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This is the second book in the Tangle Valley series from Melissa Brayden. I enjoyed this book even more than I did the first one, although there was one part with the main characters that I did not enjoy. Ryan Jacks has had a lot of trouble with past relationships, being burned and having her heartbroken. At one point Ryan thinks Gabriella Russo can't get over her former lover, Madison. Ryan backs away because she has gone through it all before. Gabriella's character is very head-strong and she gets pissed off because of Ryan backing away. She doesn't communicate with Ryan before getting angry with her and not taking time to understand the past issues that she has gone through. I found this troubling and I lost a lot of respect for Gabriella. I felt like it was very unfair to not take her partner's past and her feelings into account before jumping all over her. It made for a bad section of the book for me. Otherwise, it is another good Brayden novel.

I received a copy of this from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and unbiased review.
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I enjoyed the supporting characters in the first book and this one did not disappoint. Brayden is a master of sweet small town romances and if that’s your thing you will love this one. Well written characters are those who make you wish you could meet them. These people are likeable and a joy to read about.
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Unfortunately I wasn't able to get into this book. Hopefully someone else will enjoy this book more. I will give it a try soon
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I loved this book. Loved it so much. It’s my favourite book so far in this series, and it’s rivalling some other Brayden favourites of mine.
I love Melissa Brayden’s books because I always know I’m going to laugh, get a little teary, and enjoy the heck out of the ride. Picking up one of her books is a no brainer. The problem with this book (and is it really a problem?) is that I seriously struggled to put how much I loved it into words without giving away major spoilers… So here goes nothing!

I would suggest starting at the book, Entangled and not skipping ahead. Entangled sets this book up nicely, and you can sit back and enjoy Ryan and Gabriella’s story.

This book, in particular, had my little heart racing all the way through. There were times I wanted to shout at Ryan or give Gabriella a nudge. And then there is Joey, who is so super sweet and protective and I just wanted to cuddle with her! 

I was swooning all over the place. Especially Ryan Jacks because wow! Talk about the hot tradie type! I was so onboard for her and her sexiness. Yum!

But the best thing about the book (except the romance because honestly, that’s what gets me here each time) is the friendship between Joey (winery owner), Madison and Gabriella. Their banter is witty, funny and entertaining to read. I wanted to join in on their little friendship, hang out and become part of the group.

Ryan and Gabriella are so beautifully in sync when it comes to chemistry. It’s all fiery and hot but also incredibly intimate at times. It reads beautifully. These two just made my heart happy!

Melissa Brayden, I hope you never stop writing series’ because I get so wrapped up in them. I can’t wait for the next book, What a Tangled Web, to be out in ebook/audio so I can jump back into more Tangled Valley. An exceptional book.
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Melissa Brayden is a solid romance writer. She is skilled at capturing the imagination and attention of her readers. Picking up one of her books never results in disappointment; one can count on her to deliver the goods every time. Readers can expect the same of Two to Tangle. It is trademark Brayden all the way, well-penned and delightful.

Brayden constructs a solid romance between Gabriella and Ryan. She employs the classic Brayden romance formula that readers have come to appreciate. It works well and always offers up a satisfying HEA. The cornerstone of this romance is the unstoppable chemistry of Gabriella and Ryan, her two leads. Their chemistry is fueled by heavy emotion and angst, but that’s what keeps readers invested and interested. The interaction and banter between the leading ladies adds much also. Gabriella and Ryan have a fiery connection; it drives this love story. Their lack of communication, however, stalls their love affair. Fortunately, when they are finally able power through all the roadblocks and differences, the reward is oh-so sweet.

Both characters are likable in their own unique ways, but Gabriella has that extra little “something” that makes her stand out. She’s talented, attractive, passionate and spunky; readers feel the pull of her personality immediately. They want more of her, for sure. Ryan, however, is a bit more difficult to take at first. She is a bit of a “player” and this is a little hard to digest in the beginning. This bad girl trope works well for the overall arc of this story, but it isn’t always attractive in the big scheme of things. However, as Ryan works through her issues, she grows on readers. Through character growth, she becomes a relatable and likable character, one readers cheer for in the end.

