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A totally immersing engaging read with a roller coaster of emotions.  The characters are wonderfully depicted with Ellie and her mental problems at the centre manifested in the form of agoraphobia..  Warmhearted and truly empathetic to the difficulties faced by Ellie especially after how her traumatic early childhood so obviously has had a lasting impact.  The support Ellie has takes many forms and should make the reader more aware how some people are struggling behind closed doors in the seemingly idyllic English countryside.
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I liked this book, yet can't say I was wowed by it. It's not a romance. There is romance in it, but it doesn't lead the story. Ellie has agoraphobia and it is her battle with this, which is the subject of the novel. There are some heart breaking moments, some touching moments, even some funny moments. I disliked the instagram side of things, though it definitely highlighted how so much on social media is fake. Ellie's parents, her dog, sister, and love interest (the second one) are wonderful characters. And the little boy, whose name escapes me. I enjoyed the gardening side of things. Learning about Romanian orphanages in the 1990s was eye-opening, and I thought Ellie's mental health issues were well-written. With thank to NetGalley for an arc in exchange for an honest review.
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The World at My Feet - Catherine Isaac

The story flicks between the timeline of present day to Ellie's mum Harriet's news reporting days, and also to her chats to different characters - even though she is agoraphobic the story doesn't feel contained at all to four walls (and a garden). As an introvert myself I found there were lots of aspects to her personality that I could relate to, I loved the line 'I know this is only to be expected, but there is one moment when I actually begin to wish it was all over so that I can just bask in the memories'.

This read took me on an emotional rollercoaster, it really is a beautiful book, I could not put it down and didn't want it to end.

Thank you so much to Netgalley and Publishers for allowing me the opportunity to read and review this one!
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In 2018 Ellie, a gardener and Instagram influencer has been unable to venture outside of her home and garden for years due to agoraphobia. In 1990 Harriet, a foreign news correspondent is reporting on the state orphanages in post revolution Romania. Isaac brings these two strands together movingly, in this, one of my favourite reads of the last few months. It is beautifully written and researched and looks at early trauma and mental health. It is also a book filled with joy and hope and I highly recommend it.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for a digital ARC>
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A very interesting read. I really liked how the two women’s stories were developed and entwined. Sensitive and uplifting all at the same time.
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A beautifully written memorable read. I remember the discovery of the Romanian Orphanages. I can still see the harrowing and heartbreaking images of the children who lived in them. Ellie’s story is an emotional read but heartwarming as well. The issues this story deals with are talked about with sympathy and empathy. So many people struggle with their mental health and their past. This book is telling the reader that it is ok to ask for help and don’t suffer in silence. 

Thank you to Netgalley for my copy.
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I have just finished reading Catherine Issac’s, The World at My Feet.

Thank you, Simon & Schuster, and NetGalley for an early copy. 

NOW. THAT. WAS. FANTASTIC. Wow, what a book. I admire and absolutely love Catherine’s novels, have done ever since I stumbled across her first book written as Jane Costello and this just blew my socks off. 

First things first, about the book: 

1990. Harriet is a journalist. Her job takes her to dangerous places, where she asks questions and tries to make a difference. But when she is sent to Romania, to the state orphanages the world is only just learning about, she is forced to rethink her most important rule. 

2018. Ellie is a gardener. Her garden is her sanctuary, her pride and joy. But, though she spends long days outdoors, she hasn’t set foot beyond her gate for far too long. Now someone enters her life who could finally be the reason she needs to overcome her fears.

From post-revolution Romania to the idyllic English countryside, The World at My Feet is the story of two women, two worlds, and a journey of self-discovery that spans a lifetime.

This story was just stunning, and catches my breath each time I think about it. The characters were loveable, it had all the perfects elements to a great book.  Full of courage, love, despair, with poignant themes and all the emotions you can imagine. One minute I was laughing, then crying, my heart swelled with joy and crashed with sadness. It was beautiful and extremely interesting. No, it was fascinating!! I loved that it gripped me from the first page which set the scene and built to a terrific crescendo. 

