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12 Days of Christmas

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‘’And a partridge in a pear tree.’’

1995. I was ten years old when our English teacher brought us an all-new song for Christmas. 
‘Forget Jingle Bells and Silent Night, guys. I’ve got a new one for you!’’ We were amazed and I am pretty sure the entire neighbourhood could hear us loud and clear. For five days, we were screaming the lyrics and enjoyed every second of it, because the nineties was a time for childish joy in the best way possible. And at the back of our heads, we were trying to fathom how can a property actually contain ladies, and maids, and lords, and pipers, and drummers, and half of the animal kingdom without any kind of disruption…

25 years later, I am still in love with this Christmas classic. This edition comes with beautiful illustrations by Lara Hawthorne, a hidden object game in the end and information on the origins of 12 Days of Christmas. And if you are an English teacher and want to create the cutest, brightest, most wonderful kind of mayhem in your classroom, this song is right there, waiting for you.

Many thanks to Frances Lincoln Children’s Books and NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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4☆ Enchanting, Lyrical,  Festive and Fun 

12 Days of Christmas is a beautifully illustrated children's book that captures the very essence of this classic Christmas Poem/Song. 

Children can read along with the poem or read on their own.
Each page illustrated to represent each of the 12 days of Christmas.
I must admit I knew most of the poem but would always forget some of the order so this was a lovely sentimental reminder. 

What I also loved was at the end of the book the Author gave some insight into the poem/song. 
Children will love the interaction with this book, of searching for various things and counting so it's also Educational too. 

12 Days of Christmas would make a beautiful present or a treasured keepsake, one I would highly recommend!
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If your Christmas picture book tendencies swing towards the traditional, or if like me one of your favourite things about Christmas is the music, then I recommend putting The Christmas Choir series of books by Lara Hawthorne towards the top of your festive wishlist. 12 Days of Christmas is the newly published second in the series and it is every bit as beautiful as Silent Night, which was released in 2018.

Over 32 pages Hawthorne has illustrated the text of the well-known Christmas song, using her edgy and stylish artwork. It is a quite a feat that she has achieved a wonderfully classic feel that is in keeping with the text through artwork that is simultaneously decidedly current. There is plenty of diversity within the illustrations, with pipers, drummers, lords and maids of all different colours and ethnicities. There are so many gorgeous little details, some of which I only spotted at the third of fourth time of reading.

On the final pages there is a little history of the carol, which I found really interesting, plus a beautiful spread containing all of the gifts received throughout the course of the song. Given Wee Reader’s love of search and find books, those pages are his favourites!

If gifting partridges in pear trees isn’t your jam, then perhaps consider wrapping this for your mini true love. With thanks to the publishers for gifting us a digital copy for review.
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Lara Hawthorne effortlessly breathes new life and magic into the favourite Christmas poem, The Twelve Days of Christmas.

Beautifully illustrated, each spread is adorned with the spirit and joy of Christmas, and little readers will delight in searching for each of the Christmassy elements in the bustling, colourful scenes.

With a final page on the history behind the carol, 12 Days of Christmas is the perfect festive read!
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The traditional Christmas song arrives in a whole new edition, with colourful illustrations that grab your attention immediately, plus, you get some neat extras at the very end of the book that sort of ties everything together.

Not only is it perfect for teaching children this song, and having fun while doing so (because the illustrations are vivid and fun), it's also educational. I would stop on each page to locate each of the animals, and I think a child could spend hours looking at this book, sitting next to a Christmas tree, humming the tunes of this traditional song. 

At the very end, we get insight into when this song was created and by who, as well as why it could have been created. 

On top of that, you'll get an extra fun activity at the very end, which can serve the purpose of solidifying a child's knowledge of the song and to make sure each of the elements is remembered correctly. 

It's such a perfect gift for Christmas! Ideal for families who enjoy Christmas and love spending quality, Christmas time with their little ones and want to pass on the traditions of their family in a way that's engaging for both the young and old.
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Such a gorgeous book the illustrations are beautiful. I read this book along with my son and he really enjoyed it. He has been asking a lot about what advent is and also when is advent so I really appreciated the last pages of the book that explained all of this. This would be a beautiful book to treasure at Christmas for many years to come.
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12 Days of Christmas by Lara Hawthorne 

This is a children fiction book with colourful illustrations. Basically, narrating some old song about Christmas. I personally did not hear this earlier and I really didn’t find the gifts mentioned to be on anyone’s list at least when it comes to Christmas. Other than this, the poem and the illustrations are really nice, and the language is easy and lucid.

Thanks to Netgalley and Storey Publishing for this e-ARC.
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I thought that this book was gorgeous!

It has the most beautiful images and it was a great way to tell the traditional song in written format.

I liked the idea being looking for the extra animals/people/items too as the number got higher.

It is 5 stars from me for this one – very highly recommended!!
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What a beautiful cover! This book is really lovely. Its definitely one to look out for. Most people will already know this song / poem but still its a lovely book. I enjoyed the beautiful illustrations and the easy to read text. I really liked the can you spot page too. Thank you for the opportunity to read and review this book.
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This is a wonderful Christmas book for children.  It has really beautiful and unique illustrations and the writing is superb.  The book is set around the 12 Days of Christmas song and I enjoyed singing the song to my daughter as we were reading the book and looking at the gorgeous pictures.  My daughter thought this book was really fun and she enjoyed counting all of the people, animals and items in the book.  She also loved the black cat and she was excited every time she saw it.  This is a book that I will read with her again, as it is coming up to Christmas time.  This book is highly recommended for children of all ages and it is a fun, joyful book that will get you and your child into the Christmas spirit!

Many thanks to the author, publisher and netgalley for allowing me to read this book in exchange for an honest review.
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A nice version of the traditional 12 days of Christmas.
Some lovely illustrations throughout.
Enjoyed by my 9 year old who wanted to read it again.
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This song is one of my daughter's favourite Christmas songs, after singing it last year at her school assembly carol concert.

The classic story / song of the 12 days of Christmas with absolutely gorgeous illustrations throughout - There is so much detail within the pictures and both girls loved the scene at the end where you had to attempt to spot them all hidden in the picture.

This book would make a great Christmas Eve box addition or one for Christmas Advent if you do it. Whilst the song may be super familiar; there is something about the illustrations that make this book one to cherish.

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Great little book that is all about the popular 12 days of Christmas song! 
With cute, eye-catching illustrations too - will help keep a child's attention throughout.
Particular liked the little bit at the back which explained the history behind the song - even I didn't know half of that!
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