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The Tangle Valley girls are back! And in this second series, we follow chef Gabriella and her quest to find "her person".  When Tangle Valley Vineyards decides to open a restaurant (with Gabriella as the head chef), Ryan is hired for the remodel and the sparks between the two of them are immediate.
Gabriella knows what she wants and what she will accept in a relationship. As the relationship between Gabriella and Ryan progresses,  Ryan realizes that she needs a change in how she has dealt with past relationships and is determined to do things differently with Gabriella. Unfortunately for them, things don't go too smoothly. After Ryan makes a mistake (by ignoring Gabriella during an event), Ryan realizes her mistake and is determined to make a change.  But, given Ryan's perceived "irresponsibility", would rekindling a relationship with her ex be a better option for Gabby? And is the universe pushing her in that direction?
I definitely recommend this second offering the tangled series. It was great to see how passionate and opinionated Gabriella is. The punny shop names are also still a hit for me!!
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I could just leave that here with a five star rating and it would adequately explain how I felt when I finished this - but I’ll find some more words to try and do this book justice.

I loved it. I wasn’t sure Brayden could beat Joey and Becca and their story, but when I started to see reviews mentioning that this was even better, I had high hopes and Brayden definitely lived up to them.

Gabriella is the chef at Tangle Valley Vineyard, working away in Jolene her food truck, whilst the new restaurant Joey has planned is being built. She’s getting a reputation for her food throughout the town - and one of the best parts of this book is Brayden’s descriptions of Gabriella’s cooking. She’s happy with her food and her new life in Oregon and isn’t really out there looking for someone - she’s just enjoying life with her friends.

Ryan is the contractor hired by Joey to undertake converting one of the barns to the new restaurant. She has a reputation in the town for no strings attached casual relationships and has no problem finding herself company. 

The relationship between the two just grabbed me from the beginning. Their passion for their respective fields plays really nicely when they have to work together. I also really enjoyed their battles on the softball field, but at the same time I also appreciated their softer quieter moments together. They have their bumps where both of their pasts drive wedges between them - but it’s clear they’re meant for each other. The inevitable break up is painful and I was really glad when it was resolved and I felt the HEA was perfect for these two.

As always, the additional characters in Brayden’s books are done really well. It was great to hear more about Joey and Becca and I thought Loretta and Bobby were really sweet. It won’t come as a surprise, but I really enjoyed how Jacks dog was written into the storyline too. Madison plays a little bit more of a part in a different way in this one and I enjoyed the sneak peek as to where her book in the series might be going.

This is going to be really hard to beat with part 3 - but I can’t wait.

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Food, wine, and softball games with a sexy chef and hot contractor? I’m in love.

Chef Gabriella Russo (34) moved from the East Coast to the West with her best-friend-cum-ex-girlfriend Madison LeGrange (31) after Tangle Valley Vineyard owner Joey Wilder’s (31) job offer. Soon the restaurant of her dreams is under construction, and Gabriella finds herself in the constant presence of the gorgeous contractor Ryan Jacks (28), who might also be the woman of her dreams. Too bad Ryan is a player and too young for her.

I had a lot of fun with the previous book, “Entangled,” and have been looking forward to Gabriella and Ryan’s story for months. Since the series is set in the wonderful vineyard Tangle Valley, I poured some wine to ready myself for this book and ended up laughing and crying through the whole thing. I love Ryan so much even though she does make some questionable decisions sometimes. I felt her insecurities, vulnerabilities, and earnestness. Right now, I just want to give her a hug.

I love how passionate and confident both Gabriella and Ryan are about their jobs and yet so uncertain, extensively questioning themselves, when it comes to love and their mutual feelings. Every single time Gabs and Ryan see or even think of each other, I experienced butterflies in my stomach. Maybe it’s the alcohol; maybe it’s not. While there is some misunderstanding between them throughout the story, it doesn’t feel like miscommunications. I think both parties are fairly justified for their behaviors. There is also a bit of a love triangle going on that is fully believable and heartbreaking at the same time.

The secondary characters are also amazing. The Tangle Valley Trio is as fun and wonderful as I remembered them to be but even more layered. There are support and angst within the group, and I also loved seeing more of Joey and Becca’s relationship after “Entangled.” Ryan’s friends Billy and Lana are also wonderfully understanding and her golden retriever mix rescue Dale is adorable. I feel like crying again just thinking about them all. There are also brief mentions of actress Carly Daniel, tasting room staff Loretta’s daughter featured in “To the Moon and Back” and romance novelist Parker Bristow featured in “Back to September,” two of my favorite Brayden books.

