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Do you:

- Watch TV shows like “Shark Tank”/"Dragons’ Den”

- Listen to podcasts such as “How I Built This”

- Have an idea for a product or business you want to start

- Just need a little motivation to take control of your professional career

If so, do yourself a favor and read Kara Goldin’s incredibly helpful business memoir, Undaunted. In it she shares how she built her top-selling unsweetened water product, Hint, from an idea in her kitchen to a huge national brand. One of the keys to her success has been her willingness to ask questions and cold call strangers, following the old adage, “what’s the worst that could happen?” Trite - yet wise - words. 

On a personal note, about 10 years ago I had to cold call Kara myself to see if Hint would be interested in developing a tie-in marketing partnership with one of the movie campaigns I was working on for 20th Century Fox. Not only did she take my call and engage in a series of follow up emails with me, she was prompt, courteous, and extremely kind. From my experience, Kara Goldin not only wrote the book, but she’s taken a page from it. 

4.5 stars

I received a gifted copy of the (author-narrated) audiobook from HarperCollins Leadership via NetGalley.
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An interesting look into the start up of Hint water; the determination of Kara and her husband while navigating their way through starting a drink business was inspirational. This book covers all the ways that things can go; the ups and downs and the inside parts that most individuals wouldn't even think about. I enjoyed the narration of this book and the background of Kara's education and business connections and experience up until starting Hint This audio book was also well done with this narrator because of the emotion that came through. I would recommend this book to those looking into a business or anyone in sales.
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This was a great book to listen to for inspiration! Kara describes her challenges as she juggles her family life and following her business dreams. I enjoy drinking Hint and it was interesting to hear the story behind how it came to be. It was nice that Kara narrated the book herself, I always enjoy when authors do that especially when it is non-fiction. Thank you to NetGalley and  HarperCollins Leadership for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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When I saw this on netgalley, I requested it because I thought Kara's story might be interesting. I've had Hint water a few times, but I don't really buy or drink much bottled water, and wouldn't have known who Kara Goldin was without reading the book blurb. But the title intrigued me. Who hasn't had doubts and doubters?

This book is not really a memoir or a business book. It combines some of her life story with what she feels she has learned throughout the founding and running of Hint. I found her very relatable. She stays true to her mission and vision while facing many challenges; she creates her boundaries but also pushes boundaries. In fact, she refers to an beverage company executive calling her "sweetie" as an ongoing reminder, a push to do better than the doubters think she can. I have had several situations in my own life where someone said something doubtful (or worse) that motivated me to do it an do it fantastically.

I enjoyed listening to this book--Kara narrates the audiobook and it is well done, although a "professional" narrator may have paced it a little differently. Many thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a digital review copy.
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I always love when an author narrates their own book. I loved listening to Kara's struggles and breakthroughs while making Hint water. She goes very in depth about how she got to where she is today and everything she had to overcome to get there. Jumping through hoops and never giving up finally put her on the map. It was very interesting learning about how to get a product that she made in her kitchen to be bottled and sold in major grocery stores all over the country. If you're into learning about business and women owned businesses this book is perfect for you.
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I really enjoyed this audiobook by Kara Goldin, which was about her business path to success and also about her home life.  It was very inspirational and I loved the way in which she could juggle all of her family life and home life with her business life.  I loved her strength and her great ideas for creativity and expansion.  This book inspired me to work more on my business too and reminded me that I can be strong and do anything I put my mind to.  

The narration of the book was very good and Kara has a lovely voice which is a joy to listen to.

Many thanks to the author, publisher and netgalley for a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.
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"UNdaunted" was UNdoubtedly an UNbelievable and outstanding read.

Kara Goldin's story is "Exhibit A" for "Truth is Stranger Than Fiction". The fact that she started her company with no background in manufacturing/retail distribution/food science, while she was a mom with three children under the age of six AND was pregnant with her fourth child, is the first UNbelievable fact that she shares with readers.

I listened to the book's audio version that was read by Kara. I always love it when authors read their own memoirs and Kara's superb narration was no exception. Kara's spirit of enthusiasm was a real treat and provided an exciting new dimension to her story.

The book was very well organized; recounting the brand's story and the endless obstacles that Kara faced from the brand's inception to where it is today. Kara's determination to bring a product that she loved to market and her refusal to hear the word NO was very inspirational.

I am a working mom and I always found that I was the most successful/productive when I had excellent childcare at home. Kara made no mention of her family's nannies/daycare arrangements and this surprised me because her book was a complete "tell-all" of almost all aspects of her life. --- and, to me, having excellent childcare is a very important component of one's success -- whether they are a dad or a mom.

