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This book was received from the Author, and Publisher, in exchange for an honest review. Opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own.

This is a non spoiler review, because you as reader need to read this book. Also, I feel sometimes I have in the past gave away to much of the plot line. This has diminished the pleasure for would be readers

What an captivating start to a new series, the author Terry Lynn Thomas hooked me from the start. Divorce Attorney Olivia Sinclair life is good. She is about to retire and sell her practice. Happily married for the last thirty two years to her husband Richard.

On the day she is celebrating her sixty second birthday, everything changes, and the world she knows comes crashing down. A video is sent to her email that contains the worst possible betrayal ever. The video contains her husband sleeping with someone else besides his wife…

Everything Olivia thought was real her marriage has been a lie, and her husband is not the person she thought he was. Olivia Sinclair is a divorce attorney, so her of all people should have seen the signs. In a series of events Richard’s mistress comes up dead and Olivia is a prime suspect.

This was fabulous fast past thriller, that keeps you moving forward as the secrets Olivia uncovers along with interesting twists keeps you glued to the pages.

A gripping read for sure as tense and Thomas’s writing style is something I truly enjoy.I was intrigued as the investigation to the murder slowly reveals itself. I thought the main protagonist Olivia was someone I could relate to and her emotions were realistic.

Excited to see how the author expands the series and I am sure I will love the next installment.
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So first of all what a brilliant book! I literally read it in 2 sittings I couldn’t put it down 😍 I was hooked and I loved the writing throughout, kept me hooked and interested. 

I loved the plot and for the first time in a while, I was correct! I had my suspicions on two characters from the beginning and as the story went on I was certain it was who I thought. And even though I figured it out, how it unravelled was brilliant. 

Super fast paced, gripping and literally loved it throughout! 😍
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One of my top reads of 2021! It’s sooo good and you won’t want to put it down! I highly recommend this book!!!
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Thanks to NetGalley and to the publisher for the ARC, which I received in exchange for my honest review. The Betrayal is a fast paced domestic thriller about a divorce attorney whose life is turned upside down when she learns that her husband has a mistress and that mistress has been murdered.  As an attorney myself, I thoroughly enjoyed the author's choice to have a smart female protagonist. 

The main character, Olivia, while brilliant in the workplace, is blind when it comes to the shortcomings of her own husband. The irony of a divorce lawyer being unaware that her own marriage is mired in deception was not lost on me and makes for a great plot. Readers will enjoy following along as Olivia uses all of her hard earned legal knowledge to prove her innocence. 

Although, I figured out the identity of the murderer rather early on, this in no way detracted from my enjoyment of the book, If you are looking for a fast paced thriller with a strong female lead you can root for, check out The Betrayal.
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I received an ARC copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest opinion of it. This is the first book that I have read by this author and I really enjoyed it and intend to read more. Olivia is a divorce attorney married to Richard. She always thought they had a happy marriage until the day she receives a video from an anonymous person showing her husband having sex with someone else. When that person is murdered, Olivia is accused of the murder as all of the evidence points to her. I really liked all of the twists along the way and this book had me changing my mind several times about who did it.
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A wife accused of the murder of the husband’s mistress. Author Terry Lynn Thomas gave me a fun read where all the characters go through their paces in the book.

This was a straightforward story of a louse of a husband and the divorce attorney of a wife who was soon caught in the whole rigmarole. A murder was the focus of the investigation with the cops bearing down on the wife.

Having read books by this author, I would say I liked this one more. The writing was easy where I didn’t really have to concentrate too hard. The story had enough emotions and subplots to keep me hooked.

I had the audio version of the book too so the narrator was excellent. I could listen to the book at 1.5 speed with her intonation and expressions.

The ending dragged slightly but it was okay. I didn’t mind it. Overall, I would say this is one of my most easiest and fast reads of 2021.
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Olivia is a solicitor and on her birthday she receives a video of her husband having an affair with his secretary. Very soon after, she is arrested at her home, for both their murders. She now has to prove herself innocent.

There are a lot of twists in this book which makes it a captivating read, and one for your psychological thriller TBR pile!
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Olivia Sinclair is all set to sell her law practice, retire and enjoy her days with her husband Richard Sinclair, lawyer par excellence, handsome, best at his job, successful. The couple have it all.

