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Wow. This one had me gripped. How extremely heartbreaking, sad and emotional.  Ava, Matt and 2 year old Abi are happy living their life until one ordinary day while Ava is upstairs doing household chores Abi disappears from the house. How can a little baby vanish from her pram. It is every mothers nightmare. With the help of their best friends and Abi's godparents Neil and Bella they search for the little girl but only find her toy teddy Mr Sloth. They rely so much on their friends and neighbours that they must go to a housewarming party months later to reconnect. It is there that they finally learn more about their daughter's disappearance. I devoured this book, totally unable to put it down. Now , I wish it wasn't over. Can't recommend enough
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Ava and Matt's daughter disappears one day when Ava strapped he into her seat and ran upstairs for a few minutes and when she comes down the girl is gone and the door open. No one has seen her since. A year later Matt recommends they go to a housewarming party, Ava was still grieving, but they decided to go see all the new high end renovations. As everyone is chatting and the alcohol is flowing Ava picks up on talk about the day a year ago when her daughter disappeared and that sets off a chain of events. A thrilling read. 
Thanks Netgalley and the publisher for the advance ecopy.
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Ava was only upstairs for a few minutes. That was all it took.

Abi was strapped securely in her pushchair waiting to go and feed the ducks but when Ava comes downstairs her 2-year-old daughter is gone and the front door is open.

A year later, at a housewarming party for their neighbours, Ava and husband Matt start to unpick further details of that fateful day when their daughter went missing.

My heart was in my mouth reading this book. I cuddled my toddler a bit tighter after reading this.

This book was so absorbing, I had to keep reading to find out what had happened as soon as I could. This is every parent’s worst nightmare, but I found myself absolutely engrossed in it.
Brilliant read!
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Firstly a big thank you to the publishers for my copy to review on netgalley . This is a new author to me however she has been on my radar and after devouring this ill be reading her other books!

This is amazing! You think you know the direction its going and boom it changes.

The sheer nightmare and horror these parents have gone through is terrifying. However as lies become exposed are people close to them as trustworthy as they thought. Is their nightmare really over?

A heartracing and breaking psychological thriller.

This is addictive and demands to be read !

This blew my mind and i loved it. I cant wait to read more from this author.

Published 23rd October
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I really enjoyed this story and read it in one sitting.
Ava and Matt have two year old daughter Abi who is the centre of their world until the day she disappears and their world implodes.  A year on Ava blames herself and Matt is trying to keep their grief from destroying their marriage.   Ava believe herself to be unsafe as a mother which isn’t good for their new son.
Finally Matt persuades her to attend their neighbours housewarming and suddenly something said triggers Ava onto a new path to find out what happened to Abi.
The story is written from several POV’s as the truth begins to be revealed.  I was hooked to find out what happened to Abi and the emotional rollercoaster Ava is on.  I was not disappointed with the ending.
Thanks to Bookouture and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I liked this book! The premise is engaging, the characters are interesting, and the twists and turns kept me on my toes. It’s more of a dark drama than I had been anticipating, but I didn’t mind that. What I did mind was the way that the perspective shifted from person to person. I love that we didn’t stay with Ava for the entire book, but switching from the first person to the third felt clunky and threw me out of the story nearly every chapter. I was a bit disappointed with the ending as well — I wish it hadn’t been wrapped up so nicely. The intended moral takeaways are handed to readers on a platter in very plain language — there’s no room for readers to come up with their own conclusions. Overall, though, this is a great pick for anyone looking for a quick, mysterious read!
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The Housewarming was such an interesting novel. The book shifts from first and third perspective between the mother and father, respectively, of a child that's gone missing. I didn't quite get the connection to the title at the beginning of the novel as it lets you witness the mother's sheer terror of her daughter's disappearance. I was honestly concerned that the unreliable, distraught narrator would be the tone of the entire book but it wasn't and I'm so grateful. Once the initial madness started to lessen, the book became much more enticing and I needed to know what happened. I thought the resolution was well done for the most part and found the events leading to Abi's disappearance mostly realistic. I wasn't a fan of the very last few pages and Ava's conclusion because it felt too wrapped up, but overall I did really enjoy this book !
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I was fortunate to receive a copy of this ARC from NetGalley.

I found this book a very slow burner. For me, it didn't pick up until about 50% in. The early part is heavily focused on the grief for the missing child and I thought it was interesting how certain sentences were repeated at the start of each chapter, to reflect the ongoing nature of the grief. 

The book explores marriage, friendships and commuties and how well we really know people. 

After about half way I started to question what might have happened and did Ava's actions lead to the tragic event? 