One of Brayden’s greatest strengths as a writer is her ability to develop strong secondary characters that help advance the plot in purposeful ways. These secondary characters are often connected to one another in highly relatable and likable ways. These characters are either close co-workers or friends. In Two to Tangle, Brayden’s secondary characters are just as one would expect; they are a close knit group that share easy banter and good times. They are people anyone would enjoy hanging out with and sharing laughs. Joey and Becca, as well as Madison, are a part of this group. Those familiar with book one will no doubt be thrilled to see this.

Final remarks…

Brayden knows how to consistently write an appealing romance, and Two to Tangle is proof of this. She sets the stage and provides readers with an enticing setting—a gorgeous vineyard that’s enchanting as well as irresistible. It’s the perfect place for romance. Much the same can be said about Two to Tangle’s main characters. They, too, are perfectly suited for romance. Overall, this is a sweet story. It’s easy to read and well worth the time.


Lovely characters
Charming banter
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‘Two To Tangle’ is the second in the Tangle Valley Romance series by Melissa Brayden. I loved being back in Tangle Valley, with a wonderful group of friends, and a new romance to wallow in. This time, chef Gabriella Russo is the focus of our attention. As she works towards opening a new restaurant in the vineyard, her life becomes complicated with the arrival of gorgeous contractor Ryan Jacks. Gabriella has decided that romance can go on the back burner, as she concentrates on her career. But however much she tries, and despite locking horns with Ryan on numerous occasions, she finds it increasingly difficult to resist her.

I adored Gabriella. She was beautiful, insanely talented and had a mind of her own. This was one woman who would not put up with any BS. And Ryan would realise her mistake is she didn’t put Gabriella first and take her seriously. I loved Ryan too. She might have come across as a player at the start, but her vulnerability was endearing. As they get to know each other, sparks fly. The love scenes were romantic, intense and hot. I wanted this couple to work and I warmed to their relationship more and more as the story progressed. It had a wee bit more angst than I was expecting, but ultimately had me swooning. Melissa Brayden has a winner with the Tangle Valley series. I can’t wait for the next one.

I was given this ARC to review.
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Just one of those make you feel good romance. I loved both characters the chemistry they had just swept me off my feet and all I could do was read and smile until I was to the end.
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Two To Tangle by Melissa Brayden

As a famous chef, Gabriella knows how to season a good dish.  It’s her personal life she’s is worried about.  Ready to take a break from romance, she’ has moved to Oregon to open a new restaurant called Tangled.

This was not my usual genre as there were no murders.  It was a light romance novel.  It held a lot of drama, friends trying to get along.  The location was described beautifully, a vineyard, and I craved wine after reading all about the different kinds of their production...

Thank you Net Galley for sending me an advanced reader’s copy for review..
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4 stars

Gabriella Russo's life is good. She lives on a vineyard with her close friends Joey and Madison and does what she loves for a living. Then the construction of what will soon be her own restaurant brings contractor Ryan Jacks into her life. The chemistry between them is delicious, but Ryan is no stranger to the ladies, and Gabriella wonders if it's wise to trust her with her heart. 

cw: physical fight, arrest

This is a high quality book, as I've come to expect from Melissa Brayden. It's just missing that extra spice (apologies for the cooking puns). I didn't necessarily feel Gabriella and Ryan's chemistry, even though we were told about it in the book.

The Characters: I really liked Gabriella. She's feisty and passionate, and I was totally crushing on her. Ryan Jacks on the other hand was a bit underwhelming. Maybe I'm just not into "bad girls"? Maybe I was turned off by the name Ryan Jacks. But Ryan's dimple did nothing for me. I liked seeing the side characters from the first book. Joey and Becca were cute, and this book definitely made me see Madison in a whole new light. <spoiler> The love triangle with Madison is what kept things interesting for me in the end, although I knew Madison wouldn't win out in the end. </spoiler> Now I'm excited for Madison's book.

The Plot: This book mainly followed the construction of Gabriella's restaurant. The pace was slower than I would have liked. I took a large break halfway through the book and picked it back up a month later. That being said, it didn't drag. I just wasn't super interested in the developing romance.

The Romance: The story relies on the converting-the-bad-girl trope, which Melissa Brayden pulls off with a lot of detail and emotion, even if it's somewhat stereotypical. 

The Writing: Great, as usual! The only thing that started bothering me part way through the book is the way in which all the characters talk similarly. I don't really know how to describe it, except that it's a mix of goofy and earnest. I don't think I noticed it in Melissa Brayden's previous books, so I wonder if it's just a Tangle Valley thing. 

