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I have to start by saying how much I loved this book. I had to initially warm up to the linguistics of the era, but so impressively was the World War II setting depicted, along with the deliberate character building and a tight story line that was kept as taught at the end as it was throughout the book, it is quite exceptional.
It is quite a lengthy read and centres around 3 female protagonists from completely different backgrounds that get to meet and grow with their roles in Bletchley Park. Their relationships are not necessarily easy, sometimes strongly bonded, sometimes at odds with each other or physically apart. And with war comes much strife and loss that needs to be contended and lived with.
The book captured the raw fear which living with bombings & destruction brought, romantic relationships, betrayal, cruelty, as well as the mental health impact of the horrors of war. Prince Phillip’s socialite girlfriend and in part their relationship is sensitively incorporated before his marriage to Queen Elizabeth. One character is forced into a mental asylum and we are treated to some espionage activities also. So much is packed into this book, it has a steady cadence and is steeped in a world of utter reality.
Whilst it also managed to immersive you in the historical fiction, impressively it left you at the end with a real pride and admiration for those unsung heroes that worked tirelessly and often to the point of exhaustion and burn out to relentlessly do their bit try to crack the codes that we know impacted so positively in the war effort. It instilled a powerfully reflective experiential after burn, which whilst emotional, is imbued in pride. A highly recommended read.
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What an incredible read. Loved every minute of this book, the characters, the story were all brilliant. Highly recommend
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This world war ll book was completely different than anything I’ve read about the war. I knew very little about code breaking before this and found the story intriguing. 
This was my first book by Kate Quinn and I thought it was wonderful. This was a view from the English codebreakers view. I couldn’t put it down. Well developed, very human characters that took me on a roller coaster of emotions. 
If you’re trying to decide whether to read this. READ IT! It’s good. 
Thanks HarperCollins via Netgalley.
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I really enjoyed The Huntress by Kate Quinn and The Rose Code is, if possible, even better.  It’s based around code breaking at Bletchley Park and as expected, the attention to historical fact and period detail is meticulous. The story depicts three women, very different in character and background who are involved in war service at Bletchley. Very cleverly, the story also involves the wedding of the young Princess Elizabeth and Philip.  It’s a completely different angle to the usual war thriller.  It’s complex and a bit of a block buster at well over 600pp.  Very much character driven, with people who are engaging and infuriating and the plotting as the various threads are drawn together is complex.  This is a tale to relish..

My thanks to the publisher for a review copy via Netgalley.
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It’s a year into World War II and three women have been recruited to the famous (and mysterious) Bletchely Park, the noted location where codes are cracked. Osla wants to be seen more than a society girl, but she’s going to have to change her reputation to do so, while Mab almost wants to do the opposite, and be considered someone with a classy background, rather than her humble upbringing. Meanwhile Beth, quiet but quick-working, is training as one of the few female cryptanalysts. The three form an unlikely friendship, but one that should last the test of time. That is, until seven years later, when a changed England prepares for a royal wedding, and the trio must be reunited to solve one final code together. Friendship, female solidarity and compassion are mixed with national duty, and the very real threat to life. It’s historical fiction but with an added bite.
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I was so excited to get the opportunity to read The Rose Code as I have loved Kate Quinn’s previous books. The Rose Code has easily been the best book I’ve read in 2021. The plot is fantastic and I adored the central characters. I can’t wait to read more from the author in the future.
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4 stars. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and it was such a coincidence I read it just before Prince Philips death. Wonderful characters and a very interesting part of history. Highly recommend.

