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Ruthless Girl by Emma Tallon was a book I could not wait to get my hands on. I have loved all of Emma's books. This is OMG book 7 in the Anna and gangster Freddie's series and it was been a hell of a ride. I found this series has been one of my favourite series I have enjoyed reading, I found all of this fantastic series has been full of twists and turns throughout and I just didn't want it to end. 

I highly recommend all of these books in the Anna and Freddie's series. I loved them

Well Done Emma! 

Big thank you to Bookouture and to NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion
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This was a very fun read and an very interesting plot. I enjoyed the twists throughout the book. Held my attention throughout I'm very glad I got to read this.
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Secrets and lies threaten the Tyler gang. Anna has killed Russian gang leader Aleksei but not told her lover Freddie Tyler in order to protect her friends. Freddie is anxiously searching for Aleksei when his widow Sophia arrives offering a deal he can't refuse. Meanwhile Jim is released from prison with secrets from the past that could destroy the Tyler dynasty...
Events from the previous book set the scene for Ruthless Girl and I would recommend that you read the books in order (see my review of Fearless Girl). This is apparently the final book in the Tyler series but I'm hoping there will be more!
I was absolutely captivated by Ruthless Girl in just the same way as the previous book. The plot has plenty of twists and turns and the action doesn't let up for a moment. We see the perspective of the Tylers as well as their enemies so this builds tension and anticipation as we wait for events to unfold.
There is violence and murder but it suits the genre. The characters accept their flaws and acknowledge their likely fate whilst being fiercely defensive of their own code of conduct to protect their innocent relatives. The emotional connection between the characters and their devoted loyalty to each other raises the quality of this book even higher.
Halfway through there is a mention of an author and book from the Bookouture family that I have reviewed and I loved this little touch!
Ruthless Girl had me hooked all the way through: evreything works so well together (the plot, the characters, the pace, the style of writing) LOVED it :)
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Fans of the Freddie Tyler series by Emma Tallon will be thrilled to read the seventh installment, Ruthless Girl, which finds Anna Davis, girlfriend of powerful gangster, Freddie, who helps run his business as well as her clubs (with her best friend, Tanya) on the East End of London. She has been keeping a secret from Freddie – the fact that she was involved in the killing of the Russian crime boss, Alexis Ivanov, who had been trying to take over Freddie’s territory. His wife, the gorgeous and powerful Sophia Ivanov is set to get revenge for her husband’s death, and contacts Anna to partner up on arms sales. As is typical of the mob, there are some who aren’t to be trusted, and some who may cause danger to both Freddie and Anna. 

This well-written series keeps readers on the edges of their seats. In this installment, there are twists and unexpected turns, and at any given time, Freddie, Anna, and Tanya always seem to be in danger. The series is unique because the “bad” guys are the main characters, and readers are in love with them. It’s hard not to want the bad guys to win. Tallon has done an excellent job of developing the main characters, and while the novels can be read as standalone novels, it is recommended that new readers start with the first in the series and read them in order. The storyline of Ruthless Girl is fascinating, and will be very difficult to put down. 

This series is addicting, and, although most readers don’t know what really happens behind the scenes in a mob operation, the scenarios ring true. New readers will be hooked from the first book on, and won’t want to miss anything. This novel is highly recommended.

Special thanks to NetGalley for supplying a review copy of this book.
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Just as I have gotten into this series, Emma Tallon has gone and broken my heart by announcing that Ruthless Girl will be the last book in the Tyler family series, for now. I have become so attached to this series and its characters, but I understand when an author needs to move on to start something new and I am so happy that Emma Tallon has new crime thriller series is in the works, so she is forgiven!

With seven books in the series, you could think that it would be starting to get boring, stale and you are only reading it as you have invested so much time into it, but as each book is released, it feels like reading it for the first time and Ruthless Girl is no exception. I loved this instalment and it is most definitely my favourite in the series so far.

Ruthless Girl picks up where book six, Fearless Girl, left off and Emma Tallon wastes no time in getting the action started. I had barely gotten comfortable and myself buckled up before I was taken on a fast paced journey with plenty of twists and turns to rival any speedway race! The heart was definitely pounding reading this one!

