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While I have to agree with a previous reviewer that this would have probably worked a lot better in the form of a long feature article, I was quite intrigued to read a different point of view. Although as a direct contributor to the existence of single-use-plastic in the world, it is clear that the justifications for continued production would lean into a certain direction. Still, I appreciate that this book exists as an alternative view and to add a few more tones of grey in a sometimes very black-and-white discussion.
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An interesting take on the current plastic pollution issue from an individual who is on the front line of the war.

While I have mixed feelings about this book, being an environmentalist book coming from a plastic bag manufacturer, it is good to see steps being made and options being created for customers to become more eco-conscious. While clearly the best option is to find a similarly durable material that is compostable or biodegradable, or simple due away with plastic bags like some countries have already successfully done. While some grocery stores do offer Zero waste bulk options in the United States, (these are more specialty and may be harder to find), there are a few other options that could be discussed to curb plastic usage. 

One particular example that rather ground my gears, was the justification of bread wrapping, being more that a one-use type of plastic. While it does contain Marketing, Protection, and Facility origin, it still is a one use type of plastic, it may be "MULTI-PURPOSE" but is still most definitely a single-use plastic. That would be like justifying plastic sporks and saying that they are ok to use because they are both a spoon and a fork, even if its just for use in one meal.

While the author does bring up good points of environmental sustainability, it seems almost like a lost cause being a producer of the problem, and while teaching his company environmental literacy, and offering customers more 'Earth-Friendly' options, it feels like a book to clear ones own conscious. There are also a few points where God and Faith are mentioned about halfway through, with a couple of bible verses to match, and I almost put the book down then because I wasn't sure what direction it was going to take.
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An interesting point of view. While years ago plastic was thought to be a game changer, how sad that they were right. The plastic waste in fields, waters, etc. is had to fathom how much is there. The author comes from a generational family that has been making plastic for decades. Now he wants to help change the environment. We try to use bags less and prefer cloth or paper, but at times plastic works best. However, trying to find ways to lessen the use and the waste is a good thing. I did like this book, but at times felt like he could have cut it down a bit or condensed a bit. A little repetitive at times and therefore skimmable. Otherwise, highly recommend. At least it makes a person think about the issue.
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I feel like this is very middle of the road read for me. I would have liked this more in a condensed article I think. Definitely would have made for a great thesis. Lots of good perspective provided from the author but and bad structure in the book itself in my opinion. I am happy that publishers are not afraid to push these books and I am happy to have been able to read it and also happy these narratives are out there for the laymen to access. Hopefully we can get closer to finding a way to reign in plastics in our world through continued publication of works like this. I like the ideas Mr. Romer came up with in this book and expanding my perspective of the history of plastic. Interesting overall and would recommend to those trying to understand more about sustainability.
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Learning about finding, living and understanding sustainability for the future growth of our planet.
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Wow, it's a unique pov. I never really think of companies as small business with employees, I feel sort of bad about the plastic bad dilemma. I tried to give them up over 18 years ago. Then I adopted a cat. I was told, bt the waste department that I had to dispose of cat litter in PLASTIC BAGS tightly closed! So started my collecting the things from every friend and family member. I routinely toss out 6 filled bags a week, of cat litter , and my own trash (why buy trash bags,when these work as well?). I was just being conscience  of the environment. Prior to my cats, I tried to avoid plastic bags at all costs, preferring reusable cloth or paper. Just before covid struck, plastic bags were being banned all over the place and I was panicking- how would I dispose of cat litter?!? Then covid struck and all bets were off. Plastic bags got a reprieve. Good and bad. There has to be a way to reign in plastics in our world. I like the ideas Mr. Romer came up with in this book. I also liked learning about the history of the 
plastic bag. Who knew it was meant to be used over and over again to save the trees?!  Interesting read from inside the industry.
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