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This is a gorgeous collection of deep space pictures packed with fascinating facts! My cublings enjoyed looking at the pictures as well, and it sparked many questions about what's beyond the blue marble we call home. In fact, we even dug out my telescope and put it to use again. Perfect for any and all space enthusiasts.
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Deep Space by Robert Harvey is nothing less than an immersive experience in the depths of space. For a layman in the topic like myself, the explanation and detail is communicated in such a manner that captivated and enthralled me. Upon the final page, one is left with only one resounding thought: how truly small and fortunate are we in this inconceivably large universe of ours?

Ultimately, the reading experience is only so profound due to the images, of which we are told: "The images in this book have been taken with the world's most powerful telescopes, such as the Very Large Telescope and the Hubble Space Telescope. Using huge mirrors to collect light over many hours results in photographic exposures that reveal incredible detail and vibrant colours."

Overall, this was a great read and I will definitely be recommending it to everyone I know.
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Deep Space is set up to include photos to galaxies, nebulae, supernova clusters, black holes, and quasars.  Each photo has a caption explaining the important information from the photograph.  The photography is stunning.  I cannot wait to pick up the physical copy to have the full size photos instead of reading it on my phone.  My oldest has been obsessed with space since she was in elementary school.  This book would make an excellent gift.  The different sections lump together similar photos.  It doesn't feel repetitive each one is different than the last.  The captions are easy to understand and gives a lot of information.
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I came for the beautiful pictures and I was absolutely not disappointed. Breath-takingly stunning.

I can only imagine how much more stunning this will be in print form. With a gorgeous hardcover and those beautiful  glossy pages that make that little squeak when you turn the page. Yes!
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Although there are many opinions about how our universe formed, and I often question the authenticity of what we think we know about the majesty of our space (and we are constantly learning and discovering!), this book was amazing. A beautiful, informative book on such a breathtaking subject. So, so many photos, beautiful, beautiful awe-inspiring photos that took my breath away. The author explains each and every detail of the photo, for example the surface temperate of specific stars and how many light years away it is. Information about stars nebulae, and galaxies, with a great index to help guide the reader if they want to learn something specific. There is a lot of detail in this book, and it is definitely one to savor. This would make a great gift for anyone interested in our universe, and I highly recommend this book for your keeper shelf.
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Absolutely spectacular photographs of the universe accompanied by clear and informative text. Terrific!
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I received an advance reader copy of this book to read in exchange for an honest review via netgalley and the publishers.

Deep space is yet another fantastic picture book from Amber Publishing with absolutely breathtaking photographs. 
I've always had a fascination with space and my class are currently doing this topic in science so it came at a perfect time for me to read and review.
Each photograph has a wealth of information to accompany  it and the level of information is fantastic. 
This book is most likely even more stunning in paper format ( I received the pdf version).
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Once a month we watch the Sky At Night on BBC4 as it explains the night sky to us.  So when I saw Deep Space come available on Netgalley I knew I wanted to have a look.  Living in a light polluted area this provides a great way to view the night sky.

Deep Space is a collection of 200 photographs of our night sky that have been taken with the world's most powerful telescopes such as Hubble Space Telescope (low earth orbit) and the Very Large Telescope (Chile).

The book is divided into five main chapters:
- Birth of Stars
- Life of Stars
- Death of Stars
- The Milky Way and our local group
- The Distant Universe

The beginning of each chapter is an introduction then each photograph comes with a description along with its name and it designated reference.  There is also artist impressions of an exoplanet and a black hole.  Sometimes there are a number of photographs of an object to show it changing over a number of months.  It also shows more recent discoveries such as Black Holes having a crescent-like appearance.

This is an excellent book that could sit on your coffee table and be browsed from time to time to wonder at the night sky and all it's glory.

I received this book from Netgalley in return for a honest review.
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Gorgeous pictures and interesting text. It's a fascinating and informative book that I loved.
It's highly recommended.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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Deep Space: The Furthest Reaches of Our Universe by Robert Harvey is a beautiful and informative book that will please any skywatcher.

