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I love the idea of a concise cookbook focused on one favorite food—blueberries. And here it is!  When the blueberry season rolls around, I flit from site to site, cookbook to cookbook, searching for recipes to try. And now, accompanied by beautiful photographs, those recipes are all in one collection. With an array of relatable, simple, delicious dishes all in one place, I can cook straight through the blueberry harvest. From cobblers to crisps and salads and salsas, Cynthia's recipes are dishes I will prepare, not simply browse. I cannot wait to try the Date Bait Coffee Cake and the Blueberry-Ricotta Pizza.  A huge thanks to Net Galley and Storey Publishing for this advance copy.
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BLUEBERRY LOVE by Cynthia Graubart

We used to live quite close to a blueberry farm that allowed the public to come and get a berry pail and pick as many blueberries as you wanted to.  They would then weigh your haul and charge you by the pound.  I think this instilled a lifetime love of blueberries for us.  My hubby always requests homemade blueberry muffins for Christmas morning and whenever else he can get them (for his birthday as a surprise).  Where we live now, there are lots of wild huckleberry plants all over and it's great to be on a short walk and stop and gather up a treat.

Blueberry Love is chocked full of tasty blueberry recipes.  Breakfast, salads & sides, lunch & dinner, and dessert are all topics in the book.  A wonderful sounding Blueberry Soup recipe, I haven't heard of that before, I've had strawberry soup, and it tasted fantastic.

There are gluten-free recipes along with gluten recipes.  Sweet, savory, beverages, syrups, just about anything you could think of that uses blueberries.  The author uses a lot of pre-prepared items, to make the recipes easier and possibly faster to create.  Some people who make everything homemade can substitute in their own homemade versions if they want.

Highly recommend.  With Blueberry Love or Strawberry Love, you can substitute any other fruit in on the recipes, also.

Much appreciation to #netgalley for the complimentary copy of  #blueberrylove I was under no obligation to post a review.
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Beautiful cookbook full of amazing, good home cooking recipes. Gorgeous pictures throughout the book. Love blueberries and this book is amazing to have for blueberry lovers!
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I love blueberries and I loved the recipes. Great pictures, hope to make lots of them in the future.
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This beautifully illustrated book is everything to those who love blueberries! The recipes are unique and appealing.... they are user friendly meaning that the ingredients are those that we all have in our kitchens. I was able to preview this book as an advance digital copy but I love it so much that I am going to purchase the hardcopy. Thank you to Net Galley for allowing me the opportunity to preview this beautiful book. My review is my own and is in no way required by the publisher.
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Blueberry Love by Cynthia Graubart is a great cookbook to keep close by as reference and inspiration. 
Love the beautiful pictures and and delicious looking recipes but most of all I love how informative this book was about blueberries. The recipes are also well explained and so it’s tempting to try them. All the ingredients are also easy to find.
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If you love blueberries this is the book for you! there are recipes for everything (sides, salads, lunch, dinner, desserts, drinks, etc). I appreciated the storage, cleaning and freezing instructions. it even teaches informative information about blueberries (for ex: the types of blueberries there is). the instructions are clear too which I enjoyed.  

Thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for letting me access an advance digital copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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Blueberry Love by Cynthia Graubart


99 Pages
Publisher: Storey Publishing LLC
Release Date: April 27, 2021

Non-fiction, Cooking, Food & Wine

There are 46 recipes in the book. It is divided into the following chapters.

Tips for Cooking with Blueberries
Cook’s Notes
Salads & Sides
Lunch & Dinner

Here in Florida, we are lucky to have fresh blueberries for much of the year. I even had several rabbiteye bushes in the backyard and was so excited when I picked my first berries. The author talks about how her love of blueberries started in Gainesville, Florida when she met a blueberry farmer in the 1980s.

This book is wonderful. The recipes are easy to follow, and the ingredients are readily available in most pantries and grocery stores. It was hard for me to pick a favorite recipe because I want to make them all.
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A beautiful little cookbook. I love the concept of concentrating on a single ingredient, and doing a deep dive on what can be made. A lovely mix of sweet and savoury dishes. The recipes are easy to follow, with cup measurements to conversions in book to reference. There is a little introduction to both the book and baking/cooking with an overview of blueberries and the different variants, general ingredients, equipment and methods for those novice bakers/cooks. The food photography was brilliant, but there doesn't seem to be a photo for each recipe. This doesn't bother me, but I know it is an expectation for many looking for cookbooks. It is America focussed, but other than a few ingredients and in the introduction it doesn't seem to a problem for creating the recipes. 