Thanks to NetGalley for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review. I highly recommend this book and wish Kara continued success with her company.
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I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I listed to it as an audio book and got through it in just a few days. Kara is so inspirational.  I love her take no BS attitude and her perseverance with basically everything she has tackled.  I love Hint water and so does my 1.5 year old son. The flavor is amazing and just noticeable. I enjoyed learning Kara's story she ended up with her own beverage company.  I recommend this book!
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Undaunted recounts Kara Golding's experience in business and as an entrepreneur with an approachable tone that I wasn't expecting at first, and kept me interested. I received an audio copy for review and it took me a bit to get into the rhythm and cadence of her voice. She's not a narrator, and it shows, but even though her voice doesn't deliver with the smoothness of a trained narrator, once you settle in, it feels like she's just chatting with you, handing out bits and pieces of insight gathered throughout the years. Her style is approachable and her stories feel honest. A lot of the advice boils down to the title, how to be 'undaunted'. How to push forward fearlessly and just give things a go. Here is where I hit pause on the praise for a second: persistence and fearlessness are sound advice for success, but are also more achievable in a context in which the worst that can happen if you fail is not terrible in the grand scheme of things. Her comparisons of pushing through as an upper middle class woman without an MBA in an Ivy League world make me wonder about the big world beyond that where being upper middle class with a BA is still a great advantage. So this is a great book to find some inspiration and her warm style is engaging, within the somewhat limited context to which it applies. 

I received an audioARC in exchange for an honest review.
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UNDAUNTED was sent to me by Net Galley, free of charge, in exchange for my honest review.
Published by Harper Collins Leadership, UNDAUNTED was written by Kara Goldin. This is a non-fiction book, that I chose to listen to, in audiobook form. Kara narrated her own book. I always like this because the author of the book knows the inflection they intend…makes the book more interesting. It also makes it easier to listen to.
Kara Goldin is the founder of the very successful HINT WATER. On her website, you’ll also find HINT DEODORANT, HINT SUNSCREEN, and even HINT MASKS. She has also added SPARKLING, KIDS (in a sippy box), and KICK (with caffeine) WATERS.
Kara wasn’t born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She worked her way up by not accepting NO for an answer. In this book she shows us, step by step, how to do the same.
She tells us to be UNDAUNTED – understanding what your fears are, deciding when it’s important to face up to them, preparing yourself to confront them, and working through them.
I found this audiobook to be very inspirational and uplifting. I think this is a book I’d rather have a hard copy of, because I could have the steps in front of me. I also could highlight and take notes in the book and could read it over and over if I wanted.
I would recommend this…especially if you’re thinking of venturing into entrepreneurship! As Kara says, “Face your fears…YOU CAN DO IT!
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Very motivational in aspects of stepping out of your comfort zone and pursuing your dreams. Business or otherwise. I loved the voice too.
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"Being undaunted is understanding what your fears are—deciding when it's important to face up to them, preparing yourself to confront them, and then working through them. When you do, two things happen. First, you put that particular fear in its place. You might not completely overcome it, but you can cut it down to a manageable size. Second, and even more important, you gain the confidence to overcome any fear, any obstacle that might stand in your way. That's the key. The more success you have at taking on your fears, the more confidence you have to take on others. It's a virtuous circle." -Kara Goldin, Undaunted.

Before I began this audiobook, I did not know anything about the Hint company and have never tried their product. I finished this audiobook in one day because it was refreshing to hear the honest and inspiring journey Kara forged while creating her company Hint. I love how she never wavered from her values or beliefs with her company and products. Her lesson on being "undaunted" can be applied to anyone's personal or business-related goals or dreams. 

Thanks to Kara Goldin, I feel even more inspired to achieve my own personal and professional goals. Of course, I needed to go out and experience this Hint water for myself after this audiobook. It is delicious and very refreshing! I  enjoyed other sparkling brands of water, and now Hint will be among my daily choices!
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Principles for a successful business can be principles for a successful life.  That idea is the basis for “Undaunted” by Kara Goldin,  a memoir and guide for entrepreneurial aspirations.  Ms. Goldin has made her name known by being the woman with the idea and passion for the drink Hint.  Listening to her first book about someone venturing up through the ranks of business employment was great fun, as I could see all the valuable nuggets she picked up in each job.  Those nuggets are then utilized in different situations later, as she deals with the ups and downs of creating a product and the company to go with it.  A business degree is not required to enjoy the inside anecdotes that she gives in jobs leading to her attempt at creating Hint, but it is even more interesting if you can compare it to your own.  I figured that the drink industry would be difficult to crack into, but who knew there were so many obstacles to getting good enough for your own scrutiny?  Ms. Goldin is very clearly someone with drive and tenacity.
I was given a copy of this audiobook for free via #Netgalley if I would give an honest review.  I jumped on it as that is my favorite way to take in nonfiction, to listen.  The only thing I would note that gave me issue during my listening was the cadence of Ms. Goldin’s voice.  However after 3 or 4 chapters, I settled in.  I imagine it is due to the fact that she is from the west coast of the US, and I am from the southern east coast.  As for the Hint, I have some in the refrigerator chilling right now.
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I am not an entrepreneur and have never, ever considered becoming one. Until listening to Undaunted by Kara Goldin, I didn’t even consider starting something, anything from the ground up or even consider my dream interests to be possible. Kara tells her entrepreneurial and personal story of business success and inspires anyone reading or listening to her story to do the same. I was inspired by Kara’s story. She was relatable and down to earth. She shared both the failures and successes in order to humanize her story and make it real. She shares her story with the negative in order to highlight the positive. If you have ever, or never, considered an entrepreneurial endeavor, take a listen to Kara’s story and be inspired. Thanks NetGalley for a copy of this audiobook to review.
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Kara Goldin was on track in corporate America working with innovative companies and had quite a work history before Hint was even a thought.  She was recovering from her fourth pregnancy and had an addiction to Diet Coke and thought maybe a change to her diet could be a good idea, so she started drinking water and plain water was just too plain, so adding a bit of fruit made a new water habit more than bearable but possibly enjoyable!