My favourite quote:
"The bulbous bonnets of shiny cars curve hugely, their wheels enormous, their occupants like lords and ladies in horse drawn carriages."

The ending was excellent, but also heartbreaking.
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Ava and Matt married, living happily with their 2-year-old daughter Abi. Until one day their whole life went upside down.

   One day Abi went missing from their home after the front door was accidentally left open. After an immense search by the police and the locals, they could not find her. With no leads, the case went cold very quickly. A year went passed by and Ava & Matt spent their life full of heartache, guilt, despair, and loss, until one day one of their neighbors throws a housewarming party, showing off the results of their renovation.

Little that Ava knows that this party will change the whole truth and Ava learns something new about the day she has relived a thousand times. A throwaway comment which could change everything….

 This was a slow-burning and slow-paced thriller full of emotions, guilt, and grieves. The story was from the  POV of Ava, Matt, and their neighbors/Friends.

What I like most about this book is how the author describes the emotions of each character and paint them on readers mind. Also, the plot twists that happen in the book captured my attention from time to time. 

But on the other hand, I found it far too wordy. I also found the writing style repetitive, at one point I felt was reading the same paragraphs/sentences and words over and over again, making the whole story less thriller and flat. The real action starts from the second half of the book.

As a thriller book reader, after seeing the cover and reading the description, I was ready for more mystery and suspense, but I found this book to be more of a dark family drama and it was nothing like what I had expected.

That been said, I'm satisfied with the overall reading and recommend to anyone who is looking for a good Thriller/mystery book.

Thank you to the Bookouture and NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this e-book in exchange for an honest review.
I Highly Appreciate it for giving me a chance to read The Housewarming.
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#netgalleyreviewer #netgalleybooks #netgalley #thehousewarming #selynesauthor we are introduced to a couple. They have an adorable toddler. Mom goes upstairs to potty. Leaves the little ones strapped in her stroller. When she gets back downstairs her little girl is missing. The front door has been left open. The terrible journey this author takes us on is unbelievable of a search for a little girl. Learning who we can trust. Who our friends are. The twists and the turns you take are extraordinary. Pick this up and you won’t be let down. #mystery #missingtoddler #bookstagram #booklover #bookstagrammer
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This book wasn't what I was expecting, but found it fairly entertaining. Not the most original story I've read but it definitely has its place
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Thank you SE Lynes for once again making book reviewing easy!


Five glasses of bubbles for this tightly plotted taut thriller. I could stop there and say, just read it, but…


As soon as I see that SE Lynes has another book about to be published, I get all excited- for one thing I know that it’s going to be well written & for another, I have not yet been disappointed with a story which is always well structured and so hard to put down.


The first chapters of this novel are hard to read and distressing due to the subject matter, as over & over again Ava relives what happened on that terrible day when her young daughter disappeared. This is so realistic and credible, in a time of extreme tragedy this is what happens, as what ifs & blame continually go round in Ava’s head. The terrible guilt of a mother who has failed her daughter- or has she?


Around half way through the book, the pace changes, after the long anticipated party held by Ava's neighbours, and following that the twists are relentless. Characters unravel but ultimately all questions are satisfactorily answered and loose ends tied up.
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What a fantastic book! When Ava’s 2 year old daughter toddles out of the open front door, she is never seen again. Ava relives this moment constantly, always blaming herself, never able to move on. On one of her first outings out of the house, almost a year after little Abi vanishes, she is told something which turns everything she thought she knew on its head. 
I loved this book. The repetition of Ava blaming herself really got me inside her head and reliving that “If only” moment with her. The book was well written and had one of those endings which I mull over for hours, if not days, afterwards. Another absolute cracker from Susie Lynes.
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The Housewarming was a psychological thriller that just kept on giving.
Ava has only been in the toilet for a few minutes but when she comes out her daughter, Abi, is not in her pushchair where she had been left. The front door is open but Ava swears she shut it. A hunt starts as police and neighbours try to find little Abi. Matt, Ava’s husband has been out all day with his best mate but no one can her. My heart was in my mouth as Ava ran around the neighbourhood trying to find her daughter. We meet Ava a year after this dreadful day and find her and Matt are just surviving but things are about to change. 
This was a book that made you emotionally involved, the thought of that happening is too bad to think about. The twists in this just kept on coming and confused me at times in a good way, making me think outside the box as this story continued to intrigue me. The ending was done well, even then though giving the last twist and making sure it was the best and one I never saw coming.
I would like to thank Netgalley and Bookouture for this ARC I received in exchange for an honest review.
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Oh my days!  Such a sad book but so well written.  

