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Fatal Flying Affair Finds Folly and Fun Fantastic
Posted on January 24, 2021 by michellelovatosbookreviews, world's first book color commentator

The latest Lady Hardcastle book: The Fatal Flying Affair takes the newly re-minted British Intelligence service woman into the air as she uses her quick-thinking, wit, and style to solve the mystery of how a local pilot fell from the sky to his untimely death.

This Lady Hardcastle installment features Emily, also known as
Lady H’s, her handmaiden Florence, Flo, Armstrong, and her brother Henry, who alerts Emily to the problem at Bristol Aviation and Aeronautics Company, the aeroplane factory responsible for pilot Dickie Dupree’s demise.

This plotline heats up when Lady H begins to suspect the fatal flying affair that killed Dupree is related to an undercover spy operation whose agent is leaking top-secret information to foreign rivals.

The race is on.

Lady H is herself, of course, a woman who thinks, and acts, larger than herself. Thankfully, however, she has Flo, whose reasonable thinking keeps Lady H firmly on the ground. The pair, who spent more than 15 years together already, are full of humor, banter, and ultimately, high adventure.

This lighthearted and fun historic cozy is no disappointment to Hardcastle fans and offers readers another reason to keep clamoring for the next book in this series.

One of the best things about this story is its’ author’s ability to write the history of aviation into the text, both educating and entertaining its readers simultaneously.

The Fatal Flying Affair features three plotlines that all wrap up into a nice little bow at this story’s conclusion. This is an excellent book for those cozy mystery fans who have not yet dipped their reading glasses into historical cozy fiction. The Fatal Flying Affair can be read as a stand-alone novel.

The Fatal Flying Affair: A Hardcastle Mystery by T.E. Tinsley carries multiple plots featuring its familiar cast of characters and incorporates a few new friends to the series as well. It answers open questions from past books and introduces other unforgettable, charming, and dull-witted characters to the series.

My only question here is simple: When is the next one publishing?

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Thoroughly enjoyed it! And the cover art is delightful! Well thought out story, a nice winter read. I really love stories based during these times of history. And the main character makes you feel like she really brings you along in her story.
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Another humorous helping from the pen of T E Kinsey. Lady Emily and her faithful maid embark on another adventure all the while embracing village life with familiar characters  we have come to love. The death of a man while engaged in testing a parachute is the mystery which engages these two indomitable  ladies, we see more of Harry who works for the government and is involved in secret, shady things! This is a jolly romp with a touch of menace all told with wit and sharp observations. Thanks to the publishers and Netgalley for an ARC of this book.
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The 7th book in the series already. Really love the amateur-sleuth cosy mysteries with Lady Hardcastle and her sidekick Florence. I never get bored of this quite unusual relationship with its humorous dialogues or the picturesque setting in the english countryside in the early 20th century.
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It is August 1911, and Lady Hardcastle, her "tiny servant" Flo Armstrong are enjoying an idyllic summer in the village of Littleton Cotterell. Having tea in the garden, trips to the village pub, and planning for the village show make up their days. However, things are heating up in Europe, especially in the field of aviation. The British government feels that aviation will play a large part in any coming conflict. So when a tragic accident occurs at nearby Bristol Aviation, what could be more natural than for the two former spies to be called back to duty? Lady Hardcastle's spymaster brother, Harry, has also discovered that someone at Bristol has been selling secrets to foreign powers. Feisty Flo has always wanted to fly, so it is decided that she pose as Lady Hardcastle's maid and a prospective student pilot. By the story's end, the two intrepid ladies find more skullduggery than even they imagined.

The Lady Hardcastle mysteries are delightful, and The Fatal Flying Affair is no exception. I especially enjoy the interplay between Lady Hardcastle and Flo, who are the best of friends and perfectly complement each other. This may be an England that never really was, but it is great fun to visit.

Thanks to NetGalley and Thomas & Mercer for an advance digital copy. The opinions are my own.
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When a pilot plunges to his death from testing a suddenly faulty parachute, Emily and Flo get their orders to investigate the Bristol Aeroplane plant for espionage and a murderer. I love these Edwardian Era cozy Historical Mysteries that combine fun and gig with sleuthing.

The Fatal Flying Affair is the seventh of the Lady Hardcastle mysteries that can be taken standalone or, at their best, in order.

Lady Emily Hardcastle and her ladies’ maid, Florence have enjoyed a fine summer in their country village cottage, plotting garden plans with their irascible gardener and looking forward to a village talent festival that Flo is rather reluctant to participate in. Then, Lady Cardcastle’s brother in the secret service drops in with a need for their detecting talents so off they go into the world of aviation and pre-WWI espionage.

