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I did enjoy this one and connected with the characters. It’s not my favourite of this authors but I did enjoy it. Also liked the narrator.
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Ursula, Gareth and Alice have never met before and one chance meeting will change their lives forever when they all come under the attack of a person with vengeance againt Alice’s date/ boyfriend. 

Ursula thinks she killed the love of her life and shoplifts to keep make herself feel better
Gareth’s mom has been receiving strange postcards, and Gareth is not sure who is sending them to his mother.
And Alice is being stalked or is her boyfriend being stalked?

Three strangers, two secrets, one terrifying evening. 
This was a very nicely written book, not fast paced but yes something intriguing and makes the reader crave for more and to know what’s going to happen next!

Received an audio copy from netgalley with a bonus in the end where CL Taylor is interviewing the narrator Clare Corbett
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Listened to this audio book going and returning to work
Claire Corbett is an exceptional narrater
And brings the characters alive

It is a fabulous read which keeps you gripped to the end
3 different peoples stories of
Which all connect together at the end 

Highly recommend

Thank you netgalley, C L Taylor and Harper Collins Audio UK
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Another brilliant story from this amazing author.

Loved reading the actual book and have throughly enjoyed listening to this via audio. 

Well narrated and made the book come alive 

Thank you Netgalley and Publisher for ARC
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A domestic thriller. There is a dead body. We know little else then go back in time to explain how the lives of strangers Alice, Ursula and Gareth, collide around that body. 
An ok plot about three different, ordinary people with someone in their lives which they'd prefer not to be. A blind date who got too physical, a creepy landlord and a jumped up colleague who uses blackmail, a little difficult to believe that any of them would actively go and kill these people as they are an annoyance yet not really worth the jail time! So who is the dead body and was it an accident? 
A worthy ending of excitement, a good old chase and hostage situation which brought us neatly back to the beggining.
An ok domestic thriller I prefer a little more darkness and intrigue 3*.
Thanks to NetGalley and Harper Collins audio UK for the ARC
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This book left me utterly confused. I don’t think I understood what was going on until about 80% the way through the book. I listened to the audiobook and I had a lot of time to listen so I kept going. I get that they are strangers, hence the title of the book but when they eventually did start to make sense I was bored. I didn’t really like any of the characters except Ursula 🤷‍♀️ She was affected massively by a traumatic event from her past and she found ways to cope with it albeit not a great way. I liked the growth her character had and she is pretty much the reason this book got three stars from me and not less. 


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Three strangers, two secrets, one terrifying evening. 

Oh my goodness what a fabulous read this was.  I am still thinking about this book after I’ve finished it.   CL Taylor is one of my absolute favourite authors and honestly this book is just amazing.  I read this book in 2 sittings as I just couldn’t put it down. A tense and unputdownable thriller.
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I enjoyed the narrator of this book.  The book was a slow burn with three separate stories that connect late in the book.  I felt like things were not progressing fast enough, but that seems to be purposeful. While it was not a book for me, I will be checking out the author's other books.
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I really enjoyed this audiobook. The narrator channels the characters perfectly, I think the story would be more gripping as a book rather than audio but that could be to do with my lack of multitasking skills.
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Three strangers. Three secrets. And one big lie.

First there’s Ursula. Unable to face up to the tragedy that consumes her, her world has shrunk to an almost unrecognisable state. 

Then Alice, who’s in the first flush of her relationship with Simon, a man she met by chance, 

And Gareth, who lives a humdrum life as he struggles to cope with his mum’s increasing dementia.

I enjoy books by CL Taylor, and this was no exception. From the start she pulls you in. The characters are flawed and relatable. I read this book in one day as I wanted to know what happened, how the characters come together in the end.  An enjoyable book and one I would recommend.
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Unfortunately I requested an audio book instead of an ebook. I was not able to listen to it while family were around, so I ended up listening to little bits at a time, which spoiled the story for me. My mistake. 
There are 3 main characters in the story, Ursula,, Alice and Gareth. Each has their own story line. It took me a while to discover what the connection was. Their paths do cross throughout the book and eventually come together in a twist. It is set in Bristol.
I would have enjoyed this as a book rather than an audio book. 
Thanks to NetGalley and C L Taylor for a copy of this.
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"Strangers" is about Alice, Ursula, and Gareth. 
Three different characters with 3 different and equally intriguing stories. All of them are flawed and None of them has a perfect life. All of them carry the baggage of their problems but circumstances will bring them all together. The reason I am not sharing more about the characters as it can be a spoiler.

The story moves back and forth between the characters. It is told from multiple points of view and the Narrator did the justice to it.
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Loved this book although it did take me longer to listen to it than it would normally. 

I'm a sucker for a multi-character point of view. Following three separate stories that ultimately become one in a very surprising way.

This was my first C.L. Taylor book and I'm impressed and would definitely pick up another. I've recently fallen out of love with thrillers as sometimes they can be quite samey. This certainly wasn't what I expected and will be one to remember. 

