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A Daughter’s Return

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An other good read from Josephine Cox, a story of Florence, who 
has a past but now feels it is time to go back to her childhood home which is full
 of happy memories..  But is there something missing? Her search finds some answers.

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Aw, I love Josephine cox and read so many of her books. This one did not disappoint either and like all her books i struggled to put it down. Sadly it will be her last book. You will be a huge miss to the literacy world, and I hope you have left some hidden treasures yet to be published.
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I loved this book! It’s been a long time since  I read a book by this author , I used to read her early books 40 years ago and as I am from Lancashire always loved to read about local history through these books. I went back to this author because of NetGalley and now realise what a great I have in store by reading some of the books that she has written since I first read her books many years ago.

Sorry to hear that she has recently passed away but she has left a legacy of many books for us to enjoy.

Thanks to NetGalley for an ARC and for reintroducing me to this author!
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When her Mother dies  and knowing her own daughter is happily married  and taken care of Florence moves back to the hometown of her childhood to rediscover her past and try to understand the last things her mother had whispered to her.  With her little dog Scamper she soon settled into the community, starting up a pickle and preserve business and making many friends. The story flits between the present and the past and we begin to find out about Florence's failed relationships and also the tragedy that interrupted her childhood. Eventually managing to trace the neighbours that knew her mother she discovers the truth of the past and is able to fina!oh close that chapter of her life.
Josephine Cox writes in a gentle way with very little drama, drawing the reader into her stories. A nice feel good novel.
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Florence Stanville is a woman with a past. When she moves to Guisethorpe on the east coast of England, the townsfolk are intrigued by the glamorous and mysterious stranger.
Florence doesn’t care about the gossips – she’s drawn to the peaceful seaside town by the pull of her childhood, when she lived for a brief but happy time with her beloved late mother. The riddle of those days remains and now Florence can only snatch at half-remembered memories and shadowy figures in her dreams.
As Florence is drawn into the lives of her new neighbours, the layers of her own life are revealed, but far from finding peace, Florence has found instead turmoil and secrets. Can she put the pieces of her past together, or will it remain a closed book forever…another five star read from Josephine Cox.  The writing was INCREDIBLE! I’ve never highlighted so many sections of a book before, but there were just so many beautifully written passages that I knew I needed to save to come back to.
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Yet another great book from Josephine Cox. Florence returns to the place where she grew up and was happy. On her mothers deathbed her mother said that she was sorry leaving Florence with unanswered questions. She soon finds herself immersed into the new village life and makes great friends as well as enemies. Can she solve the mystery surrounding her mum and piece together parts of her life that she can't remember.
I loved this book like I do all of her novels.
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Florence has not had a great success with marriage but does have a daughter who she is proud of. The daughter has recently married and Florence’s mum has died so Florence feels ready for a change. Florence feels drawn to go and live in a little east coast village where she lived with her mum when she was a young child. Something her mum has said to her as she died makes Florence feel that her mum may have been keeping something secret from her and hopes that her childhood home might hold some clues to her past. 
Josephine Cox always writes good stories and this one is definitely worth reading
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Florence is still grieving her mother Lilly's death, when she decides to purchase a house in the small seaside town where she grew up.  She is a very independent woman with a newly married daughter & enough money to survive without a job.  However, she is also a creative individual who would prefer to have a project going.  She begins a pickle business & meets interesting people who are both helpful & difficult, along the way.  In addition, she learns about her very early life & the true fate of her deceased father & sister.  

This was a wonderful story.  I loved every single thing about it.  It was very well written.  The characters were believable & well developed, particularly the main ones.  The setting was beautifully described & so easily imagined.  This is my first book by the late author Josephine Cox, but I will be looking for anything she's written to read & recommend to my friends.
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Josephine Cox has always been a favourite author of mine. She always wrote about strong female characters and this book was no different.  Great storyline and a lovely setting.
Thank you NetGalley
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Florence Stanville is a woman with a past. When she moves to Guisethorpe on the east coast of England, the townsfolk are intrigued by the glamourous and mysterious stranger, with her flame-red hair and abrupt manners. Florence doesn't care about the gossips - she's drawn to the peaceful seaside town by the pull of her childhood, when she lived for a brief but happy time with her beloved late mother. The riddle of those days remains and now Florence can only snatch at half remembered memories and shadowy figures in her dreams.

