon as I was introduced to each of them I wanted to read on and delve deeper.

Firstly we meet Dawnie and Billy. The newest residents to Margot Lane. A couple who are in their seventies, they are great grandparents. You might think they are moving to the coast to retire and want a quieter life. That is until we realise Billy loves his Harley Davidson and Dawnie loves to ride pillion. Not your average old age retired couple 🤣

Next door to them we have Malcolm the Moaner and his wife, Gillian. Now I have a soft spot for grumpy old men. So the instant we met Malcolm, I loved him. He was curtain twitching and thinking up all-sorts about his neighbours, is Billy really a bigamist?! 🤣 You will have to read to find out. Malcolm is Constantly looking for the next thing to moan or argue about.

Across the road lives Vinnie and his elderly mother Dilly. There’s something endearing about Vinnie, and you can’t help but feel sorry for him, in a good way. He’s there looking after his mother, and is dreaming of settling down with his dream woman.

And, finally we have Aude and Sylv. The feminists, as Malcolm the moaner calls them. Two very friendly women who are eager to welcome Dawnie and Billy into the neighbourhood.

I’m reaching the grand old age of 40 next year. And, after reading about Dawnie and Billy and their zest for life, they are proof that you are as young as you feel. Live life to the fullest, and enjoy.

Heading Over The Hill is a real feel good book, full of laughs and tender moments. Judy Leigh is an exceptional author and will have you smiling with her words. Plus just look at that cover 😍 amazing.
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Heading Over The Hill by Judy Leigh is the most charming contemporary novel about growing old and having fun.
The main characters are all fifty plus with some octogenarians. Growing old does not have to mean slowing down. There is still fun out there to be had… especially if you own a Harley Davidson. New neighbours certainly shake up a sleepy street with their kindness, friendship and zest for life. They will blow all your pre-conceived ideas about older people with pipe and slippers out of the window. There are misunderstandings along the way even as the hand of friendship is extended.
This book is such a fun read. It will make you roar with laughter and also cry silently. There are some extremely funny scenes – I will never forget an octogenarian on a dry ski slope. I literally laughed out loud. A rather raucous budgie creates amusing scenes too.
There are some huge hearts and huge personalities within the book. They inject light and life into a dark world. It is a perfect book to read when the world seems rather bleak as it does at the moment.
Heading Over The Hill is totally charming. It is a wonderful light-hearted read that will leave you smiling and feeling good.
I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.
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This was such a fun book. Judy Leigh is fast becoming a favourite author of mine. I love the mature characters in her books and the way she writes them. They have a lot of life in them, and are able to motivate one another to go out and live their best life. The story introduces us to Billy and Dawnie a couple in their 70s. They have left their house to their daughter and her family and taken Billy's inheritance to find a house on the water in Devon. While looking for their new home, they rent a house on Margot Street. Well, things for their neighbours will never be the same.

I loved this story. Dawnie and Billy were the youngest 70 year old couple I have read about. They wanted to get to the know the neighbours (homemade beer helps) and have fun. Every neighbourhood has the one person who is a grouch, complains about everything and has their nose in everyone's business and Margot Street is no different. The thing that is different is that Dawnie doesn't stop trying to make friends with her neighbours. The story is so uplifting. From going dry skiing, to partying at the local club for birthdays, dressing up in wigs and mini-dresses isn't your cup of tea, there are also Harleys and the aforementioned homemade hooch, and drums. These two shake up the lives of everyone and they love it. I want to move to Margot Street after reading this story. This is a delightful, fun read about living life to its fullest and making the most of your time here on earth. It is about friendship, sharing, kindness and looking beyond the obvious, and not judging people on their appearance. I definitely recommend this story to anyone who enjoys an uplifting story, especially if you enjoy books with more mature main characters.
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First of all my thanks go to the publisher, Boldwood Books for the opportunity to read this fabulous, fun  book.  I am a big reader of crime and psychological thrillers so this was a step away from the norm for me. And wow! I absolutely loved it!

We are introduced to retired couple Billy and Dawnie who are looking to put down roots for their retirement.  They have moved many miles to live out their dream of a coastal retreat now that Billy has retired from a long army life - it's a big change for Dawnie too, as it will just be the two of them after many years of living with their children and grandchildren in the same house.

Billy and Dawnie make a stir amongst the neighbours as they move into a rented property while they search for their dream home. Maggot Street (as Dawnie not-so-affectionately calls the road) is quiet and quite stereotypical with twitchy net curtains and grumbles about parking, so when the couple turn up on their noisy motorbike some of the residents are less than keen to be friendly. They soon get the neighbours talking, some in a more friendly manner than others.

