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People who help us: At The Hospital

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This book is great for young children. 
It’s well written and wonderfully illustrated. 
A great asset to a preschool or early years bookshelf.
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A great book that prepares children for a trip to the hospital, and also instills a sense of gratitude for our frontline workers. Love it!
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I found this book to be better than the teacher edition in this series but it still isn't something I would read to my children. It is graphically appealing but doesn't do the best job of explaining people at the hospital. Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher Quarto for my digital review copy.
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A board book for children that shows the gratitude of the health care system. What doctors, nurses, etc and all the different jobs that are done to make sure that all is well taken care of. The illustrations are pleasing and your child will be engaged with pull tabs. People who help us is a wonderful series for children to know that they are well cared for.

A special thank you Quatro Publishing and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review
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We have always liked interactive books. This one uses peep through holes in the pages to show you around the the hospital. It also has clever sliding sections (like Venetian blinds) that change the scenes.

The book is a great way to teach young children about hospitals, all the amazing people who work there and some of the things that happen in the hospital. The reader is introduced to a doctor, the nurse, a paramedic and a porter.

There is a nice mixture of men and women as well as people from different ethnic groups. Every page has bright illustrations and rhyming text in short simple sentences which young readers will enjoy.

The book ends with ‘a big THANK YOU!’ to all the staff who work in hospitals. We know how hard they work to look after us and our families everyday.

🌈Thank you to the NHS and all our key workers!
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This is so adorable. It introduces the various people that someone might interact with at a hospital. It's a super fun read! I will say that some things are different than what we in the US know. It's super easy to explain why those differ and let kiddos know what we call them here. Loved this!
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This is a very cute board book that would be great for those in preschool. The premise of the book is who you will see at the hospital. It is a bit short so we only meet 4 “people” including a doctor, nurse, ambulance, and a porter. After we are introduced to the “person” we get to see something they do at the hospital such as inspecting stitches or unloading a stretcher. In the end, the book says thank you to everyone who works at the hospital.

I reviewed this book via the kindle app so it’s difficult to see what the “windows” do on each page. This is definitely a book to have physically and not in eBook form.

The illustrations are cute and cartoony and I think the colors used complimented each other.

As I said, this would be a cute book to include in a preschool. Many classes have a dramatic play area, they often include a doctors kit. This would be a nice book to include in this section.
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This is a great book, which has bright and colourful pictures and small amounts of text, to show children the different people who can help us when we go to the hospital.  My daughter loved this book, especially the illustrations and the characters of the book.

Many thanks to the author, publisher and netgalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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This book is perfect for young children. My child enjoyed it and the art was appropriate.".................
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Adorable book to share with kids the front line workers and people who are helping us during these pandemic times. The illustrations are adorable and it's a really fun read!
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So sweet!  Love the diversity in this book - both with race but also with gender roles.  Would be a perfect book for a kiddo interested in healthcare or who has an upcoming appointment/stay at the hospital. Great job!
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We really loved this one and is so helpful especially given Covid-19 and explaining complicated questions to the kids. 
The kids loved this book, it was colourful, easy language and allowed them to ask lots of questions, referring to this book when needed. It was a great conversation starter and got their minds fired. 

What a great opportunity to read this book with the kids and help them learn more at the same time, thanks to the author,  publishers and netgalley!
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This is a great book to share with little ones. It shines light on the remarkable people that work at the hospital and how they perform their jobs making sick and injured people become well once again.  It is a fun interactive board book written in rhyme.  

The story contains magical technology allowing the scenes to change right in front of little one's eyes.  The bustling hospital staff are seen doing their daily routines and a fun Venetian window changes what's happening.  Kid's will love it.  

The diverse illustrations are clear, vibrant and kid-friendly and the text is easy to understand.  The book would be wonderful  as a conversation starter about how our fantastic hospitals operate.  The People Who Help Us board book series introduces kids to the important jobs that our carers and key workers perform each and every day.  I love the end where a shout-out of thanks is given to these incredible professionals that are so essential to our well-being.   I highly recommend this book and the whole series.
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I love that this book represents different positions within the hospital using different genders and races.  I love the diversity in the illustrations and I loved the thank you to all the health care workers at the end of the book.

Thank you NetGalley for the DRC.
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My rating: ☆☆★★★
My child's rating: (✿ ♥‿♥)
Overall: ☆★★★★

Parts we loved: diverse and quality illustrations, easy to read font, language that is easily understood by young children, positive representation

Parts we felt lacking: It's so short! Yes, yes, I know that board books are usually short but this one feels like it could benefit from an additional 2-3 pages. It felt abrupt and incomplete. That's really the only downside to the book. My child loved it but even she looked a bit jolted that it ended when it did.

E-book specific complaint: It's a book with cutouts and that just did not work for this book. It will be very cute and fun in a board book but it did not transfer to eBook without being quite clunky and a little confusing at the beginning.

Blog + Amazon review will be going up on publication date.
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Thank you to NetGalley and Quarto Publishing Group – words & pictures for an advance reader copy in exchange for an honest review.

I think that it's absolutely vital that we aid children in transition to new environments and learning about the environments that they have to be in at some time or another, the hospital being one of these. This book is incredibly well written and easy to understand and would be an absolutely huge help to children. I really hope more children get to read this book.
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I loved this one! It has simple illustrations, that are inclusive and have good diversity. The text is straight forward, and easy to read to young kids. My daughter is almost three, and she loved this one! I could see this as being great as a series of different jobs. I would definitely buy this one!
The only thing that was a little confusing was the lines on the pages....I’m assuming there is an interactive component to this book that you don’t get with a ebook, so that’s something to keep in mind if thinking about purchasing the ebook version in the future.
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Beautiful children’s book about the hospital and some of the people one may encounter there.  The illustrations are gorgeous and complement the story perfectly.  This book would be great to use in a preschool class when learning about your community and jobs people can have.
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This is a short book about those who work in the hospital. With its vivid pictures and rhyming text it provides a quick look at some hospital workers. While not extensive, this book provides a nice, un-scary view of a hospital and can help a child to see some of what happens there.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title. All opinions are my own.
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what an amazing book, sharing our apreciation for the medical teams 
it's a short story with amazing illustrations and a good message for kids helping them to not have affraid to go to the hospital
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