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I was interested in fermentation and so I decided to get this book a try. I found it this book to the great job and explaining the fermentation process. The book includes images and step-by-step processes on the fermentation process. The book also includes recipes for readers to try to get an idea of fermentation as well. The author did a great job with explaining fermentation. I recommend giving this book a try.
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I enjoyed the mixture of history of each drink and the recipe it self. I found the font size of the book a little too big. I would have preferred a more condensed down booklet sized book than a fat but big font book. I did enjoy the beautiful illustrations
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This a great introductory cookbook for people who want to learn how to make fermented drinks from scratch. It has a lot of interesting information about different kinds of fermented beverages.
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What a fun book!  Easy to read, lovely pictures, and lots of easy recipes to make your fermented drinks at home. This book introduced me to some fermented drinks I had never heard of, like milk kefir, and some I had heard of, like kombucha.  

I think this book is definitely one to read if you are looking to try your hand at home fermenting!

Thank you #netgalley for the ARC!
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As someone with little to no experience with fermentation, I found this very helpful. The instructions were simple and the book itself is gorgeous. The artwork is great. This is a good introductory guide to fermentation, I love Kombucha and ginger beer, and I’m excited to try this out. Could be a great money saver considering how much it costs to buy in stores!
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This printing is supremely beautiful – the art, typeface, quick and concise histories and directions... I want a copy of this book and would buy it for anyone interested in fermentation.
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Yeah did not know what I would be in store for when I picked up Fizz but I’m so glad I did. I love fermented foods and used to make tepache all the time but we wanted to try our hand at kombucha but it all seemed so daunting. Fizz definitely provides you with the tips needed to feel confident in your skills, even if it’s your first time. I also can’t wait to try the other recipes in this book! My summer will be filled with fizzy drinks!
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This was quite interesting and I am currently in the process of trying a couple of the things. So I guess this makes the book a resounding success. Easy instructions and although I have not got any results yet, I am fairly confident that this will work.
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This nifty book about fermentation from different parts of the globe is a good read most especially for those who want to try their luck at fermenting different drinks.
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I was interested in this book because many friends have made kombucha for me, but mostly I saw that it had a recipe for ginger beer which is a drink I use often when making cocktails. If I cans save money on my mixers I'd be very happy and to boot I can now tell my friends that their drink is partially homemade. I thought this book was gorgeous! There are so many illustrations throughout that are just pretty to look at but they also give you a visual for the directions too. The author includes tips which I found interesting because they said if you leave your kombucha brewing for too long that you should just use it as a vinaigrette. I will say though that the tips for each recipe are organized a little weird. Instead of bullet points it is a bunch of down arrows but hey to each their own. I was able to still read it very well. This is a great introductory book to brewing that won't feel like you are just reading a manual.

I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange of an honest opinion.
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I really like non-alcoholic fermented drinks such as kombucha and buy them at farmers markets and organic stores.  Too often these drinks have added products that reduce/remove the benefits and you can really tell the difference in taste between homemade and store bought. For quite a while now I've thought about making my own fermented drinks but I've put it off as maintaining a scoby seems daunting to me and prone to failure.  Provides clear and concise instructions and recipes for fermented drinks such as kefir, kombucha, ginger beer and kvass.  I haven't tried to make any yet as the task felt daunting to date, but I feel equipped to take on the task with this helpful accompaniment.  This book is for beginners, and explains the fermentation process and health benefits. It sets out the tools that you need (glass jars, funnel, sieve etc) and gives clear direction on hygiene and ideal conditions to avoid spoiling.  Good illustrations throughout and I look forward to making my first kombucha :)  Thanks to Net Galley and Laurence King Publishing for an advance copy of this book.
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Love this recipe book for fermented drinks. 
It goes into the history of some drinks which is nice too. 
It supplies some delicious recipes for fermented drinks and really goes into how to ferment them. In a simple informative way with some nice pictures also.
We know how good fermented drinks can be for us. But also how expensive they are to buy! So why not do them at home?

I would recommend.
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An ideal guide to fermenting non-alcoholic drinks (including kefir and kombucha and others I hadn't heard of). It explains the history behind each drink, and provides easy-to-follow recipes (methods). The fermentation process is demystified and alternative ingredients are proposed. Offering plenty of opportunity for the reader to experiment with flavours and build their knowledge as they become more comfortable with the brewing process. The authors enthusiasm for brewing shone through but I'm not entirely convinced with some of the illustrations - it lent a quirky charm but in some instances were superfluous.
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What a fizz-tastic book! I absolutely loved everything from the writers' style, the illustrations, the little histories of each drink and the recipes and variations. I've started a little water kefir and cannot wait to try the other recipes too. Loved it, really loved it!
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Remember early pandemic when everyone started with their tamagotchi sourdoughs and kombucha? Where was this book then? It’s so good! Such fun illustrations and clear instructions. I’m personally so glad to find a recipe perfectly fit to my glass containers without having to do the math. As a Dutchie, what the hell is a gallon? Not in my dictionary. This book has metric measurements, it isn’t too fake holistic about the healthy benefits of fermented drinks, while still being informative. Love it!
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This book is really fun! It’s a deeper dive on fermented beverages and how to make them. The recipes are fairly high level and are more guides than truly recipes, but I found that + the history of each beverage to be enough. 

The sections outlined are as follows:
-water kefir
-milk kefir 
-ginger beer 
-bread kvass 
-whey kvass
- cocktails 

I grew up drinking bread Kvass so I was excited to see that and learn more! This was an enjoyable book that taught me a lot about a niche subject. I loved the artwork as well!
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What a lovely book! It certainly lives up to its name Fizz. It's brimming with ideas for drinks you can make at home. Kombucha and kefir are on many people's lips, but have you ever thought of making them yourself? The authors guide you through simple steps to create these tasty drinks and others too including ginger beer and mead and kvass which is made from bread!. There's a section on cocktails too - using the drinks you've made of course!
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I received this book free from NetGalley for an honest review. 

I love soda and all things fizzy and I know I can't keep that habit up. I wanted to check out a basic intro guide to making a different drink and this is the book!

Great tips and hints. Easy to follow recipes. Awesome drawings. This is a great starter guide for anyone wanting to get into making their own fermented drinks.
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I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

A fun and informative book on a variety of carbonated beverages. I thought I was doing pretty well knowing about kombucha, but this introduced me to a number of drinks I've never heard of. I'm eager to try water kefir, which sounds like the kind of drink I'd like. I also appreciated that there was enough background information given that you could understand the process but not so much that it felt overwhelming.

I would have appreciated some photos that show some of the natural variation among drinks, as it's hard to tell from the photos whether you're doing it "right". A troubleshooting section would also be useful.
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Wow what a gorgeously illustrated book. As someone who loves experimenting and making drinks, I have yet to venture into the realm of fermenting at home because it seems incredibly intimidating. The book makes fermenting seem less daunting with its colorful illustrations, simple step by step instructions and elaborates on the chemical and scientific processes that occur. I'm eyeing the DIY kombucha kit my friend gifted me now.

The simple and straightforward writing is great for beginners though more experienced brewers may want to look elsewhere.
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