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Meet Me at Fir Tree Lodge

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I was looking forward to this one but what a let down, i didn't like the characters the story was confusing at parts and also felt rushed. Nice cover though.
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This is a short and easygoing read. I managed to read it in a couple of hours.
The setting is perfect, and a perfect Winters day read.
There were many fun and humorous moments, but also sadness too. The book is also heartwarming though, and it is good to see Rebecca and Luke work through their fears.
The only criticism that I have is that the relationship between Rebecca and Luke happened very quickly, even for a romantic novel.  It seemed incredibly fast, given their personalities. The book was fairly predictable, but most romantic novels are, so this doesn't bother me. 
Despite this, I thought that the book was enjoyable and entertaining. I look forward to reading more books by this author.
Thank you to Netgalley and the Publisher for my ARC.
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I had such high hopes for this book, the description absolutely drew me in. Unfortunately the book just didn't hook me. The story felt forced, Rebecca and Luke didn't mesh well together, and the writing was a tad robotic.
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💕 Thank you to NetGalley U.K. and HQ Digital for a copy in return of an honest review

I found this story enjoyable. The main characters are well written, I love the honesty portrayed in their flaws and failings, so much so that my frustration and annoyance at some of their antics was evident. This to me, is good writing. They are real, they both have emotional scars to overcome and the story handles this truthfully.  That said, they are also funny, sweet and likeable. The circle of friendships within the book makes the story come to life. Hans and Luke's bromance is heart warming, I loved getting to know them.
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Thank you NetGalley, Rachel Dove and HQ Digital for the ARC of Meet Me at Fir Tree Lodge. This is my personal review .
This is the first book written by Rachel Dove I have read. 
I went into this with the mindset I would be enjoying much more than I did - I had read it was going to be a heartwarming novel.
But sad to say for me it was not at all. I did not feel anything towards Rebecca that made me think she was heartwarming and someone I wanted to know. Luke and Rebecca did not make a couple I would want to see stay together. They just did not mesh for me.
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Meet Me at Fir Tree Lodge by Rachel Dove
Publisher: HQ Digital
Genre: Romance
Release Date: October 9, 2020
Meet Me at Fir Tree Lodge by Rachel Dove is a beautiful story about love, hope, friendship, and the power of not giving up.

The opening of the book starts off in a dark way, filled with sadness, but it is so worth it to go through that with the characters. The characters in this book are so wonderful and they take you on a journey of growth & healing. I became so emotionally invested in this book. I laughed, I cried, and I swore a little! 😂

If you are looking for a story about hope, personal growth & recovery, and love, this is definetly the book you are looking for!❤️

I'm so grateful to Rachel Dove, HQ Digital, and NetGalley for providing me with a free copy of this ARC ebook in exchange for my honest review.
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This is the first book I’ve read by Rachel Dove and I’m so glad I found this book.  Normally, I don’t read reviews before reading a story, but I read some for this book.  I’m glad I ignored them and read this book anyway.  Rebecca was a successful skier until she had her accident.  She’s now working at her friend’s cafe, Alpine Bites, and living in the lodge upstairs.  When Hans, her boss, has a friend come to visit, he says he can stay with Rebecca.  Luke has come to learn to ski in hopes that it’ll get his dad, Frank, to fight to live, after suffering a stroke.  In this book, we get two romance chances instead of just one.  I won’t leave any spoilers, so grab your copy and see what happens.  Be prepared to laugh out loud while reading about these wonderful characters.
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Queen Rachel has done it again!!! This book really has given me all the feels. I have absolutely loved it! Definitely my favourite so far- I know I say that about all Rachel’s books but this one really is a fantastic and beautiful read.

I love Luke, he is genuine and likeable from the very beginning and I have been rooting for him and Bec. I absolutely love how this has played out and have definitely been left smiling.

Rachel has pulled me in from very early on, this has kept my attention and been completely impossible to put down. I literally have nothing negative to say about this magical read.

The cover alone, is enough to make you want to pick up this book. It’s beautiful and eye catching. The story inside is just as breathtaking.

Rachel has created a plot which plays out perfectly and is guaranteed to melt even the coldest of hearts. The characters in this one are a brilliant mix and definitely ones that as a reader you can relate to.

This is definitely a perfect read which I can highly recommend. This is deserving of all the stars, five stars really doesn’t do this one justice.
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Another one that just wasn’t for me. The romance here was far fetched. One minute Rebecca is hopping into bed with Luke and the next she’s complaining that they’ve only known each other a week so how could he really know her? Come on now. 

The friends in the alpine village were wooden too, just random characters with weird traits. Hans and Holly were awkward. Robbie repeatedly showing up was more awkward. Luke and Rebecca sniffing each other’s bathroom products was very childish. 

Just didn’t work for me.
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I’ve not read any books by Rachel Dove before but I really enjoyed this one.  Set in The French Alps Rebecca is hiding away after a serious skiing accident a few years ago. She works in The Alpine Bites owned by her friend/boss Hans who has taught her to bake. 
At first I thought Rebecca was going to be grumpy and standoffish but her attitude soon changes when a handsome friend of Han is forced to stay with her.
Luke gives Rebecca a reason to live again and she remembers her love of the slopes as she teaches him to ski.
Luke is also trying to sort out his life after falling out with his dad who has recently had a stroke.  