Gabriella and Ryan are so cute yet frustrating I love them. There were tensions but none contrived. I could see everything happen andI was rooting for them so hard, believing in them when they didn’t believe in themselves. Unlike other Brayden books, the intimate scenes in this one mostly fade to black, and for me, that made the story more tender with aching yearnings. I also love that apart from the scenes involving the restaurant construction site, there were also slow-pitch softball games. Who doesn’t want some sweaty, sporty, and muscly encounters?

“Two to Tangle” is another wonderful book by Brayden whose main characters I adore. A Tangle Valley Romance is now my favorite contemporary romance series, and I cannot wait for “What a Tangled Web,” where we can fall in love with both Madison and Clementine as they fall for each other.
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Melissa Brayden coming in hot with the feelings! Her books always bring the tension and Two to Tangle is no exception. I laughed, I cried, I threw my phone! The level of emotion that she captures in her characters is always impressive. You are captivated and invested right from the beginning. Definitely another win for Brayden.
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Two to Tangle was the first book I ever read by Mellisa Brayden. It wasn't a bad romance but did not surprised me   at all. 
This is a sweet love story, chemistry, some drama and angst, miscommunication between the main characters, insecurities, jealousy, emotions and a  bit of a love triangle. Overall, this is a classic romance where opposites attract and even the lack of communication and insecurities can not stop a HEA.  
3.5 stars is my rating! 

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Oh yes, Melissa Brayden has done it again! An unputdownable installment of the Tangle Valley series.

Gabriella Russo moved to Whisper Walls, Oregon 8 or so months ago to work at Tangle Valley Vineyard. She is reunited with her ex Madison, who happens to be her best friend and the one who recommended her to Joey (the owner of Tangle Valley and main from book 1). Gabriella has been cooking up a storm in Jolene, the food truck, but the time has come to start the renovation of the space that is to become the Tangle Valley restaurant. Joey hired Ryan to do the renovation of the old barn. Ryan is a skilled contractor and carpenter, and a player. Recently she has been feeling like being the player and playing fast and loose isn't fulfilling any longer, she longs for something else but doesn't know what. That is until Ryan and Gabriella start working closely together, Gabriella calls Ryan out on all her shit and they share a lot of banter. Gabriella is pulled to Ryan but doesn't want to get involved with a player, she wants more. But the heart wants what the heart wants. All their playful banter, their physical pull, is it enough, or will their insecurities and doubts stand in the way of their relationship?

I read some reviews that seemed to suggest people liked this second book better than the first. For me, that isn't the case. I think I liked Joey and Becca as a couple and individuals better than I did Gabriella and Ryan. The major drama/ angst moment in this book had me just rolling my eyes, it didn't feel like it fit somehow. The smaller doubts and insecurities seemed realistic, especially the ones coming from Ryan. The smart mouth on Gabriella and generally the banter between the two is great. The appearance of the other friends and a little update on Joey & Becca's relationship is good as well. I might have been expecting a bit more from this book because I like the first one so much, and Gabriella seemed to be the most interesting character, but it didn't live up to all I imagined. I do feel like I need to take up some more Italian cooking and I really need to learn how to appreciate wine. Although I did really enjoyed reading this book sitting on the couch with my blanky and cup of tea ;-) No wine consumption necessary to enjoy the book. But I feel like I need to learn to appreciate it before the Tangle Valley ladies will let me into their group of friends, and I really want to be part of their group. Bring on book 3, Madison's story!
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This book was standard fare, but nothing spectacular for me. As someone who has read every Melissa Brayden book out there, and who is always clamoring for the next, I can safely say that I prefer her standalone offerings at this point. The Soho Loft series was magical and perfect, but the series' since then, including the Seven Shores and now this one, just don't have the same whimsy and warmth. It feels like the tight knit group of friends at the core of these series' is forced, not as genuine and well developed as the Soho Loft girls and their emergency midnight chocolate sessions. I just dont care as much about these characters, and perhaps due to criticism by other reviewers (definitely not me), it seems like Brayden has taken to writing her characters as less likable, with more of an edge, but that's not what I sign up for when I pick up her books. So I'll hold out for the next standalone, and of course I'll read the third installment of this series to see Madison find love, but my heart won't be in it because it doesn't feel like there's as much heart in these books as her previous. Still an enjoyable read by regular standards, but Melissa Brayden is held to a much higher standard thanks to her excellent prior work!
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Although this is the second installment in the Tangle Valley Romance series, it is not necessary to have read the first one.  This book focuses primarily on the first installment secondary character, Gabriella, the chef at Tangle Wood vineyard.  A new character is in this installment.  Ryan is a contractor that is hired to build Tangle Wood vineyard's restaurant, Tangled.  This restaurant's executive chef will be Gabriella and she is overseeing the project.  Sparks fly between Ryan and Gabriella, but Ryan's reputation with the ladies is well known.  This is why Gabriella is hesitant to proceed with a relationship.  When it is clear she cannot deny the feelings she has for Ryan, she throws caution to the wind.  There are many ups and downs to this new relationship. There is questioning that Gabriella's friends have regarding how legitimate this relationship is.  This questioning leads to Gabriella wondering the same.  
Will the relationship be over before it had barely begun?  Brayden fans will not be disappointed with this new installment.  
I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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I said to myself I would not read another Melissa Brayden book because of my disappointment over the last 3 or so, but here I am again. This was... bettter. It had a lot of drama, which was more fun than the fluffy banter the last few have been, but still, all the drama came from a  miscommunication that could be resolved if the characters would just not walk away so easily. I was intrigued by the use of a love triangle, however. Why is that not more of a thing? It did not quite work here in that it seemed sort of thrown together at the last 40%. If you like Melissa Brayden's books, you will pry like this one too. 3 stars.
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How does Melissa Brayden do this every time? Every single time?