There's quite a few recipes I want to make from this one - the make ahead french toast and 1954 "boy fait" looking particularly appetising.
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Thank you for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review. Honestly, it's hard to touch on anything that the other great reviews haven't already said. I requested this and the Strawberry Love edition, and I think that both are a duo worth recommending for foodies. There are some VERY unique ideas in both of these cookbooks, and some others that are exactly what you would expect. I really like the suggestions on how to get more fruit in your cooking. Ultimately, I would suggest for foodies + as a gift to those who may really like fruit (or special diets) or entertaining
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I would like to thank NetGalley for giving me a copy of this book.  If you love blueberries and want to cook with them this blueberry book has the recipes for you there are so many choices.  The pictures are also gorgeous and make you drool!  The book has recipes for breakfast, sides, salads, lunch, dinner desserts and drinks both smoothies and cocktails.
There is information about how to find them, wash them and dry,
. There is even storage and freezing instructions.
I missed not having calorie information there are lots of desserts with plenty of sugar and glazes for meats.  Yummo!
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Ok my love for blueberries don’t seem to top my love for strawberries but that cover is definitely eye catching. A cookbook all about blueberries in many ways.

   What did I like? A blueberry muffin has never failed me. I’m used to a lot of the recipes in this book but the breads and pies looked delicious. Great pictures and great ideas for blueberry lovers.

   Would I recommend or buy? Yes to both. Loved the recipes, and this is just an easy to love cookbook. Cakes, cookies, pies, pancakes....all with a blueberry flourish. Five stars.
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I love this book. 
I have tried like 10 of them and each one was way better that I thought it’s going to turn up. 
I highly recommend it
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This book is absolutely fantastic! This pictures are amazing and showcase many of the recipes quite well making them look delicious. I love blueberries and eat them all the time. This cookbook highlights some tried and true favorites as well as some very unique recipes I absolutely love that will become tried and true favorites in my kitchen.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves blueberries. I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to find this cookbook and it would make an excellent gift.

I received this book from NetGalley for an honest review.
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Very well executed, lovely photos and very bright. Does not fit an E-book format well but would look lovely as a hardback cookbook. Easy recipes to follow and one I would be happy to have in my kitchen on my cookbook shelf.
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What a variety of recipes - Other than the usual suspects - theres so many more interesting ways to use blueberries - 
Blueberry Lemonade
Blueberry Butter with no butter
Blueberry and red onion salsa.
Buttermilk blueberry soup
Blueberry Vinagrette
Blueberry biscotti
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So Much Good! I love a cookbook with beautiful photos, great tips, and recipes that do not require a bazillion ingredients that I've never heard of. This cookbook has all the makings of a great one! 

My husband and daughter pick many buckets of wild blueberries in the summertime. This coming summer, I will be requesting they spend more time picking more berries for all of these delicious recipes!
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We go through a lot of blueberries at my house, and that's before I got my hands on a NetGalley of this gem.  With this cookbook we could have blueberries at all three meals, and for snacks.  

The book has beautiful photography to give you an idea of how your treat is supposed to look. 

By and large the recipes are simple--the kinds of things you find in church cookbooks and the like.  These aren't the things that take all day to cook and dirty every dish in the house.  

There is a big section on how to pick and preserve the fruit.  

I'd like to thank the publisher for making a review copy available via NetGalley.  Grade:  B+
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If you're a slave to blueberries, then this herebis the cookbook for you. Not gonna lie, this book had me at Blueberry Vodka. And how about that Date Bait, huh?

A bunch of thanks to NetGalley and Storey Publishing, LLC for this free ARC.

This review is posted of my own accord, with no compensation, whatsoever from those mdntioned above and/or the owner/s of this ARC.
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#BlueberryLove, is the Ultimate cookbook for blueberry lovers like myself. The author, Cynthia 
Graubart, starts by teaching us about tips for cooking with blueberries such as when to pick them and when and how to wash and dry them. Then, she bombards you with numerous recipes, so you are bound to find enough to satisfy the tastebuds of you and your family. The recipes range from breakfast, salads and sides, lunch and dinner and desserts.
I highly recommend this blueberry cookbook! I would like to thank the publisher, Story Publishing, and #NetGalley for providing. me with an ARC of this Blueberry Feast cookbook!
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