All in all, a solid read. Perhaps not as addictive as I would have liked, but still very sweet.

** I received a free ARC via Netgalley. All opinions are my own.
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First off, I think Brayden did a great job at changing up the typical lesfic plot line in this one. I liked that it went in a slightly different path for our MCs to find their HEA. My one issue though was Gabby. At times, I thought she was really harsh with Ryan who I thought was an absolute sweetheart. By the end of the novel I was quite put off by her, which wasn't great when reading a lesbian romance.

I'm interested to read the third novel though. I felt for Madison in this and I'm keen to read her story next.

Many thanks to Netgalley and Bold Strokes Books. ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.
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I'm hooked on the books by Melissa Brayden. 

In book two of this series, Gabrialla is getting her restaurant and Ryan is hired to build it. They are attracted to each other right away but their communication is not a strong point. Throw in an overprotective best friend and ex Madison. Who still has feeling for Gabriella. Ryan's player past is not helping her. Plus a couple of noisy biddies in town, 

Gabriella and Ryan have a lot to overcome.

Looking forward to book 3 and Maddies follow up story. While I get she still has feeling for Gabriella her jealousy made me not like her much.
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In her introduction, the author mentioned this book was full of self-reflection due to being locked up during the pandemic, and you can really tell. There's *a lot* of self-reflection, internal monologues, and conflicts caused by self-beliefs and misunderstandings. The drama was very well written, so much so that I ended up wanting to shake some sense into the lead characters. There were quite a few instances where if they'd just talked to one another, they would have realised the issues they were conflicted over were actually non-issues. The love triangle angle, involving one of the main supporting characters, was unexpected in how far it went, and made me slightly uncomfortable. Overall, it's a very well-written book, and the angsty parts were very well written, but there was a certain spark missing for me between the two leads.
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I want to visit Whisper Wall.  I want to have movie night and banter with these characters.  I don't drink alcohol but I want sit in the Tangle Valley Vineyard, sip wine and hangout with the gossiping Old Biddies.  I was in the mood for a light romance and this was the perfect choice.  

Gabriella Russo is a chef working out of her food truck while waiting for the renovation of a building at Tangle Valley Vineyards.  This is her dream job, being the head chef and opening a restaurant that she helps design and plan.  Ryan Jacks is the owner of the remodeling company for the new restaurant.  Of course sparks there is banter and attraction.  There is also mishaps and miscommunication.  

I loved Gabriellas friends and their support for each other.  The camaraderie is an important element to the story.      I enjoyed their banter although at times their characters seemed all perky and similar.  I get frustrated when miscommunication is the main obstacle to a HEA but the author made it believable.  I did feel Russo was the more rounded character while Jacks feelings and insecurities got a little repetitive.  I cared for the characters and felt invested in the resolution.  This is second in a series and I just ordered the first one so I can catch up.  4.5 stars rounding up.

Thank you to NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an ARC ebook in exchange for an honest review.
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This is book 2 of 'A Tangle Valley Romance' series that follows a group of friends who work in a vineyard in Oregon. 'Two to Tangled' features the story of Gabriella, a chef who plans to open a restaurant on the grounds of the vineyard. Ryan Jack's is the builder in charge of the restaurant renovations. A talented carpenter, she works hard and plays hard, never getting serious with anyone, that is, until Gabriella comes to her life, making Ryan wish for things she never wanted before...

Melissa Brayden is an automatic read for me, she's one of the best romance writers in lesfic. I absolutely love her romances series because she writes groups of friends like no other. The banter, the wit, the perkiness is unparalleled. However, I have to admit that this second installment didn't do it for me.

Now the funny thing about this book is that after a while the cheerfulness disappears and the story turns to introspective and contemplative which was completely unexpected. I'm not gonna delve into this because I don't want to spoil it, but I wasn't expecting the turn of events. Maybe because of that or because of the characters' personalities, the story as a whole didn't engage me as book one. I'm sure other readers that, unlike me, love angst and drama will enjoy this book more. As usual, it's well written, but it wasn't for me. I'm looking forward to reading book three and final in the series. 4 stars.

