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I absolutely adored this book so much. I LOVE THIS SERIES!! There's such depth in the worldbuidling, the relationships and the writing.
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This was a really solid sequel to Blood Heir, which expanded the world in various ways and took the plot in interesting directions. I enjoyed the expansion of Linn's character and found Sorscha a delightfully exaggerated villain. What I appreciate about this series is the violence - Ana is a blood mage and her powers are consequently vicious. The author doesn't shy away from that. Overall, I enjoyed this sequel more than the first book and will be picking up the conclusion with interest.
I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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Even if it's a bit slow at the beginning this is an excellent second novel in this trilogy.
I found it gripping, well written and I was happy to catch up with Ana and Ramson.
The world building is excellent, I loved the storytelling and the character development.
Can't wait to read the last book in this series.
Highly recommended.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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This is without a doubt an interesting and very clever series, however Red Tigress didn't quite bowl me over as much as its predecessor did. 
I still really like all of the characters though and the writing is excellent.
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The time had finally come to talk about Blood Heir. This review is for both the first and second books, though spoilers will not be contained.

In short, I liked it. But I felt like there was a lot lacking that I usually need to really like a book.

If you liked Wicked Saints by Emily A. Duncan, then you will probably like Blood Heir. There is something similar within the writing styles and nuances of characters which did intrigue me- and I feel fans of WS would like too.

I, however, did not like WS. And for much the same reasons I DNF'd that book, I had trouble pushing myself through this story.

The characters were unlikable and even to a point where I couldn't even empathise with their choices- something I require of even my villains. The plot was both slow, which I usually really love, but it wasn't hooked the best. And I ended lagging through both books. Whilst the world was intriguing, and I might have liked further delving into the world surrounding the main characters- what I was given wasn't quite enough.

Something nags me that this isn't a bad series, it was just a bad time for me to pick it up. I have given three stars, hoping that a re-read in another year or so might change my tune, because I desperately want to fall in love with this story.
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This was so precious. I might go ahead and just say that I maybe loved this one more than the first book. And Ramson, oh my precious little morally grey baby. I cannot wait for the last book!
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Absolutely stunning sequel to a book I was absolutely enthralled by, I didn’t think I could love this anymore than I did but Amelie really brought her all, she really does know how to keep me hooked, it’s fast paced, great characters as last time and again so agonising that I have to wait for the next. But it’s worth the wait. Read Blood Heir and then come read this, it’s amazing 

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion
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Blood Heir was on my list of favourite books of 2019. It was one of the best YA fantasy books I had read in a while! So, as you can imagine I've been eagerly anticipating the sequel., and let me tell you it did not disappoint. Red Tigress is action packed from start to finish. The plot is engaging throughout, there is never a dull moment. We follow Ana and Ransom who I just adore, and we also follow two side characters, Linn and Kais, who absolutely stole my heart. I have to admit to being slightly disappointed by the lack of romance, I like a good slow burn but this was just torture. However, there's still the final installment to come, so here's to hoping that Ransom and Ana get the ending they deserve. 

The wait for the final book in the trilogy is going to be painful, but so worth it. Overall, Red Tigress was a strong sequel, I can't recommend it enough!
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I really enjoyed the first book in this series, so was looking forward to this sequel. It is honestly amazing, even better than the first book. Highly recommend
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Red Tigress continues Ana Journey to reclaim her throne, country and confidence. 

Ana has a lot of character growth in Red Tigress. She becomes more of a leader. As she accepts what it will take for her to save her people. It is great to see that her moral compass is not effective.

The change of location added a lot of drama and mystery. It also allows the reader to see some of the characters in a different light.

The plot is darker than Blood Heir, a little bit more dangerous with a great mystery that comes out of the left field. I love the moments of action, romance and honour that is also sprinkled throughout the book. 

Also, who can complain about having more Ramson Quicktongue in their life. 

My Rating for Red Tigress is 4.5 out of 5.

Thank you to Netgalley and Penguin Random House for gifting me a copy for review.
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Oh my. This book. Wow. I'm not sure how I'm going to review this, I have so many thoughts. 
If you couldn't already tell by the five star rating, I absolutely loved this book. LOVED IT. 

I picked up Red Tigress yesterday evening with the aim to read a chunk and make progress with it. 5.5 hours later, having not moved for that period of time I finished it. I just could not put it down. Every time I thought about going to bed, something else happened and I needed to read 'just one more chapter'. There is so much action within this wonderful book, from the first chapter you are hit with action and drama and it literally just does not stop. 

I really loved being back with the characters, I really loved to watch them develop and grow. I like that previous characters are mentioned and not forgotten which warms my heart. There are quite a few characters and at times I was confused with who was who however I found by tabbing and annotating the book I was able to quickly pop back and realise very quickly who they were. 

I'm struggling with a review for this book because I loved it so much and seeing as it is the second in the series I am trying not to give any series. Red Tigress is my favourite book of the year so far, for reference it is the 35th book I have read in 2021. It is going to have to be something special to knock it off the top. I can't believe the ending and I just need the next one now. I really do not want to wait!

100% recommend this series.
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Thank you so much to NetGalley and Harper Fiction/Harper Voyager UK for sending me a eARC of Red Tigress by Amélie Wen Zhao.