I listened to this book and I was so thankful that was the way that I consumed it.  Kara reads the book herself and I appreciated that in her reading she emphasized the points that really mattered to her.  I like hearing the author tell their own story and I was glad that Kara read it herself.  

I loved reading a book about a woman who turns to innovation and solving the problems that she finds herself in.  From flavored water to sunscreen, I was intrigued to learn more about Hint beyond their water and the behind the scenes of creating a product and then getting it into a customer's hands - inspired me to think about what I could do to be innovative in my own life!
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I really enjoyed this inspiring and down-to-earth roadmap to success by Hint Water entrepreneur and disrupter, Kara Goldin.  Her entrepreneurial path and innovations are so intriguing, and she's a great narrator of her own life.  (I listened to the audiobook - her narration is warm and down-to-earth, just like you'd want a girlfriend who is also a hugely successful businesswoman to be.)  You get to hear a lot about her creative process, and the way she arrived at some of her great ideas, which is not something these books always cover.

I love to hear the origin stories of female founders, and this is a great one.  She gives you great ideas and business advice, and describes her own assertive and creative efforts to make contacts and promote her business in a guy-heavy business and startup world.  She talks about how the idea for a healthier natural-flavored water actually originated in her own home with homemade sweetener-free water, and then blossomed to the success story of Hint Water after she marched into Whole Foods and asked them if they'd stock it.  

Kara has a lot of business knowledge and know-how, and in the audiobook you can really tell how much she wants to share it with you so you too can be successful.  (She actually devotes an entire chapter of the book to urging others to share their knowledge, which she considers to be a part of her mission and purpose.) Throughout the book, Kara provides simple but very useful ideas like "show up," "just get started," "test the market," "face your fears," and "find partners you trust."  She couples these with successful examples from her own life. (E.g.: she is afraid of heights but decided to hike the Grand Canyon.  Better you than me, Kara!)  Side note: I notice myself calling her "Kara" throughout this review, and I think that's because of the friendly conversational style of both her narration and her writing.  You really feel like you know her and like her on a personal level by the end of the book.

This is a completely accessible, practical, warm and inspiring business how-to from a female founder who knows her stuff and is more than willing to share her secrets to success.  Highly recommended not only to people who are pursuing entrepreneurship and business, but also to anyone interested in an inspiring story about one woman making it big on a simple healthy idea.  I

Thanks to Harper Collins Audio, NetGalley and Kara Goldin for the advance copy of this interesting and well-narrated and well-written audiobook.
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For a book that promised at the beginning that it didn’t read as an autobiography there was a lot of background about the story of Hint. But it worked! Woven with lessons from business and life, Kara wove the Hint story into a message of inspiration. Tangible tips aren’t available here but if you like founder stories, branding and business, and lessons from the path traveled — this is for you. Narration was well performed and made it a fast listen.
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I really enjoyed this book. Kara's journey, and work ethic, even at a young age was inspiring and unwavering.  She has a go-getter-pick-up-the-phone-and-get-it-done attitude that I just love. After reading it I felt more motivated to take the ideas I get while showering (I know I'm not the only one who gets these) and follow through on some of them. I love hearing about how businesses develop, thrive  and problem solve and this book dives deep into the background and logistics of it all. It was very fascinating and by the end I wondered how I could become friends with Kara in a non-stalker type way.  She is a bad-ass business women, leader, innovator, mother and compassionate human being that I felt would be an excellent addition to a dinner party. A compelling book, a delightful journey of much deserved success. 

Thank you NetGalley for this book in exchange for my honest review.
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Undaunted Overcoming Doubts and Doubters is unique advice for entrepreneurs.  Kara Goldin is the founder of a Hint fruit infused water.  I wasn’t aware of her story and have never tried the water, but this audiobook sounded interesting to me.  The book was so good.  Goldin gave a lot of useful advice.  The advice is from someone that created her business with her husband without being rich. Most self-help entrepreneur books give advice that would be useful if you have a financial backer already or are independently wealthy.  Undaunted gave advice that anyone could use.  Goldin gave a lot of interesting real world examples and really explained her story. Goldin did not hide her company’s failures but was very open about them and how they turned them around. I recommend Undaunted Overcoming Doubts and Doubters.

Thank you NetGalley and Harper Collins Leadership for Undaunted Overcoming Doubts and Doubters.
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