What I love most about Emma Tallon’s books is she just gets on with it and there is never any unnecessary descriptive dialogue or filler chapters to bog it down. The writing is superb and the characters are first class and have been well nurtured over the course of the series. Emma Tallon has really given it her all with this book, the series and has produced something that will live on as new readers come on board. 

Whilst Ruthless Girl can be read as a standalone, I highly recommend you start from the beginning. I myself started with book five but did go back to listen to the previous instalments on audible (reviews still to come) and you would be missing out if you did not do the same.

I think you get the idea that I loved Ruthless Girl and is one book that I can not recommend highly enough. Congratulations on another outstanding read Emma Tallon and I will be eagerly awaiting the first book in your new series. It was an absolute pleasure to be able to read Ruthless Girl and all the other books in this amazing series.

Thank you to Emma Tallon, Bookouture and NetGalley for allowing me to read an advanced copy of Ruthless Girl, which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.
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Ruthless Girl by Emma Tallon is the seventh book and final book in the Tyler family series. I, for one will really miss this series. Although  every book is able to be read as a standalone, you will miss out on the growth, development and  continuation of the Tyler family's story. This is a series that has stayed as fresh and readable as it was with the first book.
We are back with the Tyler’s Freddie, Mollie, Anna, Tanya, Paul. Anna and Freddie have now got back together so everyone is happy, or so it seems.Sophia Ivanov, is certain Freddie killed her husband and although they weren't really the closest of people, she feels a loyalty so needs to take revenge.She makes a business proposition that would involve merging the two crime families together to traffick firearms, a very tempting offer, but is she to be trusted?
There is a new addition, Jim who returns and thinks his 25 years in prison deserves payback by the family. There are bombshells to be dropped, secrets spilled and all the normal trouble this family can find themselves in on a daily basis.Every character has been created by Emma to be memorable and, boy will they be remembered. A gritty gangland thriller that has ended, for now. I can only hope that Emma will one day return to the Tyler family and bring them back to their crazy trouble strewn lifes.
Thanks to Bookouture and NetGalley for the copy of the book for me to write this review today.
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I was drawn to this book by the title “Ruthless Girl”. It drew a picture in my mind of what the ruthless girl might look/be like, and made me wonder: Who is the ruthless girl?

This is book 7 in the series but it was easy to read and very enjoyable as a standalone book. I’d definitely love to read more by this author, though

The opening is very engaging and dramatic as someone is shot within the first few pages! From then on, I was hooked!

One of my favourite aspects had to be the way Emma brings her characters and the gangland culture in which they live, to life. I loved the use of dialect to make the characters more real, more British.

Gang leader Freddie is one of my favourite characters I have ever read about in a book. He is clever, cunning, brutal, violent…but he also shows another, more human side where he is loving, loyal and caring. There was one particular part when Freddie is talking to his mum, and this exchange even managed to make me quite emotional.

The plot gains pace towards a gripping and climatic ending. There are many cliff hanger endings to chapter, and I loved the use of questions to draw you in and make the reader want to find out what happened next. There is twist after twist – I waes completely hooked!

The ending was brilliant and leaves it open for another installment of this incredible series – I really hope there is one!

This book is perfect for fans of gritty, gangland crime drama and I highly recommend it!
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Ruthless Girl by Emma Tallon is part of a series with the main protagonist of Anna Davies. I got into this not knowing the background but to my surprise it never felt as if I was missing out on the earlier part of the series. The past is appropriately weaved in with not too much baggage. 

Anna Davies is a one of the leads of London's biggest Crime Networks. She is young, smart, successful and brave. This series bring out her ruthless personality as a past act threatens to come out on the open. The story is about her way of dealing with it and is very engaging and engrossing. Although the protagonist are part of a crime syndicate I somehow still felt a soft spot for them and the author has successfully been able to bring out the human side of the members of the crime family without losing out on their dangerous behaviour and activities. 

If you love to read stories involving members of the crime families and love reading about a female protagonist then this story is for you. 

