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I have followed Yamuna’s work for well over a decade. As an active, athletic person I’ve had numerous injuries. In rehabbing them all, it had always come back to my feet. 
Yamuna writes in a manner that is both easily understood and simple to follow. You will have to put the work in to see results, yet this is a manageable and realistic program.  Unlike every single other foot program out there, Yamuna doesn’t insist on 100% transition to barefoot, primitive movements.  The program doesn’t require expensive equipment.  Instead, it teaches a foundation for mindful use of your feet. 

I appreciate that the program is divided into sections which build upon each other. Bonus points for the final section that breaks down specific actions to take for bunions, hammer toes, etc. 

Yamuna is a gem. Her work has helped my feet and body for years, and this program is a great addition. Be sure to check out her Facebook page for a whealth of quick videos related to this book; as well as other body work
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In The Foot Fix, body educator Yamuna Zake offers a 4-week program of exercises and other self-care practices to improve foot function. The program requires approximately 15 minutes a day of mindful, barefoot exercises. Most of the exercises require no special equipment, though a couple of assessments require a full-length mirror. 

The initial chapters explain the structure and function of the feet and how foot health affects the rest of the body. I found those chapters interesting and easy to understand.

The third chapter presents the 4-week Foot Fix program. Each exercise is accompanied by photographs. I found some of the exercises a little confusing, and I’m not sure if I have been doing them correctly. The author often suggests that you should feel better immediately after doing an exercise, and I often felt worse. Because of my complicated medical history, I would prefer to learn these exercises in person, but that’s a matter of personal preference.

The fourth chapter discusses six common foot problems and suggests both quick fixes to reduce pain and methods for healing in addition to the 4-week Foot Fix program. If you have significant foot problems, you might want to check with your doctor before following these suggestions.

The final chapter suggests ways to stay mindful of your feet during different situations, such as at work, a yoga class, or the gym. It also includes suggestions for pampering your feet, including recipes for foot soaks, clay treatments, and massage oils.

The book concludes with suggested resources, some of which are products or services offered by the author.

I haven’t spent four weeks with the exercises yet, so I don’t know if they will be as effective as the author claims. I did appreciate learning more about problems that can affect the feet, and I do think that some of the author’s suggestions will likely help.

Watkins Publishing provided me with an ARC through NetGalley that I volunteered to review.
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This excellent book explains how feet are more important to health than many people realize, and has a plan to keep them healthy/restore them to health.  I highly recommend it!
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The Foot Fix by Yamuna Zake is a great book about our feet and advice ans exercises how to get or maintain our feet in great shape. I am very interested in this topic as I have sensitive feet.

The book explains the basic anatomy of our feet and proceeds to help us identify the way we walk, our gait, which results in many of our foot problems.

The book provides a set of exercises to be followed for about 15 min a day for 4 weeks to bring about improvement in our posture and gait and eleviate some of the pain.

I have started some of the exercises and I have to see that you can feel the difference and I will continue to see how well it will help my feet in 4 weeks time. But even if you do not follow the exercises all the way through, you will have more awareness and when you are standing straight or when we are walking and that is better than nothing.

I first downloaded a kindle ebook version of this book but it was hard to follow the exercises, so I downloaded the pdf version and it was so much better. A video link to the exercises would be a great improvement. I also really appreciated the links for further information and/ or practice and advice given for choosing relevant accessories to purchase such as toe spacers. 

I highly recommend this book to anyone as we should take better care of our feet as we need them to carry us our entire life.

I would like to thank the publisher, Watkins Publishing, and NetGalley for providing me with an arc of this book in exchange for my honest review. 
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Yamuna Zake created a program for everyone with foot problems. Within 4weeks, the reader will start being mindfull of their feet. It's definitely something that everyone could learn more about to help improve quality of life.
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This was an informative book that I found helpful. The author clearly describes the make up of the foot and lays out a plan to help the reader build and strengthen their own feet using this information. The exercise were not too time consuming and easy to follow. I “used” this book on an e- reader but plan to buy a paper copy of the book. I found it a little hard to use on a e reader.
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If you are suffering muscular foot pain then this book is for you. Detailed and packed with useful information to help you dance on happy feet!
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This was an interesting book, I’m a big reflexology fan, so I know a little about the importance feet have on your whole body. This book didn’t disappoint and was very useful to me in my learning more about the human body. 