I love this study of Britishness, and enjoyed reading how the neighbours gradually get to know one another. Judgmental behaviour is rife in some of the properties but as time moves along it becomes clear that everyone has life experiences which have made them the way they are over the years. All it takes is a little bit more effort and understanding with one another to make life happier.

This is a real feel good book although it does have its sad parts which I have to admit did bring a tear to my eye.  If only real life could work out the way the residents of Margot Street managed to. Judy Leigh has written a really thought provoking book without being preachy or judgmental at all. She has reflected just about every street in England and I could recognise various of my neighbours past and present in the characters she has portrayed here.

I recommend this if you want a nice easy read with some fabulous people among the pages. I will definitely pick up more of Judy's books in future.
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Billy and Dawnie create an impression from the very beginning both on the reader and their new neighbours. They feel like a breath of fresh air arriving at the street and are so vividly described, that you can really picture them- especially Dawnie and her various outfits. Larger than life seems to sum them up. Judy Leigh has created a variety of characters who slowly begin to appreciate the benefits of friendship and affection.
As the story develops, you find out more about the inhabitants of Margot Street and about events which explain their behaviour and attitudes. Humour and pathos stand side by side. You really feel for Dawnie's feelings of loss at her grown-up children having flown the nest. Vinnie's yearning for love is touching. Malcolm breaks your heart a little. The story shows you the strength of the marriages. I loved the description of Dawnie as the solid leg on a mathematical compass, standing steadfast over the years. You learn not to go off appearances and to grasp the moment. Dawnie and Billy also come to appreciate the benefits of being accepted in a community. It is a joyous read, well up to Judy Leigh's high standard.
Thanks to the publisher for a copy of the book
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The Blurb :
Billy and Dawnie may be in their seventies, but that won’t stop them taking chances or starting again. Their grown-up children have families and lives of their own, so now it’s Billy and Dawnie’s turn, and a life near the sea in Devon beckons.
But the residents of Margot Street (or Maggot Street as Dawnie insists on calling it), don’t quite know what to make of their new neighbours. Billy’s loud, shiny and huge Harley Davidson looks out of place next to the safe and sensible Honda Jazz next door, and Dawnie’s never-ending range of outrageous wigs and colourful clothes, means she’s impossible to miss.
As new friendships are formed and new adventures are shared, Billy and Dawnie start winning their neighbours’ affection. And when life teaches them all a terrible lesson, the folks of Margot Street are determined to live every day as if it’s their last.

My Thoughts :
Having read and loved Judy Leigh’s book A Grand Old Time, I was excited to read this as it looked and had a similar feel to it.
In Heading Over The Hill, we meet Billy and Dawnie, both in their 70s they are not yet ready to hang up their aprons, they believe in living life to the fullest. Billy loves his drum kit and Harley motorbike, whille Dawnie comes across as a bright, bushy tailed Hippie. They both have huge hearts and will help anyone.
They decide to move to Devon and their temporary home is Margot Street, if only for 6 months.
With the curtain twitchers out in full force, can they win over their new neighbours or have they a difficult task on their hands!?.
I enjoyed getting to know the neighbours, some friendly, some not so friendly.
Soon the couple start to work their magic and start to build up true friendships.
Judy Leigh captivates the charactors so beautifuly, you feel you know them. Her story writing puts you in the moment, its easy to get lost in their world and their zest for life will leave you warm and fuzzy
Once again an uplifting story that shouts fun, friendships, and love. It will leave a smile on your face.
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Favorite Quotes:

He knew what his problem was: it came to him each night before he fell asleep and it whispered loudly in his ear. He was lonely, and the loneliness slithered over his life like a cold snake and stole his confidence and made him shiver inside his own skin.

Sylv chuckled. ‘Well he’s a budgie… but he mocks people and he’s a bird, so…’ ‘So?’ Dawnie screwed up her face, thinking. ‘So he’s called Tequila Mockingbird?’

‘I want to be like Bruce and say “Yippee ki-yay” to his arse.’ Vinnie frowned and followed his mother out into the street. For someone of her advanced years, she was walking quite quickly, her elbows jutting out from her body as if she was looking for a fight… Dilly screwed up her eyes so that her face became tough and imperious. ‘Are you feeling lucky, punk? … go ahead and make my day… Any more of this gossip about Billy and you’ll have me to deal with, Malcolm Frost. And you know what will happen if I hear about you bad-mouthing my friend?’ She waggled the finger under his nose, made a firing sound and blew down the nail. ‘I’ll be back.’

