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I enjoyed this new family drama by Josephine Cox . The novel is based on the East Coast and the small seaside town of Guisethorpe. When Florence becomes part of the community , she finds herself trying to put her past behind her. 
Loved the story  a lot . Thanks to #Netgalley and #Harpercollins UK for the advance copy for an honest review
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I’ve read and enjoyed many of Josephine Cox’s books but haven’t read one for a while and I was sadden to read that Josephine died last year and that ‘A Daughter’s Return’ was co written with Gilly Middleton. 
In short, after the death of her mother, Florence returns to Guisethorpe in 1957 where she lived with her mother when she was a child. As she settles into the community she finds herself in turmoil and a secret is revealed. 
I loved the storyline which had a vivid sense of time and place with real heart and friendship at the centre. 
Big thanks to HarperCollins and NetGalley for this eARC which I chose to read in return for my honest review.
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Another wonderful read from Josephine Cox.   starring Florence Stanville who moves back to her home town of Guisethorpe after the death of her mother Lucy and starts again making jars of pickles.    She looks into her mysterious past and discovers secrets that were hidden to her.   So sorry that Josephine died last year , she will be sadly missed.
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Just finished this book in 3 days and loved every bit of it. Loved Florence's character, her strength and poise and get up and go attitude. Her story telling about her mother Lilly and her lost sister and father. Lucy and her challenges with her mother in law and the lovely Denis coming to the rescue.
Sad as it is that it’s the last book from Josephine Cox but it was as usual so well written and thoroughly enjoyable ! We won’t go into the “ Mr Bird “ saga. 
Read it and enjoy !
Thank you again NetGalley and Harper Collins for the chance to pre read.
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Many thanks to both NetGalley and to HarperCollins UK for letting me see an advance reader's copy of A Daughter's Return.

I'm always a bit dubious about reading a 'famous name' novel that has been ghostwritten. I'm a bit old-school in that I prefer the name on the cover to be the name of the person who wrote it, and not a hook to seduce readers in with the famous name.

At least this one has the ghostwriter's name on the cover too, even if it is much smaller than the famous name. However, I would much rather see Gilly Middleton as the main name on the cover.

It's as though the publisher is trying to milk the famous name for all they can get, even when the famous name is, sadly, no longer with us. And had I not received an advance copy from the publisher in this case, I would not have chosen this book.

Putting that to one side, I did enjoy this story and I liked the seaside location. It was well-written with some nice characters, and some unpleasant characters. There was even a bit of a twist in the tale, which I also liked.

I got a bit mixed up with the dates and I'm not sure the multi-timelines worked, plus I got lost with so many characters having the same initial (such as Mildred, Mary, Mavis, Matthew, etc). There was also some head-hopping.

I thought that the 'key' to the 'mystery' was a bit contrived. As soon as this character was mentioned, I knew that they would have all of the answers, but where this character lived was the contrived part. I also thought that the second visit to the Lake District was wrapped up too quickly, as though the author was in a rush to squeeze it in. 

But other than that, it's a good read, and lovers of the stories in the style of Josephine Cox will probably enjoy it too. Not milking the famous name might have squeezed out an extra star from me.
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I have read a few of books by Jo, and this one did not disappoint. Florence has led an interesting life, complicated, exciting and heartbreaking at times. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would highly recommend it to my friends
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Thank you netgalley for my advanced copy to review.  I have read quite a few of Josephine Cox books over the years and have never been disappointed.  I highly recommend A Daughters return. Florence is looking for answers about her childhood along the way she makes new friends and starts a new business.  Leaving her daughter and son in law she moves to the East Coast with her faithfull dog. I highly recommend this book.
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I have always loved Josephine s books and this one certainly did not disappoint.
This book follows Florence, mother to Lucy, who following her own mothers death decides to relocate to Guisethorpe.  This place had held happy memories for her mother and Florence had some vague recollections of staying there as well. On her deathbed her mother murmurs something about secrets from the past.

At first, the new move provides some challenges. Florence has a falling out with the local cafe owner, does not welcome nosey neighbours and has her initial ideas for selling home produce quashed. Al8ngside this, Lucy comes to recuperate after an illness and appears to have a troubled marriage.
However, never one to be beaten, Florence works hard to grow her passion of cooking whilst keeping the spirit of her mother alive.  Alongside this, she strives to find the answer to the secret her mother was keeping.

A fantastic, heart warming tale with characters that feel like friends. Highly recommend a read.
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A very enjoyable book which I looked forward to picking up. 
Lovely story, light and easy to read.
I haven't read Josephine Cox books for a long time so was pleased to read A Daughter's Return with thanks to Net Galley and the publisher for an advanced copy. Recommended read.
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Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for an early review copy. 

In Guisethorpe the people, are a bit intrigued as to who the glamorous and mysterious stranger, whose got flame-red hair along with abrupt manners is. 
But, Florence doesn’t care about gossiping people, as she’s drawn to this peaceful seaside town from her childhood, she used to live here, albeit for a short time with her late mother. She only has memories and figures that she half-remembers in her dreams.

Being drawn into the lives of her neighbours reveals layers from her own life and soon she finds that not everyone has good wishes for her. 

Wanting to find peace, instead she’s found turmoil and secrets. Will she be able to put past pieces together or is it going to be a closed book forever?
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Another good read from Josephine cox, following the story of Florence  returning to east coast of England and a past that haunts her, thoroughly enjoyed this book as with all Josephine Cox books
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I have read all of Josephine's books so was really pleased to get given the opportunity to get an ARC of this book. This is a brilliant book and definitely worth reading
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Jim and Mildred Yateman lives in sea view in the village of Guisethorpe have a new owner over the road in paradise cottage a lady with red hair and red clothes with a little dog shes just moving in and Mildred is aching to introduce herself. The lady is Florence Stanville with her dog Scamper and was not in any hurry to get to know folks just yet, Its been forty years since she was back in the village and all thoughts are of her dear mum she couldn't forgive were her word on her dying bed forgive what? she was back and reliving old memories here.
a remarkable story in so many ways as we get took on Florence journey as she settles into the community and seeks out old haunts.
An enjoyable read
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