This is quite an emotional book to read. Florence decides to start over again choosing to stay in Guisethorpe, where she had briefly been brought up by her mother. Florence's mother had told her part of a secret on her deathbed. Florence has a daughter, Lucy, who is in a troubled marriage. Florence makes some pickles for the local growers market hoping she will get to know the locals better. Filled with a mixed bunch of characters, some really nice, others not so much. This is a fantastic read. Loved it.

I would like to thank #NetGalley #HarperCollinsUK #HarperFiction and the author #JosephineCox for my ARC of #ADaughtersReturn in exchange for an honest review.
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Another lovely story by Josephine Cox. It had been sometime since I last read one of her books and it has reminded me of how easy and joyful they are to get stuck into. This was has an interesting storyline with some great characters, not least the new neighbours. Set in a time of more simple life than mine but none the less intrigue and unsavoury people popping up as well as the good ones!
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This was a lovely warm cosy read. Very enjoyable and an easy read. Loved the characters and the nostalgia feel of the storyline.  

Well recommended. 

Thank you Netgalley.
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Florence sells up and returns to the village where she was brought up as a young child after her mum dies to try and work out some of her memories that arent making sense. 
As she settles in and makes friends somethings do start to become clearer, others not
Another great book by Josephine Cox, I read it in pretty much one sitting
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What  a fabulous read. When Florence's mother dies she sells her family home in Blackburn and returns to the small seaside village of Guisethorpe whet she lived as a small child.,and where dreams come back to haunt her. She meets some lovely people as she sets about making a new life for herself and tries to start a new business, but there are lots of things that come to light about the past where she discovers what really happened to her mother lily. I really loved the story which was so interesting and enjoyable from the beginning I really enjoyed it
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Family drama with involving characters and story. The reader is drawn in from the start and kept interested as the story unfolds.
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I haven’t read a Josephine Cox book for quite a while and had forgotten how good they were such a shame she’s no longer with us.  This book is about a lady called Florence starting a new life by the seaside where she lived as a child with her mother,  on her mother’s death bed she told  a secret to Florence and she’s desperate to find out what it was.  When she arrives she  starts a business making pickles and joins in with  the local community.

S he also has a  daughter called Lucy who is in a troubled marriage so she has to sort that out.

Definitely recommend it’s so heartwarming and want to thank Netgalley and the publisher for giving me the opportunity to give a review
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What an enjoyable read. Was so saddened when it finished.  Main character Florence, sets in search of un answered questions she has when her mother passes away.  She embarks on a journey, a strong woman who pushes herself to fulfill her ambitions and finds the answers she so desperately needed.
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Thank you to Netgalley for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

What a loss to literature the passing of Josephine Cox is. I have loved her books and this one is no exception. Full of warmth and intrigue-a compelling story. Recommended.
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Such a lovely book. I love all of Josephine's book each one with its own warmth, losing her is such a sad loss in the writing world and there is going to be a big hole.

Paradise cottage in Guisethorpe has sat empty for some time now that is until Florence Stanville buys it with her little dog Scamper.  Florence has fond memories of the seaside town as a child and it is this that has bought her here.
She has recently lost her mum and on with her dying breath murmurs part of a secret Florence is keen to find out more about.
Across the road from her live Jim and Mildred Yateman, she strikes up a friendship with Jim who is kind and a keen fruit and vegetable grower. Mildred is not so friendly so Florence keeps her distance. She soon realises that she remembers her mum's cooking recipes so makes some pickles for the local growers market, with the help of Jim, she wants to meet the other villagers and hopes this will be the best way.

This is such a charming story with some really warm characters and not so nice ones, but it all builds into a really good read.
Thank you, NetGalley for allowing me to read and review this lovely book.
RIP Jo. xx
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I enjoyed this new family drama by Josephine Cox . The novel is based on the East Coast and the small seaside town of Guisethorpe. When Florence becomes part of the community , she finds herself trying to put her past behind her. 
Loved the story  a lot . Thanks to #Netgalley and #Harpercollins UK for the advance copy for an honest review
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