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Book Review: Cosmic Flow: A Creative Guide to Harnessing the Rhythm of the Moon by Nikki Strange.
Genre: Health, Mind and Body / Religion and Spirituality.
Publisher: Quarto Publishing Group - Leaping Hare Press.
Release Date: 6th October, 2020

The magick of the moon is a key part of my Wicca and Witchcraft practice. I was really interested to see what else I could add to my moon rituals. 

Cosmic Flow is a practical workbook with a variety of activities: meditations, rituals, drawing and writing prompts, to help you engage with the cycles and energies of the moon. Each chapter focuses on one of the eight moon phases.

Even though I already work with the moon cycle and its energies, there were a few things that stood out to me within the book. Firstly, I really liked the mini-section about the 'Triple Goddess' symbol and how it relates to the moon's energies; reflecting the archetypes - the maiden, the mother and the crone. Similarly, there was a lovely link to the Goddess Kali. I am currently studying working with Goddesses more in my personal practice so I found this a welcome addition to moon work. However, I hoped this would be a feature throughout the book, but it was only included for the New Moon phase. It is something I want to explore further.

At this point it is worth mentioning that the book does have a focus on spiritual aspects of working with the moon. I related to a lot of the ideas put forward due to my Wiccan and Witchcraft path. However, I believe that working with the lunar cycle can be useful to anyone - you don't have to follow a particular path, faith or religion. You may not even consider yourself to be spiritual at all in order to benefit from the lunar cycle. It can simply be a tool for helping you create goals, stick to them, work on them and offer some self reflection. Though, as I said, this book does put a particular focus on the spiritual aspects of moon work.

Furthermore, the book explores the sun and moon in relation to zodiac signs and their energies. It does so on a very simplistic level; as an introduction to the idea. So I would definitely recommend further research if you have an interest in the zodiac energies and using them in your moon work.

Personally, I really believe in using the moon cycles to help you achieve your dreams. Living by the cycle of the moon allows you to maintain focus and stay on track when working towards a goal. This book is a really great starting point for anyone wanting to work with the lunar cycle and its energies. It will help with intention setting and self-reflection. I'm not usually one for activities in my books, but I can see how they work here; they are the key part of the book, making it feel more like a workbook. They are not all the usual journal prompts either. The activities vary throughout and are specific to the particular moon phase and the corresponding energies. 

Overall this is a beautifully designed and put together book with very aesthetically designed spaces for the activities. If you are not familiar with, or in the habit of tracking the moon phases then this book will help you understand how it all works, without being too heavy on the science. And, even though you will only be able to complete the activities once, in the book itself, you can take away the ones that work for you and repeat and tweak them in a journal or Grimoire the following cycle. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Leaping Hare Press for allowing be to read and review an EARC of this book.
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Decent for those working with the moon and have activities/affirmations to do at a certain phase of the moon. More of a creative book/workbook than an introduction to the moon phases.
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New age followers will enjoy this but as it happens, that is not me and so I didn't.

I can't complain about the page layout, though. This book is absolutely gorgeous from cover to bottom. If you want a magical illustrated journal where you can work on your routine and set your intentions attuned to the moon cycle, this is exactly the book for you.
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Beautifully written,  gorgeously illustrated, and full of inspiring information about the moon and its phases and what they mean for us. I’ve been inspired to buy my own copy!
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What a beautiful little book.

I was drawn to this book because I want to learn more about moon cycles and how they affect our everyday lives.

The information about the moon is written in a clear and concise manner. It isn’t exhaustive but gives a good starting point for further study.

Alongside the descriptions of the different parts of the moon cycle were simple ideas for exercises to try. These exercises are a great way of practicing mindfulness & developing a positive outlook.

The book is so beautifully illustrated and I happily picked it up just to take in the wonderful artwork.
My only criticism would be that the book is so pretty I wouldn’t want to write in it. Oh well I suppose that’s an excuse to buy two copies.

Thanks to the publisher (Leaping Hare Press) and NetGalley for an advanced copy in return for an honest review.
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Not often you come across with a book where you can feel it was written and designed from the core of your soul. The words are honest and the illustrations inspiring, helping you to connect with your creative self without fear. This book takes you on an intimate journey to rediscover yourself through the moon rhythms. 

After going through the sample copy, I got inspired to buy a hard copy, and I was not disappointed. The texture of the illustrations come sharper, and the quality of the paper adds more sensoriality to the journey. Well done to Nikki Strange for sharing her journey and creative wisdom.
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This is a beautifully illustrated journal which guides you on what to reflect and journal on in relation to the moon.  Each of the book's eight chapters represents a different stage of the moon's cycle and features a number of exercises which take you through various themes around setting intentions and self discovery. These include clearing headspace, working through limiting beliefs and observing your own habits and thoughts. There is also loads of extra interesting info on chakras, moon/sun signs and kali energy. 

Great for people who already love journaling, self reflection, the divine feminine and all that 'woo woo' stuff :-)
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I saw this on Net Galley and decided to give this a try. Thank you to Net Galley and Quarto Publishing for letting me read this for an honest review.

I've been hearing so much about meditation most especially during this time of the pandemic. At first I really couldn't take it seriously. I read this as somehow a guidance. 