I really need to have more faith in authors whose books I love. I’ll blame it on my anxiety. Melissa Brayden is one of my favourite authors and because she is, I worry with each new book that maybe this will be the one that disappoints. Sure, Brayden’s plots are pretty traditional but there’s something about the journey, the way her characters fall in love that I can’t get enough of. And Two to Tangle is no exception. It made my heart warm and achy at the same time. In the best way. As usual.

In this second book in the Tangle Valley Romance series, the focus is on Gabriella Russo, the fiery and extraordinarily talented chef of the future restaurant that will come complete the visitors’ experience of Tangle Valley Vineyard. Joey, the owner, has given her total control over the construction and Gabriella is extremely excited at the idea of having her own restaurant and having it be exactly as she imagines it. In charge of making that dream come true is Ryan Jacks, the town player, whose whole outlook on life and love will not survive meeting Gabriella. Gabriella left the east coast for a quieter and slower life and makes it very clear she is not into hookups, but she’ll have a hard time protecting her heart from everything Ryan makes her feel. And then there’s Madison, Gabriella’s ex, Joey’s winemaker and best friend, who knows all there is to know (or so she thinks) about Ryan from high school and the town’s very efficient gossip network. In her view, Gabriella deserves better and that better might be her.

From page one, this book is, once again, pure Brayden. The group of friends, the witty banter, the perkiness. So much so that I asked myself at one point whether there was such a thing as too perky. But just before it got too much, Brayden made a subtle shift and the perkiness turned bittersweet. I liked the change in atmosphere a lot. The characters are wonderful, which isn’t surprising. Even though their voices are not always as distinctive as I’d like them to be, they feel genuine and complicated and very lovable. As is often the case in romance, miscommunication and low self-esteem play a big part, but Melissa Brayden manages to make the inevitable breakup feel justified. I believed in the struggle on every side. I really really love when characters try to deny they have feelings but just can’t resist because love is simply stronger than them. That’s what romance is about.

I’ve been told off for overrating Melissa Brayden’s books before. While I can’t entirely disagree (I have definite favourites yet I’ve rated all of them the same), I’m not planning on stopping, not as long as they make my heart happy. And they so do.

I received a copy from the publisher and I am voluntarily leaving a review.
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Well, Melissa Brayden is sort of a safe harbour when it comes to lesbian fiction. If you're afraid of a miss, you go with some of her books and everything is settled. Her books go from a good book to a mind blowing one.
This one, in my opinion, is going to a category of good ones. Definitely not mind blowing, nothing new and innovative in this one, and surely not the most lovable characters.
But, the woman knows how to write solid books, even if it will not take your breath away. It's very hard to give her books less than 4 stars, because her writing style and effortless dialogues are superbly performed.
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It is a known fact that you can always rely on Melissa Brayden to write some of the best WLW contemporary romances around. She has continued to do this with her latest novel, Two to Tangle. This is the second book in the A Tangle Valley Romance Series. I loved Entangled, the first story in the series, but I honestly think Two to Tangle is even better.

This is the story of Chef Gabriella Russo, who we met as a secondary character in the first novel. She has moved to Oregon to open and run Tangled, a restaurant that will be located at the Tangle Valley Vineyard. In this story she meets Ryan Jacks, the building contractor who will be making Gabriella’s restaurant dreams come true. But will Ryan also be making some other more romantic dreams come true for Gabriella?
The story is set in one of the most beautiful areas around, and it is the perfect background for this tale. The characters, of course, are well developed and easy to connect with. Many of them were introduced to us in the first novel. Several of them are unforgettable, and play a major role in the romance between Gabriella and Ryan. I’m specifically thinking about the Biddies here, but you need to read the story to learn about them. 