I wouldn’t say this book screams out Christmas but was a great read for this time of year, I’ve never been skiing but this made me excited for Luke and Rebecca enjoyed every page.
Thanks you Rachel Dove and HQ for my early copy.
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Meet me at the Fir Tree Lodge - Rachel Dove.

This was a new author for me and I was not at all disappointed. I really liked the gentle kind nature of Luke, and the history with his dad. Reading other peoples reviews it seems that Rebecca's character is not what they were expecting, she does come across quite brash and stand offish, however I must admit I quite liked her for this as it was refreshing from the normal cast of characters in a romance (specifically festive read) I felt that it made her more relatable and "normal".

The setting was just perfect for the ambience of the book (set in the French Alps) and working at Alpine Bites Cafe -just perfect. A great Christmas read with plenty of heart and funny moments.
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After an accident, and running from her past, Rebecca is staying at Fir Tree Lodge, in the French Alps, running the cafe. Luke, is her unexpected lodger.

The stunning location draws you in. Heartwarming, tears and laughter. A perfect escape. Just magical. Perfect sat wrapped in a blanket with a hot chocolate. A cozy read. Just loved it.

Thank you to #Netgalley and the publisher for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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This is the first book I've read from Rachel Dove and it definitely won't be the last. The book was a fun read, loved the storyline, the characters were fab and the book was so Christmassy it's now made me want to read more books with a Christmas theme xx
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A great fun read, full of wonderful characters, a lovely Christmassy feel and a a great way to spend a cosy night in. Which we have plenty of , get books like this  in to Make you feel warm.

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion
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Loved this book. From an accident, finding a long forgotten list left behind by a loved one. Comes a lot of heartache, a new life and lots of love. A wonderful book of hope, understanding and forgiveness.
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This is a new to me author and I wasn't sure what to except. What I got was a well written book that held my attention. The author made the book come to life with her words. This book was a joy to read and I look forward to reading more books by this author. Thank you HQ--HQ Digital via NetGalley for the ARC copy of this book. All opinions expressed are my own.
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First, I’ve got to say thank you to NetGalley and the publishers over at HQ Digital and Harper Collins for the ARC of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Meet Me at Fir Tree Lodge is a winter-y romance about an ex-champion skier who lost it all with an injury a few years ago and a man who’s been afraid to take risks until now. Set in the French mountains, this book is perfect for the Fall/Winter. The book is available for pre-order now.

When I went into this novel I didn’t know that it was going to be so short. The advanced copy I received was only 125 pages, but the text was pretty small so I’m not sure how it would all shake out in a normal copy. I also went in thinking this was set closer to the Christmas season for some reason and that’s my own fault and not the book’s at all. The problems that I did have with the novel are more based on set up than anything else. I think there are a few moments where logic is not a factor at all. The story itself has trouble finding a basis for the set up. I can understand that the author had a road she wanted to take her characters down that wouldn’t make sense unless it had this set up. But trying to find a reason to make that set up happen doesn’t work. I also had a problem with the main male character for about the first third of the book. I think his conflicting personality traits are just too polar opposite. He’s supposed to be this dorky IT guy who’s clumsy, but if you activate his Alphamale then suddenly he’s smooth and buff and kicks ass. I know characters are allowed to be contradictory like real people, but this was just too much.

I felt like the last 60 pages were what really got me invested, but by that point there was just too much to overlook. I really enjoyed the bits of angst we got toward the end before the resolution came into play. I also love the side characters and the setting. I think those are the two things that this author has done very well. I just wish that it could have been enough to offset the problems.

It’s a cute Adult Contemporary Romance if you’re looking for something to get you in the wintery mood. It’s also short and easy to read.
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In the heart of The French Alps lies Fir Tree Lodge and Alpine Bites Cafe. Rebecca runs the cafe for Hans and lives above it in the Lodge and tries to forget the life she once had.

Hans' best friend, Luke turns up and Hans tells him he can stay at the Lodge with Rebecca, much to her disgust. Luke is going through a tough time following an accident involving his dad, Frank who has had a stroke.

The problem is, Luke recognises her, he cant place her but it is only a matter of time. 

The pairs relationship blossoms much to Rebecca's annoyance. She tries with all her might to keep her feelings hidden but can she keep them hidden enough.

This book is idyllic. You can picture the Alps, the beauty that surrounds the cafe and the beautiful bakes that Rebecca makes.

This is a perfect weekend read, with a blanket and a hot chocolate.
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Rachel Dove is a new author for me, I simply couldn’t resist the lovely cover of Meet Me at Fir Tree Lodge.

I really enjoyed this book. It has great character development, a really cute romance, and plenty of humour.

I like the characters, Rebecca is lovely, though just starting to put her life back together. Luke is great, there are loads of funny moments with him, and he’s generally kind and caring. The secondary characters are great too, well drawn, and don’t feel like they’re just there as a background.

The one thing I really disliked about this book is the scene where Luke traps Rebecca in her bedroom because she’s angry with him. It is NOT okay to use your physical strength to make someone do, or not do, something. That is abusive. Thankfully, it was only very brief, but it totally wiped out all my good feeling towards Luke.

A heartwarming winter read, with plenty of funny moments, and a lovely happy ending.

I was given a free copy of this book, my opinions are my own.
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Rebecca meets Luke when he ends up being her lodger at Fir Tree Lodge in the French Alps. She is a a baker now, after a skiing accident ended her career.
Luke ends up staying with her because he know her boss. he has his own reasons for being in France, but what will happen when it is time for him to go back home?

A great setting for the book.
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