Thanks to this book I learned so much on the importance of meditating and reflecting. It talks about just breathing, acknowledging how you feel, and knowing what you want in life and taking action. It's an interactive guide that will help you along the way. Affirmation and other activities listed are things you can do that create a positive change in your life. I can say that this book is definitely a great start for people like me who are just so down.
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Thank you to NetGalley and Quarto Publishing Group for kindly providing me with a digital copy of this book for review. 
The design of this book is beautiful and full of its own energy. I’m a newbie to understanding the moon cycles and I’m not sure what I was expecting from this book, but I was quite surprised and found it much more an interactive, self discovery exercise. Full disclosure, I have not read and used the book in the way it is intended- it’s more of a journal for you to record your thoughts and feelings through guided exercises. I have just read it straight through as I feel it would definitely be better to have a physical copy to write in, rather than just a notepad. 
There are some very emphasised areas such as astrology signs and how they connect to the moon cycle. So if that is an area of interest, I think you’d find this book useful. There are elements which are not going to be for everyone such as having a home altar with the use of crystals and candles. However, I have found the book very interesting and I really appreciated the opportunity to read it.
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I love this book and will be purchasing a personal copy as well as gifting it! The only reason I won't purchase for my library is that it is personalized and journal based. Not everyone will grab a notebook and apply! It was informative, beautifully illustrated and instructive without being prescriptive. Wonderful introduction to cosmic energies...
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Cosmic Flown is a beautifully designed workbook with lots of space for creative journaling. The illustrations are lovely and it includes many ideas for getting in tune with the various phases of the moon cycle.
There was more of an emphasis that astrological signs than I’ve seen in similar books. It wasn’t quite what I was expecting, but for someone with a strong interest in astrological signs, an appreciation of lovely art, and the mystical this book will be a great.
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Cosmic Flow is a beautiful book, full of lovely and inspiring illustrations.  It is full of interesting and engaging exercises and starting points for further exploration.  The information om the moon cycles is very high level so it is a perfect book for a beginner.  It is a workbook as well as a guide and it would make a lovely gift,  Overall a visually appealing book and definitely one to mull over.
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This workbook feels like a guided journal for visual learners. If you're looking for a guide through the moon cycle (new to full) and enjoy bullet journals and the like, then this workbook is for you. The art style is very focused on watercolor effects and pastels, which work well to provide imagery without muddling the words on the pages. 

As a word-focused learner, I didn't get as much out of this workbook as I'd hoped, but it's largely due to the differences in approach. There are only a few mentions of specific deities or ritual components in this workbook as well, for those who wish to align with nature's cycles without necessarily embracing it as a form of religious work. 

If I were going to recommend this workbook to anyone, it'd be to a non-witch or new witch looking for a semi-spiritual guide aligned with the moon's phases.  A long-time witch might find this guide refreshing if they need a visual stimulus to rejuvenate a stagnant personal practice.
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I love journaling, I have a several number of notebooks to write on them. Why am i saying this? Because, this is the kind of book that kept you writing on it.

Nikki Strange doesn't  elaborate the lunar topics a lot it is not a divulgative book about the influence of the moon and many rituals, it keeps them short and also wich is a plus for a modern new age kind of approach is that the different rituals are simple. They are about connecting with one self having a thought in the moon phases.

I like that is simple and that it gave me new topics to journaling. The design is simply gorgeous with watercolors spread pages. Is like a little pagan diary that you want to fill with your inner goals and toughts.

I simply love when a book want to make me write. You will enjoy it a lot and is an ideal gift for your pagan friend who happens just beginning his or her path across the cosmic universe. It must be an amazing in fisical form. thou i enjoy the digital edition too.
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A beautiful book. I liked how the author keeps bringing back in previously mentioned information and connecting it to the next thing. Lots of questions throughout to get the reader to think about what they're reading. Definitely a book to keep coming back to and studying.
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Such a lovely book! 

Cosmic flow is a beautifully designed work book/journal/guide. It’s divided in to sections of the phases of the moon and within each section are helpful guides and activities to help you connect with the moon. There are a wide variety of activities such as goal setting, affirmations, colouring, chanting and meditations to name a few. 

I just loved everything about this book but the layout and design was by far my favourite part, it’s so incredibly beautiful. I’ll be buying this book as soon as possible. 

Thanks so much to NetGalley and the publisher for providing an eARC in exchange for an honest review.
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A really beautifully illustrated and laid out book. The exercises are fun and engaging and are a good starting point for exploration. It's not a very in=depth book, I would have liked some more information about the way the lunar cycles historical and cultural significance, or how other cultures use the lunar cycle. But it is a really lovely, light-hearted book.
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This book is a piece of art manifested. For the curious, the spiritual verses, the consciously creative — this book is part journal, part journey. Beautifully done with information throughout to serve as a reference but also a reflection. This is an activity book for soul seeking adults. This will be a gifting favorite — to give and receive.
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Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this book.  I have been wanting to learn more about astrology, wicca etc. and this one seemed up my alley.  Unfortunately, the format on the Shelf App was distracting and took away from enjoying the content.  However, there were some helpful things and it was nice to have a touch of a "work book" included within.
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What a lovely book! It's honestly more of a guided journal, a charming way of harnessing the moon's phases and observing their impact on our lives. I enjoyed the fact that it delves deeper than just explaining the moon's movement on the sky and how it can affect you. It is filed with all kinds of ideas for journaling, for setting milestones into your journey, for appreciating the moments and for doing small acts of kindness.

There are many of helpful answers to your questions, excellent ideas for small rituals, invitations to calming drawings, writing poems and so much more. Most enjoyable is that the author connects all this to the divine feminine, no matter where you are in your spiritual journey. What a helpful, lovely way to add creativity, enrichment and delight to daily routines. The graphics in this book are so gorgeous. A truly read.

I loved it!
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