In reading through this book I was, of course, enthralled by the photographs. Frankly, they are the main reason I was interested in the book. That isn't an unusual reason for interest in a coffee table book. As I was reading through the book, however, I was surprised at just how much information was given. Not just about the formations in each image but about how we find things, how they are formed, what they have historically represented in different cultures. That is a real positive for a book like this.

I don't want to make it sound like there was a lot of minute detail, there wasn't. But there is a great combination of detail and big picture to keep even the most casual sky watcher engaged. I didn't need to pull out old astronomy books or brush up on my calculus to follow along, but it was also more than just "oohh, pretty picture."

While I think it serves very well as a coffee table book in the usual sense, I also think it could serve to get school age children, even up through high school, more open to learning science in general and astronomy in particular. I grew up during the race to the moon, so my generation tended to have an interest in space. My first astronomy class was in 11th grade, a few in college, and several wonderful MOOCs, so I am not a novice but I am far from an expert or even an advanced amateur. And this volume has enticed me into revisiting my old books and MOOCs.

Reviewed from a copy made available by the publisher via NetGalley.
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Great feast for the eyes. A book that emphasises what a little spot in the universe the earth is and opens your eyes to the unbelievable vastness of space. Great picture for Hubble and other telescopes. I was especially fascinated by the pictures and text concerning galaxies and Depp space, just amazing. Makes a beautiful gift for all people with interest in astronomy.
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When you look towards the night sky, you see countless stars and even galaxies. In Deep Space, we get to see what these shining dots of light in the night sky actually look like.

Deep Space is split up into 5 different sections. Birth of Stars, Life of Stars, Death of Stars, The Milky-way and our Local Group, and The Distant Universe. Each section is curated so that both known and unknown space objects are included.

I would happily have any of the photos featured in Deep Space printed and hung up on my wall, preferably as large as possible.
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Deep Space is absolutely stunning pictures of space.  

Deep Space has some interesting information about birth of stars, life of stars, death of stars, the milky way and the distant universe.  Each section starts with a brief introduction followed by great pictures with interesting captions.

Space and stars is something I always wish I knew more about.  Deep Space was a perfect way for me to learn while looking at amazing pictures.

Thank you NetGalley and Amber Books Ltd. for Deep Space.
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The photographs in this book were absolutely stunning. I really enjoyed this book. It’s amazing to see just a small glimpse of what is out in space and opens your mind to what could be. Great book.
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This book makes me want to buy several copies and redecorate a room in my house! The photos are spectacular and I feel like I've learned a lot from this book with the snippets of information that accompany each photo. I have a deep longing to stare into a clear night sky and remember what I've seen in "Deep Space". An absolutely wonderful exploration of what's "out there".

My thanks to the author, publisher, and NetGalley for an advance copy to review. This review is entirely my own, unbiased, opinion.
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I have read many books on astronomy during last two years. It is a wonderful experience to see what lies beyond our imagination.
This book goes beyond our solar system and beyond interstellar space.
It has wonderful images created by Hubble and other telescopes that show happenings and celestial objects in distal universe.
It was fascinating read. Pictures are accompanied with informative and small captions.
It is full of information. I liked descriptions of red giants and remnants of supernovae.
It is pretty hard to imagine distances at which we can make accurate predictions of temperatures and sizes of stars and galaxies.
It is certainly must read book that every science and astronomy lover needs to read. It takes you beyond local universe into the unknown bizzare world of lights and clouds and heat.
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What a visually stunning book! The photos are all large full page spreads in brilliant color and clarity. Definitely a coffee table book to spark conversation. The written portion is minimal but accurate and explains what the beautiful  illustrations are showing us. I have several books on the subject of stars, planets, and the universe and this is the perfect addition to my library.
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Deep Space is a worthwhile coffee table addition for any space buff, with astronomical images that deserve to be seen by the wider public (which has paid for the telescopes anyway). True to the title, the book's focus is beyond the solar system, on distant stars, nebulae and galaxies. Some of the imagery borders on the psychedelic.
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The experience of being mesmerized by the photography and delving back into astronomy reignited my love of all things space.
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I must admit going in that I am a lover of astrophotography and had high hopes for this new children's nonfiction book. Harvey did not disappoint. The images included in this book are spectacular and are sure to enthrall any young skywatcher.

Thank you NetGalley and Amber Books for the opportunity to read an advance reading copy.
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