I thank Bookouture, the author and Netgalley for approving my request to read and review the story and the opinions expressed are entirely mine
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Anna Davies is young, smart and successful, plus she’s the head of one of London’s biggest crime networks. She’s seen off her abusive ex-boyfriend and cut her teeth managing clubs around London’s West End. But nothing could have prepared her for what’s around the corner…

Beautiful, rich and powerful, Sophia Ivanov has been sniffing around Anna’s business empire and she’s got only one thing on her mind – revenge. She’s convinced Anna and her gangster boyfriend, Freddie Tyler, killed her Russian crime boss husband, Alexis, and she’s determined to make them pay.

When Sophia turns up at their club one night, it’s clear she’s not there for a friendly visit and tensions begin to flare. Anna knows Sophia is a danger to their business, but she doesn’t realise how much until Freddie finds himself in unthinkable danger. Can Anna and Freddie get rid of Sophia once and for all… and what will be left when the fighting stops?

It is hard to believe that this is the 7th book in this amazing series.  I’ve read and loved every single book and this one was no exception.   An utterly gripping crime thriller that I read in two sittings only stopping to feed the family etc .   Right from the first page I was glued to this book and at the end of each chapter I just wanted to keep reading . Just superb.

My sincere thanks to Netgalley,  The Publisher Bookouture and Emma Tallon for the ARC. This review is completely my own honest review.
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This is the 7th book of the series and they keep getting better and I can never get enough
This is a crime thriller/mob story and the same characters are in all the books and to know what is going on then I recommend reading them in order.
Anna Davies is young, smart and successful, plus she’s the head of one of London’s biggest crime networks.
Beautiful, rich and powerful, Sophia Ivanov has been sniffing around Anna’s business empire and she’s got only one thing on her mind – revenge. She thinks Anna and Freddie has her Russian crime boss husband killed.
Freddie Tyler runs everything in the city of London. He is also Anna's boyfriend.
I can never get enough of this series. The whole family dynamics and how they treat people who are loyal to them. But don't double cross them.
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As always 5 stars! Amazing 7th book in the series, loved it, read in 2 sittings, but totally gutted to hear that this will be the last instalment. Please Emma don't leave us hanging, there's still some lose ends to the up!
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Ruthless Girl is the seventh and final instalment in the Tyler family series, which is bittersweet, however, Tallon leaves on a high and has said she is working on a new series featuring the Drew crime family who I hope will be just as amazing; we even get a sneak peek of them in this book. It isn't necessary to have read the preceding instalments before diving into this one as the plot is self-contained but you will miss out on the development and dynamic of the Tyler's. Following their fight to keep the Russians from establishing themselves on their patch, Freddie and Anna's crew are still suffering the fallout. When Sophie Ivanov, the widowed wife of Russian gangster Alexis, who believes Freddie and Anna had a hand in her husband's murder, proposes a solution to the Tyler's - she wants the two crime families to merge into one in order to traffick firearms, which would be a lucrative business for both parties, can she be trusted or does she have revenge at the centre of her plans?

Meanwhile, a man calling himself Jim Martin turns up claiming to be one of Freddie’s father's old friends and is requesting payment in the form of a job in the firm for apparently having spent 25 years in prison for a murder he didn't commit. But the Tyler’s are far from gullible and smell something extremely fishy and they'd be right; a bombshell is about to be dropped. This is a dramatic, action-packed and danger-ridden organised crime thriller which starts with a bang and ends on an equally shocking note. It's gritty and gripping with exciting developments aplenty and Tallon really knows how to pen gangland crime. There is a couple of equally interesting plot threads and both had my heart thumping and fingers flipping the pages more and more anxiously. A cracking, fast-paced read with a palpably tense atmosphere. Highly recommended. Many thanks to Bookouture for an ARC.
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Another brilliant book from Emma Tallon. 
I love reading about Anna and Freddie as it’s like catching up with old friends. 
This books starts where the last one left off, and Alexsei is still ‘missing’ but we know that Anna, Tanya and Josephine know what happened. 
Freddie on the other hand is completely in the dark so is shocked when Alexsei’s wife turns up telling him his body is under the rubble of a demolished building. 
She has a business proposition for him and everything in me was screaming not to trust her, but he does the deal, thinking he’ll keep an eye on her. 
Jim also appears in Freddie’s life and despite his suspicions, he gives him a chance as he says he was friends with his Dad. 
There’s a few shocks in store in this book and I loved the way it ended. 
I understand Emma is moving on to another crime series but hope one day we’ll hear from Anna and Freddie again. 
Thanks to Bookouture and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book.
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Fabulous as always! I'm so sad that this was the last installment of this incredible series, it has been such a journey and I've literally fell in love with most of these characters and will miss reading about them to be honest! And yes I cried buckets at certain parts as I knew I would. I can't recommend these books enough! They are addictive, gritty and real. Absolutely brilliant! As always a very easy five star rating!
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Tyler Family Series #7

