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I was expecting a little bit more Japan, more than just some spots to visit - I wanted more about tradition and food in the areas mentioned. 
But the pictures were great. It's an okay book to choose spots to visit throughout Japan, but it's not really a travel guide.
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This is a really well presented photographic travel book to some of Japan's less visited places. Most of the locations in this book wouldn't be on the average tourists radar but this book makes it easy to pick some beautiful locations with a handy section for each photo on what the closet train station is so you can easily travel there. I love Japan and I can't wait to go back and see these newly added places to my bucket list.
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Pieces of the beautiful country that is Japan is captured in the pages of this book. If one is planning to visit Japan, this book is well worth reading.
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What a great book, loved the pictures. This is a gorgeous guide book! The images popped off the page.
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This is a lovely travel guide filled with beautiful photos, and I want to go see every place! The areas covered in this book are not the usual touristy sites for foreign travelers; there are lots of natural sites here, with the best times to go, how to get there, and local websites if available. If I were going to Japan (which I hope to do some day), this is the first book I'd buy to take with me!

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If you pick this book hoping to find some informations on Tokyo Disneyland, or Akihabara, I can assure you that you will find none. 

Here you will find the hidden gems of Japan: the small villages not mentioned in any travel books, how to get there, what to expect to find there. And you can see Japan more clearly. The rural view, untouched by modern world. Where rice paddies and fields of flowers can still be found. 

This book will guide you to the life Japanese lead. Their (good local) food, their habit, including the quietness of the night, far from city lights and amusements.
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Thank you for the opportunity to review this book before its publication date in exchange for honest feedback. I loved the excellent, high-quality photographs in this book. I don't know much about Japan, but having several friends who have visited and excitedly relay their experiences, I am hoping way day to visit. This book shows some of the wonders of Japan in a way that makes anyone gasp with excitement and awe. The world is so beautiful and photographers have a wonderful talent in sharing that with all of us. Great book.
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One of the things I can’t do is taking good pictures. Call it performance anxiety, but when a camera comes close to my hands, they either start shaking, or they mess up the settings, or they cover the lenses, or.

It’s frustrating, that’s what it is. Mind you, none of this is gonna stop me from enrolling in a photography course sometime in the future – I am persistent –  but that’s neither here nor there. That’s not the point.

The point is that I love photography. Nature, architecture, interior decor, food, (period) clothes, small towns and bigass cities, you take a good picture of them and I’ll jazzhand all over it. With added pterodactyl noises too if it’s a really, really good one.

TL;DR living vicariously through professional photographers is my jam.

So, when I saw Connecting You to Wonderlands: Japan, by Takashi Sato, I knew I had to grab it.

The cover? It’s beautiful, ça va sans dire. Look at it.


- Thank you, Takashi, for taking me on a trip through lesser-known routes. Before starting it, I was expecting a travel book that featured big cities and staple landmarks, but! Nope! Forget Tokyo or Osaka, we’re going to the countryside, up and down the travel routes 😀 

- I love the practicality of the ending notes. Quick and to the point, they’re very useful to tourists, with an eye for cultural aspects and local laws.

- The descriptive parts are interesting. They range from farming bits to Japanese culture and traditions or ways to preserve the harvest.

- I kept my comment on the meat, the actual pictures, for last, because they deserve a very special praise. They are beautiful, great angles and coloring, so evocative I stared at a couple of them for a good ten minutes, trying to pick up every detail. I’m sorry I only work with e-books, because I’m sure the printed version is even more awesome. Among my favorites, Gokayama, the Kazura Bridge, Ochai Village, and the rice terraces of Oyama Senmaida.


- Uh. Eh. It’s short 😀 I’m really sorry it only has 98 pages, haha. 

5 and well-deserved stars on GR, 9/10 on my blog. Outstanding job!
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I received a copy of this book from Netgalley and Arttrav Inc.

The photographs in this book are so beautiful that I wanted nothing more than to step through the pages into Japan. 