ARC provided by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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3.50 Stars. Not my favorite Brayden book but still a good read. Life has been crazy lately, it seems like everything happens at once sometimes, so I’m a little late in reviewing this one. Since a lot of reviews are in, and many people LOVED this book, I can tell I’m a bit of an outlier here. I did like this but it was missing that Brayden magic for me. The thing is, Brayden is such an amazing romance author that even when –in my opinion- I don’t think a book is her best, it’s still better than many of the other romances I’ve read this year.

Where I live we are currently having our first storm of the season –heavy wet snow and high winds-. We already lost power once today and I’m worried it might go out again so I’m going to try to keep this review on the shorter side. And since so many people have written already about why they loved this book so much, I’ll focus more on what didn’t sit as right with me.

The first slight hitch I had was not really connecting with the beginning of the book. I picked up this book, read a little, then put it down until the next day. I’ve been doing this same pattern for the last three days. That is unheard of for me with a Brayden book. Normally her books hook me in instantly and I finish them in one sitting. Maybe I’ve read too many storylines with “the player” and the one fantastic woman than can change the player’s ways, I don’t know but this wasn’t clicking at first. In the first book Entangled, living and breathing the beautiful vineyard setting, really seemed to work so much better for me. This book was back on the vineyard, but it wasn’t close to the same and half the time I even forgot that it was.

While I didn’t like “the player” and “the savior” character tropes, I liked the characters personalities for the most part. Gabriella was extremely easy to like which wasn’t surprising since she caught my eye in book one. Ryan’s thoughts were a little repetitive for me, but for the most part I even liked her. However, almost all the secondary characters where not working for me except for Joey and Becca –book one mains-. I didn’t get what was up with Madison since she was nothing like her book one character. Ryan’s friends/workers just took up space and didn’t seem to add anything to the story. And those Biddies or whatever you call them, yeah no. I don’t know if they are supposed to be funny of cute, but yeah they were not working for me at all. I’m actually crossing my fingers they disappear for book three. Oh, I almost forgot, Ryan’s mom was an exception and a really nicely done character. Unfortunately, we only see her two quick times and I actually found myself wishing she would make another appearance.

Well I still have power so I guess this won’t be short. I don’t want to get into the romance too much. I don’t want to spoiler anything but I did have a little problem here. I wasn’t crazy about the pace of the romance. It’s not insta love or anything close but I still felt like it was going by too fast. I felt like the characters connected at that initial level, but the next deeper, more meaningful, level wasn’t really there. So I can’t really be surprised that the main conflict was basically because of no communication. I’m not a fan of the big conflict moment being about miscommunication or no communication. I swear every time it makes me roll my eyes and say “really?” I know this is romance fiction and I should not be too picky, but Brayden has done conflict extremely well more than a dozen times so I guess I just expected more.

It feels weird to write such a critical review for a Brayden book but I wanted to explain myself. On the good side, this is still a Brayden book. As much as certain things didn’t work for me, I still really enjoyed parts of this book. There were some lines that were so well written, so clever and witty, that I actually kept asking myself “how does Brayden come up with such good dialogue?!” While I didn’t agree or like some story choices, Brayden still impressed me with her writing like always. And even with my criticism, I would still recommend this to Brayden and or romance fans.
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I had read Melissa Brayden once before in a novella and found it a very nice read. This book, however, took me a long time to get into and even now, I still have mixed feelings about it. It felt like it was going to be a slow burn from the first few chapters of just introducing the characters and even mentioning Ryan in passing without her being there in person felt weird to me. The chemistry between Ryan and Gabriella was good overall. The angst that befalls a relationship is always something I enjoy and how they overcome it is rewarding. I think though what I liked most about this book was the talk of the different foods. I even ended up looking one of the dishes and made it myself! While this book was not what I expected, it was a decent read overall. I look forward to reading other works by this author.
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ARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

This is book 2 of the Tangle Valley series, and features Gabriella, the chef at the vineyard, and Ryan, the contractor hired to build the new restaurant. Ryan is a bit of a player around town (though I had to wonder at how many queer people seem to live in such a small town in Oregon). Gabriella knows this and though attracted, isn’t interested. Meanwhile Ryan is knocked for a loop by Gabriella and decides to go after her. They are working together on the restaurant and live in a small town, so there’s plenty of opportunity for them to see each other. 

The romance itself is mostly fairly sweet, but it does involve a LOT of Ryan feeling ‘unworthy’, which leads to endless repetition around this point and the ‘breakup’. This also features a completely unwelcome (by me anyway) sort of love triangle featuring Maddie, that everyone knows will go no-where since she’s book 3, so that felt like a waste of time. 

