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Thank you to NetGalley for an ARC of No Recipes? No Problem!

I love to eat but I'm a lousy cook so any cookbook that promises easier techniques to help me in the kitchen is a book I want to get my hands on.

I envisioned this to be laid out like a cookbook with recipes and ingredients but it's more informal.

Tips and tricks are offered by cooks from a virtual cooking community and their ideas and stories are relatable, helpful and valuable.

Techniques, ways to cook ingredients and even tricks for when you don't have a certain ingredient on hand is available here. I didn't realize how easy it was to make certain dishes and sauces until I read this!

This was a fun and informative book with good photos. Highly recommend!
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This cookbook does a great job at including kid-friendly, adults-(probably)-only, and DIY to everyone’s own tastes. Many of the recipes also have notes at the end for substitutions and other tips. It’s a great cookbook to give as a gift to new families or more established families who may need some new staples.
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I really enjoyed this "cookbook" and it really inspired me to try out things on my own instead of just following a recipe. I like that they pointed out tools for every kitchen and ingredients to have on hand. That is really helpful since I always have a backup dish on hand with those ingredients.
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Great book! I really loved it, there are lots of great tips to get you to try cooking freestyle, and as recipe nut  it was such a good way for me to get at ease in the kitchen and really learn to enjoy cooking rather than being so uptight and it being a means to an end. I really love that I can learn to do this and not worry that it's going to be duff! 

I love that are a lot of different contributors within this book, I think that really allows the reader who may have little or no cooking skills, poor confidence in the kitchen or whatever, an extra boost, it certainly worked for me. The cooking circle really allowed me to look at recipes that interested me and build on them, adapting them to being my own and making them work for me, swapping out ingredients that maybe, I didn't really like with things I really enjoyed. It's changed the way I look at cooking and allowed me to have extra confidence and motivation with my cooking and in myself. 

I liked the diversity in recipes and I honestly couldn't get enough of this book, I will definitely be buying this one! The book includes foods like pizza's, soups, pasta's and eggs etc etc. And although the book is majorly designed for meat eaters, there is of course the change to replica the technique of chopping and changing what works for you with the ingredients you have. So if you were perhaps looking for gluten free or an allergy free recipe you can add or takeaway whatever doesn't work for you. I think it's pretty genius in that respect though, the book doesn't actually offer any vegetarian or gluten free recipes per se. 

I recieved this free ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review, and would like to thank them, the publisher and the Author, Phyllis Good for allowing me the opportunity of reading this excellent book, changing my association with food and cooking, hundred percent recommend. All opinions are my own.
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Why is this the first time I've come across a cookbook like this? This is what I need as someone who cooks almost everyday now and hate to follow recipes. I don't enjoy planning meals and listing down my marketing list according to dishes I might cook. My style is looking at what I have in the fridge and deciding that day (and often just before that meal itself) what I want to cook. 

No recipes no problem is therefore perfect for me. Some charts in there  are priceless to me! Ha! 

I also appreciate that some asian cooking ideas are included. I hope more cookbooks like this especially ones that focus on asian cuisine will be published.

5 stars for the concept of this cookbook and all the great information contained within! I will have to get myself a hardcopy!
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No Recipe? No Problem! by Phyllis Good is the cookbook for people who don't use recipes. I've long kept a well stocked pantry and make many dishes using complimentary items instead of following a recipe. This on-the-fly type of cooking helps create less waste and teaches the cook to get creative. I love the suggestions and the tips for using all items that you have on hand. I routinely have "refrigerator soup," using all the items in my fridge that are leftover or getting close to going bad or veggies going soft. Great cookbook and one I would add to my collection!
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This is a really useful book, which teaches you how to freestyle recipes. As a person who will often throw things into a pan and hope for the best, this gave me a lot of information on how to pair food and ingredients.
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What a gem. This book doesn't have "recipes," per se, but tons of ideas for using what's in your kitchen. Cooking charts, lists of ingredients that go together, instructions for basic techniques, lots of pictures with short, single paragraph instructions to put together salads, stews, soups, stir fries, and so much more. No special recipes for special equipment other than a stove and microwave--you can do everything in this book with a bare bones kitchen. There are no baked goods other than pizza as those do require exact ingredients, so this is just meals and snacks. This has answers for folks who come home from farmers' markets wondering what to do with the glorious stuff purchased without a plan. It's equally valuable for folks faced with unexpected company to feed, with plenty of tips for stretching ingredients and what to do when you work late and didn't get to the grocery store in time to pick up dinner ingredients. It encourages even timid cooks to rely on their taste buds and step out into the unknown.