I loved reading about Japan. This book was a treat!
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perfect book for planning your trip to Japan, off the beaten tourist track if you so wish. Lovely photographs to give you inspiration for your own shots and best seasons to visit. Suggested routes for you and also the chapters can be read in isolation or according to your interest.  Hints and tips pages and a great deal of valuable travel advice. Will refer back to this book when I plan my own trip. Thank you #NetGalley
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This is a very helpful guidebook with gorgeous photos and information about some of the the best places to visit in Japan.  Each photo is accompanied by a description, including best times of the year to visit.  There is also a section in the book which tells you the best ways to get to each place.
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I've always been intrigued by Japan. This book is divided up by region and I enjoyed learning a little about the different areas. The photographs are beautifully done and make me want to book a plane ticket! Along with the gorgeous photos, we are given travel tips and even links to travel brochures, tourism associations and in some cases, links to live camera feeds. I really appreciate the inclusion of cultural notes on behavior, information on modes of transportation and the author's favorite itineraries. Great travel guide for anyone headed to Japan to enjoy the uniqie landscapes and culture.

Thank you to Arttrav Inc. and NetGalley for the eARC in exchange for my honest review.
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This travel book includes incredibly beautiful photography. The texts contain all the usual informational travel tips and helpful facts, while also including some descritptions of nostalgic, lyrical writing that evoke the calmness of nature. Overall, a very beautiful book that only makes me want to visit Japan even more!
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There's nothing like a pandemic to make one long for travel. Armchair traveling is one welcome solution and Japan: Connecting You to Wonderlands provides beautiful photos and simple recommendations for traveling in the regions and prefectures of Japan. From the hydrangeas of Kanagawa to the purple misohagi (loosestrife) of Lake Hibara in Fukushima Prefecture, from the cranes of Kushiro, on Hokkaido, or the geese of Izunuma in Miyagi, Sato captures the lush beauty of the Japanese countryside. This slender (98 pages) volume works best as a picture book that tempts the prospective traveler.

I received a digital review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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This beautiful travel guide (and much more) for Japan took my breath away.
Not only does it offer a collection of some of the most beautiful and impressive landscape pictures of Japan that I have ever seen, it is also packed with a lot of helpful tips & tricks.

In particular, I appreciated the "Good to Know" (Part 5) which shares travel advice on tipping, what a ryokan is, even how to separate trash appropriately. The mentioned online references are as helpful as is the section on the modes of transportation.

This book will be my next gift for my boyfriend. We travelled to Japan together a few years back and will definitely, visit Nippon again! Thank you, for offering this beautiful book to read on NetGalley.
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I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.  Japan: A Guidebook To Special Places is a stunning blend of photography, descriptions, and travel info. Sato takes us on a tour of Japan’s 4 main islands, and on each of these we are given very different places that would most defiantly be worth a visit. Not only are these places not your usual tourist locations, you are given the best time of the year to visit and how to get to each location. This is extremely useful in planning your next trip to Japan.

The accompanying photography is stunning. You are instantly transported to the location with only one image. This will leave you wanting more, and the only way to get it is to travel there yourself! If I could jump inside the photo, I would have.

Towards the end of the guidebook, you are given travel guides and itinerary suggestion so that you do not have to do all the figuring out how to get from A – B. This is such a great addition that elevates this guidebook to the next level from other guidebooks.

This was a short but jam-packed read!
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When I opened this book and started to turn the pages, what I saw wasn't what I was expecting at all.  Just page after page of breathtakingly stunning photos with clearly laid out information about each place in Japan.  There was just enough information to stir genuine interest without overloading the reader.  There is additional information like how to travel to each place, special features,  links to online information etc.,  Despite there being less than 100 page, I can honestly say with hand on heart, that this is probably one of the best books I've seen of this genre. I think I've falling a teeny bit in love with Japan, despite never having been there.  If I could have done, I would have jumped into its pages.  Just amazing.

Many thanks to Netgalley for a copy of this ARC for which I have given my voluntary and unbiased review.
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Recently I have been researching Japan as I plan that to be my next vacation destination. When I came across this book on NetGalley, I had to request it.