Thanks kindly to Netgalley, author and publisher for the opportunity to read and review this great book.
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would like to thank netgalley and the publisher for letting me read this book captivating book 

kept me reading right to the end and the ending was brilliant
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I have loved all of Kate Quinn’s books and picked this one up with eager anticipation but unfortunately it remains on my very small pile of  “did not finish” books. I’m not sure exactly why I struggled with it as I loved the characters and the setting, but it just seemed so long and wasn’t particularly going anywhere. I had to stop reading it to read my monthly book club novel and just have not be inclined to pick it back up again. I’m going to save it for when I eventually get on holiday to a sunny beach to truly absorb myself in it and hopefully join the many readers who loved it
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This book is one of the  the best books that I have read for a long time.  It is set in an era that really interests me and the mysteries surrounding Bletchley Park are brilliantly portrayed.  
The plot is interesting to say the least but it also brings in relationships and how they were so much more intense during the second world war.  
I did not want the book to finish but at the same time I was so wrapped up in the story I was desperate to find out what was going to happen. The next book that I read really has something to live up to!
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Oh my goodness, this book!! I’ve read a couple of books recently set around WWII and about how it affected people but I’ve never actually read a book about people who are actively participating in the war, and in all honesty, I never thought I’d be interested in such a book. But this, just completely blew that thought away. I was absolutely absorbed in this from the outset. Add to that it’s a dual timeline, which by now I’m sure you all know that I love and this was pretty much a perfect read for me.

As mentioned above, The Rose Code is set in two different time periods, although they’re quite close together, 1940 and 1947. In 1940 we are introduced to the secretive world of Bletchley Park, where code breakers are hard at work. I was surprised that it was so secretive that they weren’t actually allowed to discuss their work with the other people there, so that you only knew about the little bit that you were working on. In 1947 the friends are reunited in the run up to the Royal Wedding when their is a traitor in their midst.

I loved our 3 main characters, Beth, Mab and Oslo, and getting to see them grow and develop. You get so invested in them, you’re cheering them on and devastated by some of the consequences they have to suffer.

I was slightly daunted when I first received this as at 652 pages it’s not a quick read, but I was so emmersed in it that the time passed so quickly and I would have happily read the same length again. I’ve already purchased The Alice Network and The Huntress.
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I adored this book and felt like I really was at Bletchley Park. I've watched The Imitation Game but can't recall too much of it so a lot of the code breaking information was new to me. 

The novel swaps between 'current day' in 1947 and from 1940, when the three main characters are breaking codes at Bletchley Park. 

We follow the lives of three women from very different backgrounds, Osla, Mab and Beth, who become close friends. Osla comes from a wealthy background and wants to be taken more seriously than a debutante. Mab is from a working class family and wants to find a man to marry who can help her to take care of her sister. Beth is a timid woman who is downtrodden by her mother. While following the codebreaking at Bletchley Park, this book tells a story of friendship, love and humour during the war. 

When the story reaches 1947, we find Beth is locked in an asylum. All three women are no longer in each other's lives, after a tragedy splits them apart. Beth reaches out to Mab and Osla, she alleges she has been wrongly imprisoned, has been put in the asylum by a traitor from Bletchley Park. She calls upon her old best friends fo help her uncover the truth. 

This book is LONG. I got to around 40% before I wondered what was going on and decided to check how many pages it was. This might put some readers off, but I really enjoyed every second of this book. 

5 stars
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I read the reviews for this novel before I decided it was going to be my next read. I will preface this review by saying I’m a fan of historical fiction, and I also love mysteries. So this book was EVERYTHING.

This novel follows three very different young ladies as they navigate their way through life during WWII. These ladies come together when they all take up different positions in Bletchley Park, and the novel flits between two timelines, during the war and after the war. Post-war explores life after the girls leave Bletchley Park, as they come together to solve the mystery as to who the traitor in Bletchley Park is. The scenes from during the war offer engaging stories as to how they came into this situation, and give tidbits regarding who the traitor may be…

The Rose Code is by far the most well-crafted novel I’ve read in a while. Not a single loose end is left untied by the end of the novel. The characters are well-rounded, full of backstories and unique traits that really make them come to life. I can’t even describe just how well everything comes together at the end.

