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Why We Get Mad

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This was a thought provoking book about anger and the purpose of that emotion. I struggle with anger at times and appreciated the insights this book provides.
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This is THE book on anger. Much like his TED talk, Dr. Martin's book is written so you can truly understand the anger and how to handle it. He explains the difference between good anger and bad anger. He also explains how to manage our anger and even channel it into positive change. I have anger issues and am working with a therapist. This book is both informative and timely as well as helpful.
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A comprehensive guide to anger, why we feel it, when it goes wrong, and what we can do with it. Informative, but never patronising, Ryan Martin uses his psychological knowledge and his real life experiences to walk even a novice reader through his thinking. 

The activities throughout the book were eye opening and could be very helpful. 

The focus on how race and gender impacts who gets to be angry was very interesting, and was an essential part of the book, as it got to the root of why sometimes we can see anger as such a problem. 

I would recommend this to anyone who wants to really understand anger, whether that is in a personal or professional context.
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An interesting read that I personally found full of surprises! I love a good self-help book and Why We Get Mad is the best I’ve read in a while!

Extremely helpful, I particularly enjoyed the chapters on managing and using healthy anger. Ryan writes in an easy to understand way without coming across as patronising (we’ve all read THOSE self-help books lol) and I think this will help a lot of people. :)

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