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One Snowy Week in Springhollow

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Love and true happiness cannot be found when one is unhappy with themself.  A story about friendship, family, love, acceptance of oneself, and others, this book had me cheering on Devon and Scarlett from the start.  A well written book that I couldn’t put down, it provide me with nice twenty-four hour break from reality to get me into the holiday spirit.  I will look for more books by Lucy Knott to enjoy.
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3.5 stars. This was an ok read.
Scar and Devon are best friends. They my are superheroes and do daredevil stuff. When they turn 16 Devon leaves for New York with his parents. 
Roll on 10 years and Devon returns to Springhollow. Scar tries to hide how she feels about him.
I'm not really a comic con fan but do know people who are. There were some places I did skim read.
I didn't see the point of the chapter with Ruby either, it just didn't ring true for me.
I  loved all the baking, it made it feel very christmassy.
Thanks to Netgalley and Aria for the ARC
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Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for an early review copy. 

A book which is perfect for this time of the year.

It’s set in a small village where the most adorable pair of friends, Scarlett and Devon live, they are geeky weirdos. 

But, they are separated for 10 years and now Devon has become a famous movie superhero, Scar has lost her confident and herself along the way.

TheIr reunion takes place in a week and you see whilst reading how Scar now starts to see her love for Devon and along the way geeky self is amazing. 

The story is not only romantic but also about  acceptance and learning to stand up for yourself not worrying what others say to you. 

Recommend it.
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4 star review of One Snowy Week in Springhollow by Lucy Knott 
What's not to love? It's the most magical time of the year and also happens to be my most favourite holiday. I love any story that is centred around Christmas. Lucy Knott is a new author to me and I enjoyed her style of writing.
After being away from home for years Devon, now a successful film star returns to Springhollow. Scarlett (Scar) is his childhood best friend who he left behind when he and his family suddenly moved to New York. 
When they were younger they had a connection, they helped each other escape the bullies and gave them the ability to be themselves; they supported one another. Both loved superheroes and Scar wanted to be an illustrator. However all that changed when he suddenly left, Scar put aside her dreams and settled in to stay in Springhollow. 
With Devon’s return, Scar still resents him having left  and yet there is something about him that makes her see him in a different light, more than an ex friend. Life hasn’t been easy for Scar, she still has to put up with the bullies and her mother’s judgement but will Devon's return be the catalyst to Scar finally having the courage to take a chance? One click and find out.
I received a copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley.
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I think this book is perfect for this time of the year (or whenever) but is such a light Christmas reading that I found myself wishing to be Christmas already!
The book is set in a small village where we are introduced to the most adorable pair of friends, Scarlett and Devon because they are a geeky weirdos. However, they are separated for 10 years and Devon has become a famous movie superhero and Scar has lose her confident and herself along the way.
The whole reunion takes place in a week and reading how Scar starts to see her love for Devon and along the way her try geeky self was AMAZING.

This story is not only romance but also acceptance and learn to stand by yourself not matter what the others said to you.


"I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own"
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I struggled with this book although I did finish it.  It just didn't seem to flow and the characters seemed to be stuck in their teenage years with attendant bullying and ended up overall somewhat irritating.  It was quite atmospheric with the Christmassy theme and the story seemed to flow better in the throwback passages to childhood.  Maybe I'm just not into superheroes or just it's because of the childish aspect of them haven't moved on into the adult world where there are movies and illustrations of comic strips alluded to but not detail.  It's a light enough read  
 and written well enough, just not for me.
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Simply love to read Lucy Knott books. They are all very different, interesting and fun. 
Superheroes and Christmas!? Not a combination I thought I would enjoy,  but loved reading this book, finding it hard to put down, and read it within a few days. 
Scarlett and Devon were best friends for all their lives until she is 16 and everything changes.
10 years later, her life is settled,  she is happy with her friends and her job. She has left her love of comics and superheroes behind, letting her mum and bullies from school rule her life.
Full of Christmas gingerbread,  inspiration for baking, and love of humans in all their guises.
This book is great, really enjoyed reading it and would recommend fir s fun festive read!! 
Thanks to NetGalley for the early read
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One Snowy Week in Springhollow is a sweet and clever winter romance and perfect for when the snow starts to fall! I love reading books like this during the holiday season and just may need to do a re-read! I recommend this one for those who enjoy a lighter read!
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This gorgeous Christmassy seconded chance love story was exactly what I needed to warm my heart and soothe my soul.
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I found the heroine rather irritating and just couldn’t buy the hero.  The premise is that Devon and Scarlett have been best friends since they were toddlers growing up in a small English village.  They shared a deep interest in superhero comics and movies.  They spent their childhoods trying out their nonexistent super powers and having to go to the hospital after those subsequent failures.  