I loved Blood Heir, it gripped my attention from the start, however Red Tigress did not. It is a shame as I was looking forward to this book.
I will have to give it a pass.
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Red Tigress is a thoroughly enjoyable read and a worthy sequel to Blood Heir.  It was wonderful to be back in this complex world again full of amazing characters.  With it’s distinctive magic system and special powers that really pack a punch, it certainly stands out from the crowd.  We are swept into a high action adventure with lots of interesting twists and turns along the way.  So much happens, it’s action-packed, fast paced and the intense and nail-biting moments will have your heart racing.  There is always that feeling that no-one is safe particularly with one or two surprise character demises.  The fight scenes and scenery are vividly described and I could see them all so clearly.   

However, it’s the characters who definitely make this novel.  Rich and diverse you will definitely find a favourite.  They are lively and full of personality, some new relationships are forged and strong bonds formed, some of which tugged at the heart strings. Ana Mikhailov’s character has matured and developed and I like her much more in this in this novel.  Ramson, on the other hand, was bit lost in this sequel, he seemed indecisive particularly when faced with the decision whether or not to pursue the vengeance against his employer or remain loyal to Ana.  He’s missing his air of mystery and edginess that I loved so much in Blood Heir. Anticipating their relationship would move along in this novel, I was left feeling a little bereft the way things were left off between Ramson and Ana and I definitely wanted more.  Linn is still a fabulous character with an enormous strength of will and bravery and her wind affinity magic remains my favourite. Kais is a complete surprise, a cold hearted villain in Blood Heir, his new persona was adorable.  You’re never entirely sure if he is friend or foe but he shows such empathy and understanding, particularly towards Linn and Ana, you can’t help but love him.  

Exciting and unpredictable this story will have you engrossed from start to finish. I wasn’t entirely happy with the way it ended, mainly due to the fact many of the characters went their separate ways and a lot of things remained unresolved, it definitely needs book three to wrap it all up.  Red Tigress is a must read for all YA fantasy lovers, it’s a befitting sequel to Blood Heir and lays the foundations for the third and final novel.
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Blood Heir was an incredibly crafted fantasy, and Red Tigress is a worthy successor. It continues the story of Ana, a deposed Princess, as she tries to regain her throne, protect her people and come to terms with her own dangerous magic.

The magic system is fascinating and the action is brilliantly written. Red Tigress had more focus on secondary characters than the first book, which allowed greater development and even more investment in the story. I was slightly devastated by that ending!

I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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Thank you so much to NetGalley & Harper Fiction/Harper Voyager UK for granting my request for request for Red Tigress; i've never been so happy to receive an email before and I knew it was going to be one of my first reads of February. 

But wholly shit where do I start with my review?! I honestly don't know how to put into words my emotions and feelings around this book because essentially my only feeling was stressed. I constantly felt concerned about the characters in this book and what was about to happen. I don't think my heart has calmed down from that ending either; that epilogue and me need to have words because that is just not acceptable for me. And how dare you end that way and then make me wait god knows how long until I can read (what I think is) the final book. 

Those first chapters of the book; Ana, Ramson, and Linn are all split up and in different places and my heart was in my throat just praying they would all make it back to one another.


and then Amelie goes and stabs Ana and leaves her on her own AND MY HEART ALMOST BROKE. You've gotta stop stressing me out!


I loved this book so much more than the first book and I don't think there was any moment that annoyed me. Ana is such an incredible character in this book; her absolute character development was astounding and I loved her so much. You can see how much Ana has learnt from those around her and how much strength she has found in herself; Ana has really begun to understand that she needs to pick and choose her battles to be able to defend her nation and not just react and we love a girl for her growth. Ramson is brilliant and really coming into his own person who isn't controlled by anyone else. And LINN. oh she's my favourite throughout this book and I lover her characterisation and her utter strength and will. 

There is so much that happens in this book that shocked me and I honestly wouldn't even know where to start. The whole plot was weaved together so well and the way in which the characters were brought together and apart was just done so well. There are so many twists but they are done so well and I honestly just found myself brought along for the ride. I loved the relationship between Ana & Linn, Linn & Kais, Kais & Ana, and we finally got a glimpse of the brewing romance between Ana & Ramson. 

The book ends very much how it starts; each character going their separate way to fight for what they believe in. They are all fighting for the same thing but doing so in a different way. And I for one cannot wait to see how this story ends - that ending is going to destroy me until we get to the next book. 

An incredible read and one I would highly recommend. I've already got my copy on pre-order; out on 4th March 2021 for you to make up your own mind!
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After reading Blood Heir recently I was really enjoying sinking my teeth into it’s sequel Red Tigress and it didn’t disappoint! I would say the pacing is a little unbalanced, with the first half being quite slow, however commit to it and the second half will reward you with a lot of quality action scenes. I do feel like possibly this could have been a duology, if the pacing had been changed, although I find Ana a really interesting character so I don’t mind getting to spend another book with her :)
Amélie Wen Zhao has created some really strong female characters in this series, there are many fascinating or promising ones, Ana and Linn in particular go on a real process of healing and inner discovery, understanding who they are and what keeps them going and I adore both of them. The male characters are less interesting to me, although I am always drawn and relate to female characters a lot more as a habit, and I may be biased but they feel like they have less substance,  the I could be biased. While Ana and Linn are loyal and focused and you feel like you understand them,, Ramson, and new character Kaïs, for example, feel like they have less solidity to them as they flip flop quite often in terms of actions and beliefs and it’s hard to get a grasp of them.. Ramson in particular is infuriating (while loveable), while I like that 2 characters can care for each other and yet don’t, like most YA romances, make each other their world and abandon and ignore everything else far more important, the boy gives me whiplash - just commit to something already!! 

Thank you NetGalley for the early copy, I really enjoyed this book and I look forward to the final instalment.
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