Listen as an audiobook via NetGalley narrated by Clare Corbett.
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I do enjoy a book where each character's story starts off as a separate journey only for them to converge and interlink towards the end of a book.  This is done very effectively in Strangers, and it is well into the book 75% before the reader reaches this point. It did take me a little while to settle into the characters, not sure if this was just an audiobook thing.

As a reader you really did feel the conflicts Gareth faced, working as a security guard whilst looking after his mum with dementia.

I found Ursula to be the character with the most interest and intrigue about her, she was quirky, odd, and thoughtful. I had a lot of concern for her safety with some of the choices she made! But when she converges with Gareth and Alice towards the end of the book all becomes clear.  

I was definitely taken in with a number of the red herrings. I liked the use of the shopping centre as the location for the collision of the characters.

My fourth CL Taylor book, and this ranks as my second favourite following Sleep. 

Thanks to Harper Collins Audio and Avon for an audiobook edition of this book, which I listened to via Netgalley.

3.5-4 stars out of 5
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Three separate stories that collide spectacularly, originally, and surprisingly!

C.L. Taylor writes an ingenious thriller that checked all the boxes for me. Told from multiple perspectives. Each character with a strong voice and those oh so human flaws that make you want to dig deep into their story to find how they found themselves entangled in this nasty web.

Listen as an Audio book via NetGalley and the narration by Clare Corbett was fantastic

My favorite type of thriller involves multiple story-lines told with characters that seemingly have no connection to one another. That is... till their paths ultimately cross, crashing together! 
And C.L. Taylor did it perfectly! I had no idea how these characters would intersect! Never imagined the plot twists Ms Taylor so cleverly threw at me along the way!
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I love when multiple characters have their own perspectives and then all come together in the end. Strangers begins by telling the separate stories of Alice, Ursula, and Gareth and each has their own distinct voice and experiences. Alice is the manager of a clothes shop in The Meads, a shopping centre in Bristol, Gareth is head of security in the shopping centre, and Ursula is a parcel delivery driver who also steals. The reason for her stealing is slowly and cleverly explained in the book. All three are very damaged characters with very dramatic lives who, because of various circumstances, meet towards the end of the book. I would highly recommend the book because it takes a while to figure out the different characters but Taylor is a master at building character and making us care about them.
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I really enjoyed this audio book. This was the first audiobook that I can honestly say that I really loved! I loved the story and the narrator
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Where do I start! I was gripped right from the first chapter of this book. There was so much happening right from the start that I couldn’t put it down. I loved how the book was almost like three standalone stories all building up to their own big finale’s then the clever twists to keep you guessing.
I enjoyed finding out the background stories for each main characters and found this made it easier to understand their actions and motivations. 

The book was well paced and had no pointless filler pages. Everything was relevant to the story and had a purpose. 

I also loved the ending - this particular scenario had not even crossed my mind and made me smile when revealed. This my favourite CL Taylor book so far. The narrator done a great job and brought all of the characters to life adding to my enjoyment of the book 
Excellent - Highly recommended

Thanks to NetGalley, Harper Collins Audio and the Author for an advance copy of this audio book.
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Ever heard the saying "A stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet" Well that is certainly not the case in this book. Ursula, Alice and Gareth are all trying to go about their day to day but each one has a shadow seeping into their lives. They begin to doubt everything and everyone around them and are convinced that nowhere is safe. 

Strangers by CL Taylor is my second audio book and I am still not quite sure 100% if they are for me. However this time around I increased the reading speed which helped and I find it best to listen when out walking so I can properly concentrate. With multiple coinciding stories and viewpoints I definitely needed to concentrate. The interlinked stories style actually worked really well as an audio book especially with the excellent narration of Claire Corbett. She was a joy to listen to and was excellent at conveying different characters. All the characters involved were really intriguing and the chapters ended each time at a point where you were desperate to get back to. This meant that one chapter was never enough. The ending was not what I expected and was not rushed which is a big plus for a thriller in my book.

If you do listen to the audio book keep listening once the book ends as there was a lovely discussion with the author and narrator and it gave a great insight to the story and the audio book process. Thanks to netgalley and Avon for allowing access to this audio book.
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I listened to the audio version of  Strangers by CL Taylor and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It  has been narrated by Clare Corbett who is an excellent narrator and really kept the story flowing well using different voices and accents for the characters. 

Thanks to Harper Collins Audio and Avon for the opportunity to review this thriller.   Its the story of three strangers - Ursula, Alice and Gareth who all live in Bristol, UK.   They all living with different issues and different circumstances, Ursula who after being thrown out of her house, moves in with a stranger, Alice, who is a store manager for a clothing store and Gareth who is a security officer at the Shopping Centre. 

The characters are all depicted very cleverly and each has their own twisty turny lives and leaves you wondering how they will end up getting to know each other, but the interconnecting storylines are really well written and makes the book a real page turner (or wanting to hear more) 

Without giving anything further away, I'd encourage you to read this book and hopefully enjoy it as much as I did.  I'll definitely be reading a lot more by this author an have already started reading The Island also by KL Slater.
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