Then suddenly, when they’re 16, Devon’s family suddenly moves to New York City.  And Scarlett is left alone to be bullied by the group of extraordinarily mean girls in her school.  She loses all confidence in herself and just can’t forgive Devon.  She refused to respond to all the letters he wrote her.  That just seems cruel.  How could she blame him for his parents moving away?  

Now it’s 10 years later and he’s returned to their village.  He’s become a star of a superhero movie.  And Scarlett has basically been stagnating ever since he left.  She buried her interest in superheroes and abandoned her ambitions to be a comic book artist.  Instead she’s an assistant to her friend at the local town newspaper.  She dresses in clothes she hates because her mom tells her to.  She has friends, but no one special.  And she spends half the book being mean to Devon when he tries to reconnect with her.

We’re told that Devon is a rising star in an upcoming movie.  But the author couldn’t be bothered to even tell what sort of superhero he is supposed to be playing.  Scarlett has a comic that she’s been secretly working on that is going to be fantastic.  But we don’t find out anything about what that is about.  I would prefer the author put a little more detail into those sort of major plot points instead of just telling us that he’s playing a superhero and she’s creating a new comic universe.  

So I ended up not having much sympathy for the heroine.  And I got a bit tired of reading how Devon was tearing up so often.  The idea could have been nice, but it just didn’t work for me.

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book that I received from Netgalley; however, the opinions are my own and I did not receive any compensation for my review.
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3.5 stars for this light & frothy tale of friendship, second chances and the magic of Christmas. For me this book is akin to a Hallmark movie: it's effervescent and a little bit cheesy but it's a fun way to pass the time. I appreciated Scarlett's journey getting back to her passion for drawing and the strong friendships she has in her life but found the  romance was just kind of 'meh.' I appreciated their friendship and the way their history was integrated into the present day story but I never felt truly invested one way or another in how things ended up for the Scarlett and Devon. The book does a great job of capturing the wonder of a small village Christmas so if you are looking for something to get you into the Christmas spirit or just a light read to take your mind off the current state of the world, this book is a good pick. 

Many thanks to Aria & Aries and Netgalley for the ARC.
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A really lovely read. Devon and Scar have been friends since childhood as they are both obsessed with superheroes, but when they are both sixteen he suddenly announces that he and his family are moving to New York Scar Is devastated. They meet again ten years later when Devon now a movie star comes home to Springhollow for a week at Christmas. Can they get there friendship back on track or is Scar still hurting so much that she can't forgive him for leaving. A lovely festive novel that you will want to curl up with a nice cuppa and will leave you with a nice warmhearted glow.
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A lovely story. I got frustrated with the main character Scarlett at times. I loved all the coffe descriptions and the gingerbread house. You knew what the ending would be. Nice how it moved back and forward. Funny how Scarlett's mummy wanted a girly girl not a tom boy and she still told her how to dress as an adult
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I loved this holiday read! The plot was so much fun and I enjoyed reading about the past and the present throughout the book. The sparks between the characters were do real and made me root for them the whole book. 

Thanks to Aria & Aries & NetGalley for a copy to honestly review.
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At the age of sixteen, Scarlett lost her partner in crime, Devon, to the city of New York; an ocean apart. Life continuing as a nerdy, superhero loving, bullied teen, is put behind her just to survive. Until one day, Devon returns to the village of Springhollow for a documentary about him, now celebrity superhero. How can Scarlett confront him after ten years… can she forgive him for leaving her?

I really wanted to like this book, I did. The summary made me think of a Christmas Hallmark movie, those are cheesy and still thoroughly enjoyable. I just couldn’t get into this story. It wasn’t for me. 

First off, I enjoyed the idea. I think conceptually "One Snowy Week in Springhollow" had a great storyline and the development of the setting – down to the holiday smells, colors, and crisp feeling of the air – was great! It felt like you were really enjoying Christmas in this little British village. The characters were just flat. I didn’t connect to them at all. I liked the nods back to their childhood, that was when I thought the characters were portrayed more realistically. But I never felt Scarlett and Devon really grew up (nor did any of the characters – really Ruby, that is why you have been so mean to Scar even ten years later?!?!) Devon was the “emotional” one, but Scarlett seemed just as emotional throughout the whole story. And I always have trouble when a character gives up on their dreams because at the age of sixteen their heart was broken by a childhood friend. 