Olivia receives an anonymous video which shows Richard with another woman. Her world shattered, Olivia just about confronts Richard, when she is arrested for the murder of the girl in the video.

Its clear Olivia has been set up, but by whom and for what benefit? While coping with her situation, Olivia must also free her daughter Denny from her marriage to David, which she feels is a charade. 
A good mix of characters, interesting story line and a quick read. Thank you Netgalley and HQ Digital fo the ARC.
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Firstly a big thank you to the publishers for my copy to review on netgalley.  This is a new author for me.

A thriller set around a huge relevation and who did the crime?

Who can be trusted? As Olivia starts to wind down for retirement she gets forced into a world of scandal lies and murder. 

Fast paced and gripping . This a unpredictable and thrilling read. 

Published 28th oct 2020
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Divorce attorney Olivia Sinclair can't believe her eyes as she watches her husband's infidelity before her on a video she received via email. This was supposed to be one of her best birthdays yet. She is finally able to retire and spend more time with Richard, her loving and faithful husband, or so she thought. What will Olivia do now? Should she stay with Richard or kick him to the curb? That's the least of her worries as she is being arrested for the murder of Sandy Watson, Richard's mistress. She knows she is innocent and must clear her name before it's too late. Who would have killed Sandy? Richard couldn't possibly kill his mistress and set up his long time wife, could he? With all eyes looking to Olivia, as there is compelling evidence and a motive, she must fight to clear her name.
My first read of 2021 and I'm glad I started the year off with a bang! This book had me constantly guessing and trying to figure out who did it and how. There are many twists and turns throughout this story that you wouldn't see coming. I enjoyed this read and recommend it to others who enjoy a good psychological thriller.
I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving an honest review.
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I had seen many posts about this book on FB groups I belong to, and seeing it was a thriller, I requested it.  I did not know at the time that this was the debut novel of this genre and that the author has written other books, which I have to admit, I have not read.

From the start of the book, I was hooked.  The writing was smooth, which I enjoyed.  The suspense was constant and captivating.  It definitely was a thrilling read.

However, and this could be that for the past year or so, thrillers are all that I have read that I figured out the who and why very early in the book.  If my memory serves me correctly, in the past I read another book with a plot very similar to this one, which is another reason why I might have figured it out.

Would I recommend it, yes!!!!  And I will be looking up this author's other books because I did really enjoy her writing style.

Blog posting 01/13/21
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The betrayal by Terry Lynn Thomas. 
Olivia Sinclair is an attorney.  Someone sent her a video of her husband being unfaithful.  She throws him out of their home. Days later she is arrested for the murder of her husbands mistress. She is innocent but how can she prove it? 
A good read.  Likeable story. I liked Olivia she was my favourite character.  I didn't like Richard. I loved how Olivia and Denny were at the end. I had a feeling Olivia was right about David and I liked how they got David. I had no idea who the killer was. 4*.
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The Betrayal is the first book by Terry Lynn Thomas that I have read and I found it to be a well written whodunnit that had me interested from the very beginning. The story is narrated through the eyes of a third person narrator and it follows Olivia’s journey after she finds out that her husband is cheating on her. If you think that this is the worst thing that will happen then oh boy would you be wrong.

I enjoyed watching Olivia try to clear her name by playing detective with the help of Brian and Stephen because I found it to be entertaining. I didn’t catch onto who the killer was until very late in the story but I guessed who it was before it was revealed. I definitely didn’t see that one coming but after the initial surprise I found that it wasn’t as surprising as I first thought. 

I think that Denny, Richard and David were awful to Olivia. I definitely did not like those three characters one single bit. I liked the how the drama stayed consistent throughout the story and didn’t fizzle out. This book was easy to read and the storyline kept me interested.

I recieved an advanced copy for free, and this is my honest opinion.
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Attorney Olivia Sinclair is shocked when she recieves an anonymous video showing her husband Richard sleeping with someone else. 
She throws Richardout of the home they share. But days later she arrested for the murder of his mistress. Olivia knows she's innocent, but with all the evidence pointing at her and an obivous motive, she must find the real killer to clear her name.

This is a well written, gripping, page turning and and thought provoking read. I was pulled in from the first page. Olivia is a great character but she walked about with blinkers on where her husband was concerned. There's a mixed bunch of characters who are all well developed. The pace is steady throughout the book. The suspense builds keeping you on the edge of your seat. his is a really interesting whodunit.