Perfect, just perfect 5 out of 5

This is out on 18th March 2021.
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I have read other Catherine Issac books and was excited to get stuck into this one. The stunning cover is sure to attract many readers but the writing and storyline is by far the hidden treasure.

We are introduced to Ellie and her Mum Harriet and are transported between the beautiful English countryside and the Romanian orphanages of the 90’s. Ellie is an Instagram influencer but behind the pretty garden pictures she posts daily she is fighting a secret battle. One she has buried but also one she must confront to find happiness.

This story pulled at my heartstrings. The attention to detail and subject understanding is evident and added to my understanding of the characters ,  the fantastic storytelling could not be faulted in my option, not only giving me a great story but an understanding of a subject I had previously known very little about. 

I cannot recommend this deeply moving story enough but be warned you may need tissues at the ready especially for the wonderful ending .
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This is a warm fuzzy jumper of a book - you know it’s going to wrap around you and make you feel cosy. This was my first Catherine Isaac book, and I enjoyed every minute of The World At My Feet. It tackled some difficult subjects with dexterity and skilful writing, leaving me with a desire to find out more about the background to this book. With believable characters and a strong story, this book is highly recommended.
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With thanks to Simon and Schuster UK for this review copy.

We focus on Ellie Instagram influencer who is a gardener and her mother Harriet Journalist who is sent to the orphanages in Romania.

This is set between Harriet in ths 1990s and Ellie in the present day what a beautiful story.

Heartbreaking and so well researched and written well, so worth a read. 

I have loved all of Catherine's books and looking forward to more.
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This was my first Catherine Isaac book and what an excellent read it was. The story tells of two main characters - Ellie and her mum Harriet.
Combining harrowing tales of Romanian orphanages in the 1990's and English country garden romance, this book is both sweet and poignant. The characters have depth and the back stories are very well researched.
The ending is a treat. Unexpected, it keeps you guessing until the last chapter. I couldn't put this book down but now I have, I'll be looking for more Catherine Isaac!
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The World at My Feet was a very moving book dealing with traumatic events which I thoroughly enjoyed.  The author got it just right, in my opinion, with finding a perfect blend of dealing with very deep issues but intersped with a lightness of romance and fun.

I was a teenager when the news broke about Romania's orphanages and the way those children and babies were treated.  I remember being so upset when I saw the footage, even begging my mum to adopt a child (not so easy when you live on the other side of the world).  I have also met a family that did adopt a young boy during the 90's and I saw him grow into a different child in the short space of time that I knew him.   I would love to know how life turned out for him too.

This is a brilliant book and subject matter which I would definitely recommend.  I don't mind admitting that I shed a few tears at the end too.
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Having read her last two books, I was delighted to be given the opportunity to read and review The World at My Feet by Catherine Issac. For this I thank the author, her publisher and @NetGalley
Always including a subject that is meaty, Catherine Issac thoroughly researches her subject and provides believable main characters that the reader will like and engage with. In this case, Ellie is an Instagram 'influencer'. Her Insta-perfect life is not as it seems however, and she has daily battles to overcome. In order to survive she has learned to ignore her past, and to focus on her beautiful garden and the 'friends' she makes on line.  
I warn you, this book is a tear-jerker. Public transport should be avoided as you reach the climax, or take a large pair of dark glasses.  
I very much enjoyed #TheWorldatMyFeet and definitely recommend it.
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Having read "You Me Everything" earlier in the year I knew I would really enjoy "The World at My Feet" by fellow Liverpudlian @catherineisaacauthor. Isaac's book follows the story of Ellie Heathcote, horticultural Instagram influencer extraordinaire. 
Whilst Ellie is busy nurturing her beautiful garden and advising fellow green-fingered followers, she is painfully aware of her limitations beyond the beautiful garden she has created. 