The book with its beautiful pictures and vivid descriptions of the experiences to be had, have me more than half in love with a country I have not been to yet.

Can't wait for the world to come to some semblance for me to book my vacation in Japan.
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Review to come next week on blog/goodreads.

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I really love Japan, really want to go (does anyone have a bag of money I could have?). I want to visit Tokyo, I want to visit shrines, see nature, travel through the country and see all the different things. Ah. A dream. One day. Until then I will devour books about Japan, especially when these books also have photographs. Like this one!

In this book we travel around Japan. The book is split up in 4 specific regions. On the pages you will often find travel notes or how to get there notes. Along with website links so you can do your own research as well.
We visit special sights that are often quite hidden unless you know where to go. This is also why I wanted to read the book, because I was curious what kind of beautiful spots we would visit and have me dreaming of visiting those spots. I can tell you that I loved the spots that we read about in this book. I so so would love to be able to visit them. The author has a really nice writing style, it feels like a diary, or an observation rather than most guidebooks which are often to the point, mention only important features/sights to see. In this one it is more than that. For instance the author mentions about Minuma Tanbo this: "On the bridge, people exchange greetings as they pass each other by. Fishermen carry on conversations as they dangle their lines in the river. Walkers amble through the bamboo groves, bogs and shrines nearby." It feels way more personal and it made me love the book more.

I liked that there was also basic/general information on special things in all of Japan. Like we get a part about festivals, but also local foods, and other items pop up.

I loved that in the end we get a part with some extra references, information, itineraries. That was definitely a nice addition to an already great book!

The photographs are stunning. I love how vibrant and colourful they are and how sharp their quality is. This may sound odd to mention, but I have read some photography books with grainy pictures, or pictures with bad lighting, or pictures that were blown up so they would fit a whole page. This one doesn't do that, so I think it deserves to be mentioned.

All in all, I would recommend this gorgeous book to all, and should I go to Japan one day (dreams), I will be buying this book to take with me.
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Disclaimer: I would like to thank the author and publisher for providing a digital review copy of this book.

"japan" by photographer-author Takashi Sato is a beautiful visual introduction to some of the most scenic off-the-beaten-path locations in Japan. "japan"  highlights 75 areas throughout Japan with stunning photography and brief informative and friendly explanations. Sato's photography shows the wonderful soothing attraction of the Japanese countryside. Nearly every shot belongs on the cover of a magazine or in an exhibition. The scenes include mountains, lakes, oceans (yes, plural), islands, flowers, autumnal colors, rivers, falls, gorges, steam locomotives, horses, Mount Fuji, hydrangea, blooming Sakura trees, festivals, fireworks, birds, traditional rice paddies, traditional architecture, waterwheels, colorful reflections, pagodas, snow, rustic villages nestled in mountains, sunsets, fog shrouded scenery, and even volcanoes.

In addition to being stunning art, this book is also a useful travel planning tool. It is not an encyclopedic reference, but rather is a high level introduction to places to visit that are not normally considered travel destinations. This is good for travelers looking for quiet solitude to appreciate nature and traditional Japan. For example, this book introduces a scenic and rustic traditional farming village called Gokayama in Toyama Prefecture and points out that it is smaller and more isolated that the more famous Shirakawago village in Gifu Prefecture. After having had coworkers and friends show me many lovely pictures for years of traditional thatch roofed homes in the mountains, I finally visited Shiragawago a couple of years back and my primary impression was awe at how many massive tour buses filled with people incapable of speaking Japanese could fit into this small hamlet. It sounds like I should have visited Gokayama instead.

There is a very good reason why flipping through the pages of this book will give the average traveler an undeniably strong urge to visit Japan. This book is  published by a division of Arttrav Inc., which also offers tours to these lovely destinations. The QR codes in this book point to the firm's website, I have no connections with this company, however, having lived and traveled in Japan, (and having already visited eight of the places they describe) I really appreciate that they have made the "real" off-the-beaten-path Japan accessible to travelers through this book and their travel services.
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