I grew up with a mom who cooked this way. For the most part, her put-togethers were very good, but even if something didn't turn out wonderful, but was never awful. On the downside, some of the best were never duplicated, and this book does recommend that cooks write down what they do. It's the way I cook most of the time, having spent decades learning. It's a wonderful book, and I plan to give one to my 22 year old grandson as soon as it's published--he likes to cook and keeps some food around, but is rarely organized enough to use recipes properly, so this fits his style perfectly.
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This book makes me want to cook, which is saying something because I don’t really cook. I’m more of a kit-and-follow directions kind of cook, but this is a fun, colorful, easy to read book that makes me want to pull out random things from my fridge and pantry and see what treat I can come up with. The book seems to focus on vegetarian fare, this isn’t to say there wasn’t any meat, there is, it just looked like the majority were veg. The recipes with meat, can be made without and are just as good. The bowl and pizza recipes were my favorite (the Freestyle Hot Breakfast bowl was delicious).

This book is perfect for the recent grad, or as a gift for someone whose just bought their first home / apartment... or that aspiring chef. It might sound weird, but a lot of cook books are so stodgy and uptight, like you’d be afraid to get it dirty, this one looks like it belong in the kitchen. Like it wants you to use it, get it dirty, and play (have fun) with your food.
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Firstly, thank you so much the NetGallery and the publisher for allowing me a copy of this wonderful book! This is not your usual type of cooking book, it is aimed more at those who free-style and like to mix things up. Phyllis doesn't just show you a simple recipe, she teaches you the basics but the basics that you can use time and time again, for example. the coconut curry recipe is beyond easy and I can now mix it up how I like but keeping the key skill to the recipe. The book is very well illustrated, uses bright colours and looks appealing. I can 100% imagine having this in my kitchen.
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Rating 3.5 Stars

This is a unusual cookery book as it doesn't really contain proper recipes - it provides you with the tools and ideas for freestyle/improvisational cooking by looking at what you have in the fridge, freezer or cupboard and coming up with an idea for what to eat. 

The techniques and ideas from this book come from 14 cooks from around the USA/Canada plus the author - they also provide tips such as making extra, freezing in meal sized portions, good substitutes, tools and more.  They also provide a list of ingredients that are staples in their cupboards.

The book is divided into 11 chapters:
- Vegetables
- Pastas & Grains
- Big Proteins (meats and fish)
- Sauces
- Bowls
- Salads
- Soups
- Sheet-pan meals (tray bakes)
- Pizzas
- Eggs
- Toast Toppers & their cousins

There are many technique tables contained within this book on the best ways to cook vegetables (sauté, roast, stir-fry, braise, steam, grill or microwave), grains either in a saucepan or pressure cooker, meats with their cuts , temperatures and cooking times, .  Many of the chapters also have explanations on how to sauté, broil, stir-fry, different ways to cook eggs or sear the meat.

The oven temperatures are in imperial measurements and there are some colour photographs of the recipe ideas alongside some illustrations.

If you like to throw meals together from what you have in the cupboard then this gives you some interesting ideas but if you are looking for exact recipes to follow then this is might not the book for you.

I received this book from Netgalley in return for a honest review.
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The premise of this book is that if you have the basics in place, you can design and create lovely meals without using  a recipe.
A group of cooks share their tips so you have the tools to get creative - for example, to design a salad that has crunch, colour and a vinaigrette or dressing you can design by choosing from basics (eg a creamy dressing could have mayonnaise as it’s base or an alternative such as Greek yoghurt).
I really liked some of the ideas - for example, the layered bowls such as the Poke bowl.
I  also liked the permission to get creative in line with my own taste - for example to make a more acidic salad dressing.
I have no doubt I’m going to use this wisdom to innovate a bit. I’m planning a tofu layered bowl for tomorrow’s dinner!
Recommended whole-heartedly.
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One thing I would love to be able to do is just go into my kitchen, open the cupboards and make dinner from what I have.
This book is certainly a help. It really clearly sets out the different cooking methods and gives some ideas about what flavours go together. 
It's also the sort of book you can just pick up and look for tips. I'm hoping if I read it enough it'll all sink in.
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What a fantastic alternative cookbook! 
I like to think that I am pretty experienced in the kitchen and often stray away from recipes and add my own flourishes without fear, but sometimes you can stare in to the fridge as if you're staring in to the abyss! 

