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Roberta, or Bobby as she is known as is an Air Transport Auxillary. She started off as a farmer's daughter, learned to fly planes to spray the crops. When the war started she joined up to fly the planes. She was tasked with flying all the different planes. Men envied her because they only flew one type. They were known as the glamour girls. 

A beautiful story spanning the second world war. Loved the determination in her to live her dreams and not let anything hold her back. Her family life was tinged with sadness. Her father seemed to support her in some ways, teaching her French and paying for flying lessons but then wanted to hold her back so she could provide an husband to run the farm. Her mother lost Bobby's twin brother at birth and never got over it. 

I really enjoyed getting to know Bobby, her family and her friends. It goes into a lot of details and I found it really fascinating to learn about life in the ATA. There is a bit of everything. Friendships, family, hope, sadness and a bit of romance. Totally loved this book.
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Bobby’s War by Shirley Mann is an excellent WWII era historical fiction novel that I truly loved. This is the first book I have read by this author, and it has most certainly made me a fan! 

This book takes us from the beginnings of WWII in England to just after VE Day. We follow Roberta Hollis (Bobby) as she blossoms into a strong, confident woman in her late 20s as an Air Transport Auxiliary pilot and the action-packed situations she experiences both on and off duty. 

I loved the wonderful cast of characters. Bobby is an amazing main character. She is like able, flawed, realistic, smart, fiery, passionate, driven, stubborn, and heroic female pilot. She is loyal and is a great role model and hero. The situations she encounters, and the smart decisions she makes, creates a wonderful journey for the reader. I loved the ever evolving story line in regards to her family and the transformations that occur. I loved Harriet, Edward, Sally, and the whole gang. 

I knew a lot about the civilian organization of the ATA, however I still was able to soak in even more as the author was able to place the reader literally into the cockpit of so many types of aircraft. Fabulous!

I loved the twists and turns in the book (no pun intended), the side story of the added romance, the imaginative way the author was able to place the reader into so many characters’ thoughts flawlessly, and I LOVED the ending.

I truly love this book and highly recommend it!

5/5 stars

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Bobby is one of the ATA girls heroes of WW2. The narrative follows exhilarating missions flying planes across the country, mishaps in rescue missions across seas, romance and a family with a complicated history. The main theme of women gaining independence and showing how they can be equals to men in the workplace made the story unique but also real to life. It was heartwarming to read the acceptance of Bobby's job by many of the males in the book and of course the happy ending which every war hero deserves. It's quite an open ending so I look forward to reading more of life at Salhouse farm. It wont let me link to goodreads so I will leave a review separately
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Outstanding! The best book I have read in a long time. The characters were all strong and understandable. The storyline kept you wanting to read more and was exciting throughout. There were no weak parts to the book. Half way through I was already trying to find out when the author had another book coming out! The final chapters brought tears to my eyes and smiles to my face! Highly recommended and wish there was a sequel coming out to find out how the family went forward after the war had ended!
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Bobby's War is the story of Roberta Harris known as Bobby daughter of a farming family who joins the ATA to do war work and she loves flying.As two men battle to win her heart bobby is determined to her job and help the war effort.i have loved this book Thank you to Shirley Mann its a fabulous read.5*
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If you love family sagas based in the war this is the book for you. A farmer girl who is now a fighter pilot just brilliant
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Roberta Hollis is known as Bobby, she's the daughter of a farmer. Now a female pilot it's war time 1942. She had a strange path joining the Air Transport Auxiliary leaving behind the farmhouse at salhouse farm and her fractured parents in Norfolk. First officer Hollis is on a mission to the Bicester airfield near Oxford after a hard day delivering four planes to locations she is hungry and tired but all in a days work known to the WAAFs as one of the glamour girls, her dream is to get her grades and fly a spitfire.
Gus Prince and Edward Turner are both fighting for her affection will one of them succeed?
I loved this book, Bobby is one determine fiesty woman with dedication to her job and to do her utmost to get through and win this war. she is an admiration to all the women doing a man job.
its an emotional journey throughout that I enjoyed reading every part of it.
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