The romance is lovely, but it’s not all roses and kisses. There is quite a bit of angst that could derail their love story. One of my favorite parts of the book involves the softball games, especially the last game between the Muskrats and the Otters. It has been years since I played myself, but these games make me wish I could again.
This story is one of my favorites, and I recommend it to everyone who loves a great romance. You want to read this series in order. Both are wonderful novels and well worth reading. Don’t forget there is a third book coming in this series. I’m looking forward to reading it as well.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.
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I wanted to like this lots more than I did. I loved the first installation of this story, but this one fell short. That's not to say I'm not looking forward to the third one - I'm just hoping it's a more solid story. 

My issue with this one is that even though we sort of knew the characters from the first book, we still needed to become more acquainted and I just couldn't relate to them or their actions. For one, I didn't like Gabriela a whole lot - she was bossy and selfish. The scene where she yelled at Ryan and turned to Maddie just turned me off. And the whole thing with her second-guessing her relationship with Ryan and trying to force herself to reconsider Maddie was silly. 

It took me about half-way into the book to finally get into the story, but the plot still didn't grab me as a good book should. 

One pet peeve - and I've mentioned this before when reviewing this author's books, is the constant use of the word "damn". I'm not opposed to swearing, but the overuse of the word gets distracting and annoying. Everything is damn - every damn time, best damn kiss. Let's hear some new descriptors!
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So this next installment in the series follows Gabriella and Ryan, and again it was so nice to be in this fictional world because Melissa has a way of writing small towns and atmosphere that is just wonderful. However, there were a few aspects that I didn't personally like, hence the 3 star ratings.

As in the previous book, the girls' friendship was very endearing and this is one of the reasons why I really wanted to read this story. Melissa never disappoints in this respect. Also, seeing Joey and Becca again made me very happy, I didn't expect to feel so delighted meeting them again. There was banter, there were soft and adorable moments and they had palpable chemistry and they got their well-deserved happy ending, especially Ryan whom I simply adored.

As for the things that I wasn't so happy with... honestly mostly it's the fact that I am tired of miscommunication and lack of communication and too much drama. I wish we could see other devices and plot points to move the plot forward. The "love triangle situation" was also not my favorite, even though things did work out in the end. And honestly I was a bit "uhh" about Gabriella's internal thoughts as well concerning Ryan's "player reputation", like I get being a bit reticent but the way they all talked about her was a bit... uhh I don't want to say it felt like slutshaming but it personally upset me. Also Ryan is 28 why does Gabriella call her a "kid"...? She herself is like in her early 30's if I remember correctly.

As I said, these are more personal complaints, aspects you might not mind that much. But overall it was a cute and quick read and I'm excited for Maddie's story!
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Oh the wait is finally over and it did noooot disapoint.
This book was delishes in every way possible, Its great to get to revisit the place and the characters and see more of their stories evolve, read about dreamy food and steamy  kisses, cause they were you know - Gabriella and Ryan were the purrfect mix of dreamy and steamy.

Im giving it 4stars,,  i might have gotten a bit too frustrated with the sheit that always needs to happen towards the end but it was a pretty good read.
Classic Brayden.
Really looking forward to Madisons book!
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4.5 stars. Another homerun, this was super fun! I took the suggestion given in the acknowledgements to heart and poured myself a nice glass of wine and got some snacks out before curling up on the couch with my friends from Tangle Valley (yes, they are my friends now too). This book is all about food, wine and romance.

Gabriella’s dream is finally coming alive, the construction of her restaurant at Tangle Valley is starting. She’s happy with her life and enjoying the slower lifestyle in Whisper Wall. But then there is Ryan, disrupting Gabriella’s ordered life. Ryan is the contractor responsible for building the restaurant and Ryan is everything that Gabriella doesn’t need and shouldn’t want. Ryan is a notorious player and also five years younger than Gabriella, Gabriella is convicted that Ryan is not relationship material. Hey, even Ryan thinks she’s not relationship material, or is she? Plenty of reasons not to date, but also plenty of attraction!

