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This, the 3rd book of a remarkable series, is so touching and real, showing how quickly good friendships can change when tragedy strikes. Choices and different parenting styles are common to all of us, but in #forallsheknows, this hits home between friends & divided neighbors. This is a fabulous addition to #thePotomacpointseries.
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Despite differing approaches to life and parenting, the Grace and Mimi are best friends, and have raised their kids together while cementing a sisterlike bond that neither believed could be broken. 

But when a string of ill-fated decisions results in a teen party with a tragic outcome for Grace’s son, the friendship is ripped apart and an already-splintered community explodes.

Accusations are leveled, litigation ensues, and the people of Potomac Point take sides, all of which threatens Mimi’s business and her current custody agreement. Her sole salvation is a young cop who just might be her second chance at love. That fact only antagonizes Grace, whose marriage is crumbling beneath the weight of blame and the echo of past mistakes.

With their lives unraveling, the former friends stand to lose everything they love unless they learn to forgive—both themselves and each other.

Fortunately, I read the author’s note before starting the book, because it helped me to keep an open mind while reading and I also truly agree with what she mentioned.

This is beautiful story of two friends and their families. I loved both the main characters, Grace and Mimi. They were so well written and realistic, that they both were likeable despite their flaws.

I am so glad the book is narrated through the viewpoints of both Grace and Mimi, so that we could understand both the sides of the story. I felt so many different emotions while reading, and there were times when I found myself getting judgmental. But then, I realized that there isn’t really a right or wrong way in parenting.

Overall, I feel book is simply amazing and it takes you on a journey of discovering forgiveness and love!

Thank You NetGalley and Montlake Publishing for this ARC!
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This is not your typical HEA book. It took me longer to read it because it really touched on my emotions as a mother, wife and friend.

Grace is a wife and mom of two and has built this stable life for her family. Her son, Carter, is injured in a tragic accident, which unfortunately takes place at her best friend Mimi's house. Mimi is a single mom and has a much more casual approach to how she lives her life.

When the accident happens, Grace puts a lot of pressure on herself and a lot of blame on others. I really felt for both Grace and Mimi, and also Grace's husband Sam. The book is from Grace and Mimi's viewpoints. It was painful reading all of the pain they both were in, and the end of the book wrapped up quickly (and in a good way.)
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This is a real-life, human factor story. Where everyone’s decisions and actions affect others. Mimi and Grace are polar opposites, each carrying its own burdens and flaws. But one thing they can depend on is each other. Until the unthinkable happens and their worlds come crashing down around them.

Soon they find themselves second-guessing everything, including their friendship. The events that follow will either make them stronger or then break them.

If you are looking for steamy romance this book may not be for you. But if you want to go on a journey of self discovery, reform, and growth you’ve picked the right book.
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i really enjoyed this sweet romance! it was so much fun to read and i really liked all the characters along the way. thank you so much, netgalley!!
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I would like to thank NetGalley for the opportunity to review this book even though I did not finish this book.
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I loved the characters and the storyline development of this book. It was absolutely one of my favorites so far and I can't wait to delve in to the next one that this author writes. The storyline was simple, enjoyable, and entertaining.
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As a mother, this book felt a bit like a wake up call. Because with everything that happens around us lately , we may not pay close attention to our loved ones and without wanting, we can hurt them even with the smallest gesture, or we might as well , overlook things that shouldn't be overlooked.
A novel about friendship and families, about parenthood and decisions that can change someone's life in a second. 
A single mother trying to be back in the game with her life, a night when her son is having a party that shouldn't be happening, a devastating event in the life of his best friend and accusations brought when less expected. Two families life changed and a friendship that can't stand a chance in front of it. 
It was interesting and compelling to see how everything will wrap up at the end and i think it's a must read domestic suspense.
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Well written with good character development but very predictable to me. I just couldn’t get into it. I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.
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Grace is happily married, her children excel at school and she is firmly focused on providing her family with the best life she can.     All it will take is one night, one party and one tragic accident to turn everything upside down and she is left shattered.    She needs to blame someone for what happened and the effect it is having on her life and her family and that person is Mimi and her son Rowan.

Mimi is a single mother who is much more casual both when it comes to life and her son.    She believes that she needs to give her son the freedom to make choices not realizing that one choice could destroy two families.    She is devastated by the events of that evening and is grieving for her friend Grace’s family but feels powerless to help.

This is an emotional story of two friends with very different views on life and family who now find themselves and the town on opposite sides.    They both have so much to lose, and it is only with forgiveness and soul-searching that they may be able to have the healing they both need.
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FOR ALL SHE KNOWS (Potomac Point Book #3) by Jamie Beck is an emotional and powerful Women’s fiction story which while an addition to the Potomac Point series, it stands on its own. 

Two mothers who are best friends with very different lives. A tragic accident will change everything as both are tested by one moment in time.

This story had me feeling so many different strong emotions and they often changed while reading all sides offered by all the characters. Grace’s rigid and unbending emotional handling of the accident and Mimi’s attempt to help Grace and her family in so many ways while also trying to change from being a more lenient parent kept me turning the pages. I did not want to choose who was right or wrong in their parenting styles because I have had to make parenting decisions myself that could go either way. This book does not just focus on the two best friends, but all the members of the families involved, with even the small community takes sides and plays a part.

One incident that is so life-altering and Ms. Beck’s writing guides you through the journey of everyone involved so smartly and realistically. This journey will take you through love, friendship, parenthood, forgiveness and hope. 

I highly recommend this book!
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The premise of this book is very good. It shows us that the decisions made by many surrounding one event can lead to such a disastrous and catastrophic ending. We see how our relationships can be tested and if we can ever come back from something so devastating.

I really liked the basic storyline and plot of FASK but it became very repetitive and monotonous. It felt like it dragged on and the ending was rushed and very anti climatic.