It has taken me years to get it to this state of imperfection.

My Review:

I reveled in every well-chosen word of this lively tale.  The storylines were astoundingly witty, thoughtfully insightful, tenderly poignant, and laced together with exceedingly clever and vibrant arrangements of words that whisked me into a colorful vortex where I was practically bouncing in my chair with glee while giggle-snorting and smirking throughout perusal.  

Each inimitable character was well-honed, multi-layered, oddly peculiar, vastly intriguing, and uniquely dynamic. The primary characters of Dawnie and Billy were seventy-years young and more high-spirited and energetic than most people in their thirties.  I adored them.  I was also quite taken with the eighty-six-year-old Dilly who enjoyed watching and quoting Bruce Willis films and claimed she was “on the pull” during their 60s disco adventure.  Dilly’s story threads often found me cackling.  

While brimming with clever levity and remarkably comical, there were also topical and heart-squeezing elements relevant to our world today including PTSD, grief, anxieties, ageism, bigotry, depression, and social bias.  Judy Leigh’s delightful storytelling was smooth, flawlessly engaging, and rapturously transportive.  Ms. Leigh cunningly plumbed all the feels while keeping me mirthfully entertained and tethered to my kindle and now finds herself with the burden of a rabid new fangirl for life - unless she starts writing about zombies, I despise zombies.
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Billy and Dawnie have their children and grandchildren in their own house whilst they house hunt and take out a six month rent in Margot Street (or Maggot Street as Dawnie calls it). There new neighbours are rather a mixed bag to say the least. Most are lovely and neighbourly, then there are the Frosts- by name and nature who stir up trouble and complain about the slightest thing. When Billy arrives with his ponytail, leather jacket and motorbike he is instantly called a hells angel and possible criminal, whilst Dawnie with her love of wigs appears to the Frosts as if Billy has several wives.  Of how friendships can change things for he better and sometimes how the little things mean the most and can have the greatest effect on us. This is described as soul-warming, rib-tickling, timeless tale of true love, true friendship and happy-ever-afters - a perfect description.  Of love and life and making the most of those we love and cherishing each and every moment. A book to make you smile, go aww, and what (?) all on one page! One to leave you with a smile.
(amazon done- misfits farm)
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5☆ Uplifting, Funny, Feel-good, Very Entertaining.... A Must Read for 2020! 

What an fantastic feel-good, Uplifting, laugh out loud and thoroughly entertaining story.
I adored Dawnie and Billy, I would love to party with them! 

Dawnie and Billy are the perfect advocates to show you you're never too old to live life to the fullest, wear and be who you want to be, never stop being who you are to fit in and most importantly have fun doing it! 

When Dawnie and Billy rock up in a big red van, the residents on the terrace are horrified. Especially Malcolm next door! The nosey neighbour who curtain twitches but hides behind them instead of venturing out and taking a chance on meeting new people.
He is determined to keep a daily log of all their activities.... starting with Bigamy lol (all will be explained when you read it!) 

But Dawnie and Billy are aging hippies/ bikers ( oh and I do love a Harley 🥰 ) who have a larger than life personality and hearts of gold! 
I mean they only plan to stay for 6 months. How much trouble could they get into! 

Oh my gosh this is definitely going on my Top Books for 2020! 
I'm a huge fan of stories that feature characters of the golden years, and Dawnie and Billy are my heros, they melted my heart! There zest for life just sparkles out of them.
All the beautiful and unlikely friendships they made was wonderful.
There was so many laughs and Tender moments throughout this book it was an absolute joy to read.
The Characters were an eclectic bunch and I loved each one, lol even Malcolm! 

I adore Judy Leigh's Books she's an incredibly talented Author, so if you haven't yet had the chance to read her books then I highly recommend you pick up a copy of Heading Over The Hill!

Thank you to Rachel Random Resources for this copy which I reviewed honestly and voluntarily.
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Whenever I'm given the opportunity to read one of this author's book I jump at the chance. They are laugh out loud run reads and often have older main characters making the most of life and opportunities - and this is no exception.

When Billy and Dawnie move into a rented house in Devon they're leaving their family, including children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, behind to make a new life for themselves and looking for a new home near the sea in Devon. They're not the stereotypical septuagenarians - these leather clad rockers arriving in a transit van, complete with their Harley Davison and drum kit as well as the usual paraphernalia. He also has long hair and she has a selection of colourful wigs and clothes, they're not the quiet folk the neighbours at number 11 had anticipated!

