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In a then and now fashion answers are being sought find out why high school teacher Elena Mayfield was murdered. For one thing Elena was having an affair and that alone raised a lot of eyebrows. Jane is another teacher at their high school and she had befriended Elena and stands by her despite the risque behavior of Elena's affair. 
The school had arranged for a fundraiser, in part sponsored by a club started by Elena. The fundraiser went off without a hitch, but the very next morning, Elena's body was found. With the vast amount of people that were at the fundraiser, there certainly is no shortage of suspects. It soon becomes more than apparent that there are just as many motives as there are suspects.

Lies and secrets most certainly play into what has happened to Elena. So, as the story plays out in the weeks leading to the murder, readers get Jane's viewpoint with alternating chapters as well as the voice of Amy, an office worker at the school. What did Jane, Elena and Amy have in common and why does Amy have a voice in this intriguing story?

Whether the story was being told from the school's environment or in the private lives of those connected with the high school, issues prove that no one is without fault. The drama is real, the tension is high and the shock value kept me riveted from beginning to end. I enjoyed this psychological thriller by Laura Wolfe and cannot wait to read more from her in the future.

Many thanks to Bookouture and to NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.
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Read like more of a drama than thriller for me but still entertaining. 

I enjoyed the writing and characters. The setting worked well. The start pulled me in right away. Unfortunately, there was a bit of a lag in the pacing after that. Once the story picks up there are some nice twists and red herrings. There are a number of possible “suspects” to choose from. Wrapped up well, satisfying. I would try more by this author. 

Thanks to NetGalley, the author and Bookouture for a copy in exchange for a review.
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This was my last read in November, it was a good one to end the month with!
The morning after Ravenswood HIgh School's annual fundraiser, Geeks and Goblins, a jogger discovers the body of a woman on the soccer field.
It is the new English teacher Elena Mayfield, and she's been murdered.
The story goes back seven weeks earlier, when Elena first joins the school. The new teacher has arrived and immediately begins stirring things up.
She starts a new poetry club without proper authorization from the principal, and begins a romance with the gym teacher who has a reputation as a ladies man.
Jane Bryson the AP science teacher befriends Elena. She and husband Craig live a happy, if routine life.
Jane adheres to the rules, but is supportive of her free spirited colleague.
Amy Granger works in the school office part time. She has gone through a hurtful divorce and is trying to rebuild her life. Daughter Rowan attends the school and the acrimony between her parents has caused her to struggle. She joins the new poetry club as an outlet for her feelings.
As the police investigate Elena's brutal murder, the suspect list grows longer. Not everyone loved her, but who would want her dead? 
This was a suspenseful thriller with a surprise ending I didn't guess!
The characters were very well developed and I enjoyed their different perspectives.
A gripping and entertaining story.
Thank you Bookouture for the e-ARC via NetGalley.
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As I stood waiting for the year to turn, my eyes drifted along the titles that I had yet to read. And one of them caught my interest – She Lies Alone – a murder mystery.

A new English teacher, Elena, who pushed boundaries and rules, an old Chemistry teacher, Jane, who followed rules, became friends until Elena was found dead. A didn’t like her as appearances were contrary. But who hated her the most?

My first book by author Laura Wolfe, the first chapter was compelling. I was soon caught into the web that the author had laid out for me, completely embroiled in the inter-personal relationships of the teachers and students.

Set in a small town, with gossip and suspects aplenty, the writing had me twisted in knots, wondering who could have done the whack job. The pace was zip zap zoom. I could finish the book in a couple of hours. The best way to celebrate New Year’s Eve.
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Holy cow, another wow thriller from Laura Wolfe!  This was a very intense, thrilling, chilling, and shocking read!  This is my second book by this author and both were absolutely unputdownable, riveting, and excellently written!  This book was very well written, unique, and riveting.  The characters were developed so great, it made it impossible not to connect and need to find out what happens to them!  This book had me needing to know what exactly would happen and to whom!  A great thrill ride of chills and shocks!  Highly, highly recommend!  