I’ve always enjoyed the jovial, badinaging pair of Emily and Flo who are definitely over the top and eccentric. Emily comes across as quirky, even ditzy, but she is really a keen observer and the brains of the detecting duo. While Florence, who is the narrator of the books, is the even-keeled one with the martial arts and weapons knowledge. They blur the lines in mistress-servant because the pair have been together a long time and through a colorful career in far off places as British spies. Their cottage and the village was to be their peaceful retirement, but they can’t help poking into local mysteries and murders. So with their skill set, they come across as a dotty lady and her maid servant and perfect investigators.

As to the mystery, it is set in the fascinating pioneer period of aviation and I enjoy getting a good dose of what it was like in the early years without slogging into the engineering behind it all. The suffragettes from an earlier mystery are back as are several of the usual characters, but the mystery is in a Bristol factory and is being touted as an accident so Inspector Sunderland, the Farley-Strouds and others are not as prevalent. The mystery is, in fact, three mysteries that seem unrelated until they are. There were plenty of suspects and motives. It got exciting and I did get to enjoy seeing the intrepid Flo in action and Lady Hardcastle do her voila. It got slow for a bit just before the reveals and finale, but it was still a fun detecting adventure.

All in all, I had a good time as I usually do with these light, amusing historical murder mysteries that I can recommend to those who like historical cozies.
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There are few things more satisfying than a great series with every book as good, if not better than the last. Throw in a splash of humour and a mystery set in 1900s England, the whole thing just gets better. The icing on the cake as always is the most appropriate narration I have stumbled on. Elizabeth Knowelden yet again makes the experience all the more fun.

The author continues to indulge his sense of humour in our leading ladies. Lady Hardcastle and Flo have now settled into a pattern. People around them have come to realise and accept them for what they are and shower them with love as well. Harry has a prominent role in this and has his own verbal sparring thrown in, both with Flo and his sister. The dialogues are the highlight of this series, although in this case, the case itself was not far behind. It begins rather innocuously with a task given to the ladies to infiltrate the local aeroplane factory. Now, as with all their cases, their investigation does not stay limited to what they think they have to uncover. All the previous characters are strewn during the narrative, but few make an actual appearance. That said, I still recommend reading it in order because only then the personalities and their eccentricities can be absorbed in the best manner.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my own listening experience of an audiobook.
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I thoroughly enjoyed the ensemble of characters, the banter amongst them and the setting for the story. It's just an utterly charming cozy, mystery. The relationship between Lady Hardcastle and her lady's maid is essential to their ability to go under cover and investigate on behalf of the government without drawing attention to the issues. The context of the evolution of the role of the aeroplane (and parachutes) made for a very interesting backdrop to the story.

Some of the mystery storyline just a little too far fetched for me, yet it was an enjoyable, fun read.

With thanks to Amazon Publishing UK, #Netgalley and the author for my advance reader copy in return for an honest review.
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A quick and easy read that I found myself picking up after a long day to unwind. The characters are beautifully written and I came to love them within the first few pages and was rooting for them all the way to the end. At times I wanted to stop reading because I just wanted the experience to go on for longer. Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Lady Emily Hardcastle and her lady's maid, Florence Armstrong are on the case again.  They have been requested to find out who is leaking secrets to the enemy at an aircraft company and who deliberately sabatoged a parachute killing the man wearing it. I love this series.  They are light weight -- nothing serious, but they are such fun to read. I love the bantering between the two main characters and their friendship and fondness for each other.  I hope there will be more in this series because I have enjoyed the ones I read.  Thank you for allowing me access to the Advanced Reading Copy.
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I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Lady Hardcastle series by T. E. Kinsey over the last few years, and the seventh installment, “The Fatal Flying Affair,” is another jewel in the crown. 

Tensions are mounting in Europe in the years preceding WWI. Lady Hardcastle and her lady’s maid-cum-burglar-cum-markswoman Flo Armstrong are sent to investigate the death of a pilot at an aviation facility. A damaged parachute, exploding plane engines, and missing money are all in a day’s (well, week’s) work for our detectives. Not only do they have to sift through clues to find possible spies and lies, but the annual village show is in peril. Can Hardcastle and Armstrong save the day and foil the plot? 

Kinsey’s style is a nice blend of madcap and sensibility. Lady Hardcastle and Flo have a strong relationship that has lasted through perils and peacetime, and their very different personalities make them a strong detective team. There are some laugh-out-loud lines, and it’s always nice to see Flo put her circus skills to work. 

This feel-good Edwardian cozy series is highly recommended.