Sophia Ivanov has been sniffing around Anna' business empire and she believes that Anna and her gangster boyfriend, Freddie Tyler, killed her Russian crime boss and husband, Alexis. She's determined to make them pay. Sophia visits their club one night and tension begins to flare. Anna knows that Sophia is a danger to their business, but she just doesn't realise how much.

I've been following this series from the beginning and each book is  better than the previous one. I love the four main characters, Freddie and Paul Tyler and best friends Anna and Tanya. It's action packed and the plotline is complex. There's plenty of twists and I was on the edge of my seat on several occasions. I'm sorry to see this series end but I'm also looking forward to reading whatever Emma has in store for us next.

I would like to thank #NetGalley, #Bookouture and the author #EmmaTallon for my ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I truly enjoyed reading this book and thought that the characters and story writing.were well presented.

Even though this is the last book of a 7 book series, it was my first read of Emma's books and I do not feel that I missed anything important by jumping to the last book. Readers who have read all the series probably found the ending more of an emotional attachment but I would definitely recommend this series to other readers who love reading gritty, underworld crime

This genre is so rich in new books and some amazing authors at the moment and although this may not be the top of the tree it is certainly is in the highest branches.

I look forward to seeing what the author gets up too in the next series.

#RuthlessGirl #NetGalley
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If I had known Ruthless Girl was last in the series, I wouldnt have picked it to read as I feel it diminishes the reading pleasure.  However, I am determined to start the series from the beginning as I was impressed with the characterisation and the plot of the novel.  I look forward to Starting Emma Tallon's new series from the beginning.  4 stars
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Another brilliant book by Emma in the Freddie and Anna series and sadly the last one. It is a fast paced storyline that gripped from the first to the last page and just as brilliant as all of the previous books. It is an amazing series that I am very sad to finish but would recommend it 1000%, you won’t be disappointed!!
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Having read every book in this excellent series I looked forward to the latest installment,I was not disappointed as this book was every bit as good as the others.Anna ,Freddie and Tanya are on the up again after dealing with the Russian gangster in the last book, But soon they realize that his wife Sophia is every bit as dangerous and they are once again thrown in to having to save their empire by using every means possible to stay ahead of the game.Freddie is also having to deal with shocking news from is past,Emma Tallon has said this is the last book in the series and in my opinion she has gone out on a high,it will be a shame to not read any more of Anna and Freddie' s exploits but all good things come to an end.This is a superb series of books and if you enjoy this genre dive in and enjoy but I would start at the beginning of them all.
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Ruthless girl is the latest offering in the Anna Davis/Freddie Tyler gangster series and is a great read.

An old face from the past turns up claiming to have been a good friend of Freddie’s father and requesting a job within the firm in recognition of taking the rap for a murder he didn’t commit and completing a 25 year prison sentence.  Something about Jim Martin doesn’t add up and after seeing his mother’s adverse reaction to him Freddie’s suspicions are aroused but nothing could prepare him for the bombshell he is about to uncover.

The widow of Russian gangster, Alexsei proposes that the two firms come together in the trafficking of firearms providing both with a lucrative arrangement.  Is she to be trusted given the bad blood between the Tyler’s and Alexsei or does she have an ulterior motive.  Her sudden appearance puts Anna, Tanya and Josephine in a dangerous position and if the trio’s secret is revealed to Freddie his trust in them could be destroyed.

Loyalty and how it can be put to the test plays a big part of this book.  If you’ve read the previous instalments of this series you will love this next chapter.

Many thanks to the publishers and netgalley for the advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.
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