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A Best Friend for Bear

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I received an arc of this title from NetGalley for an honest review. This is a cute book about Bear looking for a best friend, and it turns out he has several best friends.
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This is a sweet little book about friendship. It will help children navigate some of the feelings that can arise for children in regards to friendship. This is a book I would add to my daughter's library. 

The publisher made a copy of this book available via netgalley. The opinions here are mine.
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Bear is sad, he wants a best friend to play with.  His Dad tells him to go outside and find a friend.  Bear goes outside and meets a rabbit, an owl, a squirrel, a badger and a fox.  They all assist Bear in looking for a best friend.  When in the end, he had found 5 best friends.

A cute story of learning to make friends.  My 3 yr old grandson loved the illustrations.  We talked about friends.
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What do you need to find a best friend? What´s the perfect description of a best friend? Where is he/she?
The bear is faced with a sad realization, that he needs a best friend, and he started the search in the forest. Together with the owl, the badger, the fox, the rabbit and the squirrel, they do their best but in the end, they, and especially bear, realize the power of friendship. He has not only one best friend, but 5 of them, and what a blessing this is!
I loved the message of the book and I appreciate the illustrations. Everything you need for a weekend early morning inspiring read.
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Little bear had a new ball, he wanted someone to play ball with, but he had no best friend, so off he went in search of one. The poor little guy had no idea he was going about it all wrong. A fun, quirky read for young readers, teaching them all about friendship.
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Little Bear is looking for a best friend, so his dad sends him outside to play. Bear begins to look for a best friend and along the way his forest friends join him in the search. After awhile, he gives up and complains that he hasn't found his best friend. The friends that have been helping him make him realize that they are all his friends. A simple concept with a message. I have always worried about children that limit themselves to one friend, their BFF. It is best to play with many children and have many friendly relationships. My granddaughter was confused about this story. She kept saying he had found his best friend every time another animal joined in the search. I was thrilled that she felt this way. The pictures were cute and we talked about them and how lucky Little Bear was to have so many friends. This would be a wonderful story to read to kindergarten children, especially when they are having difficulties playing with groups of children.
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Little bear is looking for best friend. His father suggests to go outside and the search begins. On the way with his ball to play with his new best friend. In searching in the forest he ends up finding 5 best friends to play with.

This picture book is a fantastic way to teach children about finding friends and how they usually are close by. The illustrations are fun and will add conversation as you read. My favorite kind of book.

A special thank you to Clavis Publishing and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review
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If you want to awaken your child's imagination and interest in the world around them, to challenge and encourage their critical thinking, then you should definitely start reading to them. Although mobile applications and modern devices are more interesting and provide the instant peace you need, it has been suggested that the benefits of reading are far more far-reaching and important for your child's proper emotional and cognitive development.

It is important for your child to understand the essence of human relationships from an early age. In order to be able to understand themselves, and to create their own identity, children need to play and get to know other children of a similar age and create friendships. But first they need to understand the concept of friendship.
That's why 'A Best Friend for Bear' by Sam Loman is the perfect choice for any preschooler. This picture book in a very simple way presents the concept of the need for socializing and acceptance by the environment. The teddy bear, as a character that children can identify with, takes them on this adventure to find a friend. Along the way they meet various forest animals, which join in the search for a friend. Emphasis is placed on the diversity of all of them, as a parallel to the diversity of all children. Everyone is an individual, with differences that distinguish them from others. But the common goal points to the similarity of all, which greatly helps children to learn to accept differences and similarities as part of all of humanity. Children do not have prejudices, and our task for a cohesive society is to try not to create prejudices in them.
An additional benefit of the picture book is that the children will get acquainted with the forest, as a concept. What animals can be found there, what do they look like.

The language structures are well-fitted, though some grammar issues could be found, and text is simple enough that children can follow without any problems. The ilustrations are absolutely cute and visually appealing that will help keep children invested in the story till the end.
All in all, an adorable and cute story that will help children understand about friendship and differences between all of us. Definitely great choice for every family.
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This book is so cute and my daughter loved it.  It has lovely illustrations and simple writing that she could understand easily.  The story of the book is about a bear who is looking for a best friend and his Dad tells him to go outside to look for one.  As he does so, he finds many different animals who want to help him find a best friend and at the end of the book the bear is surprised by what he finds.

Many thanks to the author, publisher and netgalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Could this children's book about friendship BE any cuter?! 

This quick read packed a lot of punch with an adorable lesson on friendship, my daughter was absolutely in love with the gorgeous drawings and the cast of characters in this one!
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This is a good book and the pictures were clear and beautifully drawn. 
Each page is colorful and brings joy to the readers. 
My daughter loved it.
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An adorable and heart-warming read that follows Bear as he searches for a Best Friend.

 Bear’s father suggests that Bear goes outside and find some friends. I appreciate how this book encourages children going outside and the emphasis on friendship. This book may serve well in introducing the topic of making friends for young children. 

Also, the art is gorgeous and engaging with vibrant colours and cute illustrations. 

This was a cute and fun read and I’d recommend this.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers (Clavis Publishing) for providing me with a copy of this in exchange for an honest review. 

This review will be posted on my blog closer to the publication date
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A best friend for bear was a cute story. Bear is sad that he doesn't have a best friend. he searches the forest for a best friend and instead of finding one he finds five best friends. I read this book with my 6 year old and she absolutely loved it! I would recommend to a friend who has small children.
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The cover of this book is super cute so I figured why not read a cute children's book. I'll start off by saying I loved the illustrations. The story is a super cute read about friendship and great for kids!
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This story was super cute and sweet! I read it to my 2 year old son and he loved it. I love that it teaches about friendship because my son is currently in the stage of starting to make friends at daycare. I loved all of the illustrations as well.
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This is a very cute book in a bear who wants to find a best friend and ends up finding many friends. The illustrations are cute. There’s a little bit of weird grammar. It has the approval of a 4 year old.
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Should I say that this is a typical children book? 

As the title said, this book explore the story of the bear who want to find a best friend. So, after his dad suggest him to go outside, the bear start his journey to find a best friend.

In the middle of it, he meet with so many animals like squirrel, badger, owl, rabbit, and also fox.

At the end, the bear finally know who is exactly his best friend as.

For children book, especially for 4 yo and up, this book is very easy to digest. The illustration somehow looks very neat and not that much distracting. Then, the writing is very short. I think, children would enjoy it.

But for me, I just hope the story is not that much simple. I just hope, tho.
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What a cute little book on friendship filled with sweet pictures throughout and super easy to read & a great message for all kiddos.
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Thanks Clavis Publishing and Netgalley for letting me ARC read in exchange for an honest review.

A book about Bear looking for a new friend. How adorable.

I also liked the emphasis on playing outside, sharing one's toys, and making new friends. I can’t wait to read this to my 3 and 5 year old nephews on the tablet as I think these are important life lessons. 

The book teaches the child the names of different animals and the concept of making friends. The illustrations are super sweet and the language is easy to read. With new animals being introduced in bold font I found this to be interesting way to emphasis on something new.

It was well written and had a great flow to it I think the boys will want to read it more than once. Appealing visually. Straightforward and to the point.
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As the title says, this book is about a bear looking for a best friend. Let me not say what happens by the end of the story--I'll only reveal that it has a happy ending for everyone involved.

The book teaches the child the names of different animals and the concept of making friends. The illustrations are cute and the language is simple. The names of new animals are introduced in bold font --I liked this technique.

I also liked the emphasis on playing outside, sharing one's toys, and making new friends. Nice!
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