Obviously, they do end up dating and there is quite a bit of miscommunication and angst going on. When used in the wrong way this can totally ruin a book for me, but it can also greatly add to it, and luckily it totally worked for this one. I won’t go into too much detail, but I thought it really added to the growth of the characters and their relationship. For Gabriella there is serious doubt about Ryans personality, due to her status as a player, will she be ready for a relationship? Whereas Ryan has no idea how to act in a relationship and especially how to handle the emotions that come with a relationship. On top of that, both mains are seriously misguided by their surroundings. So yes, some stupid decisions are made and they certainly have to work hard for their relationship, but it only makes the ending more fulfilling.

In comparison with the first book the group of friends and their dynamics are more settled and they all add to their friendship in their own specific way. It was good to see Joey and Becca, all happy and in love, and you get to learn a lot more about Madison. This installment already shows a glimpse of some the complexity that is Madison, she is smart, introverted and has such a big heart. I can’t wait to read her story. Then of course there are the biddies, they certainly have never heard of privacy and whether you love them or hate them, they are guaranteed to stir things up. 

I enjoyed the first book “Entangled” a lot, but I liked this one even a bit better, it’s a roller coaster of emotions and in the good way. Recommended to all romance and Brayden fans out there!
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Two to Tangle is the second installment of the Tangle Valley Romance series. After reading book one, I could not wait for book two to arrive. My overall impression is Brayden did not disappoint. Though this wasn't 5 stars for me like book one, I give it a strong 4 star rating maybe even 4.25 rating.

This book is the love story of Gabriella Russo and Ryan Jacks. All of those who read book one knows who Gabriella is. She has been hired to be the Head Chef at  the soon to be Tangle Valley Winery restaurant. Her connection to the winery is Morgan who has also moved to back home to take over as head Wine master when Joey's father dies suddenly.  Ryan Jacks is a local contractor who has been hired to renovate a space on the winery to house the new restaurant. At the end of book one we see the chemistry that ultimately plays out in book two.

So there is a lot to love about Two to Tangle. Brayden continues with her witty dialogue and for me it works. I often found myself Laughing out loud as I read through this one. I also like the pairing of Gabriella and Ryan. I thought the chemistry was off the chart and I liked that they took time getting to know one another even though they had a few misunderstanding early on. Of course the sex scenes work. Sometimes I wish there wasn't a quota on how many is needed in a romance. I just felt like this one could have used another one. The small age gap also seemed to work. Of course there would be angst in this one and though in theory it works, I really didn't care for it much. I can't really go into detail but the whole situation just didn't seem to fit the characters and what we know about them. Sure we could see some small insecurities in Ryan, but for the most part she is a confidant woman. I think that is why I had to take off a half point. 

Again, this was a solid romance written by Brayden and I can't wait to see the love story come to life with Morgan and the lady from that store (I hope I am right on that one).

This arc was provided by the publisher for an honest review.
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Nothing better than sitting down to a Melissa Brayden novel. Book 2 in the Tangle Valley romance series does not disappoint as Gabriella takes a shot at taming notorious player and contractor in charge of her new restaurant, Ryan. The two tangle back and forth their fears of relationships for very different reasons which made for an interesting study of allowing oneself to fall in love. Both women trip and fall along the way, sometimes hilariously and sometimes exasperatingly, but also humanly which we can all relate to in some form or another. Looking forward to book 3 and more tales from this wonderful winery and quirky town. I received a copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Second book in the Tangle Valley series and I enjoy this more than the first one.  Considering that I love book one, that seems almost impossible.  This time, we follow Gabriella, the head chef hired to helm the Vineyard's  restaurant. The contractor hired to build the restaurant, Ryan Jacks, is known around town as a player.  She has relationships with various women and seem to lead an easygoing life. But, of course, there's insane chemistry between Gabriella and Ryan.  Problem is, Gabriella does not want to just hook up.  With their 5 year age difference, she thinks Ryan is too young to want the same thing she wants. Their individual insecurities and histories make a bumpy, twisty path to romance. Also, it's probably best not to read this book on an empty stomach.  There's plenty of mention of food, which is expected as one of the MC's is a chef.  I wish that Gabriella's restaurant is a real place, as I would love to dine there.  Book 3 cannot come fast enough.

**Thank you to Bold Strokes Books and NetGalley for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review!**
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Two to Tangle is the second installment in Melissa Brayden's, Tangle Valley Romance series.  f you haven't read the first book, I'd recommend reading it before this one, but it may not be totally necessary in order to understand the plot of this book. The series revolves around the Tangle Valley vineyard and the three major characters Joey, Gabriella, and Madison. Classic opposites attract romance. Great dialogue, As someone in an age gap relationship, I did have some problems with how Gabriella kind of condescends to Ryan because of their age differences.  I received an ARC of this book via NetGalley in exchange for a review.
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