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Another great addition to the series! My cubs love these books and often want to learn more about the people discussed. Perfect for any child's library and for classroom use!
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I really enjoyed this addition to the series; it was interesting to learn more about Senna besides his F1 career.
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I went to the hospital, during the download time, so I never got to download to read. If you can let me download,. we will happily review asap.
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I absolutely adore the Little People, Big Dreams series and this book, focusing on Aryton Senna, did not disappoint. Filled with glorious illustrations, these texts are a fabulous springboard for classroom discussion. I love how they cover such a broad range of famous faces, from scientists to musicians and now even racing drivers! 

The story of Aryton Senna gives a very brief overview of the life of this famous sportsman. I love how sensitively any potentially emotionally-fraught issues are dealt with and how important characteristics and qualities are highlighted. The illustrations are remarkable.

I will be using this book as part of my Person of the Week work in a Year 5 classroom and think it would be a welcome addition to any school bookshelf. Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC.
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A lovely addition to the series

I really enjoy the Little people big dreams series. This is another lovely addition, covering Ayrton Senna's childhood and his road to formula one success. The illustrations are colorful and detailed, making reading fun. The story itself is kept rather short and a bit on the generic side. Nevertheless, this is a fun read, encouraging kids to follow their dreams.
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This is a very interesting and educational book for children, which is about racing driver Ayrton Senna and his life from when he was born until he died.  My daughter and I read this book together and she enjoyed looking at the pictures while I was telling her about Ayrton and his achievements.  This would be a good book for a school classroom.

Thanks to the author, publisher and netgalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with an advanced reader copy in exchange for an honest review. 

Another absolutely lovely addition to this collection. 

I really enjoy these books, despite being aimed at children. The illustrations are lovely and it is so nice to get to know about the worlds most well known people. 

It was a shame that the book didn’t really expand on his career in formula 1, and his crash, but as a children’s book I appreciate why. 

I definitely recommend and I can’t wait to read more books in this collection in the future.
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This is a brilliant read for budding and established  F1 fans, young and old. I loved it and will be sure to buy a physical copy for my god kids!
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Thank you to NetGalley and Frances Lincoln Children's Books for an advance reader copy in exchange for an honest review.

I absolutely love this series of children's books by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara, and this book is such a beautiful new edition for young people to learn about the formula one legend, Ayrton Senna.

I can't wait for new books in this series and I'm so grateful to get to read these!
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This is the first title of this series I have read and it did not disappoint. A short overview of Senna's life as a racing driver and eventual formula 1 world champion. I am too young to have been aware of Senna's racing in real time, but his races would have most definitely been on in the background while I was in nappies. As I got older I became aware of who he was as a driver as my mother is a big F1 and Ferrari fan.

This book had gorgeous illustrations and got the essence of Senna as a person. I will be making sure to pick it up for my niece's Christmas!
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Another beautiful addition to this series. The story of a boy who dreamed to drive and change the world. Gorgeously illustrated.
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Lovely book about Ayrton Senna, one of the biggest sportsman in Brazil, loved by all. When Ayrton died in 1994, the whole country stopped in commotion, Brazilians and the world of Formula One have never forgotten him.  In this book, you get to know a bit more about his life, and how his career started. You can see through the pictures and text the driving force that was Ayrton himself, with so much passion for what he did, and with a contagious personality. He was one of my childhood heroes and it was great to be able to read this book. I think that the children will love to read about him and they will certainly want to learn more.
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My children and I love the Little People, Big Dreams series. This new addition is about Ayrton Senna and highlights the success that can come from following your passion. I was happy to see that this story was honest in showing that Senna came from wealth as Formula 1 is notoriously difficult to break into with limited financial resources. This was not one of my children’s favourites and it felt the story was very oversimplified but  we love this series and other children will really enjoy this addition.
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Ayrton Senna by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara.

This is a book from the huge collection "Little People Big Dreams". It narrates the journey of Ayrton Senna from being kid interested in driving to being a World Champion. The book has beautiful illustrations along with the story. 

Thanks to Netgalley and Quarto Publishing Group – Frances Lincoln Children's Books for this e-ARC
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I love the books in this series and always find something new in them.

This was a book that focused on a famous Formula One and sporting legend - Ayrton Senna - we get to read a little about his early life and his adventures in his quest to succeed.  

He was a true inspiration and towards the end of his life he was one of the leads in trying to make the sport and motor racing safer.  Tragically his life was cut short in an accident on the track and the world lost quite possibly the best Formula One driver ever. 

Lovely images and another great addition to the series - 5 stars from me for this one
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Born into a wealthy family in Sao Paolo, Brazil, Ayrton Senna would achieve much in his short but colourful life.  He was an active child who was born to race cars.  At aged four he sat behind the wheel of a vehicle and he was still young when he found himself in trouble with the law for a driving incident.  Senna was a religious man and always believed that God would help him achieve his dreams.  And so it was that he made his way to England to become one of the most successful and legendary Formula 1 drivers there has ever been.  Not only was he a brilliant driver, he was a pioneer for the improvement of driver safety and for safer racing.  Tragically his life ended when he was much too young; he died doing what he loved - he was driving a racing car.

I am too young to really remember what Senna achieved on the racetrack but from what I have read and seen, I do know he is comparable with the greatest sporting icons that have ever lived.  He was fiercely competitive, an innovator in his sport and his legacy and work has continued in his death through the Ayrton Senna Institute.

This delightful read includes a short overview of Senna’s life with key facts and dates and a historical timeline featuring photographs.  The book is pleasingly illustrated with bright and bold artwork and the story is told in short and simple sentences.

Perfect for children who aspire of becoming the next big thing in sport.

Recommended for 5+.

With thanks to Netgalley and Frances Lincoln Publishers for the ARC.
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Such a great series for our little ones. Small in stature but enthusiastic about books and ready to dream big dreams.
Now here is a book that this old one wanted to read. Ayrton Senna is one of my heroes; I’m of an age to have witnessed his career and seen first hand his brilliance.

These books show how ambition and determination can overcome, poverty, misfortune or happenstance. 

Motor Racing appears to many as a rich person’s world and perhaps this book is out of kilter with the other people this set of books recognises.

But Ayrton transcends such norms and assumptions. Although from a wealthy family he showed a desire for cars, initially go-karts from an early age. He made practice makes perfect a truth as he never took defeat badly, other than a means to learn more and spend more time practising.

But it is the love he had from others; their respect and appreciation that marks him out as a unique personality. His belief in God dovetailed into his desire to become the best and from his wealth he never forgot his country of birth and other children less fortunate than himself.

These books uplift the grown-ups and inspire our kids to be their best. I am also pleased with the adult information and the promotion of a more adult focused biography of this worthy champion.
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Ayrton Senna by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara is another release in the Little People, Big Dreams series, which I have reviewed frequently on here. I just love these little books. They are always packed with facts about the person who they are writing about and full of colourful illustrations throughout.

This latest book called Ayrton Senna by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara will not disappoint.

"From the moment his father gave four-year-old Ayrton Senna a go-kart, he was in love with racing. Showing promise from an early age, Ayrton would go on to take the Formula One world by storm, winning championship after championship and becoming one of the greatest drivers in the sport’s history. Off the track, he championed education for the underprivileged in Brazil, his home country. This inspiring book features stylish and quirky illustrations and extra facts at the back, including a biographical timeline with historical photos and a detailed profile of the superstar driver’s life."

I am so glad these books are being published and I highly recommend all of these books These Books are great for the class room for small children to learn about famous people the fun way.

Many thanks to Frances Lincoln Children’s Books and NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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