There are a lovely, welcoming couple of neighbours on one side of their new home and on the other side are a couple who are reminiscent of the Meldrews from 'One Foot in the Grave' - he's seems determined to assume the worst in everyone and every situation. However, get ready for Billy and Dawnie to work their magic and find true friendships, new opportunities and to share their zest for all life has to offer in this fantastic, funny read.

This is a delightful, fun read about living life to the full, making the most of your time as you never know what's around the corner for you or those you care about. It is about friendship, sharing, kindness and looking beyond the obvious, making the best of your chances and not judging people on their appearance. There are tragedies involved but the story is generally a very positive look at life -there's even a visit to a dry ski slope for a group of friends including one lady in her eighties and more than one romance.

Thank you to Boldwood Books and NetGalley for my copy of this book which I have voluntarily read and honestly reviewed.
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I just love Judy Leigh’s books, they are a breath of fresh air. I think this one might be her best one yet!

The characters are, as always, delightful, and so varied. Even the ones that you dislike at the start, will soon reveal their hidden good side, and it’s hard not to love everyone.

There’s so much humour in this book, with some genuine laugh-out-loud moments. I think her books should really be made into movies, or TV dramas, they’d be an absolute hit. Some of the funny moments featuring Dilly across the road, are absolute gold! The interaction between all the neighbours on the street is both heart-warming and hilarious at times.

I love the way the author smashes all the stereotypes about age. Billy and Dawnie might be in their seventies, but they can still have fun, still ride motorbikes and wear crazy clothes, and still look forward to their future. This is the case for most of the friends that they make on the street, even the ones who are reluctant to start with.

There’s more to this story than just humour and fun though, there are sad moments, and there’s a message running throughout about the importance of friends and neighbours, of not judging a book by it’s cover, and about living life to the full, whatever your age.

A pleasure to read from start to finish, I can’t praise it highly enough. A great book for anyone who enjoys a good, character led, story, with touching and funny moments sprinkled throughout.
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I have been a fan of Judy’s work for a little while now.  I have read each and every book that she has released to date.  I loved the sound of ‘Heading Over The Hill’ and I knew that I would be in for one hell of a fantastic read.  I was spot on too.  I absolutely ADORED reading ‘Heading Over The Hill’ but more about that in a bit.
I absolutely loved the characters in this book.  The main characters are called Billy and Dawnie.  They are a couple of a certain age, who decide to make some serious changes in their respective lives.  Life is for living and that’s certainly what they intend on doing.  When I first imagined the sorts of people they were, I had them down as being the stereotypical middle aged and retired couple, who are looking for the quieter life.  No siree that’s not Billy and Dawnie.  They fully intend to grow old disgracefully and then some.  When they first move into the street, people are wary of them especially as Billy looks like an aging hippy and biker and Dawnie acts like somebody much younger.  Will Billy and Dawnie get their happy ever after?  Will the residents of Maggot/ Margot Street warm to Billy and Dawnie?  Well for the answers to those questions and so much more you are just going to have to read the book for yourselves to find out as I am not going to tell you.
Oh my blooming word- ‘Heading Over The Hill’ was simply a-mazing and I loved every minute of it.  I picked the book up at just the right time.  I was feeling a little low for one reason and another and in need of a pick me up and this book did exactly that- it picked me up.  I can honestly say that I haven’t laughed whilst reading a book, as I laughed with this one.  In fact I practically chuckled all the way through the book as I imagined what was being described.  I took the characters so well that they seemed to feel almost like friends of mine and I had to keep reading to find out what happened to them.  The pages turned over at a fast pace as I worked my way through the story.  I got to the end of the story far quicker than I had wanted to.
‘Heading Over The Hill’ is superbly written but then I find that to be the case with all of Judy’s books.  She creates warm and lovable characters whose zest for life rubs off on others.  Judy certainly grabs your attention from the start and draws you in to what proves to be an addictive, fun, uplifting and ultimately heart warming story.  I felt as though I was part of the story and that’s thanks to Judy’s very vivid and realistic storytelling.  When I reached the end of the story, I was left feeling as though I had had a ‘hug from a mug of hot chocolate’ in that I felt all warm and fuzzy inside.  I was gripped by this story from start to finish and I loved every minute of it.
In short, I thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘Heading Over The Hill’ and I would definitely recommend this book to other readers.  In fact, ‘Heading Over The Hill’ has to be one of my top reads for 2020.  I will certainly be reading more of Judy’s work in the future.  The score on the Ginger Book Geek board is a very well deserved 5* out of 5*.
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I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS. Such an easy, fun and page turner of a read that I devoured. It was over far too quickly for my liking. I loved it all. The characters, the town, the romances, the friendships and the neighbours. Absolutely brilliant. Parts had me laughing out loud! 