**Received ARC through NetGalley. Voluntarily reviewed**
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Thank you to NetGalley, the publishers, and the author for giving me the opportunity to review this book. I have enjoyed this series so far. I hope this isn’t my last trip to Potomac Point. The author writes about sensitive and hard subjects in a lighthearted way. I can’t wait to read more from this author.
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For All She Knows by Jamie Beck is the third book in the Potomac Falls series.  Each book can be read as a standalone.  For All She Knows is an emotional novel.  Grace’s son is severely injured, and she wants to make sure the people responsible pay for their crimes.  Grace’s actions divide a town, a friendship, and a family.  I thought For All She Knows contained good writing with steady pacing.  We get to see how a tragic incident can change lives in an instant.  Issues from the past rule how Grace raises her children.  She wants to make sure that her children have a safe and happy childhood.  Mimi is a mother who is laxer with the rules (opposite of Grace).  These two women are best friends until a school budget issues and then Carter’s injuries divide them.  For All She Knows deals with forgiveness, guilt, and blame.  We see how the past affects decisions made today.  The story alternates point-of-view between Mimi and Grace.  This allows us to see both sides of the issues.  Emotions pour from the pages.  Anger, fear, love, caring, hurt, and loss are some of the feelings.  I was surprised by Mimi’s thoughts toward underage drinking.  I cannot imagine allowing a teenager access to my liquor cabinet (or not locking it) or leaving beer unattended in the fridge.  Teenagers and alcohol are a bad mix.  Jamie Beck tackled some difficult subjects in For All She Knows.  Fans of this author will enjoy this poignant tale.
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Two friends, Grace and Mimi, are best friends but couldn't be more different. Grace is married to a great guy, organized, involved with school, and protective of her kids. Mimi is a single mom, carefree, runs her own hair salon, and has a loose hold on her teen son. Despite going head to head with the school budget over how and where to spend the money, they can put aside their differences and silently support each other. Everything changes the night Grace allows her son to go to Mimi's house for a party being thrown by her son. A horrific accident occurs and the town is now divided.

This is the first book I've read from this author and it was a great read. Very emotional for a parent as well as a friend to imagine being in Grace or Mimi's position. Both are angry, hurt, and feeling lost with the tremendous amount of guilt from their actions that night. The one person they truly need is the one they feel the most disconnect from at the moment - each other. Both Grace and Mimi are not bad people and as parents we always hold ourselves accountable for our children's actions. How will they be able to repair their friendship when it feels all hope is lost? I look forward to reading more from this author.

Thank you Netgalley and Montlake for the opportunity to read this book.
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This is a powerful story about love, friendship, faith, and forgiveness.

I had such mixed emotions reading this book. I think all of the characters are flawed in one way or another and their lives will be forever changed due to an unforeseen event. This event has the power to change lives, rip apart friendships, and potentially break up marriages. 

While I do not have any children, this book was hard for me to read. I can only imagine how I would feel if I were in Grace or Mimi's shoes. Grace has some baggage from her childhood that has caused her to be rigid and unbending when it comes to the accident. There were many times I wanted to shake her and ask her why she was torpedoing everything in her life. I think she was the most frustrating character for me. At the same time, I can understand her side of things and her emotions, mostly guilt, about not keeping her son safe. But can we ever truly keep someone from harm?

Mimi has her own issues as a single mother dealing with an ex that doesn't seem to care much for his son except when it might benefit him. Mimi has a heart of gold and it is no wonder she and Grace were fast friends. But this accident puts their friendship to the test and it will come down to whether Grace can move forward or not. But the incident is not without consequences for Mimi as well and it has her rethinking her views on raising her son. 

There are some strong supporting characters including Grace's husband Sam, Grace and Sam's son Carter, and Mimi's son Rowan. I didn't really like Grace's daughter, Kim. I know she is only 10 but she seemed spoiled and entitled for someone that young. 

The book also delves into small-town politics in the respect that people tend to take sides in an issue or situation without knowing all of the facts or because they are short-sighted and perhaps don't want to admit to their own shortcomings.

Overall, this was a fantastic book and brought forth so many emotions, and had me thinking about how I would handle certain situations. We give the book 5 paws up.
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This is a poignant tale of two families deeply affected by the events of one ill fated night.  Friendships are shattered and marriages tested when blame is cast and accusations made.  It's a story we can all see ourselves in and we can only hope we would behave with the grace, kindness, and forgiveness Mimi shows.  This is a great women's lit book I would recommend to everyone.
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All of the situations that Mimi, Grace and both of their families had to deal with throughout the story was heartbreaking. It was an emotional read as I waited to see if families, marriages and the community would be forever torn apart or if they would be able to heal together. For All She Knows is another great addition to the Potomac Point series.
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For All She Knows by Jamie Beck is the third book in the Potomac Point series.   This book can also be read as stand alone novel.   This book is about the relationship between two friends - Grace and Mimi - who have known each other since their sons were toddlers.  There are some very timely subjects discussed in this book including underage drinking, bullying, substance abuse and social media and it's sometimes harmful consequences.   The characters were so well written and I laughed and cried along with them.   It really shows how everything can change in an instant.  I highly recommend this book.!
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An emotional story that all mothers should read. A teenage party that turns for the worse that affects so many lives. This story explores Grace, who is a mother, wife and friend that now needs to rebuild her life and learn forgiveness. My heart went out to her, but at the end had relief that she could open her heart once again. Sam, her husband trying to hold all together through out the ordeal. A man in shining amour. Mimi, her best friend prior to the incident, trying to rebuild the friendship. 

This story has so many layers, hits so many emotions that I had a hard time putting down. So many issues that we all face in our children's lives. I highly recommend this well written story.
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