The descriptions of Ellie's garden are beautiful, atmospheric and in these dark autumnal evenings, made me yearn for spring and the planting of my sweet peas, peonies and foxgloves. The vivid pink dahlias, "the delphiniums in high bloom, their tall spikes of pink and blue rising above the flower beds".... See? Utterly beautiful description. 

Moving between Ellie's mother's experience as a journalist in the late 80s/ early 90s, Ellie's history is explored in a sensitive manner. No spoilers here but the back story is heart-breaking and poignant. 

With a cast of memorable characters, from Ellie's supportive and feisty younger sister, the yogic Guy, the adorable sunflower mad Oscar 🥜 and Jamie with his "relaxed and unaffected smile".  

Released on 1st January, this is a must-read in those cold January days. Pre-order now and spend New Years Day immersing yourself in the story of Ellie Heathcote and putting "cultivate a gorgeous garden" on your list of New Year resolutions. 

Thank you to @catherineisaacauthor, @netgalley and @simonschusteruk for the advance copy in exchange for my honest opinion.
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I have to admit when I picked this book it had nothing to do with the decription. I didnt even read the description.I picked it purely because it was Catherine Isaac so of course it was going to be brilliant. 
As a result of not reading the description I was completely surprised all the way through, I had no idea what relevance Harriet had to Ellie and why I was reading what appeared to be 2 different stories.. Reading the description now it makes sense but when I was reading this brilliant book, it didnt make sense until half way through. 
I loved this book, it raised important issues in such a way that you were captured by the story while also being made aware of the issues that were mentioned.
I cant stress how brilliant this book is, I dont want to say much more incase I spoil it for other readers but one thing I will say is: Have tissues avaliable for the end, you will need them, I was in tears at the end.
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Catherine Isaac masters writing beautiful characters and Ellie and Harriet are definitely reflecting that. Ellie's backstory is one of the most impressive researched stories and I could completely picture the surroundings of Romania in the 90's. 
The World at my Feet is for lovers of romance, characters with an emotional arc and beautiful storylines, and readers that don't mind shedding a little tear.
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I really enjoyed this book. About a quarter of the way in it turned it into something totally unexpected. Deeply moving and a step up from the usual women’s romance novel.
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I've been sitting on this review for a day.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, and it has inspired so many thoughts in my head that I had to give it time to settle. This is a book that I could never immediately start another one after, you know the kind, the ones that make you rethink or appreciate your life.

The book follows Ellie, and occasionally her Mother Harriet. It speaks of her difficulties with anxiety and an overwhelming struggle with agoraphobia. She is an influencer on insta for gardeners, and for all who see her is completely fine, thank you. Her internal struggle is fascinating, the authors approach to describing and dealing with her mental health creates an understanding beyond which, even myself as an afflictee of mental health struggles, could explain.

Honestly, if you have ever experienced and tried to explain anxiety to someone else, read this book. Recommend it to your friend. Pass it on. Spread the word.

Beyond dealing with the mental health issues, there is a wealth of other subtexts included in the storyline. Some I will not mention as they become vital to the plot, but it genuinely is lovely to see a romantic, feel-good novel, become more than just a quick and easy read. It became one that lingers, and sticks to you. Even now, over 24 hours after finishing, I am still processing the wonderful world that Catherine Isaac drew us into, the relationships we see develop, and the mind of Ellie that we got to see in-depth. 

A hearty 5 star review, and one I know I will read again.
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Feel good, ROM com magic. Great characters. A feel good story line. Lots of love and romance. Great for escaping and a really easy to read book. Awesome.
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This latest book from Catherine Isaac, is a real winner.
Although I found the first couple of chapters hard to engage with, I was then hooked into the world of Ellie Heathcote, gardener, Instagram blogger and her mother Harriet. The story is truly amazing and has given me so much to think about and explore for myself. It truly touched my heart.  
Great to be reminded of how times past can still reverberate in today's world. 
I loved the issues raised in the book, which will surely resonate with so many people, on many different levels. 
Highly recommended!! Intelligent, thought provoking, and just brilliant!
Thank you for the opportunity to read early with NetGalley.
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