Will buzz around platforms.
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What a page turner!! I finished this book in record time because of how exciting it was. From the very beginning it held my interest & held on tight throughout the entire book. The plot twist & unexpected turns left my head spinning. I really loved this one!
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The opening  chapter of this book starts with a murder of a local teacher Elena Mayfield who is found dead by a jogger.
The story then flips back to seven weeks before her murder and follows Jane, Science teacher and all round good egg. She is married and befriends Elena, the new English teacher. 
We also follow Amy, school secretary/accountant recently divorced and unhappy. Her daughter Phoebe is in Jane and Elena’s classes and is tumbling out of control.
Elena is a rule breaker and soon gets in trouble with the headmaster and becomes romantically involved with Nick, the sports coach.
Several people are in the frame for Elena’s murder but I had worked it out half way through - still this didn’t spoil my enjoyment of the book.
4 Stars ⭐️ 
Thanks to #Netgalley and #Bookouture  for allowing me to read this book in return for a fair review.
I enjoyed the storyline though a bit slow in places - it kept me reading
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‘She Lies Alone’ by Laura Wolfe is a twisty psychological thriller that ramps up the mystery as well.
A body is found in the grounds of Ravenswood High School it is the body of the new English teacher, Elena Mayfield. Then the story takes us back seven weeks and is told from the point of views of Jane Bryson, another teacher and Elena’s friend and Amy who is a parent to one of the pupils and is the school accountant. I enjoyed the way it was written, creating an intriguing and tense storyline, one that had me taking wild guesses throughout.

We see Elena being a new member of the teaching staff and she becomes friends with Jane, who is the one who keeps to the rules and does as it is meant to be. Elena is the opposite, she is always pushing the boundaries. This makes her quite a refreshing change in their school setting, although she may have been popular not everyone was as keen on her wild child side and the trouble it caused. Elena begins to have a relationship with another teacher, and Jane, the ever-faithful keeps her secrets. They all end up helping at the Halloween party at school along with Amy’s daughter, Phoebe who is quite a big piece in the puzzle overall, as she is struggling with friends at that moment too.

This is an absorbing read in which we discover all the consequences of Elena’s behaviour. The characters are all colourful and brilliantly flawed in their own ways, but this makes the story so real. The setting of the school creates plenty of threads that are woven together to make one complex murder mystery in a small town. Then we have the sinister things going on too! All of these factors make a brilliant twisty and engrossing book.

Thanks to Bookouture and NetGalley for the copy of the book for my review today.
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What a wild ride! I didn’t read any reviews before starting She Lies Alone and wow, what a surprise I got! This is the sort of book I dream of! 

Suspenseful, dark and leaving tremors down your spine. I was desperately trying to piece this story together (I got it wrong haha). The character development is second to none and the suspense that flows through these pages is crazy! I’m a streak at the moment with good books and at the risk of repeating it! 

You’re going to hear a lot about She Lies Alone!
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I enjoyed this character driven suspenseful whodunnit. The High School setting was the perfecr backdrop for this well crafted mystery. The story is told from two perspectives. Jane, a chemistry teacher at Ravenswood High School, is a friend to the unsuspecting victim. Amy Granger, parent of a high school student who also works at the school, adds clarity and confusion to this puzzle where all the pieces lead to the satisfying conclusion. This was my first book to read by Laura Wolfe, but will definitely not be my last. I recommend this to anyone who loves a thrilling, well paced mystery, with characters you will both love and hate.  Thank you NetGalley and Bookouture for my ARC in exchange for an honest review. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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3.5 Stars

This one was a bit of a mixed bag. Overall, I enjoyed it. The character development was top notch. It had an easy flow to the writing. The prologue throws you right into the action (the discovery of the body). After that it takes quite a good chunk of the book (I want to say 60-70%?) to get back to that point. And I felt myself growing a little bored and wanting the author to just get on with the murder and aftermath. However, as a mentioned, the characters themselves were quite interesting, and that was ultimately what kept me going.
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She Lies Alone was just an average thriller for me. The very beginning was done well but then it began to drag until the murder happened. The second half of the book was faster paced and while the ending was just okay, I thought the epilogue was well done. There were some twists and red herrings but overall this story did not wow me. 