Some days after work I don't have the wits about me or mental energy to cook something fancy (however much I usually enjoy it). Helpful pantry staple lists and reminders of how you can store some things for a longer life are exactly the sort of things I need to help me on those tired nights. 
Ideas to substitute ingredients and stress-free cooking methods are exactly what I need to shake me out of the routines I find myself stuck in a lot of the time.  Making good use of what you have on hand is means you will likely create a lot less waste and even plan ahead with leftovers or base sauces that would be ideal for a second dish too. 

My favourite thing about the book is that it is written by a group of like minded people who all love cooking, no fancy chef techniques - regular people who are kind enough to share all the tips and tricks that work for them.
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I absolutely love cooking. Alongside reading, it is one of my favourite hobbies and I have learnt to freestyle a lot over time. However, I often use a recipe to start with and can browse for hours before finding something that really tickles my fancy. 

This book cuts all that nonsense out! It provides inspiration in the form of cooking techniques, flavours that work well together and ingredients that work in each form of cooking. There are no measurements, but suggests different ways that you can flavour the dish based on how you are feeling. There are also lots of subs so you can truly freestyle.

The images are exceptional and have really inspired me. I will be buying this one when it comes available!
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What a great idea for a cookbook! My big brother is always saying “I don’t need a recipe“ but I have always used recipes and cookbooks with recipes… This book is so full of great ideas for cooking things like main proteins, grains, salads, pizzas, bowls… Etc. that I have many many meal plans going on in my head right now! So excited! Thank you for writing this book. 

Thanks to NetGalley, the author and publisher for an advanced reading copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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I haven't reviewed a recipe book before, so I felt a bit uncertain requesting this through Netgalley. I decided to go for it anyway because the premise seemed intriguing - in a way, it's the opposite of a recipe book - and I'm very glad I did.

This is a very handy book to just have about and leaf through for inspiration. It's full of useful tips, and I found myself highlighting and bookmarking on almost every page. I think it addresses the core issues with classic recipe books, which are that most of us don't have time to prepare food to a formal recipe, most of the time. The freestyle cooking techniques suggested here are a lot more practical. I'm considering giving my brother a copy for when he goes to university.

On the other hand, some of the advice here can be overly basic - maybe that's just because I've always cooked without a recipe and based on whatever food I have on hand. Also, this might be just because I'm a vegetarian, but I wish there had been more attention paid to non-meat proteins (e.g. tofu, seitan, even just chickpeas); they're often mentioned in passing in the proteins section, but there's almost no detailed advice on how to actually use them. This contrasts with various types of meat getting multiple pages each on how to cook them.

Overall, I'm not sure I would buy this book for myself personally, but I'm glad I read it. I think when I first started cooking it would have been really invaluable.
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While I've been cooking for years, I am one that uses recipes as guides for making dishes. Anything 'new' is pulling from recipes and then changing it up based on what I think will work.

No Recipe? No Problem! takes it a step further. They talk about different ingredients and ways you can cook things. Then you apply it to what is in your kitchen. 

I'm now feeling a bit more adventurous in the kitchen.
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Okay, No Recipe, No Problem has to be one of the handiest cookbooks out there, though I suppose it's a non cookbook cookbook. 

Since Covid brought with it almost a year of working and schooling from home, canceled soccer and circus practices, canceled pro sports events, yadda yadda, I've had time to cook a lot more at home. I now make bagels, tortillas, naan, and all sorts of bready goodness from scratch, natch. I can pressure cook like a boss. My husband has become a reluctant but relatively skilled griller. My older son whips up a mean marinade. But even with all these mad new skills, we don't always know how to improvise.

This book offers idea after idea, with suggestions for sauces and seasonings, meats and veggies, soups and salads, you name it. It includes recommended cooking times, suggestions for substituting ingredients, and smarter ways to shop.

This book is a great addition to any kitchen, no matter how skilled (or not) the chefs that occupy it are.

I gratefully received an ARC of this book from the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for my honest opinion. Thanks!
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This year has found many people who aren't used to cooking doing just that, and possibly with limited supplies, as some food items have been difficult to purchase in stores. 

Good teaches the reader techniques and ideas to use different ingredients and combine them without using a specific recipe. It's more of a freestyle form of cooking, which was a bit odd, at first, as I like following recipes. The book allows the reader to focus on what ingredients they have on hand and how much time they want to spend cooking. 

If you enjoy finding new recipes or adapting things to fit the likes of your family, this is a great book to check out!
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