Thank you NetGalley for my complimentary copy in return for my honest review.
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Important note: 
Download this book onto your Bluefire Reader, the Kindle version contains no images which are essential for the contents.

Dear Feet, 
My sincere apologies for having neglected you, having crammed you into impossible shapes and tortured you with ridiculous heel heights.
I pledge henceforth to respect and love you.
Yours The Rest of the Body

I applied for this book because I have been practising T’ai Chi for many years and stance/posture is an important part of the routine. Turns out I knew very little on stance.
After a looong prelude, the book starts with a lesson in foot anatomy -bones, tendons and muscles - which proves to be very useful further along.

The Foot Fix is split into four weeks of exercises, each dealing with a specific part of the foot. There are some exercises that form the base of every week (“Walking Test” and “Power Stance”) that are only subtly different but you will understand after training - be patient. There are also chapters on howto deal with specific foot problems.
My Eureka moment was when “walking the shoes out of your feet” was described: You know when you kick off your shoes after a long day and you expect them just to relax after being released? Oh no, you have to give them some pamper exercises works a treat!

Three gripes: 1 The first 50-odd pages only tell you how great this book is.
2 The overuse of “mindful(ness)”. A pet hate word of mine - whatever happened to “concentrate/concentration”? 3 Consider using a white model throughout. The lack of contrast in the images of the black model makes it almost impossible to follow the routine (e.g. week 2, routine 4)
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This book sets out a four week plan for improving physicalities of the foot - it’s not going to sort out your verruca/ athletes foot, but following the guidance this is likely to assist with issues such as plantar fasciitis. This is a well organised guide to a foot program which includes a daily regime of exercises, self care, mindfulness and some pamper in the form of massage and soaks. I have been a runner, I’m a weight lifter and regularly practice Pilates and I have discovered my feet too late in life. I know from Pilates in particular about the importance of my feet in affecting alignment and this book has greatly extended my knowledge. The introduction sets our reasoning, credentials and philosophy and is very readable and very can do. The foot regime is set out in small steps accompanied by many photos. The author addresses individual issues such as plantar fasciitis detailing its causes and a regime for addressing the issue. Throughout the book there is an emphasis on mindfulness for the feet and I have started concentrating on this in my daily practice. I think this is a very interesting, useful and positive addition to any collection on foot health. With thanks to Netgalley and Watkins Books for a digital copy of this book.
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The Foot Fix is a program of foot exercises, which can help with the most common issues with feet - flat foot, bunions, etc.
As someone who has a lot of issues with their feet and legs as a whole, has visited many orthopaedists, and has tried many exercise routines, I was curious to see what this book has to offer and if I could actually learn something new.
I ended up mostly disappointed - the book couldn't offer anything new to me. The overall idea behind the author's teachings seems to align with what my doctors have told me would relieve the pain and keep it from returning. The exercises however didn't feel like anything more than just moving my feet around.
The book seems to be a good read for someone who can't visit a doctor or physical therapist at the moment and needs relief and to start using their feet the best they could. However, I believe that seeing a doctor (when possible) is still a must if there's pain.

*Thanks to NetGalley and Watkins for providing me with an ARC of this title in exchange for an honest review.*
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After six foot surgeries and no less than ten physical therapists, I consider myself something of a self-made expert on foot problems...  This book did absolutely nothing to help me, however, I'm giving it four stars because most of what the author said jives with what the physical therapists tried to do with my there must be something to it.  If you have a simple foot problem, save yourself the PT expense and just read through this book.
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