Thanks to NetGalley for providing a reading copy in return for an honest review.
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I love this series, and I LOVED this book! Lady Hardcastle and Flo are back at work for the government investigating an "accident" at an airplane factory. The story is fast paced, with enough red herrings to make it interesting. the dialog is snappy and intelligent. (I can now use "hypocoristic" in a sentence and sound really smart.). And the characters are delightful and entertaining. In addition to a great mystery, there's a wonderful sense of humor in this series that I really enjoy. I found myself laughing out loud in many parts. I also liked seeing Flo develop as more than a lady's maid/international butt-kicker and into more of a part of the community around her. All in all, I can't recommend this book or this series enough.

Thank you NetGalley for a free copy of this e-book in exchange for an unbiased review.
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Not my favourite of this series, but still a fun instalment in the series. This sees the ladies investigating flying and dealing with a village show. A nice way to pass a few hours.
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Along with the mystery in the story is the humor which is so much makes it so much fun to read. The year is 1911 and Lady Hardcastle and Florence Armstrong are helping Harry, Lady H's brother once again. There has been a death at the aeroplane factory near where they live. In testing a parachute with a person after a number of tests with dummies the man dies. There seems to be a leak of information going out too. The ladies are in looking to purchase a plane gets them in and the opportunity to look around and see what they can find out.
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The Fatal Flying Affair is a fun semi-historical mystery.   The Protagonists, Lady Hardcastle and her ladies maid Florence Armstrong are "retired" from service to the Crown.  But when Lady Harcastle's brother, Harry, asks them to help with a case, they jump right in.   
Airplanes are still a bit of a novelty for the average person. Research and testing on parachute construction is underway when tragedy  - or is it murder?- strikes.   Someone is leaking top secret documents from the very facility where the tragedy has occurred.  Our heroines go to work to sort it all out, or will they?  

The story was fun and easy to dive into.  I was interested enough to look up some of the history of parachutes before I finished the story.  There is a nice explanation and some historical clarification by the author after the story comes to an end.
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T.E. Kinsey continues his excellent historical Lady Hardcastle cozies.  Emily Hardcastle and her maid and sidekick in the spy business Florence Armstrong are taken away from a sleepy village summer by Emily's brother Harry who is a bureaucrat in the Secret Service Bureau in Whitehall  Harry is concerned by that a failed parachute killed an aviator working with a new airplane that is of interest to the government.  The spy duo infiltrate the aviation company with the excuse of interest in buying a plane.  They uncover lots of criminal activity and keep digging.  On the side they are preparing for the village summer fete.  Lots of local colour and highjinks.  Great read.
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If you're a fan of cozy mysteries, or you think you might be, T E Kinsey's series about Lady Hardcastle and her multi-talented ladies maid Armstrong is a great place to land. This, the seventh book, could be read without reading any of the earlier books, and will surely be loved by series completists. In this installment, I loved learning about early airplane and parachute development--the industrial setting of the mystery made for a nice contrast with the bucolic country town where Lady Hardcastle and Armstrong live. Thank you to the publisher and NetGallery for an ARC.
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Thank you to NetGalley and Amazon Publishing UK for kindly providing me with a digital copy of this book for review.
This is a pretty big statement but I think this is one of my most favourite cozy mystery series. I absolutely love the characterisation and they get better developed with each further book. These books have me chuckling and intrigued at the same time, and each new plot is unique and engaging. I found this plot line involving the emerging aviation industry in 1911 particularly interesting. I will definitely be carrying on with the series and highly recommended it.
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The Fatal Flying Affair is the seventh book in The Lady Hardcastle Series by T. E. Kinsey.  In this installment we find Lady Hardcastle and her right hand woman Armstrong being called to duty by King and Country, or better known as Harry, Lady Hardcastle's brother.  There is the possibility that shenanigans are going on at Bristol's aeronautics company. Fearing impending war due to Germany's posturing in Morocco, Harry is quite worried about the new parachutes and other plans being leaked.  Who better than Lady Emily and faithful Flo to check out the company.  

These tales are always a fun read.  If you are looking for a way to escape from your everyday life, no better way to do it than to spend time with the banter and fun in the Lady Hardcastle books.  Thank you #NetGalley for allowing me to give my honest review on #TheFatalFlyingAffair.  It was most enjoyable!
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Thank you to Netgalley for an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

I love Lady Hardcastle and Flo, and was excited to receive this book.  However, after having read six of their other books, and the short story (#1.5), I guess I have wearied of their schtick.  I could not get into this book.  One thing that annoys me is that the characters always allude to the very exciting pasts of Lady H and F, who were/are spies for the British government.  Previously, they traveled abroad and had to escape, under cover, across China, where F picked up her martial arts and meditating skills.  It seems to me that there should be at least one book covering this story.   

In this book, Lady H and F have been enlisted by her brother to look into the leaking of research materials and the mysterious death of a test pilot.  They manage to uncover even more!  Unfortunately, there was nothing particularly charming or funny or interesting about this story for me to really comment on.  It was not totally boring, but not un-put-downable either
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