This also features the issue I’ve had with Brayden’s books before, the banter wears after awhile and most of the characters talk in the same voice, which is annoying. Literally every character speaks the same way, all of the MCs, the side characters, even the older characters. 

I loved Gabriella and Ryan as characters, and they were cute when interacting (for the most part). I did like that Gabriella just stated what she wanted or felt, and their were no histronics, but there were still instances where if they just actually had a proper conversation they’d have gotten to where they wanted to be sooner. I liked book 1 better, but this is still a good read, and Brayden fans will no doubt enjoy. 3.25-3.5 stars rounded up.
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I admit I got exactly what I expected from this book. It very much falls into what I expect from Melissa Brayden. Her characters are always witty and quirky with one defining element that sets them apart from the rest of the social circle. This book was good and cute. I really liked Gabriella a lot as a character and to be honest, I really wish we got to see more of her. I feel like there were a few traits about her that came up but were ultimately not explored enough. I wasn't a big fan of her love interest though. I felt her character was not well defined. She was presented as one thing and was very quickly another without much to make me feel for her from the beginning. 

Overall it was an interesting story though it ranks a little lower than some of the author's other books.
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This book is set in the Tangle  Valley Vineyard, where we meet Gabriella, a chef who feels her life is complete as she is about to get a restaurant of her dreams. She is not interested, Or wanting a relationship as she feels she has a great group of coworkers / friends  who also live at the Vineyard. Add to the mix is Ryan, a dashing carpenter and builder who will remodel and refit a building to Gabriella‘s specifications for her restaurant. Both women are sort of attracted to one another but Gabrielle wants no part of her relationship as she wants to focus solely on getting her restaurant open, whereas Ryan is very open to a relationship. However Ryan’s reputation is quite the ladies woman precedes her which makes Gabriella more reluctant to develop anything with her other than a working relationship. These are two very interesting women as they have great banter between them they like to flirt and argue with one another. Both women grow a great deal during this novel as Ryan begins to realize and work for what she wants in her personal life, and Gabriella learns to open her heart a little. As a relationship grows between these two it does eventually turn sexual however Ryan is afraid to be in love and her insecurities get in the way, at the same time Gabriella’s ex-lover enters the scene hence  the relationship between Ryan and Gabriella is doomed to fail.
This book is incredibly well written with a list of main characters that were easy to relate to and it has the bonus of having a wonderful group of secondary characters that really contribute to the storyline. There were a few twist interns that I didn’t expect but thoroughly enjoyed.
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This spectacular sequel to Entangled was as incredible as it was surprising. Brayden managed to throw so many unexpected twists and turns into this story that took caught me off guard. I loved every second of Two to Tangle whether Brayden was making me swoon or crushing my heart I couldn’t get enough.
Ryan and Gabriella have a wonderful flirty chemistry that I loved. They also spent most of the story using clear and honest communication with one another which was delightfully refreshing. I loved the progression of their relationship and was surprised that they overcame what I thought would be their biggest obstacles before the book was half over leaving a whole new set of challenges that for me were very unexpected.
Gabriella struggles with keeping away complications, sticking with safe and contentment rather than risking her heart or adding drama. Ryan struggles with a past that is no longer satisfying and feelings of inadequacy. Both of them have to overcome hurdles both internal and external throughout the story.
This story gutted me way more than I predicted it would (which is really saying something) I also never saw that love triangle coming although I bet I am in the minority in that department.
I loved getting to see more of Gabriella’s bubbly and unique character and Ryan was a great addition to the Tangle Valley family. I love Ryan’s suave nature and her growth throughout the story was excellent. 
I loved all of the romance. Gabriella and Ryan share a fiery passion that leapt off the page. The flirty and sexy nature of their interactions was superb. The attraction they share is off the charts. 
Brayden also provided a brief cameo to the couple from her fantastic story To the Moon and Back. It was fun to see Carly and Lauren again.
I love the A Tangle Valley Romance series. The setting is perfect for this lovely sleepy town filled with fantastic characters. This is a marvelous series and I feel Brayden has out done herself with this one. In case it wasn’t obvious from my repeated use of the phrase, I’ll say it one more time. I loved this book.
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