Suffice to say, everyone should read this book. It’s slightly longer than the ones I normally read owing to my tiny attention span but it was well worth every moment. Kudos to Quinn for writing such a smashing novel!
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This is the first book I have read by Rose Quinn and what a book! It's based at Bletchley Park and centres around 3 very different woman who are involved in the secretive world of codes   and trying to break the German codes to help England win the war..
After the war ends the  Beth needs the help of the other two even though they had a fall out many years ago.  Will they help her? 
If I could give this book more than 5 stars I would.2.
The novel is full of friendship, loyalty suspense and twists and turns. 
What a read.!
Thanks to#NetGalley for the advance copy in return for an honest review

I would like to thank #NetGalley, #HarperCollinsUk #HarperFiction and the author #KateQuinn for my ARC #TheRoseCode in exchange for an honest review.
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With so many 5 star reviews I doubt  that any negative reviews will make any impact.
Overall a good story and I liked the era of the book and have always been a fan of Bletchley Park. The book is well written and the characters well developed. 
The negatives? I don't know for certain but I'm guessing the author is American hence the spellings and also the way certain phrases jar as they are not the way British people would say them. I very much disliked the name "Mab" although I did like the character.
The other thing that sat uneasily with me (and I am not a Royalist, I'm a Republican) is the addition of Prince Philip to the story. It just felt utterly wrong and in view of his recent passing somewhat disrespectful. I do feel it would have been to fictionalise (I appreciate I am likely to be a lone unheard voice in this respect judging by the number of rave reviews)
It could have been better and I was somewhat disappointed I regret to say
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I absolutely adored this book. I loved Kate Quinn's last read - The Alice Network - so I was delighted to be approved for this book. I can honestly say that I was drawn in from page 1 and couldn't put the book down. Kate did something incredibly with this story - she made me care. I cared about the characters, about their families, about their work, about their futures... I cared about those of us who are living today in a world made different thanks to them. 

Three women are at the heart of this story, all three with big personalities and very differing views. I loved the way that Beth was portrayed - she would be diagnosed as autistic no doubt today, but was seen as being odd and kept at home where she was 'mummy's little helper' despite being a fully grown woman. The war enabled her to thrive, a job for a literal thinker was perfect for her. I loved seeing her thrive and genuinely worried for her when the war came to an end! It certainly makes you think about how some women actually thrived and were inspired by the war.

The other two women were fantastic and I absolutely loved the role of Prince Phillip in his younger years within this novel. It added excitement and glamour and also great emotion as I read this in the week that he died so it felt very raw. 

I love the way the stories wove together to create such a tension that I just wanted to keep reading. I needed to know what would happen, I was angry with a character one minute, grieving with a character the next, frustrated, tense, amazed... how can an author create so many emotions like this?? Kate Quinn has such magic in her words. 

A full set of 5 sparkly stars from me!
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The Rose Code is an exciting historical.thriller set during WW2 at Bletchley Park, the secret codebreaking facility that helped the allies win the war.  I visited Bletchley a few years ago and the author brings the setting to life. A bit slow at the beginning and the introduction of Prince Philip as a love interest to one of the characters could have been omitted.  An enjoyable read. Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for the arc.
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I loved this story, it's gripping, entertaining and it kept me hooked till the end.
It's an excellent mix of historical fiction and mystery well plotted and fast paced.
I liked the fleshed out characters and the mix of fictional and historical characters.
It's a story I strongly recommend.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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I do love a good Historical fiction book and when i saw this one, i just knew that I had to read it, so thnak you to Netgalley and the Publishers for giving me the opportunity to do so.

An excellent story of three woman who work together to help the at war British Government to decipher codes from Germany; what makes it really interesting is that these woman all come from different backgrounds and personalities, it works well.

What I found fascinating is, that these woman all worked at Bletchly Park, a reknowned centre for code breaking, but of course, at the time was highly sensitive and secret, I have always wanted to visit there, so this book was a treat because I could read about it.

I shall for sure get myself a copy of this book and may even treat myself ot the audio version to!
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Hmmmm I must be in the minority because this book is selling so well but I didn't love it. There were parts I REALLY liked: the code breaking, the life at Bletchley - all fascinating. But the women were truly horrible to one another. And I found the insertion of real life characters too much. Really did not want to know about Prince Philip snogging. I would have much preferred it if all the characters were invented.
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