Thanks to Bookouture and Netgalley for an advance copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.
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She lies Alone is set against a Highschool backdrop. Told in the voices of Jane Bryson, the Chemistry teacher and Amy, the part time school accountant and mother of a high schooler.
The story begins with the discovery of the body of
Elena Mayfield, stabbed,  in the soccer field one morning.
Elena is an English teacher, who has bent almost all rules of the school and loves to make learning fun for her students. Her behaviour and lifestyle have upset quite a few people at the school, which makes for a wider suspect list. Meanwhile a serial killer too is active in the area and its upto the police to find out if this is a part of the serial killings or if someone who holds a grudge against Elena has killed her.

Nicely written and well wound up plot line.
Thank you Netgalley and Bookouture for the ARC
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Laura Wolfe has written a cracking psychological thriller heavily dosed with mystery, set at a prestigious High School - Ravenswood. A jogger discovers the deceased body of newly employed and very popular English teacher Elena Mayfield on the soccer field. Jane Bryson, a long-serving science teacher at the same school was delighted when Elena joined Ravenswood High as she had a friend who had been ready to challenge authority. Jane had always given Elena her support and kept Elena's affair with another colleague a secret from the gossips and blabbermouths, however, someone had disliked Elena enough to kill her.

Told from the perspectives of Jane and Amy Granger, the school accounts clerk, the story unravelled at a speedy pace and there were several suspects. With troubles developing, and personality clashes emerging, the stifling school environment was a great backdrop for the growing tension and undercurrents amongst the staff and students. The characters were well portrayed by Laura Wolfe once I had them all straight in my mind, and most were likeable. Jane and Elena's contrasting personalities provided added dimension and I enjoyed the Halloween theme and autumnal touches. Twisting and suspenseful, She Lies Alone was a thoroughly entertaining and mesmerising mystery that I'm certain most psychological thriller aficionados will enjoy.

I received a complimentary copy of this novel from Bookouture via NetGalley at my request and this review is my own unbiased opinion.
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She Lies Alone is a good story about lies, family conflict, friendship and trust. Elena is a mystery character. She is full of surprise and secrets. I’m not sure what is she hiding for, but I think, that is how we as a newcomer start our life in somewhere new and be careful in meeting new people. 

While Jane is a character that moves the story. She a bit friendly and want to make friend with Elena. I am not really like Jane’s but end up I love how she values her friendship between her, Elena and Liam. She also the one who helps Elena solving the problem that occurs.

This story makes me want to know more about the reason for the murder, why it happens and who did it? A slow pace of reading and bit drag until Elena had been murder. I keep read even though until 3 am. 

What I love about this book is each chapter comes in point of view (POV) for each character. From there, I was a reader can know what is their perception, what they are thinking and what they are planning. Especially I can get the knowledge of the character itself. 

Thank you Netgalley for giving me a chance to read this ebook in return with an honest review. This book will be available on 9 November 2020.

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With a gripping start of a jogger coming across English teacher Elena’s body on the soccer field, we are then taken back seven weeks previously.

Dual narrated by fellow teacher Jane and Amy who works in the office of the school, which her daughter Phoebe attends.

Jane was Elena’s most supportive friend, even keeping her secrets. Although she quickly became popular not everyone liked Elena’s free spirited nature and the trouble she has stirred up.

This book played out like a movie as I read and I’ve not had that happen in a while. The characters are brought to life and full of personality, especially Phoebe and Rowan. Phoebe I pictured as Fairuza Balk from The Craft.

A great whodunnit murder mystery within the setting of a school and small town community. This would also make a really good book club choice as there are plenty of themes to evoke discussion.

This book shows the cliques and politics of both teachers and students, how gossip is deadly and judgement is easy to pass.
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First, I want to thank Laura Wolfe, Bookouture and NetGalley for providing me with this book so I may provide you with this review. 