I would like to thank #NetGalley,#HQ and the author #TerryLynnThomas for my ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Wow, this book is a page turner!! Olivia is at the point in her life where she is going to retire and enjoy time with her husband.  It turns out that she doesn’t know her husband as well as she thinks.  Things move quickly and Olivia’s whole life as she know it comes crashing down and she will have to win the fight of her life to save herself.  Looking forward to reading the next book in the Olivia Sinclair series! Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an advance copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Olivia Sinclair thinks she is happily married to her  husband Richard. An esteemed lawyer who showers her with gifts from Tiffanys. However, her happy bubble is burst when she is anonymously sent a video of Richard having an affair with his secretary. As if that wasn't bad enough, Olivia is then charged with her murder.

Olivia is a strong character and the quthor did a good job of making the reader care about her and hoping her innocence can be proved. When a similarly staged murder is found in a cold case, it transpires that the victim, Janelle, was also a mistress of Richard Sinclair. Inspector Bailey and Olivia's team- Stephen Vine and Brian  help her investigate. I particularly enjoyed the final reveal. The murderer was not who I suspected, but the author tied it all up nicely. The idea of a boat as getaway vehicle made for a gripping scene.  It was nice to see the beginning of a relationship with Olivia and Brian- they both deserved it. 

I thought the characters were well written. Richard was easy to hate and I found Brian endearing. I wasn't very plausible that Olivia couldn't have known her husband was having multiple affairs. Surely she would have suspected something. 

I didn't feel Olivia's relationship with her daughter Denny and her husband David added much. There was already lots of action and this thread didn't seem to go anywhere.

It was an enjoyable  well-written mystery, but I didn't find it a real page turner.

Many thanks indeed to netgalley for the advance copy.
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Attorney Olivia Sinclair believes herself to be happily married and is preparing for a relaxed retired life with her husband. 

But then she receives an anonymous shocking video, showing her husband Richard sleeping with someone else. After years of handling other people’s divorces, she thought she could recognise a marriage in trouble.

She angrily throws Richard out of the home they share. But days later she’s arrested—for the murder of his mistress, Sandy.

Olivia knows she’s innocent but, with all the evidence pointing at her and an obvious motive, she must find the real killer to clear her name.

She may be used to dealing with messy divorces, but this one will be her most difficult case yet. Olivia’s husband has already betrayed her—but would he set her up for murder?

I actually enjoyed reading this domestic thriller. The narration and pacing of the plot were good. It also included a few twists to hold the interest till the end.

Reading about Olivia, as her discovers Richard’s lies and betrayals throughout their married life, made me feel sympathetic towards her. But the same time it was indeed admirable to see the way she conducted herself while dealing with both Richard and her daughter. It was definitely good to see that she had the support and trust of her lawyer who in turn hired an amazing investigator.

Olivia’s husband, Richard on the other hand, is a complete jerk and pompous whose has no regrets for any of his actions.

The secondary story involving the issues between Olivia’s daughter, Denny and her controlling husband, David was good but it kind of got sorted out too smoothly and quickly.

Overall, a good read especially since it’s just the first book in this series. Definitely looking forward to the next book! 

Thank You NetGalley and HQ Digital for this ARC!
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I really enjoyed this book and was pulled right in. Great amount of characters but I found the plot a bit predictable. I will definitely be reading more from this author. Thanks to NetGalley for the privilege to read and review this book.
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📚📚 Book Review📚📚

Publish Date - 7th January 2021

I liked the main character Olivia. Liked how she toughened up during the book. Kept me guessing who was responsible  ..... and I got it wrong!  Quite a good a good storyline with relatable characters. 

Thanks #netgalley #HQpublisher #terrylynnthomas  #crime #thriller
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A divorce attorney who wasn’t able to recognize her own marriage in, suddenly, she’s the prime suspect in the death of her husbands mistress.
As one lie after the other continues to unfold, Olivia Sinclair is left to face the harsh reality that her marriage was nothing like she thought it was. Knowing she’s innocent in the death of the young girl, she has to gather evidence to prove it.
I loved Olivia’s character in this book. She’s strong, smart, and resilient. When her world unravels, she picks herself up and does what needs to be done! 

Thank you for my copy in exchange for an honest review
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