I read the story to the end because I always feel like a book can redeem itself if you stick with it. I just finished it… that was all. Nothing to contemplate, no characters to swoon over and imagine what happened afterwards… it’s just over and I am moving on. 

Thank you, Aria and Netgalley for giving me the chance to read this ARC. As I said, unfortunately this story was not for me.
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One Snowy Week In Springhollow is such a nostalgic and heartfelt read. I adore Lucy's way with words, and characters, that changes even a simple sentence in to one of comforting delight. There's a way of enveloping you in the middle of the scene that this book especially manages to achieve that makes you feel so involved and invested in the moments and I enjoyed every page of it. 

Scarlett and Devon's friendship, both as children and as adults, was pure joy. I was instantly remembering scrapes, dreams, and games with my own childhood friends and how things are so intense and real at that age and also how we grow apart sometimes. Seeing their reunion and the difficulties they need to overcome and resolve was written in such a genuine way and felt believable. 

There is a wonderful cast of characters from Springhollow, particularly Scarlett's best friend and boss, Hope, who's own story with Jess I am hoping will become a novel on its own. Scarlett's strained relationship with her mother and the little touching moments with her Dad were also moving to read. 

The whole bunch of friends' love of all things comic and geekery really was fun to share, and as a big fan myself I enjoyed the references, subtle and not so. It is a nod towards the many superhero tropes of self belief, being the underdog, staying true to yourself and loyality to your friends that I felt fitted so well with the storyline. 

Full of wintery wonder and that cosy Christmas positivity we all need right now, this is a book to relish as the nights draw in
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I've read some heavy books this year, so it was time for an easy-to-read romcom oozing with Hallmark Christmas themes, a cheesy romance, and a predictable ending. While Springhollow ticked all those boxes, it was surprisingly so much more! 

There are many of us out there who were best friends with the opposite sex growing up and developed feelings for them as we got older. Some of those friendships evolve and last a lifetime, while others dissolve into memories. It's one of my favorite motifs in these types of books and Scarlett and Devon's friends-to-lovers story delivered. But what was even better than a glimpse at their childhood antics and individual growth was the fact that their story included a fun obsession with superheroes, comics, and the fact that Devon is now a superhero movie star.

While I loved Devon, Hope, and Jess, Scarlett was by far my favorite character: a bit of the quieter type, traumatized by childhood bullying, suppressing her passion for drawing and comics out of fear, sort of meandering through life as best she can. She was relatable in that regard and I felt empowered as a reader to take a long, hard look at my own life, how I hold myself back, and the direction I'd like to be heading in.

I've never read anything by Lucy Knott before, but I am excited to see what other books she's released. This story was a breath of fresh air and has me excited for Christmas.
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Lovely, slow-burn romance with Christmas baking and snow. Great writing that makes full use of the characters quirks, clothing choices, family angst, and the need to push past fear and truly live life the way it needs to be lived. The setting of a small village with its essential shops -- bakery, coffee, newspaper, library -- was lovely.
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Comic books, super heroes, Christmas and estranged best friends who might be meant for each other = a wonderful festive romance. I really enjoyed Scarlett and Devon’s story. I liked how Scar and Devons history together was sprinkled throughout the story and their childhood escapades made me chuckle. The author did a really good job of showing how they fit together in the past and then again in the present despite the ten years apart. The story was well written and filled with references that made my inner and outer nerd very happy.  Also shout out to supportive best friends Hope and Jess!!! Definitely worth a read.
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I am a massive fan of Lucy's books since I stumbled across her first release and have been so excited to read this years festive story. 

From the offset as soon as superheroes were mentioned I fell in love with Scarlett and Devon, we love everything Marvel and DC in our house as this story oozed superheroes and comic strips.

Scarlett is a character who has had a tough time due to bullying throughout school and a controlling mother and this story really jumped off the pages. I think at times we have all been a bit lost as to who we are as a person and been tempted to bend to peer pressure rather than stay true to ourselves. Throughout this story I could feel the infectiousness of her personality and it made me desperate to keep reading to see if she could find the traits of her personality she had buried 10 years ago. 

A wonderful story by Lucy that combined her massive love of superheroes with a wonderful heartfelt story set in the lead up to Christmas. A story that makes you want to curl up with a peppermint coffee and just keep reading as you gain attachments to the characters and want to see everyone's dreams coming true. This book would make a wonderful Hallmark Christmas film, I loved it and was desperate to keep reading but didn't want to reach the end in equal measures as I will truly miss Scarlett, Devon, Hope and Jess. 

Congratulations to Lucy on writing another wonderful heartwarming story that just captures your heart and runs away with it.
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