It's such a uplifting, happy and full of love and friendship story I couldn't help but smile all the way through. The main characters are Billy and Dawnie growing old but 'disgracefully' I beg to differ. They're having fun, living life to the full and different. I loved them both. I aspire to be like them when they're older. Ha. 

A brilliant read. A well deserved five stars from me. Might even be heading into my top twenty reads of the year. One I won't forget in a long time. I love old characters but especially those that are 'different' from the OAP norm.
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The first thing that comes to me as I start reading this book, is that the main characters, Billy and Dawnie are in their seventies; what a refreshing change. They have brought their own view of getting older to Devon, but Devon doesn’t seem sure that it’s ready for them!

What I know is that I most certainly was ready for this book; it was lovely to have a story that was so different to most contemporary fiction, with its original characters. The more I read, the more engrossed I became in the people and their outcomes and I struggled to put the book down. Judy Leigh seems to have mastered the art of bringing of characters to life and at times I found myself both talking out loud to them and laughing with them!

Billy is a gentle giant of a biker and Dawnie his fashion conscious wife who seems to dress what some might call inappropriately for her age, but she doesn’t care what people think; she deserves every plaudits going for that!

This septuagenarian couple have moved to Devon from the North of England and are renting a house in ‘Maggot’ Street while they hunt down their dream home. The story details their altercations and encounters with a motley bunch of neighbours, which will have you laughing in your boots. An example is when Dawnie is decorating the living room and worries about whether or not Malcolm next door will hear her and come around to complain about the noise! Malcolm seems to take acting out the role of miserable f******r next door neighbour to the extreme, with his complaining and log keeping of Billy and Dawnie’s comings and goings. You would not wish him on anyone! He even has Billy labelled as a bigamist, due to the blond wig Dawnie was wearing when they moved in!

I loved the ‘Malcomism’ that comes from the ever watching next door, when Billy brings home a biker friend ‘‘There’s a whole pack of Hell’s Angels living next door now. Whatever will we have next? An orgy?’ Rest assured reader, that if I owned a Honda Jazz like Malcom’s, it would be on the market within a week!

As the book progresses Billy and Dawnie gradually spread their own brand of magic over the residents of ‘Maggot’ Street, but will they win over the dreadful Malcolm? You will have to read the book for yourself to find out!
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Oh my goodness...... What a joy to read Heading Over the Hill was.  To read of a couple of older members of life, enjoying life to the full; moving away from their family to find their dream home whilst renting a stop gap house in a community that was crying out for fun and frolics.  Boy, did Judy Leigh give them that in abundance with Billy and Dawnie.  I laughed out loud, I sobbed them laughed some more.  It was great to see the community come together at last, some finding new love, others reconnecting and above all, finding friends.  Brilliant read, highly recommend
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I adore Judy Leigh’s books. Her uplifting, enjoyable and captivating novels never fail to entertain and inspire and she is back with a fantastic new novel guaranteed to cheer everybody up in what has been a trying and dismal year for us all: Heading Over the Hill.

Billy and Dawnie might be in their seventies, but that doesn’t mean that they are putting blankets over their knees and sucking on toffees. They are certainly not going to let their advanced years keep them from living life to the full and making the most of every single day. With their grown-up children having settled down and leading  busy lives of their own, Billy and Dawnie decide to make their dream of living by the sea a reality. After all, nobody is ever too old for a second chance, so they pack up their bags and head over to the Devon coastline for a brand new life. Are the residents of Margot Street ready for their new neighbours? Or are they going to be in for the shock of their lives?

No sooner have Billy and Dawnie moved in that jaws start drop and tuts start echoing down the length of the entire street. Billy’s loud Harley Davidson sticks out among the sensible people-carriers the residents of Margot Street tend to favour and Dawnie’s outrageous wigs and brightly coloured clothes make her impossible to miss. It doesn’t look like the couple will be making lots of new friends in Margot Street, but will they manage to win their neighbours round? Or have Billy and Dawnie just made the biggest mistakes of their lives?

