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A Wedding in the Country

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When the opportunity to receive an ARC of this book was made available, I was thrilled.  Katie has been in my list of favourite authors for years and I enjoy her style of writing.
A Wedding in the Country had a different feel to the usual offering from Katie; that’s not a negative comment, I found it rather refreshing.
Set in the 1960s, it follows a group of friends who come together at a London based cookery school.  Aimed at training young women in the finer aspects of housekeeping, it is a blast from the past.  Lizzie has been sent there by her parents as the want her to become a good prospect for a prospective husband.
We’re all aware, no doubt, of the hedonistic air that follows the decade of free love.  Katie perfectly captures that essence as women started to see a life beyond that of a housewife.  This story acts as a microscope as we examine the changes in how women perceive themselves and how they rebelled against being known as the fairer sex.
This is not a feminist piece, simply a look at the periphery of the era when women started to push back against how history suggested they should live their lives.
Everything that I have come to love about Katie’s books was there to see, the romance and the friendships were in fine form.  It was simply a different approach to what I’ve seen before and would welcome more of the same.  Katie, you nailed it!
I finished this book in one sitting; that’s not a challenge, it simply tells me how much I enjoyed reading it. Luckily, I started early so wasn’t up, once again, into the wee small hours.
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A lovely feel good chick lit, which was very much welcomed as a pick me up. Lizzie has a life, she’s falling for a man, but her mum has other plans for her to be married to another. Would recommend
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I have read Katie Fford’s novels from the very first one she published. She seems to get better with each story. This time we begin in London in the swinging 1960’s but after a boating accident leads on to an unexpected pregnancy we have to move to the country with Lizzie. She loves Hugo but is he marrying her because he has to or does he love her too?
We meet a load of young girls who are Lizzie’s friends; her mother who had been planning Lizzie’s wedding since the day she was born and some relatives of Hugo who come to their aid. This is a fun read but also reflects the changing attitudes of the 1960’s.The girl’s best friend is a gay actor who they adore but have to protect him from attitudes of older family members. All the people we meet are fully rounded characters some likeable some not so much.
This is a great read and it leaves you wanting to know how they all get on after the wedding
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An easy read about friendship and love. Likeable characters and lovely escapism. 

Thank you to NetGalley for my copy.
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The swinging sixties clashing with old fashioned class system and antiquated values and beliefs. Or young ladies meet at a cooking course and become friends determined to enjoy themselves and have adventures, while their families just want them to get married. A pregnancy changes everything, and while a wedding is in the offing, not everyone is sure about it, including the happy couple. Nice clash of cultures, lovely characters, and the importance of the skill of flower arranging all set against the changing times of the 60s
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Lizzie has just arrived in London to attend classes to help her cook and run a house. er mother has planned her daughters wedding for years and just need a suitable man!
It is 1963 and Lizzie is determined to have fun first. She moves into a house in Belgravia with friends and is having a great time.
But we never know who we will fall in love with and what if he happens to be nearly engaged to someone else.
This is a feel good book with an uplifting love story.
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Romance, friendship, joy and the possibility of happy endings: a heartwarming story. This was so unexpected, I was completely lost in this cute little bubble of 1960s life.
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What a fabulous read to start the New Year. This is a wonderful slow burning love story set amongst the rich, old money families. Lizzie’s mother is a hilarious character and I imagine her as a “Mrs Bouquet” type!  I don’t want to leave any spoilers but suffice to say I loved this gentle romp into the New Year
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A Wedding in the Country - Katie Fforde

Alongside the typical romance aspect, this book also contained a good amount of friendships and support which I thought was lovely. I really liked how this book was set in the 60's and I felt this made it stand out from her other books (and other books in the genre) in this respect. Overall I found this a cosy read, and the perfect accompaniment for a winters day, hot cup of tea and warm blanket!

Many thanks to NetGalley and Publishers for allowing me the chance to read and review this book
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Unusually for Katie Fforde, this book is, mostly, set in London in the sixties. Lizzie has left home to go to a cooking school in London. She moves in with her aunt Gina but is soon forced to look for alternative accommodation - initially offered a dingy flat which is also being viewed by a handsome stranger - she is invited to stay with a friend from cooking school - and so she finds herself living in a spacious, but faded, London home with her new friends, Meg, David and Alexandra. As her friendship circle widens she meets the gorgeous Hugo who she falls for...... unfortunately he is about to become engaged to the beautiful Electra........
Katie has once again written a very enjoyable book with warm, likeable characters. A comforting read for these weird times.
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I’ve loved Katie’s books for a long time and never had one that’s disappointed me before but sadly this one missed the mark for me. I don’t know if it was the setting in the 60s or Lizzie’s character in general but she just seemed so meek and mild compared to Katie’s usual heroines. It may be one I return too and try again but for now I have to say that sadly I didn’t enjoy this as much as I hoped to.
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Katie Fforde has once again come up with a light hearted read .Being set in the 60's was a surprise but the author's deft romantic touch is still in evidence.
As the format is the same, fans of Katie Fforde and this genre, will not be disappointed, However, the formula and certainty of the outcome of such a  novel is losing its appeal to me so my rating will reflect this.
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Unfortunately I was unable to read this book due to formatting issues. My rating is based on both the blurb and my previous experience with this authors work.
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I have read many books by Katie Fforde and this latest one most certainly has not disappointed. Lovely characters and a wonderful feel good factor. Recommended wholeheartedly.
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This is a thoroughly enjoyable period piece of a novel set mainly in London early in the Swinging Sixties. Through the eyes of the heroine, Lizzie, we experience the changing fashions, the flat shares, the class divides, the club scene and the moral dilemmas of the time. There are enough challenges along her way to make for an interesting plot and a satisfying conclusion.
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We are taken back to 1963 and swinging London. Lizzie is starting a cookery course and experiencing a very different life to the one she has had with her protective parents in Surrey. Her new friends and new life are brilliantly described, with a real atmosphere of the swinging 60's in London. There are quite a few surprises, friendships and family issues that are so relevant today.
This is absolutely a blissful read!
As a long time fan of Katie Fforde I was thrilled to read her latest book, and totally loved it.
Cannot recommend highly enough!!
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When you pick up a romantic novel you know the outcome before you start. It is how you get there that is the challenge. This novel did not disappoint. The story moves at a pace with well described attitudes of 'swinging London' of the sixties which brought a sense of nostalgia too. A excellent read.

Thank you to NetGalley and Random House UK Cornerstone for the advance copy.
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Yet another easy to read but very enjoyable tale by Katie. Believable characters and a good flowing storyline.
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I always enjoy Katie Fforde and suspect I have read pretty much all of her novels.
This one came as a bit of a surprise though as I wasn't expecting it to be set in the 60's and I wasn't always sure exactly what year we were in (the dinner party menu sounded more 70's to me).

None the less I thoroughly enjoyed it, in fact probably more so than a couple of her other most recent novels, maybe she has been needing to mix things up a little bit with a change or era and setting.

Thank you to NetGalley for my early review copy that proved perfect for the time between Christmas and New Year.
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What a lovely book this is. I've read the majority of the authors work and am never disappointed. The characters were a mixed bunch and the description of the venue was amazing.
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