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This is a great book that teaches kids that it's okay to be afraid of the dark, while teaching them to overcome their fears.
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This is a very cute book that my youngest grandchildren love.  It has a cute rhyme refrain throughout the book, the illustrations are beautiful and, now that I've had my vac and can meet with the grandchildren, I have read this about thirty times in the last two months! I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley and only now realized that I never reviewed.  Many thanks to NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for an ARC of this beautiful story book.
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What a cute little story, it was a pleasure to read it. It was short and sweet and the illustrations were amazing, 
The only one thing - I think it can be a little bit scary for the little ones. I just imagining my son after this story. He would not sleep alone that night.
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This is a cute book reminiscent of Dr.Suess. The pictures give me The Monster Inc, and The Lorax vibes with the vibrant colors. This has more British lingo in it but could be used Language Arts classes to teach many things (rhyming words, onomatopoeias, verbs, etc.) in a fun way.

It is about a boy who sees monsters in the dark. He realizes that there’s nothing to be afraid of when it’s just his dad when he turns on the light.

Thank you NetGalley for a free copy of this ebook in exchange for my honest opinions.
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The Snark is about a monster who is as big as a house but moves noiselessly as a mouse. The story is passed on from one generation of kids to another. It is scary but is also funny in a few places. I liked the repetitive rhyme in this book. The suspense builds up until the end. I also liked the color palette of the illustrations. Like the sunshine, the colors were diverse but they blended harmoniously with one another. The Snark is a must-read around Halloween time to get the chills and thrills of the season.
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'The Snark' with story and illustrations by Justin Davis is a picture book about an unwelcome nighttime guest.

A Snark is roaming the house.   It appears as a large blue monster and can be quite frightening.  It also seems elusive and hungry to join the family for tea.  

The story sort of rhymes after a few pages, but the meter felt off.  It's also told with British English so I got thrown off by the term botty (instead of body).  The illustrations are fabulous.  I just wish I'd liked the text more.

I received a review copy of this ebook form BooksGoSocial and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you for allowing me to review this ebook.
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Such a cute book! I loved reading this one! The artwork was very clean and cute! The plot of the story was great for kids too! I was also very happy to be able to read this on my kindle! Great for kids!
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This could be scary for the littler ones.  It was funny and scary.  The illustrations were great and the repetition will help engage kids by helping read it aloud.  The book is a fun, rhyming book that brave little ones will enjoy.  

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the DRC.
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This is an illustrated book about a boy who is scared of a fictional monster called the Snark. 

It’s the classic tale of a child’s scary monster coming at night. It highlights that things aren’t always how they seem. A fictional book with a very realistic message that translates into many aspects of our lives. It is written as a poem which is very enjoyable and flows smoothly. This combines well with the illustrations.

This book is illustrated beautifully and each page flows together allowing a seamless blend of dark, scary monster with a light, children’s tale. There are lighter and darker tones with a lot of colour. The illustrations are very vibrant and  fit the story perfectly.

All I can say is I felt like it should have been a little longer, just summarized a bit more like the bedtime story it incorporates into its plot. 

I give it 5 stars as a children’s book targeted towards children but as I am not the target audience, for my personal reading, I give it 4 stars for the illustrations mostly.

Will definitely give it another read to admire the artwork.
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I love the repetitiveness of the chorus and the fact that a line or two about the Snark is added each time you read it.  The extra lines do a great job of making the Snark sound even scarier!  The illustrations are fun, bright, and colorful, the Snark is so detailed you can almost see every strand of fur.

Thank you NetGalley for the DRC.
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I wanted to like this book. However, the rhyming doesn’t start until four pages into the story. I feel younger readers would be pulled in quicker by using rhyming from the beginning. The illustrations are good.
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This novel is ideal to be told to young children at bedtime or to be read by children at schools.
 It talks about a child who is afraid of a monster and, little by little, we get to know the terrifying characteristics of it.
 It seems to me an ideal book to chat with children since after reading it, you can ask them about their fears and what they do to face them.
 In case it is read at home and the child is afraid, this books is ideal to show them that monsters do not exist and give them some tools to be able to face them.
 I want to emphasize that at the end there is an interactive game to create your own monster.  If you are a teacher, you can read it to your students but also use the book to teach geometric figures. It will be of great value for them to learn about fears but also geometric figures.
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Ahh this book was so cute. The artwork was awesome - it was bold, colourful, and just fun! 

Even though I read the ebook version, I could totally picture how vibrant the illustrations would be on printed papers. It really brought me back to my childhood.
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A funny, lighthearted book about the leaps of a child's imagination at bedtime. I really enjoyed the illustrations, especially the depiction of the father on the last page. Young readers will get a lot of giggles out of this book.
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This book is about being scared and understanding that there is no need to be. It rhymes so it is very catchy. Children love these types of stories the best! The illustrations are so colourful and eye catching. A must for every child's book shelf!
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This is a children's book about a little boy who runs through his house to try and escape The Snark.  My daughter found it a little bit scary, but I reassured her that The Snark is not real and not to worry.  The Snark is a monster which is created in the minds of little ones, but in reality it is just their fears that creates it and we can soothe the little ones to help them overcome their fears.  Some parts of the book were funny, and the lovely colourful illustrations and rhyming words made the book more interesting and fun.

Many thanks to the author, publisher and netgalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Such a cute story to read to kids who are afraid of the dark . As a parent will definetly be reading to my kids and hopefully will  becomes one of their new favorites. I dont mind rereading  it to them because its fun and catchy.
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A brightly illustrated tale of children's nightime worries. Although I liked the idea of this book, the execution was a little too trying hard to be a Seuss book for me.
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Thoroughly enjoyed this book! 
Short, snappy rhyming verses that always seem to keep a child's attention held throughout a book, and the illustrations were very bright and colourful and very eye-catching.
Obviously all the noises coming from the Snarks bum had my daughter giggling all the way through.
Great little book.
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The artwork is pretty good.The book itself is very short though sufficient for the intended audience,I guess.
It's pretty okay-ish I must add,not so good.One time read.
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