Before long, Billy and Dawnie realise that they are not that different from their new neighbours after all and when real life comes knocking, the entire community realises that the time has come to pull together, help each other out and enjoy every possible moment of the time they have left.

Judy Leigh’s books are the literary equivalent of joy and happiness. I love the worlds she creates and the eccentric characters that people her sparkling, feel-good and effervescent novels and Heading Over the Hill is certainly no exception. A brilliantly told tale about friendship, love and the ties that bind, Heading Over the Hill will not only keep readers engrossed from start to finish, but show them that life is for living – regardless of how many birthday candles one has on their cake!

Heading Over the Hill is a delicious and delightful page-turner from a writer whose books should be prescribed on the NHS: Judy Leigh!
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Going Live on 4th December

I have a lot of time these days for romantic fiction – I just feel in the current climate I need something with a happy ending to see me through. Heading Over the Hill by Judy Leigh supplies that happy ending, but not without some bumps along the way.

The books of Judy’s that I’ve read are special in that they feature older people as their main characters – for instance in this book there is a feisty Octogenarian who dons a Shirley Bassey outfit for a night out!

Billy and Dawnie are in what would traditionally be called their ‘twilight years’, but neither of them is ready to call it a day by any means and both are looking to embrace life now that they are able to spend all their time together.

This book has a definite message to live your life to the fullest, but while it is overwhelmingly positive, there is tragedy here too as old and new grief are felt by all the residents of Margot Street.

There is also a very strong sense of comradeship running through the book – both male and female characters form strong bonds and show the real benefits of relying on others in our communities – something very much in keeping with the feel of 2020!

I like Judy Leigh’s books – they are warm and funny, but never shy away from the realities of being an older person in today’s society. There may well be a happy ending, but it is always at the end of a nuanced and thought-provoking story.
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I am going to start by saying that I have not finished this book- I am, in fact, only 30% in.  It's not that I don't like it, because I do, and will continue to read it and write a better review later.  Time simply got away from me.  This year has taken an emotional tole on me and made it harder for me to concentrate on my reading... I will probably only read 70 books this year when normally I read between 100 and 150.  The fact that I received an eARC of this book from Netgalley and Boldwood Books in exchange for an honest review made me feel like I owed them something on opening day, and then I will write a "real review" once finished and post that one on Goodreads, Litsy and Amazon.  My apologies... and here we go.
         Right off the bat you can see that Billy Murphy and Dawnie Smith are not your average older married couple.  Dawnie is into bright, outlandish clothes and eye catching wigs.  Billy, with his harley and drum kit, is hardly your typical older man either.  The two have decided- or maybe Billy decided and Dawnie wanted to try- to give their kids more space and move to the sea, just the two of them.  I love that Leigh gave these two a great marriage, but also personal issues.  Billy has some pain- nightmares and regrets.  Dawnie is vivacious and charming, but also an empty nester that can't figure out how to move forward without the family around her.  
     Then you have the neighbors on the block where they rented a house.  A pair of bright and charming women; a lonely and hopelessly romantic man living with his mother; and a pair of snoopers living next door.  Malcolm Frost is everyone's worst nightmare come to life when it comes to neighbors- at least so far.  Cruel, gossipy, and judgmental, he rules his house and finds fault with everyone.  As the characters here get to know one another and form friendships, there are a lot of misunderstandings.  For one, our forlorn Romeo, Vinnie, mistakenly assumes that the woman he first met is not Dawnie, but her sister... the wigs throwing him off.  Malcom on the other hand assumes that there are several women and they are all Billy's "wives".  While pretty outlandish, each misunderstanding is one that could actually happen. 
   I think my favorite part of this book so far is the attention to detail.  Each character is well fleshed out already and I am invested in their lives.  I have always found authors that can do this to be fairly magical.  Unfortunately, that also means that the pacing of the book can feel a tad slow sometimes (after all, there's a lot of information to drop).  It's in no way unpleasant, but it also isn't a book I would have finished in one sitting even on my best days.  If I had to give a star review right now I would give it a three.
        On the adult content side, there's already some language, drinking, and sexual innuendo.  I think  it's safe to say that this is going to be for an eighteen and older crowd.
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A fun read about love, friendship and enjoying life to the full, with some real laugh out loud moments. Dawnie and Billy are large than life main characters ready for their retirement. After years of looking after everyone else, it’s now time for just the two of them to concentrate on each other. 
The quirky other characters really added to the story and the feel good factor, with the influence of Dawnie and Billy encouraging them to live life to the full  on ‘Maggot Street’.
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