Ava and Matts daughter Abi disappeared one morning while strapped in her buggy while the front door was left open.  Every parents nightmare - this book had me feeling every emotion going until the very end.   The characters were so well developed and I very quickly found myself absorbed in the story and I was only sorry that ‘life’ got in the way of my reading time and I was glad to be picking it up again when I could.  Towards the end of the book, I could feel myself reading slower, not really wanting to find out the truth about what happened but also I didn’t want the book to end either.  I feel this book is going to stay with me for a while yet - haven’t felt like that about a book for a long time!  

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for an ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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Ava left her daughter alone for a few minutes and in that time she disappeared without a trace. A year later Ava and Matt are still dealing with their guilt and pain. They must root out the lies to find the truth. Finding the missing pieces is the only way to find out what happened to their daughter.

This was a really good plot. The characters came to life and the emotions were well written. I quickly found myself immersed in the story and desperately wanting to know what happens next. One of the books that you have to know what happens but don't want to end.

Thanks to Netgalley and Bookouture for permitting me to preview this excellent book.
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A parent's worst nightmare.  Preparing for a walk to the park, Ava buckles her 2-year-old daughter into her stroller and leaves her alone downstairs for just a moment.  When she returns, Abi is not in her stroller and the front door is wide open.  Where is Abi?  Did she get out of the stroller by herself?  Did someone walk in and take her?  Did Ava not lock the door?  Was this her fault?

It's now a  year later.  Abi has never been seen or heard from.   When Abi disappeared, Ava was pregnant and now has an infant son.  The guilt, the grief of not knowing what happened to her daughter has left her life in shambles.  She doesn't seem to care much for anyone or anything ... and there are days she wishes fervently to go wherever Abi is ....

When the neighbors next door throw a housewarming party, Ava and her husband are invited.  But Ava really doesn't want to go ... she has to almost be forced to leave the house for any reason .. and she hates how people always say .. How are you doing, Ava?

Her husband finally talks her into  going ... even for just one drink.. but this is the night that everything from when Abi disappeared changes forever.  Just a random remark, but what she heard makes her doubt she actually knew what happened that night.

Everything she thought she knew ....  was wrong 

This is an emotional read that takes the reader though a family's grief, loss, guilt, suspicion to an ending that will hurt your heart.  How does a parent survive when their child goes missing?  How do they keep hope alive that she's out there ..somewhere?    The characters are deftly written and the reader in invited in to many of their lives.  Someone knows more than they're telling.  And Ava is losing her sanity.    I was not prepared for the unexpected conclusion.

Many thanks to the author / Bookouture / Netgalley for the digital copy of this psychological fiction.  Read and reviewed voluntarily, opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own.
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One day Ava put her daughter Abi into the buggy, she strapped her in and made sure she was safe.  Abi was playing happily and chatting to her toy. Ava took the opportunity to run upstairs strip the bed linens and spent a couple of minutes on social media. Abi was quiet and presumed safe.  When Abi goes downstairs she notices the front door open and Abi not in her pushchair.  She runs around, up and down the roads but Abi is no where in sight. She is only small where could she have gone.  Ava returns home searches everywhere still no Abi.  She calls her husband who returns and calls the police, still no sighting of Abi.  Life goes on, Ava and Matt have another baby, a boy but every day she thinks where did Abi go, was she taken? Then they are invited to a housewarming party. The drinks flow neighbours  chat about the day Abi vanished and Ava has new information. As a mother and grandmother I found this book frightening and dark, but a good read.
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In the beginning it was slow and not very intriguing right away. The beginning of this book was a good portray of a families grief but to me it did drag. 
The shocking part of the book did not happen until the last chapters. And the housewarming party (the title) didn't happen until the middle and what was said in the description that something would be said and change everything wasn't that crazy.
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Thank you so much to Bookouture and Netgalley for a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review. 

 Ava only left her daughter in the pushchair for five minutes. The buckle was fastened, and she was sure it was safe. But when she came downstairs, the door was open and Abi was gone  

So first things first, this was amazing. 

I had such an emotional connection from the first paragraph to the main character Ava. The way she is obsessing over the little details, and the inner monologue we are privy to just reflects parenthood when something goes wrong. I have a similarly aged child and the way she is repeating to herself just sucked me in, and I was right there with her. 

I read this so quickly. 

The disappearance and the 24 hours that follow start the book, then we are thrust a year into the future no further along into understanding what has happened. 

The unravelling and the twists and turns we go on are tremendous. I had inklings on parts, and was completely thrown in others, and I was hooked.
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