She Lies Alone by Laura Wolf read like a Lifetime Movie playing in your mind! Laura brings out the high school drama not only with the students but teachers too. It is an intense, fast paced, suspenseful, incredible read that hits on some important topics.

Right off the bat Laura brings you right into the fast paced story line. The scene is written very descriptively where we learn of the ELA Teachers death. However, it is a mystery throughout the whole book when, why, and how she dies. The reasons will totally shock you as I didn’t even see it coming. 

There are sensitive topics that She Lies Alone touches on such as Teen Depression. Laura has been affected with this mental illness personally as well as her family members. By Laura writing about it I hope this brings awareness to the topic.

Throughout this book I found so many hidden messages that I loved. One was that the ELA Teacher Elana looked past Rowan’s rough image and background. She took the time let him express himself through poetry. 

International adoption was another important topic that was brought up. That storyline tugged on my heart. The way Laura described those cute adorable babies my heart melted! 

Many I feel will be able to relate to Phoebe’s story in one way or another. It was one of my favorite storylines. Laura did an incredible job pulling out all of her emotions in this storyline.
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This enthralling thriller opens with the discovery of the dead body of Elena Mayfield on the soccer field of Ravenswood High School where she taught English. Then the story slips back seven weeks in time and we follow the events leading up to her death as seen through the eyes of science teacher Jane and Amy who worked at the school as a part time accountant and whose daughter Phoebe was in pupil at the school and was in both Jane and Elena's classes. Although none of the chapters were voiced from Phoebe's perspective, her storyline was pivotal to the plot as we witnessed her struggle with her identity and fight back against her mother's control. I thought that Phoebe was a fantastic character and I felt that the author's portrayals of her conflicting emotions and rebellion were very realistic and believable. Being a teenager isn't easy,what with raging hormones, exams and having to make decisions that could possibly affect you for the rest of your life and poor Phoebe's life wasn't made any easier by things that were happening in her private life. I really liked Phoebe and her fellow misfit friend Rowan but was I right in liking them or were the two rebels capable of murdering the one teacher who was willing to give them a chance and see past the judgements and prejudices of others including Phoebe's mother?

I had mixed feelings about Jane although I did admire her determination to uncover who had murdered Elena but was that just a clever ploy by the author to distract the reader from the fact that Jane was actually the killer? As for Amy, she seriously got on my nerves and I could fully empathise with Phoebe and completely understood her actions and behaviour. I know that I was supposed to feel sympathy for Amy once she started receiving the mysterious notes in her mailbox but although I was intrigued to discover who was sending them, the situation didn't alter how I felt about her character. I loved free spirited Elana with her bright clothes and rebellious attitude, she was the type of teacher that everyone wishes to have at school. But in this story of identity and judgement, someone had decided that she deserved to die. Who out of the multitude of suspects had murdered her and what was their motive? Had she fallen victim to the mysterious Silver Slasher or was her killer someone who was hiding in plain sight?

This is a intricately plotted,well written mystery that draws the reader in and keeps you guessing as the drama, trials and tribulations of the realistic characters unfolded before your captivated eyes. I really enjoyed this enthralling story and would happily read more of this talented author's books in the future.
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Unputdownable. Addictive. A triumph. Wow this book was something else! One of my favourite books of the year! I loved it, loved it, loved it. So very glad I discovered this author. Just amazing. Please read this book.
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This book was provided to me by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  
The prologue sets the scene with the discovery of a body on the high school football field.  From there, it sets up all the characters, and leads up to the murder.   This takes 62% of the book.  The book is told from two perspectives, Jane, the AP Chemistry teacher, and Amy the mother of one of Jane's students, who is a part-timer in the school office as an accountant.  I felt like this book was a bit slow.  It didn't hold my attention and wasn't one that I couldn't put down.  That being said, I didn't predict the murderer, and I didn't hate it.  Thank you NetGalley, Bookouture and Laura Wolfe for giving me this book.
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