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This is my first book by this writer but not my last. The story of Beth. A mum. An artist. A woman who has separated from her husband but who has found happiness in a new relationship. All is fine until her past creeps up on her... 
A cast of characters all under Beth's microscope. Someone's trying to kill her but who? 
Strong writing. Strong plot. STRONG!
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This book was the perfect who done it. There were so many suspects at one point I thought they were all in on it. I really felt sorry for the main character, being scared of water is a massive phobia of mine so I could relate to how she was feeling and what she must have gone through. This was a great thriller.
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Your Life For Mine by Karen Clarke is the first book I have read by Karen Clarke and I must thank Harper Collins UK, the author and NetGalley for the ARC.
We meet Beth, a woman whose life hasn't been what you could call normal since being saved from death by an innocent person twenty six long years ago.Since that day she has lived with the guilt being saved has caused her. She has kept this a secret from almost everybody for such a long time and now she has a perfect life, gorgeous house and  beautiful daughter too. Until the day comes when she discovers some one wants revenge. That someone has made it crystal clear they are going to get it as well, but who? Beth herself has no clue so, everyone is a suspect in this edge of your seat story.
The story is told in first person so we are as confused as Beth, not being able to pinpoint anyone.This creates so much tension in the story and I couldn't stop reading , the pages were being turned at such a speed that I read it overnight! 
I enjoyed all Karen Clarke's characters, they were crafted so realistically and they could be almost real. Noone was perfect and that's always good! I loved the flaws that everyone came with, it made them even more realistic.
In conclusion a thriller that grips you and won't let go until the last page.
Thanks to HQ and NetGalley for the book.
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Sorry this book just felt a little too cheesy and fake to be real. I'm terribly sorry. I did not finish x
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Your Life for Mine is a read that popped up on my radar when I saw that Karen Clarke had co-authored a book with one of my favourite authors Amanda Brittany (which I still need to read!). Based on this, I was eager to read Karen Clarke’s latest offering and I was not disappointed.

I have used this example lately in a couple of my reviews of late and it is also fitting here, that Your Life for Mine plays out like a Lifetime Movie, although in this case, without the cheesy dialogue! Karen Clarke has put together an addictive tale that had me caught up in its web, unable to break free, until the final page. 

The story kicks off immediately and Karen Clarke does not lift her foot off the accelerator until the end. It has been very well plotted, executed and with a cast of characters that have you second guessing each of their motives, makes for a great mystery to try and solve and such an enjoyable read.

Your Life for Mine is Karen Clarke’s first standalone in the psychological suspense genre and she has done a fantastic job. She is definitely an exciting new voice in the genre and I will be eagerly waiting and looking forward to reading what she comes up with next. It was a pleasure to read and review Your Life for Mine which I recommend.

Thank you to Karen Clarke, HQ Digital and NetGalley for allowing me to read an advanced copy of Your Life for Mine, which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.
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Karen Clarke is a welcome new voice in suspense fiction.  Here, unlike some other authors who have recently tried (thrillers are now all the rage, as we know!) she makes the transition from romance to suspense seamlessly, building great tension, and not belaboring the romantic aspects of this suspense novel.

The plot is a familiar one but well-executed.  Beth is being stalked and threatened with death because of a secret from her past.  The premise of this reminds me of the YA books I read as a kid (I Know What You Did Last Summer, Slumber Party, etc.) only instead of the menacing note with letters clipped from magazines, we have anonymous text messages that mysteriously disappear.  Well done.  The story does a great job moving your suspicions around the cast of characters.  I was wrong about whodunit and the actual perpetrator came as a surprise to me.  The plot and dialogue are good, and Beth sleuths a little on her own without being ridiculous or unrealistic as a volunteer detective.

Solid 3.5 stars, rounded up for the good writing.  Thanks to HQ Digital, Netgalley and the author for the advance copy.
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DNF as the writing style was not for me and didnt like any of the characters or the story,apologies but did try twice
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I really enjoyed this book. It was gripping and although I had my suspicions I did not see the ending coming. The characters were interesting and meaty. Overall a very good thriller and definitely a page turner!
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As a big fan of Karen Clarke's romcoms I was excited to check out her change in direction. And, this was a great solo debut in another one of my favourite genres - psychological thrillers.

As expected it was another well-written, nicely paced story from the author. I liked that pretty much everyone was a suspect, but I did have the eventual culprit pegged as the clear front runner from the start. 

I couldn't decide if I liked the ending or not. 'Not' because I typically like justice but it did seem fitting for the character - after all everyone loves a disturbed vigilante on a crazy mission.
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I read an advance copy of, Your Life for Mine, by Karen Clarke.  This book is a page turner.  Somebody saved  Beth's life, but they died in the process, now someone is trying to kill Beth.  This is such a gripping novel, I loved it.
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#YourLifeForMine #NetGalley 
A masterpiece.
Beth Turner.From the outside she looks like any other thirty-three-year-old woman, with a gorgeous house and beautiful daughter.But Beth has a secret that has haunted her past for as long as she can remember. A secret that only those closest to her know.Aged seven, she almost drowned on a family holiday… and a stranger died saving her life. Survivors guilt has been the defining characteristic of her life ever since.
So, when Beth receives a threatening text message from an anonymous number on the way to her surprise birthday party, she knows her time is up. 
I loved it entirely. 
Thanks to NetGalley and HQ for giving me an advance copy.
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Beth’s life hasn’t been normal since the day she almost died 26 years ago. Because someone innocent died saving her, she’s felt guilty for so long.

Now someone wants revenge. But who? Everyone is a suspect in this psychological thriller. 

Like Beth, I couldn’t tell who was after her. The first person point of view worked well for this story. I liked not knowing who would want revenge for Beths’ savior’ death. I had my suspicions about the person who was really after her, but kept getting sidetracked with Beth’s thoughts!

I felt this was well-written and a great, fast-paced read. I love that everyone seems “real” and they characters all have flaws and are faced with big decisions. I like that not everything is wrapped up with a big bow. 

The only thing I question (and why I’m giving four stars) is why Emma? Why mention her pregnancy? She wasn’t a strong character and I feel like the whole pregnancy thing didn’t belong. Honestly., I feel like Emma didn’t belong much. 

Great read!
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Thank you NetGalley for this advanced copy. Wow did not see that ending coming at all! good suspense, good ending, characters were mostly likable. good book!
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Beth gets a strange birthday message. I liked the characters. I liked the descriptions and was interested to see what would happen
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